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Mega Man X4 Cheats

Mega Man X4 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

Mega Man X4 Tips

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Enhanced X-Buster Weapons
To enhance your buster weapons, equip a weapon and hold down square, as if you were charging the X-Buster Attack. Then, you can fire stronger, more powerful shots.
Here is a description of the enhanced buster weapons.

Enhanced Lightning Web- Forms a giant complex of electrified webs.
Enhanced Aiming Laser- Instead of aiming at your target, you can sweep the laser up and down.
Enhanced Double Cyclone- You can shoot tornadoes out of your hands in opposite directions.
Enhanced Rising Fire- You will perform a move simular to Zero's move, Ryuenjin (the one he gets from Magma Dragoon).
Enhanced Ground Hunter- You will fire a giant Ground Hunter.
Enhanced Soul Body- You will send out a clone of yourself. It will eventually disappear.
Enhanced Twin Slasher- Fires a larger version of Twin Slasher. It can destroy the mysterious wall in Volcano Stage.
Enhanced Frost Tower- Ice stalagtites will fall from the top of the screen.
Submitted by: gamesharklord on January 18, 2004
Fight Bosses
Each bosses has every weakness. So use the right weapon to them

X and Zero Bosses

Frost Walrus: Rising Fire/ Ryuenjin

Jet Stingray -->
Use Frost Tower / Hyouretsuzan / Kuuenbu

Slash Beast -->
Use Ground Hunter / Kuuenbu

Web Spider -->
Use Twin Slasher / Kuuenbu

Split Mushroom -->
Use Lightning Web / Raijingeki

Cyber Peacock -->
Use Soul Body / Ryuenjin

Storm Owl -->
Use Aiming Laser / Rakuhouha

Magma Dragoon -->
Use Double Cyclone / Shippuuga / Raijingeki

Colonel -->
Use X-Buster / Kuuenbu

General -->
Use Twin Slasher / Kuuenbu

Sigma Part 1 -->
Use Rising Fire / Ryuenjin

Sigma Part 2 -->
Use Lightning Web / Kuuenbu

Sigma's Final Form -->
Use X-Buster / Z-Saber

X's Bosses

Double -->
Use Double Cyclone

Zero's Bosses

Iris -->
Use Kuuenbu

Submitted by: Anton on July 21, 2007

Mega Man X4 Cheats

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To get Ultimate X or Black Zero you must do this.

Ultimate X- press O, O, Left 6x, Hold L1 and R1, then press Start.

Black Zero- hold R1, press Right 6x, release all buttons, hold O, and press start.

This code will only work if u hear a chime.
Submitted by: Wormon on February 16, 2003
Dark X[ purple and blue] and Ultimate X
first pull off the armor code then beat the
intro level with X then go to web spiders stage go were the leg capsule was and jump into
it after docter light says something and voila
you'll be Ultimate Armored X
Submitted by: BLASTMAN2004 on July 22, 2003
dark zero
select new game and hightlight zero the hold r1 and press -> -> -> -> -> -> realese all buttons and hold o and press start
Submitted by: cobi on July 01, 2002
megaman ultimate armor
select new game and highlight megaman and press
o,o,<-,<-,<-,<-,<-, then hold l1 and r2 and press start
Submitted by: cobi on July 01, 2002