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Hint: Easy Moneysubmitted by Stoke74
When your barn is big enough get a golem. Train it so its power is around 430-450, the life is around 220, and everything else about 100. Enter the e.c.d. cups and win them all in the year. Then once you do this go onto the cups. You'll get alot of items doing this.


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+50 in a starting stat for a Ducken, Ghost, Duharan, Etc.
You can experiment in with this, but I'm just going to tell you how I did this. Get an item to make a ducken, duharan, ghost, or any other monster item you unlock by combining two monsters. Get one of these items: A Crab's Claw or a Monol Disc Chip if you want +50 defense, a Naga Disc Chip if you want +50 ski, a Pixie Disc Chip if you want +50 int, a Worm disc chip if you want +50 life, and a Golem Disc Chip if you want +50 power. I know the monol disc chip and th crab's claw work, but I'm not sure if the others do. Once you get both of these go to town and freeze your monster if you have one with you. Save your game! Get two monsters from the shrine or market. Combine your two weak monsters and use a seasoning to make a ghost, ducken, durahan or whatever. Name your new monster whatever you want, then freeze the monster. Get another weak monster and combine it with your ghost, ducken, durahan or whatever. Use one of those items that give you +50 stats as a secret seasoning (the disc chips or the crab's claw). If you don't get a ducken, durahan, ghost, or whatever monster you wanted to have +50 in a stat restart or reload your game and try again. If you did get the ducken, durahan, ghost or whatever it should have the same stats except one stat should have be 50 points stronger. I haven't tried this with normal monsters yet, so I don't know if that works.
how to get naga/stinger
go to shrine then if you have a ps1 cd of "bloody roar 2" then use this as disk stone then after a few moments the girl in the shrine will give you a stinger/naga! need the disk bloody roar 2 or else
Money with a Sueki Suezo
If you need money, first go to the shrine and use the
Monster Rancher 1 CD. This should result in a Sueki Suezo, a monster
with excellent stats, except for speed. Use this monster when
battling in a free-for-all. If it wins, you will get money and
perhaps an item. Note: This monster lives only for one week. If
you need more money, unlock it and battle again.
Strong Monsters
First get a monster that can be intelligent suezoe or tiger works good.Feed it a mint leaf the third week of every month.Never scold it.Skip the Pow do Acc and Int three times in a row then do speed twice and Def and Life once keep repeating this.It should never get stressed and also do not enter many battles.Then you should have a powerful monster.
To get Knight mocchi, Shogun and Hell
To get knight mocchi you must find a Durahan. Combine any mocchi with dirahan and you'll get the Knight Mocchi. Also, put the "Brave Fencer Musashi" disk on the disk stone selection. You should recieve a Shogun monster (Looks like Durahan, but with a samurai armor). To get Hell, get the clown monster and fusion it with any pixie!
Weird Zuum
If you have The Sims for PC, put any disc in and you get a zuum/baku. It looks so weird!!!


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All 408 monster cards
gives you all 408 cards.Using a Gameshark 5000CC020000 8009908C0101
breeder codes
Modify breeder grade:modifies your breeder rank.
30098FC0 00??
Modify ranch size:modifies the size of the breeder's house.
30098FC1 000?
?= 0-minimum,4-maximum
Modify stable size:modifies the size of monster's stable.
30098FC2 000?
?= 0-minimum,2-maximum

Authorized breeder code:gimme credit for this,it's an excellent code.You can unlock ALL cd's if you use this code.

