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Tekken 3 Cheats

Bonus Characters
These bonus characters are unlocked by completing Arcade mode with a certain number of characters:

UnlockComplete Arcade mode with
Kumaone character
Juilatwo characters
Gun Jackthree characters
Mokujinfour characters
Annafive characters
Bryansix characters
Heihachiseven characters
Ogreeight characters
True Ogrenine characters

Beat arcade mode with eighteen characters. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Eddy and press Start.

At the character selection screen, highlight Kuma and press Circle.

Doctor Boskonovitch
Complete Tekken Force Mode four times (collect the bronze, silver, gold keys, then complete that mode one final time). Then, defeat Doctor Boskonovitch when he appears to have him available on the character selection screen under arcade mode.

Complete arcade mode using Doctor Boskonovitch. Then, select arcade mode and press the D-pad off either side of the character selection screen. Alternatively, defeat Gon under "Ball mode" or play survival or force mode until prompted for initials, then enter "GON".

Beach ball mini-game
View all ten base character endings to enable the "Ball Mode" option.

Theatre mode
Unlock all character, including Panda, Tiger, Doctor Boskonovitch, and Gon, and view their endings. You will then find "Disc" and "Sound" options under "Theatre Mode".

Record or replay combo
Enter practice mode and choose "1P Freestyle". Then at the freestyle options screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Circle. Use Down and Select to record and replay a combo.

Alternate introduction sequence
Beat the game with the ten base characters to view an alternate introduction featuring the characters in their two-player mode costumes. For another alternate introduction, beat the game with all characters including the secret ones.

Alternate costumes
In Arcade Mode, highlight a character on the Character Selection screen, and hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 until the timer reaches zero. Then, release the buttons when both fighters are displayed.

You can also permanently unlock the alternate costumes by playing certain characters a minimum number of times. Once the alternate costumes are unlocked, you can simply press Start at the character selection screen to use the new costumes.

Gunjack (play 10 times)
Anna Williams (play 25 times)
Ling Xiaoyu (play 50 times)
Jin Kazama (play 50 times)

Alternate winning poses
After winning a match, hold any kick button during the entire replay to view your character's alternate winning pose. Hold any punch button during the entire replay to view your character's normal winning pose. Not all characters have an alternate winning pose.


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Tekken Ball Mode
To unlock Tekken Ball Mode, beat Arcade Mode with all 10 base charcters (Jin to Xiaoyou), Then Tekken Ball Mode will be enabled at the Main Menu.
Unlock Theatre Mode
Unlock all the characters including Gon, Panda, Tiger and Doctor Boskonovitch. Theatre Mode will be enabled at the Main Menu.


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Doctor Boskonovitch
To make Doctor B. do his Super Doc move (which is not shown in the command list), press Circle + X + Away, then press Up. The doctor should go flying into the air before coming down near his opponent. This move does a surprisingly large amount damage to your opponent.
Headbutt Carnival
please described the Headbutt Carnival of Heihachi
Alternate character and mode release:
100 Battles : Kuma unlocked
150 Battles : Julia unlocked
200 Battles : Gun Jack unlocked
250 Battles : Mokujin unlocked
300 Battles : Anna unlocked
350 Battles : Bryan unlocked
400 Battles : Heihachi unlocked
450 Battles : Ogre unlocked
500 Battles : True Ogre unlocked
550 Battles : Tekken Ball Mode unlocked
600 Battles : Tiger unlocked
650 Battles : Gon unlocked
700 Battles : Dr. Bosconovitch unlocked
750 Battles : All characters and costumes unlocked
Dr.B easy.
To get Dr.B copy tekken 3 from your memory card to another one once you do that you should have him.
Finishing Poses
After you defeat your opponent press either Triangle, Circle, X Button, or Square and hold it down to see different Finishing Poses.
Make Mokujin Sound as a Wooden Block
On Mukujin's picture, hold down until the match begins.
Misc Cheats
Alternate Costumes:
To change most character's outfits, press either the punch or kick button while choosing a fighter. Some of the fighters also have a third costume, you'll need to press START while choosing your fighter to get get the third outfit.

Alternate Winning Poses:
To watch your character's secret winning pose, hold down LEFT KICK or RIGHT KICK during the replay of your win. To see their original poses, hold down LEFT PUNCH or RIGHT PUNCH during the replay of your win. Make sure you hold the button down during all of the replay. NOTE: Not all characters have multiple or secret poses.

Anna's Alternate Outfit:
Play as Anna 25 times in Aracade or Vs. mode. At the Fighter Select Screen hightlight Anna and press Start.

Combo Recording:
Go to practice mode and choose Freestyle. At the freestyle options screen, press L1, L2, R1, R2 and CIRCLE then press DOWN and SELECT to record a combo or to replay one.

Easy Win with Yoshimitsu:
For a easy win with Yoshimitsu, perform his SHARK ATTACK blow at the beginning of each round. This should take away all of your opponent's power early in one shot.

