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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PSX) Cheats

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Resident Evil 3: Nemesis cheat codes.


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Gun Powder Combinations
All right, to save you some time and head aches...

Gun Powder A + Gunpowder B = Gun Powder C

Handgun Ammo Mixtures

Type : Rounds : Enhanced Rounds
A : 15-23 : 17-20
AA : 35-53 : 39-46
AAA : 55-83 : 61-72
BBA : 60-90 : 66-78

Shotgun Ammo Mixtures
B : 7-11 : 8-9
BB : 18-27 : 20-23
BBB : 30-45 : 33-39
BBA : 20-30 : 22-26

Magnum Ammo Mixtures
CCC : 24-26

Grenade Ammo mixtures
C : 10-15 Grenade
AC : 10-15 Freeze
BC : 10-15 Acid
CC : 10-15 Freeze
Live Choice Moments
If you want to know ahead of time what to expect during those Live Choice Moments...

Police Station

1.) Fight the Monster.
2.) Go Inside the Police Station.

This is easy, if you fight the monster (Nemesis), you can get Gun Parts A from him here (if you're playing hard mode), and you can check Brad Vicker's Dead Body for his ID card, no waiting to get Jill's ID Card to use the computer. If you run inside, you avoid the fight all togher. If you let time run out, the Nemesis punches Jill.

Carlos Olivera Meeting Restuarant

1.) Run in the Basement.
2.) Hide in the Kitchen.

If you choose to goto the Restuarant you get this choice. Running into the Basement, Nemesis will manage to break a water pipe from an explosion above, causing the basement to flood. You CAN DROWN here, just goto the back and escape. DOing this choice will cause Nicholai to "die" at the Gas Station, and Carlos Kills the Zombiefing Tyrone. If you hide, Jill will toss the lantern at the broken Gas Pipe. It'll cause a Nemesis Defeat and knock an item lose (should you be playing Hard), or you can just collect any items and run out. This will cause Nicholai to murder the "zombifing" Murphy and you get to see Carlos go Commando at the Gas Station. Wait to long he'll regain consciencness and fight you, this also includes if you don't select either selection.

Carlos Olivera Meeting Racoon City Newspaper

1.) Hide in the Office.
2.) Jump out the window.

This happens if you choose to meet him at the Newspaper Station. If you hide, Carlos and Jill will hide behind it and take cover, Nemesis will walk by however the Door next to him will explode and make him drop an item. Wait to long he'll get up, as you make it down stairs he'll come running after you. Just make it past 6 or so screens, he'll stop. Should you jump out the window, you can pick up a Red Herb IF it didn't appear elsewhere. Jumping out the window will cause Nicholai to "die" in the Gas Station, Hiding will cause Carlos to go Commando at the Gas Station. Nemesis will attack you if you wait to long.

Garage Pit

1.) Climb Up.
2.) Jump Down.

Just climb up, you won't get hurt. There's nothign below for you to get, you'll only see Worm Enemies and the the Gravedigger Bosses body. If you wait to long you'll fall down and take some damage.

Sub Station Attack

1.) Escape Through The Emergency Door.
2.) Increase The Electricity Output.

If you go through the Escape door, you'll be surrounded by Zombies, however Nemesis will make the "save" by shooting them with Rockets, he'll try sniping you out, until you run out of his range when he Jumps down. You can fight him here to get an item or run like Hell. If you increase the Electricity Output, you'll fry all the Zombies heads until they explode. You'll reset the solutions for opening the Shutters if you haven't already opened them, you'll also fight Nemesis when you're returning from the Shopping District with the Machine Oil, he'll challenge you where the Fire was when you put it out with the Hose, it's near the Police Station. He'll have his trusty Rocket Launcher. Wait to long, several zombies break in and you'll HAVE To fight your way out, as several are in your room and the room between.

Cable Car Rampage

1.) Jump Out Of The Window.
2.) Use The Emergency Breaks.

If you jump out, you'll find Carlos and he'll give you Freeze Rounds, however you MUST fight him (The first of three Manditory Fights with Nemesis) with the Rocket Launcher. If you use the breaks, Carlos will Disarm the Nemesis when you fight him at the Clock Tower but you'll not recieve Freeze Rounds. Waiting to long will result in damage and you'll automatically choose to Jump Out Of The Window.

