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Mega Man X5 Cheats

Mega Man X5 cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Mega Man X5 cheat codes.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Feb 23 2001)

Zero's Black armor
At the Character Selection screen, highlight Zero, then press Down (x2), Up (x9). You should hear a sound to confirm that the code has been activated correctly. Then, press Circle. Zero's Black armor will reduce damage slightly as compared to his Red armor.

Zero's Supreme Slash
Repeatedly press Forward + Square as quickly as possible. Note: This is the best move to use to finish some of the Bosses.

Zero's Ultimate Armor
At the Character Select screen you can highlight Zero and press Down, Down, Up (9 times). If you entered the code correctly you will hear a chime. When you start the game you will have Zero's Ultimate Armor.

X Buster's Super Nova armor
At the Character Selection screen, highlight X Buster, then press Up (x2), Down (x9). You should hear a sound to confirm that the code has been activated correctly. Then, press Circle. You will start with Super Nova Armor from Megaman X4.

Find X's Ultimate Armor
In the third Sigma stage, play as X (not Fourth, Falcon, or Gaia)and go past all of the spiked areas and cross all of the ropes until you see an average looking hole on the bottom. Jump down going right until you go through a wall. The Ultimate Armor is there!
submitted by d.justin

Gameshark codes

Joker command P1
D00C931E ????
Joker command P2
D00C948A ????
Suicide (press select on controller 2)
Suicide (normal)
D00C948A 0100
3009A0A4 0003
Explosion body (press select on controller 2)
D00C948A 0100
3009A110 0003
X have all armor type , Ultimate armor(Dark X ) and Dark Zero
300D1C4A 001F
Or hold select for use Dark X while loading
D00C931E 0100
300D1C49 0004
Infinite Healh and full life bar
8009A0FC 4040
300D1C47 0040
300D1C48 0040
Boss shortest life bar 300D1CA2 0020
Invisible and climb everywall
D009A100 0000
3009A101 0050
3009A144 0000
8009A0EA 0005
Refill energy all weapons and full energy bar For caetla
300D1C53 0040
300D1C54 0040
B0090002 00000000
8009A148 0180
For GS v 2.2 higher
300D1C53 0040
300D1C54 0040
50000902 0000
8009A148 0180
Air walk (Press Select)
D00C931E 0100
3009A0A5 0002
Khow super jump (L2 in the air)
D00C931E 0001
8009A0C6 0002
Khow super high jump (Up + X) D00C931E 1040
8009A0C4 FFFF
Have sub tank , W. tank and Spare life 300D1C7F 00FF
Unlimited lives
D00D1C44 0000
300D1C45 0009
D00D1C44 0001
300D1C45 0009
800D1C84 FFFF
300D1C86 00FF
Can equip 12 parts
D00BE9FA 0020
300D1C30 000F
Unlimited jump and air dash move
8009A126 0000

Unlimited air jet for X
8009A188 0000

Clear time=00:00"00
800D1DB4 0000
800D1DB6 0000
X rank modifier
300D1CAA 000?
0= MEH
1= PA
2= GA
3= SA
4= A
5= B
Zero rank modifier
300D1CAB 000?
0= MEH
1= PA
2= GA
3= SA
4= A
5= B
Unlimited countdowntime
D00D1CAE 0000
300D1CAE 0034
All Gameshark codes submitted by Khow

Mega Man X5 Unlockables

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UnlockableHow to unlock
Fourth ArmorStart the game with X.
Z-BusterStart the game with Zero.
Falcon ArmorGet all armor parts (Grizzly, Squid, Izzy, and Duff)
Gaea ArmorGet all armor parts (Skiver, Dizzy, Axle, and Mattrex)
Ultimate ArmorGet a capsule in Zero Virus stage 3.
Black Zero ArmorGet a capsule in Zero Virus stage 3.
Zero Virus stageDestroy the colony. Or wake Zero's true personality.
Sigma Virus stageDefeat X or Zero (Awakenend Zero) in Zero Virus stage 3.
Awakenend ZeroPlay as Zero and use both Enigma and Shuttle without completing any stages.
Submitted by: Harpuria on March 06, 2012

