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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2nd Edition Cheats

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   (last update - Mar 26 2001)

Name Effects
Use the following as your name to get different effects.

REGISFunny Regis

Change Question Difficulty
Enter the name "John Carpenter" for hard questions.

Enter the name "Regis Philbin" for easy questions.

Do not enter a name. Regis will give you the name "Kathie Lee" and the questions will be super easy.
submitted by Alex MacDonald (aom105@hotmail.com)

Infinite phone-a-friend help
Select the "Phone-A-Friend" lifeline for help with a question. Pause the game in the middle of the phone-a-friend session. Listen to the remainder of the help message and answer the question. Continue playing the game, and if you get stuck again, pause, then resume the game to get another phone-a-friend session.
submitted by Phillip

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