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Street Sk8er 2 Cheats

Street Sk8er 2 cheats, and Codes for PSX.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Jul 11 2000)

Various Cheats
At the "Press Start Button" screen or the main menu, enter any of the following codes to initiate the corresponding effect:

All CoursesLeft, Right, Left, Right, O(2), R1, Square
All BoardsO(2), Square, O, Square(2), O, R1
All CharactersLeft(2), O(2), L2, Square, Right, R2
Full Attributes & Trick LevelL1, Square, Left(2), R2, Left, R1, Left
View FMV SequencesR2(2), L1, L2, L1, R1(3)

Alternate Costumes
Hold L1, L2, R1, or R2 and select the "Skate" option at the skater selection screen.


Accelerate faster:
Press Select during game play to accelerate faster.

Extra points:
- Use the following steps to pull off a 20,000 point 8-trick combo in Moscow or any other stage that has a rail next to a wall. Jump up and press Square to do a wallride. Then press Triangle to switch to a grind on the rail. Release X and jump again. Press Square to perform another wallride. Press Triangle to go back to a grind. Alternate between grinds and wallrides until you reach the end of the rail. If you can pull off four switches from grind to wallride (a total of eight comboed tricks), you will receive a 20,000 point combo bonus.

- Go to San Francisco and go to the prison. In the room where the cells are located, you can start on one of the curved rails and grind the cell benches, then on to a curved rail, then to the next curved rail, then from bench to bench, then to a curved rail, then back to where you started. If you are good, you can pull off a 30 combo (the highest), which is worth 500,000 points.

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