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Twisted Metal 4 Cheats

Twisted Metal 4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

Twisted Metal 4 Tips

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amazoia secert enterance
Did you know you can find a big acid pool and tons of weapons in amazoia all you have't to do is follow these instuctions.
1.find era with a ramp then fall into the ice.
2.find a green arrow that makes you jump up.
3.go around it.
4.then find a small flat surface on the left wall and shoot it.
5.then drive down it and you'll find a acid pool.
6.to find weapons go to the right go it the portal and collect weapons(P.S you should see a mega hospital or healer restoring all health)
Submitted by: luutl75 on June 01, 2010
Another Instant Kill
In The Pits or any of those pink floor levels in Deathmatch, freeze the enemy, then, blow open the pink floor, then, push him/her down while he/she can't do anything!
Submitted by: johnboy2000 on February 21, 2004
Defeating Sweet Tooth
Use the teleporter and plant 3 proximities on top of one another. Move away to avoid injurty, then wait for Sweet Tooth to come for you. When he teleports, the proximities will explode and bring him to heaven...
Which is out of bounds... enjoy defeating him!!!
Submitted by: zErO_shAdOw on May 29, 2008
Instant Kill
Try putting 3 Proximities on top of one of another. Then place a Remote Bomb near the three Proximities. Detonate the Remote Bomb when the Proximities blow up, then he/she will scream!
Submitted by: johnboy2000 on February 21, 2004
Submitted by: carrot on October 26, 2006
Tips On Easy Victory in Stages
1.On the first stage using the crane is great but only works on the computer. So try this send make your enemy follow you in the green pools then frezze then and set 3or more mines then launch an auto lob and watch a massive damaging attack to all enemies inside.
2. On neon city just make sure all enemies are at the top use all your weapons and make sure your special does not come up after that get the lighting and do it over and over it will kill all enemies.
3.Do your best to survive by setting mines and random places also try missles combos and you won't lose any lives on road rage.
4.I think the next is the amazon or bed room either one just repeat the second stage for amazon for the bed room it depends on how good you are by setting traps.
5.On oil rig there is are two cheap tricks but with is with orbital only the first is the one with the lighting go to a higher terrain first then use also make sure you haveno extra weapons and you should take out most the enemies at once including the bosses.
6. On minion maze i beaten this stage in 2 to 3 minutes first you know use all weapons and specials then get to the top and get the lighting use it reapeatly and all enemies die in seconds and minion also.
7. On the carnival get everyone to the teleporter and get the lighting and use it it should get rid of some enemies if not all then on sweet tooth make sure you are extreml careful continue to use the lighting on him but he may or may not relase one of his specials at you so good luck.
Submitted by: Zeno on October 10, 2005

Twisted Metal 4 Cheats

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Calypso reclaims the throne
While in neon city or carnival fighting moon buggie or sweet tooth press up down down right left up down up and calypso will say i can not lose and a giant explosiaon will kill moon buggie or sweet tooth either one

Submitted by: Dragon Keeper on September 24, 2003
Enter these password to activate the corresponding effect:

Powerful Special Weapons - Up, Start, Circle, R1, Left.

CPU(s) Target Only Humans - Right, Triangle, Right, Triangle, L1.

Little Traction - Down, Triangle, Down, L1, R1.

CPU(s) Ignore Health Pick-Ups - L1, Left, Right, Circle, Right.

No Health Pick-Ups in Deathmatches and Tournaments - Down, R1, Down, Start, Circle.

No Power-Ups - Circle, Start, Left, L1, Start.

