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Supercross (2001) Cheats

Supercross (2001) cheats, and Codes for PSX.

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   (last update - Mar 05 2001)

Cheat Codes

Infinite turboNDFSPD
Infinite power clutchUNLIMITEDPC
All joke ridersJOKERIDERS
Invisible ridersNORIDERS
Display riders weaknessI AM WEAK
Lowers track barriersLOFENCES
Washougal trackWMXPLIBWWA
Riverbed trackOTRATTWTGHWG
Launching Pad trackOSSFMOGLFM
unlock Agent AlbertPEANUTBUTTER
unlock Astro Nut**ONESMALLSTEP
unlock Billy Ray MudMulletPOSSUMPANCAKES
unlock Bob PageFORTYFOUR
unlock Hot Tub HarveyHARVEYSAYSRELAX
unlock Johnny O'Marra4XUSMXDNCHAMP
unlock MR-34 RobotMETALDUDE
unlock Roger Decoster9XBELGIANCHAMP
unlock Spece OverlordBUNGAVEE
unlock The ZombieLOVESBRAINS
unlock Tricky The ClownPOLKADOT

** You can also unlock Astro Nut in freestyle mode when you complete the game with any rider. Moves


360 -- Press Down, Right, Up. 
Airwalk -- Press Right, Up. 
Back Fender Grab -- Press Down, Down . 
Backflip -- Press Left, Down, Right. 
Bar Hop -- Press Right, Left. 
Blender -- Press Up, Right, Left. 
Candy Bar -- Press Up, Left. 
Cliffhanger -- Press Down, Up, Down, Up. 
Clown Flip -- Press Up, Left, Up(2). 
Cordova -- Press Right, Down. 
Front Fender Grab -- Press Up, Up. 
Gorilla Thumper -- Press Right, Left, Down. 
Hart Attack -- Press Right, Down, Up. 
Heel Clicker -- Press Left, Right. 
Indian Air Superman Seatgrab -- Press Right, Down, Left. 
Lazy Boy -- Press Up, Down, Up, Down. 
McMetz -- Press Left, Right, Left, Right. 
Mulisha Air -- Press Left, Down, Up. 
No Footed Can Can -- Press Down, Right. 
No Footed Nac Nac -- Press Left, Down. 
No Footer -- Press Down. 
No Hander -- Press Up. 
Nose Wheelie -- Press Triangle + Up. 
Nothing -- Press Up, Down. 
One Handed Superman Seatgrab -- Press Right, Up, Left. 
Pendulum -- Press Right, Left, Right, Left. 
Rodeo -- Press Left, Up, Right. 
Rollover -- Press Left, Down, Left. 
Saran Wrap -- Press Up, Right. 
Superman -- Press Down, Up 

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