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WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role Cheats

WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

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WWF SmackDown! 2 Cheats

Unlock hidden superstars
Play through season mode and find hidden superstars at special edition matches. If you win the match, you unlock the superstar for your own use

Unlock Shawn Michaels
WWF Judgment Day match (when he is a guest referee). You also may have to fight him in an Iron Man Match at Judgment Day.

Stone Cold
WWF Backlash match (when he is a guest referee).

Season mode bonuses
Finish a month in Season mode to unlock several bonuses.

Tag team table match
Win the King Of The Ring event on Hard Difficulty setting with either D-Von or Buh Buh Ray.

Unlocking Cactus Jack
Reach No Way Out in season mode and you will see Cactus Jack going to Vinnce McMahon. Cactus Jack will then have a match against Triple H. Cactus Jack and Triple H will have a HELL IN A CELL match. After No Way Out, you will be able to use Cactus Jack. His special move is Doulble Arm DDT.
submitted by Allen Ma (AzNsTrIdEr88@yahoo.com)

Unlocking Mick Foley
Play the season mode until you get to Wrestlemania in the 5th week of March. Mick Foley will be then going to go to Vice McMahon in the VIP room.
Mick Foley will then have a match. After wrestlemania you will be able to use Mick Foley.
Mick Foley's special move is Mandible Claw.
submitted by Allen Ma (AzNsTrIdEr88@yahoo.com)

Unlocking Debra
Keep playing season mode until u see Debra in a Beauty Contest. Debra's special move is Special Womens Slap.
submitted by Peter Ma (marill234@yahoo.com)

Unlocking WWF New York
Play season mode until you get to the 1st week of December in year 1.
submitted by Peter Ma (marill234@yahoo.com)

Unlocking Michael Cole
Play in Season Mode until the first week in year 2 at April.
submitted by Allen Ma

Unlock kirt angle's brother
win every event with kirt angle e.g wwf champion, tag team champion with anyone etc. His brother is a much better fighter than him.
submitted by bomber

In aHardcore or a Anywhere match go to the place before the 2 black fences and run to the side and press O and you will automatically trip. Hold the direction button you triped towards and you should roll to the air.
submitted by alan

Change Weapons
In a Hardcore or a Anywhere Fall match get a weapon you don't like and go to the side of the ring and keep walking toward it.While you are doing that press R1 and your player get a new weapon.
submitted by Simon

Dumpster match
Do 4 years with Mankind in a season and at Wrestlemania you will play against Mankind in a Hell In A Cell match. If you win the match you will get Dumpster matches in the special Exhibition matches!
submitted by michael (roy.tattersall) and david lapage

Walk on air
During HardCore or Anywhere Fall matches. Take the opponent to the ramp with pits at either side, near the huge screen. Let the person slam you down near the edge of the ramp. Tap triangle and the direction what will make you run into the pit. If done correctly, you will roll sideways and be elevated really high above him. Don't let him touch you or you will fall down like a fool.
submitted by Paul Wilson (paulie@tinyworld.co.ul)

Fighting Outside Of A Cage Match
Start an Exhibition game and choose Cage Match. Click 1P vs. 2P. When you're in the match both of you climb up the cage. When both of you are at the top of the cage, press X at the same time. You will jump at the other guy and you will both fall of the cage. You can fight on the outside, even put people through the announcers' tables. To get back in the ring click triangle or R1. You will not climb the cage to get back in, but go under the ropes!
submitted by The Assasin and Tyson Waldbauer (t_waldbauer@yahoo.com)

Unlock Barewire match
Once you unlock Cactus Jack, start playing with him for 5 years and at King of the Ring you will fight Kane in a Barewire Match. If you win this match you will unlock the Barewire Match. Note: You must play on hard difficulty through all 5 years for this to work.
submitted by Oke187

Unlock the Showeroomsubmitted by Ricky
In the Anywhere Falls Match take your opponent up the stairs. You'll come to the showeroom door. Go into the door next to the showeroom and make your opponent run into the wall. The wall should collapse and you will be able to access the showeroom.

Easy Royal Rumble Tip
In order to throw your opponent over the top rope and be eliminated, you must tap O (circle) once while your back is as close as you can get to the ropes. You can decide which direction you make your opponent go in by hitting a direction on the D-pad.

Note: You don't have to hit the direction in which your opponent will go to be eliminated. If you hit O (circle) twice your wrestler will pull your opponent back to you. Also, when you hit a direction on the D-pad it will not throw your opponent over the top rope it will be a regular Irish Whip
submitted by KaneKorn205

New Match Formssubmitted by Gerberoo

Dumpster Match
Play 4 years with mankind and you will be challenged to a dumpster match. If you win, the match will be selectable in exhibition matches.

