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Tales of Destiny II cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

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Quick recovery:
If someone in your party falls during a battle, have that character use an item. The sequence of them using the item will take up the time normally wasted on his or her recovery.


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Defeat Cress/ Cless Easily
To defeat Cress (Also known as Cless in the Japanese version) easier, have equipped the Last Fencer, Golden Armor, Square Shield, your best helmet, and jet boots. you can equip whatever you want in the other slot. As soon as the fight starts, use this combo: Slash(x2), Super Lightning Blade, Sonic Chaos / Neosonic Swarm. This is a good combo because it pushes Cress backwards. As soon as you have finished the combo, start walking away from Cress. This will most likely make him follow you. turn around and repeat.
Defeating Regulus & Surviving the Labyrinth
You can only use 1 character per floor, and here are some tips to help you reach the possessed body of Regulus.

Floor 1
Main Enemy: Harpy, Wind Elementler
Use: Chat
Must Learn: Ice and Toss Hammer
Must Equip: Wonder Bag, Pico Revenge

Keep on using Ice Hammer on enemies especially on the elementler to freeze it, and upon using Toss Hammer, you can poison also common enemies and the elementler. This is the easiest level of all.

Floor 2
Main Enemy: Gas Cloud, Fire Elementler
Use: Meredy
Must Learn: Shooting Star, Cyclone, Air Thrust, Restore, Nurse, Explode, Indignation and Ground Dasher.
Need to Equip: Mystic Symbol, Faerie Ring

When enemies are near you, I suggest using Air Thrust, especially on the Elementler, to provide lots of damage in total, on common enemies, reaching 1000 damage each when near you, and on the elementler, expect about 2600 damage because, if it is near, it will cause non-stop damage straight, only when very near. Also, when there is a Mirage Knight, use Shooting Star 2x, same goes for the Impulse, which is very annoying, which both will be destroyed shortly upon casting the second Shooting Star. When you are weak, cast Restore on yourself, or Nurse when you are far from your enemies. Use the rest of the attacks on common enemies, except Cyclone for it does good results on heavy enemies, trust me, this is how I defeated Sekundes, not by Indignation.

Floor 3
Main Enemy: 2 Stronghorns, Earth Elementler
Use: Reid
Learn: Demon Twist, Neo Tempest Strike, Double Spiral Attack and Megasonic Thrust.
Need to equip: Eternal Sword, Moon Crystal

On common enemies, use Demon Twist & Double Spiral Attack, especially on the Mirage Knight, which is so God damn annoying and very fast. Use it also on flying enemies. Use Megasonic Thrust on the Antler & Firebug which are very annoying, it wipes out lots of damage on heavy enemies. On the elementler, keep on using Neo Tempest Swarm, it is an attack which does not let the target move. Use it both on the stronghorns and the elementler. It will take only 3 mins or so to defeat it.

Floor 4
Main Enemy: Bigfoot, Living Armor
Use: Farah
Must Learn: Fatal Fury, Eagle Rage
Need to Equip: Omni Weapon, Warrior\'s Charm

Common Enemies there are the Trigon, Mirage Knight and Gunner, the most annoying, the Gunner. Use Fatal Fury on the Gunner and Trigon, Eagle Rage on the Mirage Knight. When you fight the Bigfoot and L.A, Fatal Fury the Bigfoot to eliminate any hindrance. Use Fatal Fury on the Living Armor 2x the defend. Wait for the attack, if it stabbed you or used Evil Fire, it\'s fine, it\'s weak, use immediately Fatal Fury and repeat the pattern. If he used Arms Divide, use Lemon Gel for it is strong and Lemon Gel are common in the maze. Repeat everything until it is defeated. It\'s a quick battle.

