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Final Fantasy III cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Cast magic on multiple targets!
For those of you who didn't go to the adventure school in Nasrsh or just don't know about this, you can cast magic on multiple targets without using extra mp! To do this just press l or r after selecting the spell you want to use and Press 1 of those to buttons when you have to select your target and presto! All enemies will be selected!

Example: if you are using Terra to cast fire then select fire. When selecting your target press L and all enemies will be targeted. And you will only use the 4 mp needed to cast fire!
Easy exp
Ok in the world of ruin, go to the desert near maranda. Take edger and the party member you want to level up there. Make sure edger knows vanish and doom and that he has the drill tool. Now equip the caracter you want to level with an exp egg relic(or to to make it really fast if you have them) and fight hoovers. Use vanish and doom on it to win. You wIll be getting around 7000-8000 exp after every battle with 1 exp egg meaning your character will level up after every 1-2-3 battles! You can also do magic training in this desert by fighting cactrots. Use drill and you win. Each cactrot gives you 10 magic points! This tip is very usefull when trying to learn all magic spells fast or when you have a certain party you like to use and you want your other chaacters to be leveled up fast.
Fanatics Tower Made Easier
Umaro's not affected by the block on physical attacks when you're climbing the Fanatics Tower. Have him in your party and the battles will be a walk in the park.
Hidden Dialogue at Returners' Meeting
When you're in control of Terra at the Returners' hideout, check the upper right side of the long table that Sabin's near. Choose to leave the scrap of paper there and Banon will begin the meeting with a different line.
Recruit Gogo and Umaro
Gogo - In the World of Ruin, go to the island that resembles a triangle in the northeastern part of the map and encounter a zone eater. Let it engulf your party and then make your way to the end of the dungeon you appear in.

Gogo specializes in mimicry. He/She can do the same action as the party member who took a turn before him/her in battle, even if he/she hasn't learned the magic spell or ability.

Umaro - In the World of Ruin, place Mog in your party and jump off the cliff in Narshe that was featured in the game's intro (you'll have to defeat Tritoch if it's your first visit). The dungeon you wind up in isn't as linear as Gogo's, but you want to get to the room that has a skull situated on a yellow rug. Examine this skull and you'll get the Terrato esper before fighting a sasquatch. Defeat it.

In battles, Umaro's always controlled by the computer. The trade-off is that he's very powerful.
Save Shadow
As the world is collapsing on the Floating Continent, and you have six minutes to get off, make your way to the very end where you can jump down to the airship. Instead of jumping, wait and do not move. When there is five seconds left on the clock Shadow will appear and jump down to the airship with you instead of dieing.


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"Psycho Cyan" Glitch
This game-breaking glitch allows you to turn Cyan into a non-stop wrecking machine in any battle... by turning him into an Imp.

To pull this off, first have Cyan use his Level 2 Bushido skill "Retort" (his counterattack move). Then have another party member cast the "Imp" spell on him to turn him into one.

Then purposely KO him; it is important that the attack that defeats him does so without triggering his Retort skill that you just set up (either KO him in one hit or simply target him with magic).

Next revive him, then have any of your other characters use the "Fight" command. Imp Cyan should begin counterattacking all enemies onscreen non-stop until they are all defeated.
Undead Terra
After you obtain Sabin, go to the Returner's hideout. Before you arrive, have Terra die. Once the conversation with Banon ends and you're able to move, check Terra's status. She'll be wounded with no HP, but still able to walk and move around the area.


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Pro Action Replay codes
C0C2F60C Some bosses are at the velet.
C0C8340C Instant airship
C0CE2E00 Sprint Shoes
C0D04FFF Walk through walls anywhere in most houses, buildings, or whatever.
Doesn't work too good outside in a town.
C0F07E07 Leo and Kefka
C28F93FF Level 99 in 0ne battle
C28F9C14 No random encounters
C28F9C1C Hit twice
C28F9CCC Party hits twice
C28F9ECC All relics! Even cursed ones!
C28FA5CC Instant Sprint Shoes and Moggle Charm.
C28FB5CC Instant freeze and float.
C28FB60B Always have Haste, Float and Regen
C2D74400 Everyone has a hidden Economizer--In battle mode
C2DDE8CC Get gold
C2DF0CCC Get Illumina or Ragnarok after battle depending who you fight, plus
a lot of random items!
C2DF2CCC Give items
C2DF9ECC All relics equipped
C2DFA80A Conversion
C2E050FF Learn all spells of equipped Esper after one battle
C2E13BE4 Learn all spells after 1 battle
C2E53BE4 Learn all spells after 1 fight
C39DAEFF Equip items again and again in other words, infinite equipment
C39DB3EA Items could be used infinity
C3BBA564 All items are free
C3D13400 Hidden Economizers (outside of battle mode)
D8EB44F0 Tonics gives 240HP
D8EB9EF0 Tincture gives 240 MP
EDFCA0FF Terra starts with 276 HP
EDFCA21B Terra starts with menu item one changed.
EDFCA8FF Changes Terra's Stamina
EDFCAF06 Start Terra with Man-eater equipped
EDFCAF0E Start Terra with Blizzard equipped
EDFCAF13 Start Terra with Enhancer equipped
EDFCAF18 Start Terra with Excalibur equipped
EDFCAF1A Start Terra with Illumina equipped
EDFCAF2E Start Terra with Tempest equipped
EDFCB05C Start Terra with Mithril shield equipped
EDFCB05D Start Terra with Gold shield equipped
EDFCB060 Start Terra with Fire shield equipped
EDFCB061 Start Terra with Ice shield equipped
EDFCB16A Start Terra with Hairband equipped
EDFCB178 Start Terra with Red cap equipped
EDFCB179 Start Terra with Mystery veil equipped
EDFCB17A Start Terra with Circlet equipped
EDFCB288 Start Terra with Silk robe equipped
EDFCB289 Start Terra with Mithril vest equipped
EDFCB28B Start Terra with White dress equipped
EDFCB294 Start Terra with Force armor equipped
EDFCB29A Start Terra with Genji armor equipped
EDFCB3C2 Terra is equiped with cursed ring in relic one slot.
EDFCBF1A Terra is equiped with Illumina in weapon slot.
7E186AD3 Start with 255 Offering Relics
7E186AD3 Start with 255 Offering Relics
7E196963 Get 99 item in frist slot
Win Exp. Eggs
At the Colosseum in the World or Ruin, you can win many Exp. Eggs, an awesome relic that doubles the experience points earned in battle! To win an Exp. Egg, you'll need to bet an Elixer. Elixers are rare, but if you had checked all the clocks throughout the game, you should have plenty, that is of course you haven't used them up.

Start off by betting an Elixer, win the battle, and you'll win a Rename Card. Bet the Rename Card and win the battle to win the Marvel Shoes relic. Bet the Marvel Shoes and win the battle to win the Tintinabar relic. And finally, bet the Tintinabar and win the battle to win an Exp. Egg! Repeat the process to win Exp. Eggs until you run out of Elixers.