B0260001 0000

or for other gameshark versions:
50002601 0000
30099386 0001
disc stones list
spider-man...melon suezo
bishi bashi special...melon suezo
bloody roar 3...bakky
pepsiman... rock suezo
r/c stuntcopter... reaper
snocross 2000...scaled hare
moto racer 2...gibberer
need 4 speed porsche unleashed...kato
need 4 speed 3...hachiro
007 racing...granity
crash team racing...skipper
speed punks... melon suezo
sheep...pink jam
star ixiom...gibberer
space debris...earth keeper
micro maniacs...trident
gun hockey...ghost
tyco r/c...scaled hare
the race...scaled plant
twisted metal 1...leziena
rampage 2...pink kato
ready 2 rumble...tombstone
monkey god...mint
muppet race mania...melon suezo
muppet monster adventure...jilt
fisherman's bait 2...stinger
reel fishing 2... selketo
tony hawk ps 2...mochi knight
game shark...gaboo
shipwreckers...scaled hare
eagle 1 harrier attack... mocchi knight
driver 2 disc 1...scaled hare
driver 2 disc 2...gaia
army men world war...melon suezo
army men air attack 2..mocchi knight
gran turismo..reaper
gran turismo 2 disc 1...melon suezo
gran turismo 2 disc 2...gaia
team buddies...mocchi knight
smack down... scaled plant
smack down 2...mocchi knight
colin mcrae 2.0...liquid qube
small soldier...purple hare
tony hawk 4... mocchi knight
wrc rally championship...zilla
tony hawk 3...mocchi knight
time crisis...icy jell
cool boarders 4...gaboo
fifa 2002 world cup...melon suezo
crash bandicoot 123...liquid cube
bomberman...pink kato
worms armagedon...skipper
hotwheels turbo racing...reaper
colin mcrae rally...fairy hopper
jackie chan adventures...stripe shell
vanishing point...color pandora
super snowcross 200...scaled hare
tekken 3...eye jell
cool boarders 3...pink kato
x-men vs street fighter...mocchi knight
test drive 4...jurawall
nba 2001...skipper
shane warne cricket '99...monol
pure ride...cabalos
spyro,year of the dragon...mocchi knight
attack of the saucerman...mew
atlantis the lost empires...draco kato
power ranger rescue...gaboo
Free Food
When you send your monster send him the 2nd or 3rd week rather than the 1st week that way you won't have to pay for the food next month.
Full zoom
Game Shark
Allows you to zoom a monster in card view mode AS NEAR AS YOU WISH... D001C3CC2821
8001C3D0 0000
D001C3CC 2821
8001C3D2 0000
Get A Ghost
To get a ghost monster you have to get a monster on a style somewhere around doting. Then the monster has to be on C class or above when it dies. Some time later Coltia will forget to clean the altar and will find a stick there. Then you will be asked to upgrade the altar (note: this doesn't affect wether you get a ghost or not, so you don't have to upgrade). Master Pabs will come and tell you to take the stick to the lab. Use it when combining any two monsters to recieve a ghost.
Get Dragon
Train a monster to B rank (no lower,no higher) and wait until June and dont do any errentry or you will not get the invite. In June/July you will reciev a invitation to a tournamet on August week 2, there is only 1 monster, a Dragon, he has very high stats for a B rank, if you win you will receive a Dragon Tusk, Use this as a Secret Seasoning to get Dragon.
Get Phoenix,Centaur.
When your fame reach 100,Dr.Talico will came
and want yo go Volcano Mountain with our monster When we arrive,get the enterance,and find fire feather.
Finish the power errantry about 5 times and you will get the spear.
Get Wooden Duck Monster

While adventuring in the forest adventure with the treasure hunter, explore the line of three trees to the right. If your lucky, you'll find an item called "Strong Glue". The treasure hunter will tell you that it can be used on the item you receive by collecting 5 diomand marked cans of Cup Jelly. After finding the glue, feed your monster Cup Jelly (being carful not to let it get too skinny) until you collect five of the cups that have diomand marks on them (this happens randomly). Colt will automatically use the glue on the Quack Doll that comes in the mail a few weeks later. Use the glued Quack Doll as a secret seasoning in the lab when combining any two monsters and there's your Wooden Duck.
how to get the phoenix
a man will appear on the 1st day of a month and ask you if he could use your monster for an adventure to a volcano to find a rare monster say yes then colt will come with him and your monster go to the cave then something will appear in the air (phoenix) then when your monster got in he could find a feather combine any monster then use the feather as secret seasoning the phoenix will be the monster. if it flew away after 3 years you can get another on the pocahontas the movie1 vcd
how to have all monster cards(you might do a lot of work)

If you have not complete youre monster cards you need to have a gameshark for playstation, you can
buy it in a nintendo center, insert youre gameshark in the playstation, press "code list"
then press "F-M" then press "main menu" then press
"game list" then find the game "monster rancher 2," press it, then go back to main menu and press
"start game" then insert the monster rancher 2 cd
and press X, wait a while and you will have all the monster cards and all the money.
(you better understand asking other people)
max funds
this is a gameshark code;it works with all versions of the gameshark including the cd version. 80098FBCEOFF 80098FBE05F5
more money
after winning a tourny, sell whatever item you got (if you got one).

also, if you're going on an expidition, sell whatever useless items you gain from it.
To obtain Dragon
This is a little hard,your trainer rank must be 6, in some time you will get an invitation for the Dragon Tusk witch is used to spawn a Dragon in the lab
To obtain Joker
This is tricky have a monster with lots of life and inteligance and must be B rank OR HIGHER,go on the Kawrea adventure and find the large altar.Luckely you will find the Joker Mask.Combine with this item to get Joker.WARNING IT DOES NOT LIVE LONG AND ONLY HAS 7 TECHNIQUES ALTOGETHER.
To obtain Mock
While you progress through the game visit the shop from time to time and your aunt will give you strange seeds.You then plant them a week after,when it blossoms then dies,your monster must die hold a funarel and as soon as you come back Mock will join your ranch.
To obtain Niton
To obtain this little scamp you must raise a hopper to B rank.Once it snows your hopper will dig up a hotspring.Now you can unlock Nitons.
Unlock Durahan
To unlock the Knight monster Durahan you must go on the ParePare expedition and find the sheathe. Keep this item in your inventory for awhile, talk to Colts aunt and she'll tell you stories about sword theft. You will later be invited to a battle, 1-on-1 with a Durahan. For winning you'll receive the double edge which can be used as a secret seasoning to acquire Durahan. !!! NOTE !!! your Monster MUST be a class A monster, any higher or lower and you will not be able to compete in the cup