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Looney Tunes: Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf (PSX) Cheats

Looney Tunes: Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Looney Tunes: Sheep, Dog, 'n Wolf cheat codes.

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Cheat Codes
Enter the console (press ~ by default) and enter sv_cheats 1 to activate cheat mode. You can then activate cheats with the following codes: Then, change maps by typing "changelevel dust" (or any other map). Finally, enter one of the following codes at the console to activate the desired cheat:

Arctic sniper riflegivespaceweapon_awp
Auto-aim with sniper riflesv_aim
Adjust gravitysv_gravity [-999 - 999999]
See and fire through walls and objectsgl_zmax[0-9999]
default value is 3600
Change lighting so you can see in darklambert -1.0001
View other players' fragscl_hidefrags 0
Faster forward motioncl_forwardspeed 999
Faster backwards motioncl_backspeed 999
Faster side motioncl_sidespeed 999
Level selectchangelevel [MAP NAME]
Weapon selectgive weapon_[WEAPON NAME]

Easier Cheats
You can make activation of cheats easier by binding them to keys. Enter the console, and type:


You can then hit the KEY and activate your code. For instance:

bind m "impulse101"

Will make it so that when you press m it will activate the money cheat.


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to get a gun put in < O [] X [] O >
Secret Level
Go to the entrance of level 8 & go behind the door. It will say in the bottem left hand corner (LEVEL B2) now press X & you will have a secret level.(i've tested it & it works)
Skip Level
If you are stuck on a particular level (darn level 10 in my case), exit and enter the level again. Once loaded and DURING the flyover sequence do the following:

up, square, triangle, square, triangle, circle, up

This will take you back to the Studio with the sheep from that level.