The Mummy Cheats

The Mummy cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see Gameshark Codes for more The Mummy cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Apr 19 2001)

Cheats - Hard Way
To unlock cheats, complete the game with the following minimal completion percentages.

CheatMinimum completion percentage
All weaponsany completion percentage
Bonus level50% completion
Unlimited ammunition55% completion
Unlimited lives60% completion
Unlimited health65% completion
All cheats78% completion

Cheats - Easy Way
If you don't want to finish the game with completion percentages, you can use these codes instead. During a game, pause, and Quit. Select the "Replay Level" option and go to "Bonus Game Modes". From there, enter the following codes:

All weaponsCircle, Square, Circle, X (x2), Triangle (x2), Square
Bonus levelTriangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X
Infinite ammunitionX, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle
Infinite livesCircle (x2), Triangle, Circle, X, Square (x2), X
InvincibilityTriangle, X, Circle (x2), Square, X, Triangle, Square.
Note: The only way to unlock all the cheats is to do it the hard way and get 78% completion.

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