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Mega Man X6 (PSX) Cheats

Mega Man X6 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man X6 cheat codes.


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Shadow armor parts
How to get the shadow armor parts on megaman X6.
UnlockableHow to unlock
HeadIf you have not come from Metal Shark Player's level, you will need the Blade Armor's Mach Dash ability to get to the armor capsule. You must climb either the left or right side of the vertical chamber. Once you see the left or right ledges, dash jump off the wallm then Mach Dash upwards and land on the ledge. Continue to climb up, and you will see the capsule.
ArmsYou find this in Blaze Heatnix's level. After the second mini-Boss Donut Mechaniloid, you will get to a vertical area with an upper and lower door. You will notice the ceiling is quite high above the upper door.
BodyIn Rainy Turtloid's level, when you get to the inside of the tree trunk, there are five narrow passages with spikes on the ceiling and floor. Three are on the left side and two are on the right side. The upper right passage leads to the Shadow Armor body program. You will need the Blade Armor and use the Mach Dash to get through the narrow passageway. Make sure to release Right or you will walk into the second set of spikes. Repeat this to go through the second set of spikes.
LegsYou find this in Blizzard Wolfang's level. Shortly, after passing the area with vertical avalanches and pillars of ice you have to stand on, you will reach a downward slope to a ladder. Above the ladder is a ledge. Zero can double jump to that ledge. X with the Blade Armor can Mach Dash straight up and land on the ledge.
Unlockable Characters
This is how to get th Blade armor.
UnlockableHow to unlock
BodyLaser institute(shield shieldon's level):In one point of the level,there is a door on the floor.fire the lazer there and go down.now get the lazer to the left and open the door.now go down and there will be a wall...It's what they make you think...slide down the wall until you get to the other side.now dash jump or use Nova Strike(Ultimate armor)to reach the other side.thre will be a capsule.When Dr.Light finish talking(say:"finally!")go in the capsule and there you have it!three more parts to go.
BootsBoots:amazon Area.at the first pit you fall,there will be a mantis.defeat it and go through.there will be a capsule.finish talking,go in there and voila!two to go!
HelmetCentral museum.the room will most likely appear with X/falcon/ultimate.Sometimes it will not appear...just try again.
X-busterWeapon Center.After defeating Lumina(I think it is called like that...anyway,THE ROBOT!)a portal will appear.enter in there and then go left.the capsule will be there.step in and you have the Blade armor!If you did it in this order or if this was your fourth part.


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Alia Talking
In every level you will have to talk with Alia.If you want to talk more with Alia you will have to do this:In every level,usually you will hear a sound like "Beep".You will see in the corner of the screen something like warning(you will see some square in the corner of the screen).Press SELECT and you will tal to Alia again.
Beat High Max Early and Easily
To pull this off, you need X's ultimate armor. At the beginning of the game, pick the weapons center at the investigator select screen. Defeat Illumina and enter the portal it creates. Reach the boss area, and you will have to fight High Max. First, hit him with a charged shot (this "Freezes" him), then hit him with the ultimate armor's giga attack. repeat until High Max is dead.
Blast Hornett Reference
When fighting Metal Shark Player, he resurrects Reploids from previous Megaman X games to help him. He will rarely call up Blast Hornett from Megaman X3. Blast Hornett fires a large wave of mechanoid hornets at your character when he is summoned. After a few waves he will disappear.
Bosses' Weaknesses
Boss: boss weak point(if has), boss weakness(X), boss weakness(Zero)[some of the bosses may not killed by Zero e.g. Giant Mechanicaloid [> = next]

Intro Stage Boss
Giant Mechanicaloid: Controller orb, X-Buster or Z-Saber/ N/A

Commander Yammark: Ray Arrow/ Rekkhoha
Rainy Turtloid: Ice Burst(Charged)/ Hyoroga (Destroy his crystals fist before using these)
Shield Sheldon: Metal Anchor/ Rakukojin
Blizzard Wolfang: Magma Blade/ Shoenzan
Blaze Heatnix: Ground Dash/ Sentsuizan
Infinity Mijinion: Guard Shell[to reflect his Ray Arrows](Actually he has no weakness, buthe fears to ranged weapons, so just use X-Buster {or Nova Strike if you have Ultimate Armor} / Z-Buster to defeat him)
Metal Shark Player: Meteor Rain/ Ensuizan
Ground Scaravich: Yammar Option

Blue Teleporter Bosses
Nightmare Zero: X-Saber(the saber X recieved from X5)
High Max 1: Charged Shot(to stun) > any boss' weapon(preferrable Magma Blade or Nova Strike)/ Shoenzan(to stun) > normal slash
Dynamo: Meteor Rain/ Ensuizan