No Health Pick-Ups in Deathmatches - Triangle, Down, Triangle, Circle, Triangle.
Submitted by: Gamecube on January 25, 2004
Fast wepons
Enter R1,L1,Down,Start,Down as a password.
You should hear a laugh.
Submitted by: David sarnowski on October 12, 2002
Get a special character named Crystal Minion
To Get Crystal Minion, you have to complete the game with Micoblast on hard 10 times using no cheats at all. After, go to the Tournament or Deathmatch and Crystal Minion should be between Mr.Zombie and Sweet Tooth(get Sweet Tooth and other bosses buy beating the game).Stats can only go up to five stars right, well Crystal Minion seems like he has 8 stars at everthing. His special throws 4 Serpents, 1 Henchmen, and 8 of Moon Buggys special. WARNING! Never fight him in deathmatch without God Mode(cheat) because if you play deathmatch on easy, it will seem like Very hard even with Sweet Tooth.
Submitted by: William Gray on March 30, 2003
God Mode
Go to the password screen and press:


Now god mode should be enabled.
Submitted by: Snake Skate on December 30, 2002
Health regenerates faster
Enter Tringle,L1,Down,Tringle,Up as a password.
You should hear a laugh.
Submitted by: David sarnowski on October 12, 2002
Heat Ripple
Use Calypso for this tip.

Find an Acid Pool, then get one nuke and either a Napalm or a remote (not a freeze remote). Nothing else.

Use the nuke, then immediately use your Napalm. If you have a remote then use that first, then the nuke.

This is very damaging so don't stay in.
Submitted by: Adam on September 16, 2004
no wheels on ground
While in the air, press up, up, left in that order. You will have no wheels on the ground. This has no benifets, but looks cool.
Submitted by: chris woofenden on December 01, 2006
Opponents sent higher in the air when shot
Enter Up,Start,Circle,R1,Left as a password.
You should hear a laugh.
Submitted by: David sarnowski on October 12, 2002
Play as Crimson Fury
To play as Crimson Fury (From Twisted Metal 1) Go to Create a Car mode. Make the Size medium, make the Style 2, make the Paint B, and say yes to the option. Give the laser as his special. But you'll have to name him "Red Fury" or something because Crimson Fury is to many chractors for the game.
Submitted by: Snake Skate on December 29, 2002
Play The Music On Your CD Player
If you like the music this game plays, you can listen to it anywhere you go. You just put the game in your cd player and push play. You can hear the music they play and some things the characters say.
Submitted by: da dawg called b on January 02, 2002
Play Your Own Music
If you would like to play your own music while playing this game, all you need to do is pause the game, open the PlayStation lid, put your music cd in the system, close the lid, and then unpause the game. Your music should start playing.
Submitted by: da dawg called b on January 02, 2002
twisted metal
cpu dont get health icons
L1 left right circle right
Submitted by: gameboy on August 05, 2003
Twisted Metal 4
Massiive attack as 2nd special weapon:start,right,R1,L1,R1
God modeown,left,L1,left,right
Submitted by: Josh Lehman on November 06, 2002
Unlimited health
Enter Down,Left,L1,Left,Right as a password.
You should hear a laugh.
Submitted by: David sarnowski on October 12, 2002
Unlimited Special
Enter Tringle,L1,Down,Tringle,UP as a password.
You should hear a laugh.
Submitted by: David sarnowski on October 12, 2002
Unlock All Bosses
Unlock Crusher- Enter down,R1,right,R1,L1 as a password
Moon Buggy- Enter start triangle right L1 Start as a password
RC Car- Up,Down,LeftStart,Right as a password
Super Auger- Left, circle, Right, Down as a password
Super Axel- Up, Right, Down,Up, L1 as a password
Super Slamm- Right, L1 ,Start, Circle, Start
Super Thumper- Circle, Triangle, Start, Circle, Left
Minion- Triangle,L1,L1,Left,Up
Sweet Tooth- Start,R1,Right,Right,Left as a password
Submitted by: Joey Morrow on May 14, 2002
Use Supreme Destruction
To use Supreme Destruction use most have full specials and 5 or more of every other weapon. Then use press Up(3),Left,Right then Down(2).
There will be a huge Bomb come from the air and blow up everyone there. Hope You Enjoy!!!!
Submitted by: William Gray on March 30, 2003
very old boss
Go to options then go to passwords.do these codes.

The very old boss is the one mensioned on the intro movie,clayso. Go to passwords then,
triangle,L1,down,triangle,up.Its nuke is very good.the code will also let you have unlimited specials too!

Submitted by: ultima on September 09, 2002