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Suikoden II cheats, Glitchs, and Codes for PSX.


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Bypassing certain equipment restrictions
To allow characters to wear equipment that they normally cannot use, simply have them exchange for the gear from another character. The catch is that the character they will be trading with must be able to equip whatever gear that they will receive in return.

This trick will not work with items that cannot be unequipped from certain characters, and it wont work with shields.
Reusing Stones for multiple stat boosts
You can re-use stat-boosting Stones by taking advantage of reloading saves after losing. Save your game first, then use the desired Stones on the character you wish to boost. Next have your entire party fall in any battle to get a Game Over screen. Choose to return to your last save point, which should be before you used any of your Stones. Your characters should in fact retain their stat boosts, but you will still have the Stones!

Repeat as often as you like, just remember that you should not save after using Stones in order to keep them after reloading.


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2nd Level Elemental Runes
Each elemental rune (Earth, Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Water) has a second level (respectively; Mother Earth, Rage, Thunder, Cyclone, and Flowing). Each can be accessed either by defeating a monster, or in other mediums. Here is how you access these runes:

Rage - Talk to the Runemaster in Greenhill after its liberation; win from: Copper Sun (outside Muse City after liberation of Rockaxe).

Thunder - After liberating Rockaxe, check Goruda's office; win from: Cockatrice (Rockaxe).

Flowing - Can be purchased as a rare find in the Gregminster Rune shop; win from: Siren.

Mother Earth - Can be purchased as a rare find in the Gregminster Rune shop; talk to the mayer of Tinto City after its liberation; win from: Minotaur (outside L'Renouille).

Cyclone - Talk to Sara in the second floor of the house in Gregminster.
Clive vs. Elza Final Showdown
To see the climatic end of Clive and Elza's rivalry, you must view all previous scenes with the two together.

In the end, you must reach Sajah Village in under 20 hours - quite a difficult task. If you do this, not only will see you the end of their rivalry, Clive's character profile in the ending will also change.
Forgiver Sign
To get the final attack of the Bright Shield Rune (and the "best" ending in the game) you must recruit all 108 characters before Rockaxe Castle. Before the battle, Leknatt will come and break the seal on the Bright Shield Rune, allowing the Hero to use arguably the best move in the game.

Forgiver Sign completely heals all allies, and attacks one enemy with 2000 damage.
Go to Mitilda early
The first time you can go to the Muse and Mitlida border,
you will see two guards blocking the entrance. Simply have the
Hero push the gate forward, allowing you to enter the Mitlilda
Hero McDohl
To gain the famed Hero McDohl you must first beat Suikoden with all 108 stars (save point right before Barbarossa).

If you can correctly load data on to Suikoden II (an option that is offered at the beginning of the game), then after you defeat Luca, go to Banner Village. Talk to Ko (little boy who looks like you), and he will distract Gremio who is guarding McDohl by the fishingpond.

After talking with McDohl, you learn that Ko, the little boy, has been lost in the forest. You must fight a Giant Moth to save him (even if you lose, the Soul Eater Rune and the Bright Shield Rune perform a unite attack that automatically defeats it, although, you lose the experience).

After the battle, McDohl returns to his home in Gregminster, and you can return there at any time to re-recruit him to your army (go to his house and talk to him).

McDohl is an amazingly good fighter, boasting good strength and excellent speed, technique, and magic (he is second in the magic category only to Luc). Judgment, the final attack of the Soul Eater rune (which McDohl is automatically equipped with) deals a good 2000 damage (due to McDohl's boosted magic ability). Also, McDohl carries an excellent weapon and can equip up to 3 runes (although the Soul Eater is locked).
Just some hints and tips by me
If you want a charchter to level up to lv. 99, don't put them in your team until you get to L'Renouille (Unless you have to) When your ij L'Renouille, put only the Hero and the person you want to lvle up in your party, encounter a group of 5 highland Soldiers and a Commander, and then let the hero die and finish of the rest with the person you wannt to level up, he should shoot up to +-level 90.
Silver Armor
After the liberation of Rockaxe, Muse City is liberated. After this event, talk to the owner of the Armor shop to gain the Silver Armor.
The "Best" Ending
To get the "best" ending (the third ending), you must recuit all 108 characters before Rockaxe Castle. At the end of the castle, you will be walking with Nanami and will encounter Goruda. He will order his assassins to gun you down, but instead Nanami steps in the way. When the option appears for you to speak, click 'X' immediately, thus signifying a response (both responses work). After the battle, Dr. Huan will report that Nanami has died, however, you'll know that she has in fact survived if Huan asks "to have a word with Shu" after telling everyone.