Mega Man X5 Tips

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beating zero easy
you can bring any armor to zero,even unarmored X.when the battle starts,dash up next to zero and shoot him.then move back a little and he will punch the ground and the attacks will miss.then move back up and shoot him and then move back a little.he will punch the ground again.keep doing this and he will lose easy and you might not take damage.
Submitted by: unown1220 on August 17, 2007
Boss Weaknesses
<font size=1><span style="color:red;"> Grizzly Slash: Spike Ball/Twin Dream
Duff McWhalen: C-Shot/C-Sword
Squid Adler: G-Shower/F-Splasher
Izzy Glow: Tri-Thunder/E-Blade
Dark Dizzy: F-Lazer/C-Flasher
The Skiver: Dark Hold
Mattrex: Wing Spiral/W-Shredder
Axle The Red: Ground Fire/Quake Blazer
Rock Monster: Tri-Thunder
Robo Mask: X-Buster/Z-Saber
Zero or X: F-Lazer/C-Flasher
Sigma 1: Tri-Thunder/Electric Uppercut
Sigma 2: X-Buster/Z-Saber </span></font>
Submitted by: staraptor_rocks on April 30, 2009
<font size=1><span style="color:red;">Start with X and successfully complete the game with him. You will get an ending where Megaman has no memory of Zero.

Start with Zero and successfully complete the game with him. You will get the ending where both X and Zero die.

Start with Zero and successfully complete the game with X. You will get the ending where X has Zero in his memory and holds Zero's saber.</span></font>
Submitted by: staraptor_rocks on April 30, 2009
in the last level
Try to get a subtank for weapons and also get energy-ups. Then go on the last level and use dark holds when needed.

Tip: If there is a laser showing in front of you get it off the screen and it will be gone.
Submitted by: killerbot on February 16, 2004
X5 Boss weaknesses
Sigma's 1st form: Your regular weapon
Grizzly Slash: Axle The Red's weapon
Duff Mcwhalen: Grizzly Slash's weapon
Squid Adler: Duff Mcwhalen's weapon
Izzy Glow: Squid Adler's weapon
Dark Dizzy: Izzy Glow's weapon
The Skiver: Dark Dizzy's weapon
Mattrex: The Skiver's weapon
Axle The Red: Mattrex's weapon
Black Devil (That mud monster): Squid Adler's weapon
Randga Bandga: ? (I'll edit this when I find out)
X/Zero/Nightmare Zero: ? (Read above)
Sigma's second form: Squid Adler's weapon
Sigma's final form: ? (I'll edit this when I find out)
Submitted by: Kokoro on January 19, 2005

Mega Man X5 Easter eggs

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Sigma Viruses
When you get hit by the Sigma viruses(the ones that surround Sigma the first time you are beating him)when using Zero,you will recover health,unlike X.
Submitted by: staraptor_rocks on April 30, 2009

Mega Man X5 Cheats

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armors and tips!!
x's utlimate armor-
highlight megaman at the character select screen, afterwards press up 2 times then quickly press down 9 times. a sound will confirm correct code. then choose megaman.

dark zero-
highlight zero at the character select screen, then press down 2 times up 9 times. sound will confirm correct code entry. choose zero.

x's force armor-
this is the armor from the previous game. highlight x at the character select screen, then press up 2 times down 9 times up 2 times down 9 times. sound will confirm correct code. choose x.
Submitted on July 15, 2003
findig armors tip (faq)
x's falcon armor-

Legs: in grizzly slash's area, after the train section in the caves keep going forward stop and look up, either jump and nova strike up thier with the ultimate, or fly up their with the falcon, or double jump up there with zero.

Body: in duff machwalen's area, where the water drains. use the g shaver (but you'll have to be a far angle) to open the capsule.

Head: in squid adlers area, on the bike ride collect all the little glwing shiny things you encounter. then after the bike ride unleash all of them to open a passage way to the part.

Arms: in izzy glows area, after the spiral stairs. keep going forward until you encounter a passage leeding up. use your spinning thing with zero or the plazma cannon with x.

Gia armor-

head- in dark dizzy's area, before his chamber is a pit, fall in and use the f-laser(you can control it with the diaganol buttons) to open it from the inside where you are looking at.

body: in the bird guy stage. when you are on the last lift flu up with falcon armor.

legs. in the flower guy syage (the jungle)- during the second rope climbing, there is an opening up. fly up with the falcon watch out for the spikes.

arms: instead of going up the end vines, keep moving right and double jump.

the arms is located in the boss i've not described.
Submitted on July 15, 2003
make Zero evil fast
As soon as game comes on beat the first level and automatically press R1 to go to the machine there going to fire and fire it. After it says the virus thing wasn't destroyed and tells about the plan for the space shuttle automatically press R2 and launch shuttle.The plan will not be successful and Zero will say he wants to kill Megaman X.Note...do not play any level but first.You will also unlock one of the last levels after doing whats told above!!!
Submitted by: anonymous on February 16, 2003
Ultimate Armor for zero (without cheating)
Do the same thing with zero that you did with x its that simple youll see doctor light and he'll tell you that he can make you some armor.
Submitted by: Blane Schippers on October 15, 2002