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Theme Park World Cheats

Theme Park World cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

Theme Park World Tips

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Easy Money
This is a 3 step tip so it is quick and easy

Step 1: Build a side show near front entrance this is to get visitors attention

Step 2: Wait for a guest to use it

Step 3: When there in go to info for the sideshow and go to details then change Game Price to 1,000 then the visitor will have to pay it

See easy money lol
Submitted by: GameMasta210 on December 20, 2009
Quick way of obtaining the Camcorder
This is a seven-step process which will enable you to obtain the Camcorder quickly and easily at the beginning of the game.

Step 1: Open the first Park.

Step 2: Place Security Cameras at regular intervals all around the Park until you receive the Security Award.

Step 3: Exit the Park, Close it, Re-Open it, and enter it again.

Step 4: Build many Shops, all connected to the entrance of the Park by Paths, each with a Litter Bin in the square next to its queue and below the actual shop itself (you'll see what I mean if you play the game). After a lot of these, you should receive another Award.

Step 5: At some point during this entire process so far, you may have received a Gold Ticket for getting the Park "up and running" from the Advisor. If not, don't worry. Either way, Close the Park again and again Re-Open it.

Step 6: Now, start building your Park normally as you would when building a proper Park and not just one to obtain an Award. Eventually (it may be after the Visitor Opening of your Park), you will receive the Gold Ticket described in Step 5 if you haven't already done so.

Step 7: When you have the fourth Gold Ticket, buy the Camcorder!
Submitted by: Galacticdramon on March 31, 2005

Theme Park World Cheats

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200 Gold Tickets
Press up, down, right, left, down, up, circle 4 times in a row and you will get 200 gold tickets.
Submitted by: cardcaptor_sakura on March 12, 2007
Everything Free
Press right, down, X, circle 8 times in a row and everything will be free.
Submitted by: cardcaptor_sakura on March 12, 2007
Get All Research Done
Press up, down, up, down, left, right, up, down, up, down, right 8 times in a row and all your research will be done.
Submitted by: cardcaptor_sakura on March 12, 2007
No money taken from bank
press left, down, X, circle 8 times in a row and no money will be taken from bank.
Submitted by: cardcaptor_sakura on March 12, 2007