Barewire Match
Play 5 years (hard difficulty) as Cactus Jack and Kane will challenge you to a barewire match.

Buried alive match
Play 50 years on medium with anyone.

Interfere in any match
Set your wrestler as rowdy personality and then while watching a match press all four top buttons.

For all you people who say that the 3rd isnt possible: yes it is but you must be controlling D-von, and Buhbuh must run while you're backwards grappling the opponent in the corner. Then you must press the buttons at the same time. (works better on 2 players)


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avoid opponent hitting you
first select a hardcore match or a anywhere fall match then go outside and find the soda machine,to go up the soda machine press triangle facing the machine.
go to create a stable pick Michaels and HHH for the tag team then enter DX and there should be WWE tag team today
Driving A Yellow Lifter!
You can also drive a lifter in the game. Go to the Parking lot in any kind of match. There you will see a yellow lifter. Go close to it and press R2, you will see your player sitting inside a lifter. You can also drive it as well by arrow keys. Press O to get out of it.
Swanton Bomb
Whenever you play as Jeff Hardy in a Ladder match press Triangle,up and circle and he swanton bombs a person out of the ring]It also works with a TLC match.
Taking out soda cans, Telephones and Fire extinguisher
Go to the gallery where the VIP room is, locker rooms and shower rooms etcetera is a soda machine throw your opponent to the soda machine and a can will come out, then there will be a telephone booth throw your opponent in it and you will see a telephone on the ground and on the wall there will be a fire extinguisher throw your opponent on it and a fire extinguisher will fall to the ground you can also use these weapons on your opponent.


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1)All things will be unlock when you've finished year 5 OR 6 in Season mode.
2)There is no such match as Buried Alive, Barewire, etc.
3)You can't unlock Ken Shamrock and Big Show but you can unlock their body parts(exept head).

To do a double team move:
Play in Normal Tag match or Handicap:1 on Tag. Irish Whip your opponent to the turnbuckle where your partner is standing.Press either Up,Down,Left, or Right + O.

To do the 3D:
Pick the Dudley Boyz(of course),and choose D-Von. Irish Whip your opponent to the turnbuckle where Buh Buh Ray is standing.Press Up + O.

To Do the Wasssup Headbutt:
Play as Buh Buh Ray(do the same thing as I've shown above).Press either Up or Down + O(I don't remember exact).

Unlocking other CAW body parts:
To unlock CAW body parts, you must defeat the unknown wrestlers. Here are the list of the unknown wrestlers:

Unknown A: Ric Flair
Unknown B: Kevin Nash
Unknown C: Scott Hall
Unknown D: Goldberg
Unknown E: Sting
Unknown F: "Hollywood" Hogan
Unknown G: Jeff Jerret
Unknown H: Scott Steiner
Unknown I: Manami Toyota
Unknown J: Japanese Lucha Collection
Unknown K: Diamond Dallas Page
Unknown L: Booker T
Unknown M: The Great MUTA
Unknown N: Japanese Shoot Wrestling
Unknown O: Naoya Ogawa
Unknown P: Masahiro Chono
Unknown Q: Jyushin Thunder Lyger
Unknown R: Big Van Vader
Unknown S: Mitsuharu Misawa
Unknown T: U.S. Shoot Wrestling
Unknown U: Terri Funk
Unknown V: Ernest Miller
Unknown W: Kenta Kobashi
Unknown X: Big Show
Unknown Y: Ken Shamrock
Unknown ZA: Andre the Giant
Unknown ZB: Bob Buckland
Unknown ZJ: "The King" Jerry Lawler
Unknown ZS: Sgt. Slaughter
Cloning wrestlers
To do this you must enter creat mode and go to standard for all body parts. Then if you go to superstars you can paste an existing wrestler's body part on to your created superstar.
These are some existing superstars you can create:
Val Venis - Rights to Censor uniform
Triple H - from 1999
The Godfather - (use shirt from advanced mode)
Al Snow (1999)- To do this you must select no.1 for everything from original, when in the standard menu.
Create-A-Wrestler Hints
Before you start creating wrestlers, play through the Career Mode untill all the unlockables are unlocked (the game will say so).

Then you can create wrestlers that are nearly unbeatable.
Dumpster Match
To unlock THE DUMPSTER match:Goto the SPECIAL setting,goto Casket match with any arena and press SELECT and it will be a process of the Dumpster Match.This is a cool match for Cactus Jack vs Billy Gunn.It kind of looks like the real thing.

