Rayman (PSX) Cheats

Rayman cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Rayman cheat codes.


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3 Cheats
Big Rayman - When the Ubisoft logo appears, hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and start. Keep holding these buttons until the screen goes black.

Disable levels - When the Rayman bubble logo appears, hold triangle, square, and start. Wait until the screen shakes, then select the levels you want to miss out.

Full power-ups and 99 lives - Pause the game and hold R1, R2, and L2. Now press circle, right, square, left, circle.

All Levels
To unlock all the levels in the game, go to the password screen and eneter SWGW4PRK4Q and you'll then have every level in the game open to you.
get up to Space Mama
Ahem, When you start up the game press start (of course) and press \"use Password\" then type T64H5M!?BB.
Good luck, have fun!
P.s. Rayman told me this
Picture in picture.
It won't really help you, but it's still cool. If you pause the game in the during a level, and hold R2 and press, circle, circle, left, circle, circle, a screen will appear at the top of the screen, but it will be a smaller image of the normal screen!
View Final FMV Sequence
Enter NW?N4RCFDQ as a password.