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Mortal Kombat 3 Cheats

Mortal Kombat 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

Mortal Kombat 3 Tips

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Be smoke
keep on pressing the directional buttons clockwise from the begging then a screen should come up press R1 then triangle 6 times then x 6 times then circle 9 times and then it should say outstanding then you can play as the middle person or machine as i should say
Submitted by: Mr T The Big on October 16, 2008
Cyrax's Fatalities.
Fatality #1: Up,Up,Down,Up, High Punch
Fatality #2: Down, Down, Front, Up, Run
Friendship: Rn, Rn, Rn, Up
Babality: Forward, Forward, Back, HP
Animality: Up, Up, Down, Down
Stages: Rn,Block,Rn

Note: To Perform an Animality, you must Perform a Mercy
To do a Mercy: On the third round of a match,hold run and Tap down 3 times.

Note: To Perform a Babality or FriendShip, you must not block in the winning round of the game.
Submitted by: Demonxsoul on April 04, 2011
Sektor's Fatalities
Fatality #1: LP, Rn, Rn, Bl (Sweep)
Fatality #2: Forward, Forward, Forward,Back, HP (Far distance)
FriendShip: Rn, Rn, Rn, Rn, Down
Animality: Forward,Forward,Down,Up
Babality: Back, Down, Down, Down, HK
Stages: Down, Down, Down, Rn
Submitted by: Demonxsoul on April 04, 2011
Smoke's Fatalities
Fatality #1: Hold Bl and Rn: Down,Down,Right,Up (sweep)
Fatality #2: Hold Block: Up, Up, Right, Down (Full Screen)
Babality: Down,Down,Left,Left, HK
Friendship: Rn, Rn, Rn, HK
Animality: Down, Right, Right, Blk
Stages: Right,Right,Down LK
Submitted by: Demonxsoul on April 05, 2011
Sub-Zero Fatalities.
Fatality #1: Blk,Blk,Rn,Blk,Rn (Close)
Fatality #2: Left,Left,Down,Left,Rn (Sweep)
Babality: Down, Left, Left, HK
Friendship: LK,Rn,Rn Up
Animality: (Hold Block) Right, Up, Up
Stages: Left,Down,Right,Right HK
Submitted by: Demonxsoul on April 05, 2011
Unlimited Credits
Whilst on the credit screen press up twice right twice left twice down twice
Submitted by: Mr T The Big on September 21, 2008

Mortal Kombat 3 Cheats

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Unlimited Continues
Push Up(2), Right(2), Left(2), Down(2) during the story mode to have unlimited continues.
Submitted by: Mario Man on October 12, 2004