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Legend of Mana Cheats

Secret Sword
Have a saved game from SaGa Frontier 2 on the same memory card as the one used for Legend Of Mana. Enter the save screen, highlight the SaGa Frontier 2 file, then exit out of the save screen. Enter Bone Fortress and head toward the bridge where you fought the DeathBringer. There will be two skeletons at that location. Approach them and you will fight DeathBringer 2. After defeating it, you will get the strongest sword from SaGa Frontier 2.

Get Fastest Wheel
Beat the "Catchin' Lilipeas" quest and have a saved game from Chocobo Racing on the same memory card as the one used for Legend Of Mana. Highlight the Chocobo Racing file, then exit out of the save screen. Go to Polpota Harbor. On the Polpota Harbor map screen Skippy, the thin big eared creature from the "Catchin' lilipeas" and "Huntin' Du'cate" quests, will appear and hand you a ring item called "Fastest Wheel."

Shadow Zero Mini-Game
Beat the then "Jewel hunter" quests (The Lost Princess, The Flame of Hope, Drowned Dreams, The Looking-Glass Tower, The Lucky Clover, Cosmo, Two Pearls, Alexandrite, Flourite, and Tear Drop Crystal). When those events are finished, go to the bar in Domina on Salamander day. You should see a Shadow Zero standing near the counter. Talk to him to play the game.

Land Bopper Mini-Game
Get nine lands in full view on the world map (which should resemble a slanted tic-tac-toe board). Then, hold L1 button for approximately four seconds to get the Land Bopper start screen to appear.

Get a Chocobo
To get a Chocobo as a pet, have a saved game from Final Fantasy 8 on the same memory card as the one used for Legend Of Mana. Enter the save screen, highlight the Final Fantasy 8 file, then exit out of the save screen. When you catch a bird egg in the eastern section of Domina it should hatch into a Chocobo.

The Forbidden Tome
After you beat the game save, then load the saved game go to the Encyclopedia. There will be a new book; Forbidden Tome, it will have Normal mode, Knightmare mode or No Future mode.

Two Player Duel
If you want to fight a friend, travel to Geo and go to the uppermost dot. Enter the building and go past Sotherbee into the basement. Continue down once more and talk to the Garlic Guy. You can fight against an NPC or a friend's character.


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Armament for any ocasion.
For having armament adequate for any ocasion you mus forge armor and itmes of the kind whose elment is equal to the enemies , example for beating the final boss of the drake quest, you could forge a Undine weapon and Slamander protection items of ishe silver plaitnium, nowyou should be takin less to no damage of his fire attacks, instead you will be doing tons of damage since his natural elment is Salamader (Fire) and your Sword Elment is Undine (water) you do damage because of how the sistems works, yes LOM works with an elemental Chart.
Beating easily either nigthmare or No future mode

An quick strategi for beating both modes, have COUNTERSTRIKE learned.

Now for the phases:

1) Use the forbidden tome to put the difficult in either of the 3 Normal, Nigtmare or even No future.

2) Make sure to have all normal techs.

3) Buy a few elemental stones+ crystals or use the Spirit coin trick, then Forge an a Ishe Platinium Sword (seek 3 more ishe platinium pieces), make sure that you put the elements in order (use the map to write the order of the elements) now forge an a 1-handed or 2-handed Sword of the Ishe platinium, now use the items to have an a sword with every element (if evrything goes fine, in case you dont like this make Specialized weapons, in other words make 1 of each weapon and assing to it an a Element, but i suggest to follow the Kelson Armor tempering for an armor inmune to all elements).

4) Be sure to have all the Techs of Either 1-handed or 2 handed weapon that you are using.

5) Make sure to have at least 1 Long Range and medium damage sword tech, example Marble Stream, malestrom, etc.

6) Equip 2 Extreme damage Special attacks, then 1 Ishe platinium Flute of any element, for example an a Salamander Flute (im of those who likes a weapon that have an a balance between oposites, like Salamander and Jinh).

