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Dragon Armour
To get the dragon armour you must first have the dragon gems. The first one is given to you by the pumpkin witch. The second one is given to you by the mayor in the Asylum. Then go to the crystal caves (after the lake level) and go under the water fall that is after the green door.

Go to the face of the dragon on the wall and you will awaken the dragon. He will then start to attack you by starting you on fire. You must use the hammer to colapse the roof on his head. To do this simply hit the platforms you stand on. The platform you first start on drops rocks on the tallest platform and the rest you can figure out.
Easy lifes
Just go to that green life fountain where you heal,and stay on it until it is dissapears.You will get 3 lives max.
This is useful.
Easy lives in hill
Just get the life near the gargoyle,
go to the place where the chalice would be.
Light the flames,destroy the monsters,and get the life!
Make sure you don't lose any lifes as you go up the hilltop,
do the easy life trick.
Powerful Attack
Instead of using the crossbow on bosses, try using the dagger. Charge it up with SQUARE and fire, while the enemy is attacking or doing his little moves. It does a fair amount of damage, and uses very little ammo and money.
Unlockable: Good Ending
You must beat the final boss after racking-up all 20 chalices, to unlock the ending.


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Cup of Souls
The cup of souls for the first pumpkin level is sort of hard to find. Go through the tunnel at the beginning of the level. Right of the merchant gargoyle is a shaded wall. Use your hammer, club, or daring dash to break it down. Then go down the tunnel. The shaded area takes keen eyes to find.
Expanded Ending
To get the expanded ending get all the cups (19) in all 19 boards and then go back to the Enchanted Earth and use the rune to summon the witch at the pot. Become small an go into the ant hill. Rescue All the faires and get at least seven pieces of amber. Kill the ant queen and once you leave, the witch will give you a drumstick and the fairy will grant you passage to the hall of heroes. You will see your statue solidified. Then beat the game to see the extra part at the end.
Extended cheat mode
Pause then push and hold L2, then push t, c, t, c, c, t, left, c, up, down, right, c, left, left, t, right ,c ,left ,left ,t ,c , down , c, c, right.

gold gold nothin but gold
when you get the club try to complete the level without it then go back to the 1st level then you will see a different colour wak the fn thing and theres you gold
How to easily defeat Shadow Demons (1 hit)
Very simple.

Remember the drumsticks you picked up in return for doing the Forest Witch's quest?

Ditch one at a Shadow Demon (you have to be close) POOF! Roast chicken. To make things even better, the chicken restores 20 health.

Don't believe me? Try it!
Secret Area
After you have received the club, hammer, or Daring Dash attack return to Dan's crypt. If you look carefully at the wall in the room in which you start, you should find a weak wall. Break it to discover a secret area.
Secret Area 2
As you enter the graveyard, you would cross a bridge which collapses. If you look at the river you'll notice some coffins floating downstream. Jump on one and it will carry you to a secret area.
Secret Area 3
This area is found at the pools of the ancient dead. Go to the level, and when you come to the gate with the red hand beside it, where you would put the chaos rune, look to the side. You will see a litte island off to the side. It has gold, a life bottle and a few energy vials.
To get easy gold
In the grave yard level do you know those anoying hands that follow you every time you hit them with a club or hammer they will give you two pices of gold.
Weapons and who has them
Canny Tim: Crossbow and Life Bottle
Stanyer: Hammer and 3 Gold Chests
Woden: Broad Sword and Some Gold Chests
Warrior Queen: Spear and 2 vials
Ravenhooves: Longbow, Flaming Longbow, Magic Longbow and Life Bottle
Sturnguard: Magic Shield
Bloodmonath: Axe and 3 gold chests
Dirk: Magic Sword
Dame Fortune: Lightning Blots
What the Chalices for Each Level Unlock
Dan's Crypt - Crossbow
Graveyard - A life vial
Cemetery Hill - A hammer
The Hilltop Mausoleum - 100 coins
Return to the Graveyard - The Broadsword
Scarecrow Fields - 100 coins
Pumkin Gorge - Spear
The Pumking Serpent - The Longbow
The Sleeping Village - A gold Shield
The Asylum Grounds - Flaming Longbow
Inside the Asylum - The axe
The Enchanted Earth - The magic longbow
Pools of the Ancient - Lightning
The Lake - A life vial
Crystal Caves - 2 life vials
The Gallows Gauntlet - 200 coins
The Haunted Ruins - A life vial
The Ghost Ship - 3 life vials
The Entrance Hall - Nothing
The Time Device - Nothing