Floor 5
Main Enemy: 2 Lakamars, Imen Hyades
Use: Max
Must Learn: Elemental Master, Aqua Spiral
Need to Equip: Mega Launcher, Mystic Symbol

Escape every common battle for this level, except the ff: 2 Antler & 2 Firebug, 2 Mirage Knight & 2 Antler, 2 AC Roper & 2 Firebug, and 1 Mirage Knight & 2 Blood Slime. Use Elemental Master on each battle. When you fight Hyades and the Lakamars, use Elemental Master, then Aqua Spiral. Stage finished.

Last Floor:
Party: Meredy(LP), Keele, Max and Reid.
Main Enemy: The guy in the statue in the Rasheans Forest possessed by Nereid.

Set Keele & Max\'s strategy on attacks to lowest and Recover TP lowest. Upon reaching the Big One, Immediately cast Shooting Star, and make Max keep on casting Elemental Master and Keele, Holy Lance. The reason I picked Meredy to be lead player is that you keep on casting Recovery magics like Resurrection, Nurse and Restore. If Regulus gets near, Meredy is very fast, in fact, she runs faster than Reid! If anyone dies use Resurrection, use a Life Bottle only when Meredy dies. Set L1 or R1 to your favorite of Reid\'s attack. Megacosmic Strike and Mirage Chain are his most annoying attacks. Do what I say and you will defeat him , even if it takes a long time.

P.S. Use Destiny on Regulus, I know you can finish it! ;-)
Easy EXP
To get loads of EXP you must have the greater Craymel Maxwell and have a new game+ as well as the derris emblem. when Maxwell's vitality is full, fully extend it (including Blue earth) and at the end of the battle you will get an extra 100,000 EXP. this is easier to do against Fake chests. Find an infinite supply of them in Gnome Mine.
Free Items in Regulus Dojo
If you are low on money early in the game, you can get some free stuff from Regulus Dojo. inside the dojo, there is an Apple Gel in the green pot furthest away from the entrance of the main room. Also, there is a Leather Helm and another Apple Gel in the 2 red barrels near the door of the same area. Finally, there is a Wristband in the pillar opposite Master Franco's room and an Orange Gel in the pots near the entrance of the Craymel Artes Room (The room where Paollo talks to you about Craymel Artes).
How 2 use team skill in tod2
Flaming sword = fire ball + demon hammer
Serpent knuckle = heal + rising dragon strike
Lighting strike = thunder blade + twin palm strike
Earth divide = cyclone + spiral attack

*take note*
perfect timing require
Team skills(easy way)
You don't have to esu a perfect timing.Just hold the shortcut buttom white the magic you need to use.Whem you see a 'ready' word under the magic user,make the caracter use the ability.


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Glitchy Max Skills
When using Max with the Canceler equipped, sometimes the game will glitch if you spam a skill just as Max is about to execute a skill. For example, lets say you are playing as Max and you hit the enemy twice, the use Rage Laser. While Rage Laser is casting, you keep spamming the O button and as soon as he finishes the casting for Rage Laser, he will lower his weapon as if he is about to execute it, but the he will lift his weapon back up and start charging the attack the you had set to O. He may or may not execute the Rage Laser
Infinite Apple Gels
To get 15 apple gels, keep doing the rafting mini-game at Rasheans River Pier. You can get a lot of Apple gels by doing this mini-game.


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Get Deadly Force For Farah
Put Farah as first player for over 300 battles to get Deadly Force.It is a very strong attack!!With all of this battling, you will get a lot of experience points!!!
Tip: Un-curse the Demon Seal
The Demon Seal has always been a double-edged blade in the Tales series- Always offering double exp. points, but always with a catch. While usually this meant disabling your special attacks and bringing your defense down to 0, this time around the programmers decided on something different- You get double exp., but it throws random status ailments on you. This could be crippling, but if you equip the Krona Symbol (which prevents all status abnormalities), you're COMPLETELY immune to the Demon Seal's curse, and free to reap your doubled exp. rewards! I won't tell you WHERE to get the Demon Seal or Krona Symbol; there should be at least some challenge left. But I will say that you can't get the Demon Seal until VERY near the end of the game...