7) Equip between the Techs Counterstrike in the first slot, an on the 2nd one either of this techs: Evade, Moonsalult, Double jump, Crouch.

8) Go on and enter in a figth knowing that the enemies likes to use physical attacks, using counter strike avoids the damage + doing the 3x damage of a counter attack.

9) if you are in a boss battle make sure to have an max HP Golem that of the Candy machine type (make sure to have the half of the blocks with an a candy symbol and the other half with plain Attack blocks like chainsaw if that is your golem type), aslo having crouch can do an a huge diference.

10) Finally having at least in tech like bring it on is very recomendable because it sends away an oponent, aslo corkscrew is usefull since it permalently increases your DEF base stat.
Easy XP and money
In the Bejeweld City (created by the "Jumi Staff" Artifact, which you get near the end of the Jumi storyline), go up to the third level, then go into the room where you get the Diamond.

There's a Golem in here (like the ones you can make at your workshop) who respawns every time you leave and reenter the room. Why is he such a good place to get XP and cash? Because he drops the large "Boss" XP crystals and the 50-Lucre coins!
About the instruments - If you create an IshePlatinum flute and use Wisp Gold, you get a spell called Wisp's fury (or something similar) that does 80 damage and is ControlLock. A similar spell can be made using LapisLazuli.
Nice way to have ALL Techs
Follow this steps and you will have ALL Techs, it takes a really Long time but its worth:

End a game of Legend of Mana with all the Techs you want to learn.

Nice way to have ALL Techs + a lot of Experience
Follow this steps and you will have ALL Techs, it takes a really Long time but its worth:

1) End a game of Legend of Mana with all the Techs you want to learn.

2) Start a new one with a diferent name.

3) Talk to the reverend in domina church and ask about 2P, now head up for the abandoned House that in domina a little upwards from the shop.

4 ) Call your character of the other game.

5) Start training with him, since doing it will eventually give you EVERY TECH of Your partner.

6) If you equip your partener in your other game with an a Forbidden Ring, whenever he picks up Experience crystals, all the exp will be sended to you!.

Quick Tempering Facts
Sometimes, all it'll take to get a Mystic Card is to add two of the same items together such as:

Mercury (x2) = Witch
Holy Water (x2) = Cleric
Lilipods (x2) = Enticed Nymph
Garlicrown (x2) = King

Those are just a few of them. Keep experimenting with all sorts of Materials. Sometimes elemental levels are also essential for this trick too. Such as:

Jinn Level 2
Salamander Level 2
Flaming Quill (x2)

Thats all for now!!
The slamander.
Each Slamander day, after you complete the Jumi's side quest (at jumi tower, when you cry for Lady Black Pearl, after defeating lord of jewels 999 and 1000), a shadow zero will apear on Domina's bar, he'll challenge you to catch his friends in a certain amount of time, if you beat the record, you get an useful item.


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How to kill Pee-wee birdie
To kill him talk to him !5 times and it will explode. Its funny!
Tempering Tips
Tempering is a very hard thing and is harder when you have no clue.
Here are some tips.
Order of elements in which coins or elements should be put in:
Shade, Salamander, Jinn, Dryad, Wisp, Aura, Gnome, and Undine
I think this is the corect order but you can only do this once unless you use a card(Ancient Moon)
Save often because one temper cam make your stats go down alot.
If you are going to make a weapon or armor that will need lots of rare or valuable stuff make sure the metal, wood, felt, sonte, etc. is good because you dont want to watse lots of stuff.
When tempering a weapon, its a very smart idea to add elements because they can raise your stats greatly. After you do most cardless items have greater effects like the sharp claw, or bumkin.
Evil gods bring down your stats alot so make sure that you dont use too many.

Very strong instrument.
I made a very strong instrument by making an Ishe platinum flute with Undine and fan fire. It maxed out the 80's.
NOTE: The most powerful instruments are the flutes and the harps.