CHRONO TRIGGER cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for SNES. Also see Action Replay Codes for more CHRONO TRIGGER cheat codes.

Command codes

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Secret battle in the room where you fight the guardian in the future
After you fight the guardian, if you go back into the room and press and hold L+R then press A, it will take you to the normal X-menu, go out and two Proto 2, and two Buggers will appear, they won't give you anything special, I found it when I wasn't paying attention to the rat and started using the button combo in every room.


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Alternate Endings
A new option will appear after completing the game for the first time. Use this option and load a saved game to restart with items obtained in the previous game. Complete this special game to view an alternate ending sequence.

To see dialogue from Chrono himself, choose the new game plus feature after completing the game for the first time. Defeat Lavos after Schala opens the seal on the door leading to the throne room. Before you go through the door, return and defeat Lavos to see Chrono scold Marle and Lucca for admiring men instead of showing a slide show.

There are about twenty different endings in the game.

To see an alternate ending which features Frog marrying Queen Leene, complete the game. After just saving the Queen go to Lavos by any way you can. If you defeat Lavos a sequence with Leene marrying Glenn, and Marle being a toad princess will appear.

Go to New Game+ and start with your best data and go to the fair. Then, go to Lucca's invention. Go to the pod to the right and you will fight Lavos alone as Chrono, but with all your stats and weapons from your old data. If you defeat him, you should see three people in a castle. After you talk to all three of them you should see what is the End of Time place with weird characters. However, these are the creators of the game in disguise. The time portals lead to more places with the staff.
gold rock=frogs grand dream atk requires frog only to use this atk.
After/during that side quest when crono tried to destroy lavos in 12,000 BC, have FROG in your group(party), go to the denadaro mountains (north of fionas villa.in 600 AD) Choose FROG to be the leader and go to the place where the OUTLAW monster chucks rocks at you.let FROG get hit by the rock, instead of being hit, he will catch the rock.that rock is like the otehr triple tech stones in the game its called the gold rock.that gold rock lets frog use grand dream.this atk may only be used after you put cyrus's spirit to rest. (cyrus' lost soul side quest)
Infinite Shelters!
You can get a lot of Shelters if you go to Guardia Forest (in the year 600), in the plants that are moving, you can find a monster that gives you a Shelter, visit and re-visit it as much times as you need to get a lot of them!
Lara Password
When you see the scene where Lucca's mother lost the ability to walk, some people don't know the password to stop the machine.That you do it or not, it doesn't really have any changes in the game. The password is LARA.( Press L,A,R and A again.)
Magus's Ultimate Equipment
In Ozzie's castle, when he has the little guillotine and the little imp comes and dies in attempt at the box, nose your way along the south wall and a door will appear with magus's ultimate equipment.
Returning To Lucca's House
Periodically throughout the game, keep going back to Lucca's house. Her dad keeps inventing some nice stuff for you to use in battle(armor/weapons/assecories). And since its her dad you get them for free.
Soft Reset
There is an easier way to reset your game than pressing the reset button on your SNES console. Simply hold the top buttons (L and R) and press Start and Select simultaneously (all at the same time) at any point during gameplay when you wish to restart, and your game will reset in the same fashion as if you were pressing the reset button!


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Erase Save File
At the save game selection screen, select the save you wish to delete and press Start+Select on Controller 2. You will be given a Yes/No confirmation box before the save is deleted.
Infinite Power Tabs
When on the black omen, you will come across a Tubster (Which at first looks like a tornado on the ground) Attack it and have Ayla use Charm, then escape, and go back through the door you came in and repeat.
New Game+
Successfully complete the Black Omen dungeon and then beat the game to unlock new game+ it lets you play the game again with the levels from your previous game with all items you had before. You can go straight to lavos or beat the game again.
Save Anywhere Glitch
While inside the Tyrono Fortress, you should spot a few switches. One activates a save point, one starts a battle, and one makes part of the floor disappear. Activate the save point, then make the floor disappear. Go to the top of the left hole, jump off and press A just as you drop onto it. At this point you should save your game. If you did this correctly, you should be able to save anywhere, any time... that is, until you turn off the system.