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Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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apocaplypse faq
here are some breif explanations about apocalypse.

how to make apocalypse available
moves for apocalypse
supers for apocalypse

beat the game on any difficulty
then go to battle vs or arcade mode
highlight akuma
press select 6x then press x or p or k

shockwave- f, df, d+p
spike drop- f,d,df+p
stun cannon- d,df,f,d,df,f+fk
spread cannon-d,df,f_fk
beam- this normally happens alone

enabling cyber akuma and apocalypse!!
for cyber akuma:
successfully complete a normal game on arcade mode. however, you must not lose any rounds. then, highlight akuma at the character select screen. press select 5x then x.

for apocalypse:
the same thing for cyber akuma, except when highlighting akuma press select 6x.
extra characters.(some of these charcters are either the evil form of their original or something el
fight as evil zangief:
highlight blackheart, then hold select and press p(or k)
fight as mephisto:
highlight omega red, press select and hold p
want to have (3) cyber akuma's?:
successfully complete the game(without losing any rounds) highlight akuma, press select 5 then triangle. then play arcade again, go to cyber akuma defeat him, a new cyber akuma is your's.
full combo
at the main menu highlight battle the first word and then press left, R1, square triangle at once and fast. Then it should appear a table where you can put full combo and some more stuff.
i like to call this trick fusin because i don't know it just looks like it. ok chose two characters dosent mather wich but i play with ryu and gouki, then while u play pres quikly <- down -> and then quickly circle triangle. if it dosent work try a fiew times I don't know the exact combo but it works. or go across the left down right arrows fast like press in the middle of the arrows to fast.
when you are playing if you want to get the cool techniques press L2 or R2 while you play and hit your opponent with some cool moves, but be careful when you do it.