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Cool little show
At Title screen, press L1 and you will see a little show that features the characters.
submitted by Rue 2 (Dragon71584@aol.com)

Infinite Platinum Coins
From the Main Menu, press X,X,X,X,X,triangle,X,X,X,R2,R2,L1,L1. You hear a sound that confirms the code.
submitted by Lauren (ricwel815@aol.com)

Stronger Characters
Beat the game with either character and save. Start the second game with the saved info. When the second game is beaten you can start a new game with the same strength from the previous one.
submitted by Lauren (ricwel815@aol.com)


Rare wine:
Give the wine to Hobbs and you will get a drastic price cut on the power ups.

Spooky statue:
For Rue, give this to Klaude. For Mint, give it to the sales person in the hotel.

The Last Hero:
Give the book to Rod to get four strength ups.


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Alternate Ending Sequence
To obtain the alternate ending you must beat the game with both, Rue and Mint. After that, you will be able to watch it.
Brooch and Rare Wine
Mint's game.

Brooch - Go to the Gamul Forest and play around with the levers for a while. It's MY best advice that u don't fight those little pig things with the spears. Once you get on the correct track, there's a pink treasure box...thing, and inside it'll be a brooch! U can either sell it, or give it to Annette. MY advice is that you give it to Annette, because she'll give you a drastic price cut on ALL the drinks.^.^

Rare Wine - you can get this with both characters. At the end of the Underground Ruins, there's an ice-cavern. burn all the ice with either Mint's fire magic, or have Rue transform into that lizard thing that u SHOULD HAVE killed earlier. At the very end of the ice-cavern, u should obtain a legendary item and Rare Wine. Give the legendary wine to Hobbs, and DO NOT sell ANY of the legendary items. Enjoy the game, *bleep*ERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Get All Magic Colors ( Mint's Game )
Blue Magic:You already have Blue Magic at the beginning of the game.

White Magic:You already have Blue Magic at the beginning of the game.

Red Magic:You can take it from Klaus at Carona Town after defeating Nightmare and get manuscripts at the atelier.

Green Magic:You can take it from Belle when you defeat her at Gamul Forest.

Black Magic:You can take it from a treasure chest at Raging Mountain.

Yellow Magic:You can take it from Gorotan when you defeat him at Mel's Atelier.

Gold Magic:You can take it from Prima Doll at Valen's Fortress.
Locations Of The Three Legendary Items
1. Legendary Shield- Underground Ruins: When you're in the lake area, hop across the colored "stones" to get to a small ledge on the other side with a treasure chest. It is the Legendary Shield.
2. Legendary Helmet- Raging Mountain: After you beat Belle, Duke, and the Hexagon go up until you see three pillars. Two should have fire blobs on them. Destroy them and on the third pillar, you will find the helmet. Drop down off the third pillar to find a Bubba and an HP restore.
3. Legendary Sword- Maya's Tower: When you get to one of the puzzles, there will be a chest on the other side, I think it contains the sword, but it may be some gold coins. My advice is to open every chest you find.
Magics List


Wide(Cutter):Triple Blades

Super(Icicle)rop Ice

Power(Ripple):Wave Shot

Hyper(Restore):Restore HP




Normal(Vulcan):Rapid Fire

Wide(Spread):5 Way Shot


Power(Arrow)iercing Shot


Circle(Satellite)rbit Shot




Wide(Bullet):Low Fire



Hyper(Fire Heart):Fire Coat

Circle(Delta):Triple Flame






Power(Gale):Low Wind


Circle(Cyclone):High Wind



Normal(Bomb):Blow-up Rocks

Wide(Dark Mist):Black Smoke


Power(Gravition):Black Ball

Hyper(Shadow Strike)eadly Dash

Circle(Drill):Big Drill



Normal(Cracker)ouble Shot

Wide(Spark):Chase Enemy

Super(Trine):Triple Chase


Hyper(Final Flash):Big Burst










Cosmos(Valiant):Hold Barrier-Release Fire
Mint's Fight Against Valen
When you're fighting Valen, ignore him until he transforms into his vulnerable form. You should have a high MP (try to get above 300) by now. When he does, activate you're gold magic. Make the shield and once his attack ends, you should have enough time to release the shield and do some major damage. This really helps if you have a low HP. The attack will only deal 1 damage per ball (or whatever he throws at you) to you're MP.


