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Resurrect Gremio

To resurrect Gremio, you must first collect all 108 stars. Then, in the war room, following the destruction of Shazarade, Leeknat will appear to bring Gremio back. This is the only way. If you are having trouble finding the 108 stars, look in the walls of the cave of the past for a secret path and in your dungeon for someone.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: SunnyDelight on December 15, 2005


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Easy Money

Your quickest source of money is Gaspar. Once you have him and Marie in your castle, talk to Marie and save your game. Go over to Gaspar and bet as much money as possible. If you lose and still have money, bet again. If you win, accept his challenge. Repeat this until you are broke or have a healthy gain. If you are broke, reset by holding Start, Select, L1 and R1 for two seconds. If you have gained money, save your game and repeat. It can take some patience, but you will eventually get a lot of money. Too bad you can't get more than 999,999.
Verified by: bahaman04 Submitted by: RPG_Master44 on January 13, 2003

Easy Money Early

When you get to Rockland play the game with the cups and coin. The first time you play select 10,000 bits. The coin will always appear under the far right cup. After winning, quit, then come back and re-do it.

Note: You do not have to re-load a saved game for this. Just quit the cup game and replay it.
Verified by: richie111 Submitted by: Xeno on February 13, 2003

easy money!!!(late in game)

at the area wheir you save Viktor fight the monsters their and you can get a lot of money. and their is a inn in that area! so rest if your HP gets low.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Yami Richie on May 29, 2003

Extra Items

When your items for example Medicine get down to lets say 1 left. Do not use it. Take it back to your warehouse and put it in there. Then take it out and it is back to full without losing or paying anything.
Verified by: PuertoRicanHottie, richie111 Submitted by: RPG_Master44 on December 20, 2002