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Defeating Ghost:
Use the Tim's Turnundead spell on the hidden boss, Ghost, in the Fiery Wreckage level to instantly kill him.

Defeating Gatlorg:
Use Ashley's second form's Gun Blaze attack on Gatlorg in the Pirate's Warren. He will die in three to four hits.

Defeating Bulkogidon:
Use Ashley's second form's Mad Lucied attack on Bulkogidon located in the Fab Science Lab. He will die very quickly.

Defeating Titanius:
Use Tim's Hi-Combine with the guardian Raftina on Titanius in the town of Halmetz. He will usually die instantly.

Wear him down with Magic and with Ashley's Access form. After about one to two minutes of hitting him with it, use Ashley's Dead or Alive Arm. He should die after one or two shots from it.


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Beating Bolkulidon
The Easiest way to defeat the secret boss in the fab lab is to change into Lord Blazer when given the opportunity. then use 1 mini carrot and barrage the boss with gun blaze. The boss will start using Life Returner, giving him 7500 hit points. Dont worry, you do WAY more damage than he can regenerate. just keep barraging him and you will win easily.
Completed Save File Bonuses
Beat the main game, then create a save file when prompted after the ending credits. When you next load this file, you'll unlock the option to view detailed character status info, the monster encyclopedia, as well as the movie theater where you can view any of the six animated movies any time.
Easier way to defeat Ghost
Just be lucky enough that Tim can survive and perform Hi-Combo with Raftina. It takes luck for it to instant kill. If it didn't work, at least it recovered your guys. But another way is to use Ashley's Dead or Alive technique which also needs luck. Enjoy that Full Carrot you obtain from him.
Easy health level ups
When you have skill points to use, save them till you have enough to master the skill that allow you to get more hp every level. Trust me. At level 70 something, Brad who has a lot of health, has over 7000 hps. Thats alot. Also note that if your spellcasters are getting killed easily. Use those points when you have the chance boost their defence with the Up Defence against physical attacks. It's quite useful when you're going against Kanon.
Obtaining Lucky Cards
Where I found lucky cards is next to the crash site where you find data on who is funding the Odessa. Don't go into it. Go around the area and eventually, you'll find a thief-type creature that use Gella Crazy. Have any character with good luck and steal from them.