Gate Lab Bosses
Nightmare Queen: Its eyes, Metal Anchor(Charged) or Giga Attack/
Defeating Gate using Zero
Play as Zero, then equip D. Barrier, Jumper, and Full Recover. Then, fill your Subtanks. Then, when you get to Gate, stand on a platform until Gate moves toward you. Next, Dash Jump to another platform. When he shoots spheres, try to destroy them. They will break into six pieces and hurt Gate. As soon as you get his health low, he will slash the platforms near you. Dash Jump away every time he gets near you. Note: When he throws spheres on you, use Ensuizan to destroy them.
getting Shadow armor body part without using Blade armor
go to the upper spiked right passage (see the How to get Shadow armor part above).
go back (to near the pit) a couple of time for the bomb carrying bat to show up, lure it to the passage, touch it on purpose for invulnerability, dash through the first spiked passage then wall kick and touch the bat again and rescue the reploid at the same time (the bat will fly to the reploid), dash through the second spiked passage (these steps must be done very fast and need practice). there you go the capsule. the shock buffer part is recommended to make this successful.
Magna Centipede Reference
When fighting Metal Shark Player, he will sometimes call Magna Centipide from Megaman X2.
Obtaining Zero
There's 1 tip that says you get Zero in Infinity Mijinion stage,but you can also obtain Zero from Shield Sheldons stage.When the laser path split into right and down,take down and at the end,you'll encounter Zero.He hates the Falcon Armor's Saber for some reason <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Red Zero with Dark Zero properties.
If you decided to play the game without cheats but you still want properties of Dark Zero, you can do this.
Pre-requirement: Zero at UH Rank (9999 Souls)

Equip the following items to Zero:
Shock Buffer(Halves damage and prevents knockback)
D-Barrier(Double invulnerability tiem after getting hit)
Master Saber OR Saber Plus OR Saber Extend OR Shot Eraser
(Depends on your choice, but I recommend Master Saber and Saber Plus)

After equipping these to Zero, you're done! Now your Zero has just the same properties as Dark Zero. (except Dark Zero has the properties of ALL 6 parts mentioned above, where here you just get 4 of them <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />)
Sting Chameleon Reference
When fighting Metal Shark Player as Zero, he will use a move and Sting Chameleon from Megaman X1 will appear and attack.
The "Dynamo" Effect - Easy Souls
An easy and quick way to obtain souls is to fight Dynamo.

During the fight, you must hit him with the Meteor Rain/Ensuizan. Right before he begins to move (seconds later), hit him again with the Meteor Rain/Ensuizan. If the timing is correct, he'll drop green souls.

Each green soul counts as 200 souls and is dropped three times per fight. Repeat this method to obtain souls quickly and reach the UH rank.
X6 Boss weaknesses
Giant Mechaniloid: X's Charged Buster
Commander Yammark: Infinity Mijinion's weapon
Ground Scaravich: Commander Yammark's weapon
Blaze Heatnix: Ground Scaravich's weapon
Blizzard Wolfang: Blaze Heatnix's weapon
Rainy Turtloid: Blizzard Wolfang's weapon
Metal Shark Player: Rainy Turtloid's weapon
Shield Sheldon: Metal Shark Player's weapon
Infinity Mijinion: Sheild Sheldon's weapon
Zero Nightmare: X's Saber
High Max: Commander Yammark's weapon
Dynamo: Rainy Turtloid's weapon
Nightmare King: Sheild Sheldon's weapon
Gate: His own Energy Balls
Sigma's 1st form: Metal Shark Player's weapon
Sigma's 2nd form: Blaze Heatnix's weapon
In Megaman X6 you can't choose Zero on the start.You will have to start with X and then find zero.How?Well,find the secret boss room(there is secret boss room in every level).Here's one:In Infinity Mijinions's level you must defeat Illumina.Once you defeat it you will see a blue teleporter.Teleport and you will be in another stage.Find boss's room and you will meet Zero there.You will have to fight Nightmare Zero.Notice that in every level there is another text with Zernce you defeat Zero,you can choose him as playable character.You can go again in the secret boss room and you will have to fight High Max.Once you defeat him you will have to fight Dynamo in secret boss room.Zero will have new saber.


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Beat High Max Early and Easily
To pull this off, you need X's ultimate armor. At the beginning of the game, pick the weapons center at the investigator select screen. Defeat Illumina and enter the portal it creates. Reach the boss area, and you will have to fight High Max. First, hit him with a charged shot (this "Freezes" him), then hit him with the ultimate armor's giga attack. repeat until High Max is dead.
to get Zero in Dark Form press L1 3times and R2 once, if you did it right you'll hear a sound.
How to get X's ultimate armor
on the title screen after u press start and u see START GAME and CONTINUE, put the cursor on start game and push left 3 times and right 1 time. if u did it right ull hear a noise. and wen u start, x will have his ultimate armor
Mega Man's ultimate armour
At the main menu, press left, left, left, right and you will hear a sound.


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Megaman's Black Armor
To get the Black Armor first hold start at the title page, then press Left,Left,Left,right followed by L1,L1,L1,R2.

Note that Megaman can only have on armor at a time, and this will cancel any you may have equipped at the time!


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Omega Armor for megaman
At the screen that says:Game Start

Highlight Start and then press left(3) then press Right(1).Then select Game start

You will start with Omega Armor on.

Now use your giga attack/NOVA DASH=practicaly instant death to bosses.
X's Black armor
at the press start menu press start and then press L1(3)times then R2 1 time


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X's Ultimate Armor
At Title sreen where it says gamestart,continue and option press Left,Left,Left Right


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Zero's Dark Armor
For zero's Dark Armor press L1 3 times and R2 once and the title page where it says "game start".