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Donkey Kong Country (SNES) Cheats

Donkey Kong Country cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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50 lives...
At the selection file screen, put the cursor in "Erase File", press and hold the "L" and "R" buttons, and press the code "BARRAL"...
99 Lives
Go to the first level and keep playing to get as many extra lives as possible. You will get a total of about ten extra lives every time you play that level. Just repeat this to collect up to ninety-nine lives.

Go to the Manic Mincers level. When you pass the halfway point, turn into Diddy. Allow the first blue muscle guy to fall into the hole. Just when he falls in the hole, hold Back then hold B. After you hit him nine times you will start gaining lives.
In order to find the hidden bananas, go to the 1st realm. Then go to the 1st level. Once you get blasted out of Donkey Kong's house, climb back up again.(But you will be in kong's house for a live).Again you will be blasted out of Kong's house.Climb up again, (you will not enter kong's house again) then go to the edge of the house. Time your jump to get to the rooftops of the trees. (If you are diddy kong, switch to DK.) Hold DOWN and press the Y button. DK will smack his hands on the trees. (Stand on the that's not oddly colored & face the oddly-colored tree.) You will see 10 bananas pop out of the tree. (Not all the oddly-colored trees will do that.) You can also exit the level & come back again to do the pattern. To exit the level, press SELECT & START.
Continue game with no lives
After you lose all your lives and continue past the game over screen, the game restarts. As soon as it shows Grampa Kong press DOWN, Y, DOWN, DOWN,Y. This will redirect you to a secret bonus room, as soon as you get there hold START, and tap the SELECT button. This will bring you back to the game, but now the life balloon won't have a number by it. However, every time you die it's a game over. You will have to repeat the process as long as you keep dying, the pros to doing this is if you get a game over and you didn't make it to the save point, you won't lose your progress.
When you do a roll when you are at midair, at the end of the roll, you can jump. This is useful when you want a certain item in midair.
Oil Can Trick
In Kongo Jungle(1st world) go to the fist level and after you get blasted out, go back and climb up the little rocks and jump on the tree, jump over to the next tree and you should see bananas making a down sign. Jump down and you should get an oil can, carry the oil can back to the place you started and throw it against the wall, it will come your way! Jump onto it and your kong should barely balance on it. Don't do anything while on the barrel. You should kill all the enemies and the can will break into the secret area Rambi could break into!


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Rambi turns into metal color of whatever Kong you are
On the first level in the game get Rambi and go back to where you can get the oil barrel, get off Rambi right next to it get the oil barrel, throw it against the wall and jump on it, at the same time hold down the y button, when you roll past Rambi press b while still holding y, Rambi will kick the barrel you will land on him, let go of y and he will turn into metal colored whatever Kong you are. Glitch will where of if you jump or use your horn


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In Mine Car Madness take the half point barrel and die, then before get out the barrel, keep presing "B", Donkey or Diddy will astart with a jump, before fall roll (in the air) and jump!
Keep doing this and you'll float!
Remember, roll and jump, roll and jump...
Note: this cheat works only in Mine Car Madness...
Infinite Lives...
First find a strong crocodile, Klubba, and wait him in a cliff, when it get near the wall in your side of the cliff, throw yourself with the pad to the oposite direction of Klubba and press and keep presing "Y", then you'll take a lot of lives! Its hard, but it works, trust me...
Note: This cheat only works with Diddy.
Level Transport
While on the world map go to Coral Capers in Kongo Jungle. then press up, and while your player is transporting from there to Funky's Flights, tap B as much as you can. You will be transported to Orangutang Gang in the 3rd world.
One Life...
At the start, return to DK house to get one life!
Practice the bonus rounds
While the intro is playing, press Down, Y, Down, Down, Y.
In the World Mine Cart Madness, there is a shortcut. Just before jumping on the cart the at the beginning, jump over it but stay on the left.A hidden barrel will throw you directly at the end of the stage.

In the world Stop Go Station, at the beggining, return to your left, at the very entrance. You will be transported at the end of the stage.
Sound test
Highlight the erase button.
Then, press down, A, R, B, Y, down , A and Y.
Press select to change the current song.