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Parasite Eve Cheats

Parasite Eve cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Gameshark Codes for more Parasite Eve cheat codes.

Parasite Eve Tips

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Escaping The Final Boss
When the last boss starts chasing you through the battleship, escaping him can be rather tricky, considering if you make a wrong turn and he touches you, you're killed instantly, and must start over from your last save point. Here's the sequence to avoid that;

1. Head inside the ship and proceed through the only door to the left of the map.

2. At the first junction, take a left and head down the hall.

3. Keep going until you reach the second junction and take another left (which would be up on the screen) and head down the ladder.

4. Activate the machine in this room to start overloading the boiler.

5. Cross over the small metal incline towards the bottom right, then hook a left and head up the ladder.

6. Keep going until you're off the ship. Whatever you do, don't let the boss catch up to you! If you're unsure of where to run at first on a new screen, pause the instant the screen changes so you can get your bearings.
Submitted by: SerialZero on November 19, 2004
EX Game Mode
Complete the game once to enable an option that allows
the game to be played in a new mode. This mode also includes access
to the Chrysler Building shortly after Day 2.

Note: If you let Wayne store your Medicines, Cards, Or Mod permits
before you complete the game, you will start with those items
in Wayne's storage in the EX Game mode.
Submitted by: SunnyDelight on December 18, 2005
Good Tip to Assist with the Chrysler Building
If you wanna go into the Chrysler Building, it is suggestible to wait. Of course you can't get in until your second time through, but wait until your sixth time through. Maybe your fourth, but wait until you've had a chance to up your stats on your gun and armor! I waited long enough that my gun did like 800 damage per bullet, and I took like 0-1 points of damage per hit! So, this goes to show you, WAIT!
Submitted by: Spellcaster9301 on May 23, 2009
How to beat Neo Eve at the top of the Chrysler Bld
If you followed my previous strategy, you should have a bad-ass gun called the Red Lady and I hope you learned how to use it well because you're gonna need everything you can get for what you're about to face. Take all the Revives and Med4's you can carry and climb to the top of the Chrysler Bldg and get ready for the fight of your life. When Neo Eve engages you, take a little time to learn her attack patterns, since they can be deadly. Her quick, physical blows are dangerous but with your super-high levels, they're not really all that much of a threat. After you score a few hits, she'll call helper down to hit Aya with a status blast and another to heal Eve. DO NOT ATTACK HER WHILE THESE HELPERS ARE THE SCREEN OR SHE WILL START BEING HEALED AT REALLY HIGH LEVELS!! After the battle wages on for a while, her attack patterns will change a bit. She now has a quick, five-hit combo that will kill you if your not careful. The other thing that uses is her ultra-powerful Spirit Rush. This attack cannot be avoided and it will either kill you or knock your HP down to one. Once she hits you, Eve has to rest for a moment before getting back into the fight. This is chance to throw every thing you have a her. Use Preraise first and when you get your PE back, activate Liberation and started wailing away at her. Rinse and repeat and Neo Eve will soon fall and you'll be treated to the game real endind.

Stay tuned: Mr.Kefka has loads of info on games like FF6 Advance, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil series and many more:)
Submitted by: Mr.Kefka420 on June 09, 2007
Junk Hotspots
There are two main areas where you'll have the best luck finding Junk to give to Wayne;

Central Park - Birds
Museum of Natural History - Chameleons
Submitted by: SerialZero on November 19, 2004
One of Aya's Ultimate Weapons
Anyone who has played Parasite Eve can almost immediatly tell that is not ordinary game. Its cool blend of RPG elements and scary Sci-fi story make for one unique game. Toward the end of the game, you'll have the opporitunity to custom name a gun and armor of your choice. Make sure you've formed a bond with this weapon because you'll be using it the rest of the time in the EX mode. A rifle works alright as do grenade launchers but I choose the G23 and the M8000 for their high-rate of fire. Take the 2-command off of the M8000 and put it on the G23. The gun's already cool and we haven't even gotten started yet. The reason I'm using the G23 is because of its whole slew of attachments. A few more thing then you can beat the game. From now on, you need to focus all your BP to the gun's power. Don't worry about Range and Bullet Cap., your raise them high soon enough.
Now you can beat the game. When you come to the part where Wayne names you gun and armor make sure its a cool name. For a while, mine was called the Viper.44 but eventually changed it to the Red Lady. Go through the game a couple of times, taking every weapon you find and putting their perameters into the Red Lady. This goes for bonus points too. When your ready, take on the Chrysler Building. The Chrysler Building has an unbeliveable 77 floors but the building also house some of the best guns and equipment in the entire game. After finding the all, this is how the Red Lady should look,
10x Rate Of Fire
Now just go back down and start play more of the game until your attack for the Red Lady somewhere between 750-850 for some serious damage. Go and Lvl up at the Museum till you reach level 85-95 and Aya stronger that pretty much every enemy in the game. One-shot kills, A lightnig fast ATP and PE bar, it just dosen't get any better. Stay tuned and I'll show you how to take down the game's hardest boss. Just keep your eyes open for Mr.Kefka.
Submitted by: Mr.Kefka420 on June 09, 2007
Secret Area In Central Park
You can find this area at the back of the hut with the two items chests in it. The hut is right before the area that has the large statue in it, where you fight two of those monkey creatures. It has a staircase on each side, and then a path in the middle. Once you go up the steps into the hut, run straight back, and the screen should change.You should be at an area with a phone, where you can save your progress. There is an item chest around the corner near the back, but before you get to it, you have to fight a polar bear creature, so be prepared.
Submitted by: ozzychick on February 21, 2004
The Chrysler Building