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" how to beat rod easily "
to beat rod easily lead him to one end of his house and stand on the other he will keep trying to hit you but he cant because he is behind the tent so just keep using magic and when you run out still stay behind the tent and when he freeze
hit the tent with a normal hit

warning:: this will not work if his dog is up because the dog will attack you 5 damage points
Bonus Bronze Coin from Rue and Recovered HP
Mint's game. After avoiding the boulder at Underground Ruins, go back and talk to Rue. Go near his pocket and Mint will stole a Bronze Coin from Rue (How bad). Then go beyond and you'll see something smoking. Go near the smoke and your HP will recover.
In Gamul Forest, in Mint's game, if you submit the proper lever combination you'll be able to acquire a Brooch. The combination is:

First lever (near trains): hit once [facing left].
Next lever: hit once
First lever (revisited): Don't hit it; get on the trolly
Third lever: Hit once
First lever (revisited): Don't hit it; ride the trolly
Fourth lever/Fifth lever: Hit them so they face each other.
First lever (again): Hit it once more, and you should get the Brooch. Continue as normal.

If this doesn't work (my memory is a little etchy) keep hitting each lever once as it come up. When you get to the two levers on the platform, make it so that they face each other.

The Brooch can either be sold to Marcum for 4000 Gil (6000 if you refuse him the first time) or given to Annette of the tavern to get a discount on the drinks.
Hidden Opening Sequence
Press L1 or R1 at the title screen to view the hidden opening sequence.
Legendary items.
There are three of them and they are worth getting. After you find all three of them go to the tavern and give them to the person who sells drinks. He will then cook for you. Kill mosters and give it to him for a special meal. These raise your stats. Beware they will break sooner or later.
Mysterious Statue
Rue's game. Play through the game until you come up the Ghost Temple area. After completing the Ghost Temple once, return here and use the left door as soon as you enter. Use the shortcut at the end of the hallway to cut a bit of your time if you want to. Now, continue as normal until you come to the room where you had to fight Duke. There should be a wall a bit beyond this door. Backtrack until you're at the switch directly east of this room and enter the door to the north. You should be in a room with three treasure chests and three Puppets. Defeat the Puppets, then collect the treasures from the chests. There should be three Silver Coins, three Star Stones, and one Mysterious Statue. Head back to Corona.

Back at Corona, sell the Star Stones if you want to. The Mysterious Statue can either be sold to Marcum (4000 gil; 6000 if you refuse him the first time) or given to Klaus for an additional ten MP. I suggest selling it.
Rod's story
Talk to Rod at night to here his story.
The Last Hero
Rue or Mint's game. You must spend one night in the Hotel (500 gil). When you get to the room, inspect the corner closest to the camera (without turning the camera) You should receive a Dreamstone. If not, continue searching the room. After you've found the Dreamstone, go to bed. You should have a dream involving an Ootang jumping into an open tree trunk.

Now, make certain you have something with water magic (for Rue, a Spectre; for Mint, she starts off with it) and go to Corona Forest. A bit south east of the starting point is the tree trunk you saw in the dream. Jump down it and make your way along the little passage. A bit more than halfway through you should find a dying Mandola. Use your Water Magic to revive it (could take a few spells) then jump on the blossoming flower. Jump up again and land on the ledge. Continue to the left until you encounter a treasure chest. Open the chest and you'll find an item called 'The Last Hero'. Leave the forest.

When you get back to Corona, sell the Dreamstone (5000 gil, I believe). Then, talk to Rod. He'll notice that you have 'The Last Hero'. It's actually a book he's been searching, and will offer you a reward if you give it to him. Give it to him. You'll recieve an additional four strenght points for your troubles.