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Cannon Fodder (SNES) Cheats

Cannon Fodder cheats, and Codes for SNES.


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Level Passwords 1-23
The following passwords shown below can be used to unlock the level beside it. When choosing which level to unlock make sure you are using the correct password so that you do not accidentally unlock a totally different level than chosen:

Level 1: NBPBZ
Level 2: BCBCY
Level 3: SCSDX
Level 4: CDBGW
Level 5: TDSHT
Level 6: HGDKS
Level 7: SGPLR
Level 8: GHBNP
Level 9: XHSPN
Level 10: LKDRL
Level 11: WKPSK
Level 12: NLDTH
Level 13: XLPWG
Level 14: LNBXD
Level 15: BNSYC
Level 16: NPBZP
Level 17: BPSZZ
Level 18: SRGBY
Level 19: HRXCX
Level 20: TSGDW
Level 21: CSRGT
Level 22: STCHS
Level 23: RTTHZ
Level Skip
Enter QNFJR as a password and ignore the error message. Begin game play and press Select to jump to the next level.