You are on floor four of the Chrysler Building and you've added some kick-ass stuff to your gun and armor and you want to get them engraved because you added your engraved items into your current ones. So you want to go to that part of the game but you can't come back. PROBLEM SOLVED! If you put all the Chrysler Keys into your storage, they (unlike any other keys you get) won't disappear when you finish the game! So you can resume playing right back where you were! Oh, but, all the items that you took from the previous floors will still be gone, so don't try to go back down for them.


Your friendly neighborhood
Submitted by: Spellcaster9301 on May 20, 2008

Parasite Eve Cheats

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Final Fantasy Reference
There are two chocobo cameos in this game.

On the overhead city map, select the Museum, but don't enter it. Wait until the camera starts rotating around the building and when it swings in for a close-up, you'll see a Chocobo Banner hanging there.

The second cameo is in the museum itself. Look for a bird exhibit and the yellowish one is another chocobo.
Submitted by: SerialZero on June 20, 2003
Follow The Copter
While on the overhead map screen, press SELECT to follow the city helicopter around. Press SELECT again to return to normal map mode.
Submitted by: SerialZero on June 20, 2003
Getting free Ammo and Treatment
In Day 1, after Melissa has got away by the underground area, you can get out of the hall to see your backup. Talk to the medical guy who will give you free treatment, filling fully your HP and MP. Then you can talk to the police in the right side. He can give you 60 free bullets.
Submitted by: Mysticcat on December 21, 2001
Infinite Tool and Super Tool
After you have got Ex Game, try to complete the adventure in Chrysler Building. In the process, you can find many Trading Cards around in the building. When you find them, keep them for Wayne. You can get back to NYPD station to give them to him. If you give 12 Trading Cards, he will give you a Tool Kit (Infinite Tool). If you give him all 14 Trading Cards, he will give you Super Tool Kit (Infinite Super Tool).
Submitted by: Mysticcat on December 21, 2001
More Bonus Points
If you want to gain more bonus points, complete a day without saving.
Submitted by: ozzychick on November 13, 2002
Naming Weapons/Armor
Towards the end of the game, Wayne will give you the option to name one weapon and one piece of armor. The ones you choose are the ones you will carry over in your inventory at the beginning of the next EX game, so make sure you store all your other weapons/armor with Wayne before continuing to the final boss battles, or you will lose them.
Submitted by: SerialZero on November 19, 2004
Secret chests
- NYPD #17 Precinct : In the meeting room, you find nothing at first. But after the precinct is ruined in Day 3, you can find a chest in the meeting room including a Cm armor.
- Chinatown : In the only Save Point in Chinatown, you get to the right small path just there which looks like a wall. Here you can find some chests including new weapon.
Submitted by: Mysticcat on December 21, 2001
Special Weapons
Give Wayne 300 pieces of Junk and he'll create a special weapon of your choice out of any of the weapon classes. The Junk is cumulative, so if you finish the game and continue on an EX game, you don't have to give him as many. Be careful if you decide to choose to have Wayne decide himself what to make, he's a bit screwy.
Submitted by: SerialZero on June 20, 2003
Super Weapons
Ever wonder what all that Junk is for? Well, if you give Wayne 300 pieces, he'll make you a bonus weapon of your choice from a selection of all the weapon types. Be careful about letting him decide which one to make, because the results can sometimes be rather strange. Also, the Junk total is cumulative throughout all your EX games; so if you give him 200 pieces the first time through, you'll only have to give him 100 in the next game to have him make you a super weapon.
Submitted by: SerialZero on November 19, 2004
True Ending
Confused as to why everyone still seems to be under mitochondrial control after you've killed off Eve and her "son"?

Finish the game once, and start an EX game. You'll notice a new area, the Chrysler Building, is now available on the city map. This is where your true foe is hiding out, and defeating this creature will get you the "true ending".

Be careful though, the Chrysler Building has 70 floors that are all randomly generated, so be sure to keep a lot of paper handy for map-making. Also, the enemies in this building are extremely tough, so I recommend finishing the game a few extra times to jack up your weapon and armor stats before attempting it.

Each floor will have an items room and an elevator for reaching the next floor. Be sure to check each items room before you proceed, because the rewards are great. There are many weapons and armor items to be had with bonus attributes, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

At every ten floors there will be a sub-boss character that you must defeat in order to obtain the elevator key for that level. Luckily, this means you can use that key to jump back instantly to that floor. Otherwise, you'll have to start over from the bottom of that section of 10 floors.

Also, keep in mind that finishing the game with the true ending will not enable you to save your game for the next EX round. It's merely there to show you what's really going on behind the scenes. So remember to save your game and all the items you've obtained before tackling the true final boss, so that you can keep it all for your next EX game when you go back to obtain the regular ending.
Submitted by: SerialZero on November 19, 2004