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Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI Cheats

Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI cheats, and Codes for PSX.

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Moving Generals
As your empire expands, a problem emerges when one front stabilizes and you need to move large amounts of generals over large tracks of land. A semi-productive way of avoiding moving generals from city, to city, to city involves using the "Find" command. Start where your generals are currently located. Make that city your capital. Then have all the generals you want to have moved go on a "Find" for a "Long" period of time. 6 months later they will end their find and return to... NOT the city where they started from... but whatever the capital is at the time the 6 months ends. So... during those six months you could move your men across an infinite amount of space. Of course, if the chosen end place of your men is less than six cities away from the starting place this trick is next to worthless... unless you are someone like me who prefers to do this then spend the annoying time moving men across the continent.
submitted by BlueEyes

Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI Cheats

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best player
create officer with name
first : Lee
last : Bruce
he's a great player
Submitted by: aira satria on April 19, 2002
control an enemy officer
When you are defending your castle press square when your general says "it's your turn lord (name of the ruler). when you press square pick a general then press x then o quicly before the next screen appears. THIS ONLY WORKS WHEN YOUR DEFENDING (it only happens to me when i'm defending) this a good cheat when the tribes with shan yue,armored horse,tribes attack you!
Submitted by: anonymous on June 29, 2005
Select any kind of troop
If you need stronger soldiers, every time you order a general to draft, press the SELECT button three times when the TROOP field is highlighted. Then, you will be able to select any type of troop you want, from footsoldiers to shan yue.
Submitted by: Rodrigo Farias de Sousa on January 30, 2002