GON and Dr. B Made Easy:
If you can't beat ball mode or force mode or just don't have the time, her is an easy way to get them. Set the game on easy and one round and infinite time. Play the arcade mode and or the forth, fifth, sixth, and seventh round let the enemy take all but 5 percent of your health then kill him. If you did it right you will here the anouncer say "great" on the next round you will fight Gon or Dr. B. Kill them by using sweeps or anything else and they are yours.

High School Stage:
Enable Jin or Xiaoyu's 3rd costume and when you fight against them in their new costume the stage will show up.

Hwoarangs 5 suits:
At start menu PRESS R2 R2 R2 R2 R1 R1 R2 L1 L1 L2.
Activates hwoarangs 5 suits.

Jack's Tank Top:
To get Jack's tank top outfit, play as him 10 times, then select him with the START button.
Jin and Xiaoyu's Schoolgirl Outfits
Play as Jin or Xiaoyu 50 times then press START on them to get school outfits.

Make MokuJin Sound Like a Wooden Block:
On MokuJin's Pic, hold DOWN until the match begins.

Play as Doctor B:
To get DOCTOR B, complete TEKKEN FORCE mode four times. Each time you finish one set you'll get a key. Collect three keys, then defeat Doctor B and he's yours!

Play as Gon:
If your tired of beating the game with every one just pick any character and play either time attack or survival mode and get a high enough score that it asks for your innitials then write GON as your 3-letter name.

Play as the Tiger:
To play as the tiger, beat the game with 17 different characters, including Eddy Gordo. Once this is done, highlight Eddy Gordo on the character selection screen and press START.

Purple Kazuya:
Enable all characters including secret characters, then highlight Kazuya and press start.Look lower to unlock Kazuya.

Secret Characters:
To get the below secret characters you must beat the Aracde Mode with each of the original characters. One bonus character is revealed each time you beat Arcade Mode with a different standard character. The order you get the secret fighters is as follows:
1. Kuma
2. Julia Chang
3. Gun Jack
4. Mokujin
5. Anna Williams
6. Bryan Fury
7. Heihachi
8. Ogre
9. The Real Ogre

Tekken Ball:
Beat the Arcade Mode with all the original characters and the 10 earnable characters.
It is basically a strange version of volleyball without a net.

Theatre mode:
Unlock each character, including Panda, Tiger, Doctor Boskonovitch, and Gon, and view their endings. The "Disc" and "Sound" options under "Theatre Mode" will now be available.

Unlock Kazuya:
You must have a copy of Tekken 2 before doing this. Finish Arcade mode with Jin Kazama 1000 times you should hear a noise after doing this. When you go back to character select go to the very left so the the cusor is off screen, the box will read Kazuya. If you want to use him push x, press EJECT on your Sony console and remove the Tekken 3 disc, and replace it with the Tekken 2. It will load Kazuya`s data. Now eject it and put back in Tekken 3. You can now use Kazuya. I think you can get other character`s by doing this again, maybe Devil and Jun will make an appearence...

View Gun Jack's Good Ending:
Finish the game twice as Gun Jack in Acrade Mode.
Play as Tiger
Tto play as Tiger, you have to beat arcade mode with 18 people (different). Then on the character choice menu press triangle and while loading it should no longer say 'Eddy', but say 'Tiger'.
Super Moves
Each character has at least one heavy damage unblockable move (referred here as a "Power Move"). While the Power Moves are the strongest special arts, they have a slow execution time, leaving the character momentarily vulnerable to attack. You must set the shoulder buttons to the following combinations in order for them to work:

Set L1 as LP + RP.
Set L2 as RP + LK.
Set R1 as LK + RK.
Set R2 as LP + RK.
Unlock Hidden Characters
Doctor Bosconovitch:Each time you beat Tekken Force Mode,you will get a key.Beat Tekken Force Mode for three keys.After that,beat Tekken Force Mode again,you will reach the Final Stage.At this stage,you will battle with Doctor Bosconovitch.Beat him,and you will unlock him at all modes.

Gon:When you unlock Tekken Ball Mode,play at this mode.Your first rival will be Gon.Beat him,and you will unlock himn at all modes.

Kuma:Beat Arcade Mode one time,and you will unlock him at all modes.

Julia:Beat Arcade Mode two times,and you will unlock him at all modes.

Gun Jack:Beat Arcade Mode three times,and you will unlock him at all modes.

Mokujin:Beat Arcade Mode four times,and you will unlock him at all modes.

Anna:Beat Arcade Mode five times,and you will unlock him at all modes.

Bryan:Beat Arcade Mode six times,and you will unlock him at all modes.

Heihachi:Beat Arcade Mode seven times,and you will unlock him at all modes.

Ogre:Beat Arcade Mode eight times,and you will unlock him at all modes.

True Ogre:Beat Arcade Mode nine times,and you will unlock him at all modes.

Panda:At every mode,highlight Kuma and press 0 Button or X Button.Now,you will play with Panda.She has the same moves as Kuma.

Tiger:Beat Arcade Mode with all characters.After that,at every mode,highlight Eddy and press Start Button.Now,you will play with Tiger.He has the same moves as Eddy.