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NASCAR Thunder 2002 cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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go to um lemme see uh the card book challege then go to the easy on for 1 card its the one finsih a track with no damage go really really slow then keep doing that soon u will have all cards
Nascar Thunder 2002
by:arlo mcgowan
1.gs codes for nascar thunder 2002 cheatcc.com
2.go to card challge go to the one go around 2 times with no damge u do that for a while u will have all card there cool cards
2. no old drivers

got any questions post in nascar thunder 2002
Get all Thunder Cards EASILY!!!!!
All you have to do is do the same challenge over and over again. It may take awhile, but you'll do it(Personally, I'd choose Speed Demon Pt. 1. It is easy.
Nascar Thunder cheat
devil's canyon track:
Finish first in the points standings in the short track challenge.