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Martian Gothic Cheats

Martian Gothic cheats, and Codes for PSX.

Martian Gothic Cheats

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Codes and Hints
Watch Codes
4864 Karne (Park Lane Hatch)
3172 Kenzo (Psionara Case)
2915 Matlock (Bio Lab Computer)

2734 Airlock #3 (Matlock)
3376 Arboretum Door
1010 Downing St. Hatch
3471 Kremlin Door
5748 Kremlin Weapon Room

After releasing Karne, release Matlock.

Hacksaw - Before giving it to Karne, have Kenzo use it on the body in the Washroom. Then send the hand to Matlock before leaving the Med-Lab.

Welding Torch - Have Karne use it on the Kitchen
door at the earliest opportunity. Then enter the Kitchen. Go to the right of the door. (Vac-Tubes are a safe spot).

Kremlin - Open the weapons room straight away.
Leave the Popgun in a hatch for Matlock.
Switches...Place Karne at the right hand switch (looking from door). Matlock fires at the left, giving Karne an easy route back behind the desk.
The vac-tubes and hatches are a good place to exchange items between the 3 characters.
Have Matlock leave the Flare Gun & Flares in a hatch for Kenzo. Have Kenzo leave the Diabolus & ammo for Karne. Dump Matlock's Piccolo and pick up a Dillinger. Make sure each character picks up a pair of lenses(needed for Necropolis)

Dorm #4 -
Grey Tones Code Order
Blue -- darkest Red
Red Blue
Green Red
Yellow- lightest Green
Locker 563.7 or 600.8

Submitted by: Unicorn MBZ on May 29, 2003