NOTE: You Can NOT move or pickup the Dumpster!
Eliminate Yourself in Royal Rumble
Interesting cheat that requires precision and good aiming....

Eliminate until you are the last one in the ring. Now, when the next wrestler comes out, preferably to a diving hurracrana to propel yourself out of the ring. This must be done when the wrestler coming in is on the outside, not in the ring. Since it is a harmless glitch

(Unless you go into the audience too far, then it freezes)

You can go anywhere, you can even go THROUGH the ring!

Try it, it's hilarious!
Getting a mop
When your in a Hardcore match or Any where falls match go to the backstage area.Go to the first or second room on the left.Run towards the the hall way and your player will go in there and you will hear some noises like glass breaking and your player will run out with a mop.
hand breaker
go to a single hardcore match choose jeff hardy then for opponent triple h when u start a match press left, up , square and x. if u want to break the right hand press right instead of left.
Hidden Boiler Room area
When fighting in a hardcore,anywhere fall or I Quit match go to the basment walk to your right keep walking until you see a fenced door then throw your opponent into the fenced door and it will break then there will be an arrow letting you know you unlocked the boiler room area
How to make your man 70 feet tall
Play 343 years with Kane. You will then beable to create a player that is 70 feet tall. Just go to create a player and height and u will be able to get it that way.
how to play as micheal cole,cactus jack or mankind in season mode
If you complete 5 seasons a congratulations sign will come up saying youve unlocked all hidden items and you will unlock a new video with either mick foley,shawn micheals,vince or shane sitting at a table discussing how theyll change a match.

complete 10 seasons and you can now play as micheal cole,cactus jack and mankind in season mode.a congratulations sign will also appear.

hulk hogan RED AND YELLOW
To put hulk hogan's move u have to choose UNKNOWN X.
just another cheat
create a wrestler named goldberg which looks like goldberg,play 7 years and then create the NWO. In 1 year the NWO will attack goldberg and beat him down back stage. You will then see 3 cops,austin,the rock,HHH,and APA run out and help goldberg, the NWO will now be fighting this new alliance of Austin,The Rock,HHH,Goldberg,APA and sometimes the three cops.
Oh it's the Big show!
Play season for 72 years, Then U unlock Big Show, beat the European champian & you unlock the big show. ( his music starts up "Oh it's the Big Show").
Rockbottom through a table
In any match pick the rock and go to a table then whip your opponent onto the table then walk over to the table and press leftt+o and he will rock bottom your opponent through the table
rumors and secerts
this is buy arlo
1 there is no bra and panties match
2 no linda micman
3 no rob van dam
4 no brock lesnair
5 no sex scenes
6 no blood

stone cold lockable
shawn micheals lockable
mean street post lockable
the stooges are lockable
catus jack lockable
mick floey lockable
billy gun lockable
new arena lockable

gameshark codes lumber jack 30096322 0002
barbwire ropes 87f6c987 e294 87f8cb89 f294
big show D00A08F8 2000 800A08F8 6942 D00A0B2C 2000 800A0B2C 6942 D00A119C 2000 800A119C 6942 D00A25C4 2000 800A25C4 6942 D00A3C48 2000 800A3C48 6942 D00A6A08 2000 800A6A08 6942


i suggest u go there to get codes
Set The Ring on Fire in a Hardcore Match
play a single match and take your players as kane and undertaker.you be kane.let taker give you a last ride.while he is giving you a last ride press triangle+square+l1+l2+r1+x. After this exit the match and play a hardcore match and change the weapon.while changing you will get a black rod.once you get the rod get on top of the turnbuckle and press X.The ring will be set on fire.
The Leg Breaker
First select exhibition mode. Then go to Hardcore, choose One on Three mode. Choose the first option, then as player one you have to choose Trish Stratus and as the opponents you have to choose Kane, The Undertaker, and Dean Malenko. At the start of the match press up,left,up,right,up,down,square, triangle, up, left, and x. Theese have to be composed in the same order and you have to be in the ring. If you do this Kane will break The Undertakers' leg and Dean Malenko will KO Kane and all you have to do is pin Kane.
Unlock Billy Gunn
Go to the first King of the Ring in the season and Billy will be on the list of contenders if you beat him you will have him to use in exhibition or in a season.
unlock everything from unknown
To unlock all parts and moves you must play the season mode for five Wrestle Manias. You will get the usual congratulations sign showing nothing just the box saying you unlocked everything.
unlock jim ross
to unlock jim ross u have to be kane and do 4 years of season at summerslam.u will then fight shane mcmahon and win.after jim ross will confront u and u will set him on fire and have a match against him.