Clock Tower Stalker

1.) Use the Lights.
2.) Knock him Off.

Easy one here, he'll attack if you do nothing mind you. You can blind him off (knock off) OR you can Fry him, and cause him to drop an item. Blinding him off will cause him to fight you in room leading to the Goddess of Time room. Frying him will cause him to get up when you leave and he'll follow you.

Ending Decision on the Bridge

1.) Push Him Off.
2.) Jump Off.

This decides your ending. Pushing him off is the 1st Ending and you'll have an easier time in the Dead Factory. When Nicholai attacks you near the locked door, he'll be killed by The Nemesis, then you'll have to fight him a Manditory Second time. If you Jump Off, you'll have a harder time and you'll have one last Selection. You'll almost get jumped when Carlos saves you. Nicholai WILL NOT be in the locked room where you MUST (Manditory) fight Nemsis the second time. Waiting too long will cause him to Knock You off and get the 2nd Ending.

Heliport Dog Fight.

1.) Negotiate with Nicholai.
2.) Return Fire to the Chopper.

If you jumped off, you'll get this selection. If you Negotiate, you'll get the Conversation that you would have got if you had Push Nemesis off the bridge. Nicholai will escape with your Helicopter, and Carlos will try finding another way to escape. If you Return Fire, you MUST have the Rocket Launcher and waste a Launcher Round on him. Nicholai will die, but you have no Helicopter to escape from. Waiting to long will result in Returning Fire Option.

Final Selection/Dealing with Nemesis' remains

1.) Exterminate The Monster. (Nemesis)
2.) Run Out The Door.

Easy enough, if you select to Exterminate The Nemsis/Monster, Jill will grab a Magnum off the ground Automatically and she'll shoot Nemesis to death. If you run out, the door locks and and nothing else happens. If you wait to long, he'll hit you with poison and you'll recieve alot of damage, however he'll die after spitting poison.

NOTE: Should Carlos be with you when you're attacked either by Nemesis, Zombies, Dogs, etc. he'll join the fight. He CAN DIE. He dies, it's Game Over.
Nemesis' Items
If you're playing hard mode, note when you begin you just have a full clip of ammo and an knife. When you get to the Police Station, you should have ammo and a Shotgun with some ammo. Taking the time to kill Nemesis will net you some nice stuff on Hard Mode.

1st Defeat: Hand Gun Parts A
2nd Defeat: Hand Gun Parts B
3rd Defeat: First Aid Kit (Has/Holds 3 First Aid Sprays)
4th Defeat: Shotgun Parts A
5th Defeat: Shotgun Parts B
6th Defeat: First Aid Kit
7th Defeat: Infinite Ammo Case

Combine the Handgun Parts A and B to make the STI Eagle. THIS WITHOUT A DOUBT is the BEST Handgun in the game (Atleast in my opinion). It shoots fast (even faster from the Kneeling Firing Position). It holds 15 Rounds (less than Handgun) however every so often, it'll get a head it and INSTANTLY kill an enemy (outside Nemesis and other bosses) by demolishing it's head.

Combine the Shotgun Parts A and B to make the Western Custom. It's all right, shoots faster than the Shotgun. However the Shotgun with Enhanced is better in my opinion.

First Aid Kits are nice for those who are relatively inexperienced at this game.

The Infinite Ammo Case is INCREDIBLE. Combine this to a weapon. If you combine with the handgun or STI Eagle you'll have infinite ammo, you can switch between regular ammo and enchanced if you're using the Handgun. Western Custom and Shotgun have the same effect. The Grenade Launcher will be able to use Grenade, Fire, Acid, or Freeze rounds infintely, very good indeed. The Custom has the same effect as the rest. HOWEVER combining this with the Mine Thrower is the best bet, you'll also be able to beat the game very easily from this point on. It'll make the Mine Thrower Ammo HOMING. It'll trave around killing enemies before blowing up, PLUS Nemesis CAN NOT evade this as it'll eventually hit him and explode.