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Hint: Beat the 3 executioners easily
submitted by Thaddeus -

  • When battling the executioners use Dart Rose and Meru.
  • Have everyone use their best additions until their sp is full.
  • Use Darts special and use final burst on the one on the left.
  • Use Merus freezing ring on the one in the middle.
  • Use Roses dark dragon and astral drain on the one on the right.
  • Right before you change back into normal use Darts red eyed dragon, Merus diamond dust and Roses death dimension to kill them all in 5 turns.


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Addition Names & Levels
Double Slash ------------ Starts with it
Volcano ----------------- Level 2
Burning Rush ------------ Level 8
Crush Dance ------------- Level 15
Madness Hero ------------ Level 22
Moon Strike ------------- Level 29
Blazing Dynamo ---------- Complete other Additions

Whip Smack -------------- Starts with it
More and More ----------- Level 14
Hard Blade -------------- Level 19
Demon's Dance ----------- Complete other Additions

Double Punch ------------ Starts with it
Flurry of Styx ---------- Level 14
Summon 4 Gods ----------- Level 18
5 Rings Shattering ------ Level 22
Hex Hammer -------------- Level 26
Omni-Sweep -------------- Complete other Additions

Harpoon ----------------- Starts with it
Spinning Cane ----------- Level 5
Rod Typhoon ------------- Level 7
Gust of Wind Dance ------ Level 11
Flower/Blossom Storm ---- Complete other Additions

Double Smack ------------ Starts with it
Hammer Spin ------------- Level 21
Cool Boogie ------------- Level 26
Cat's Cradle ------------ Level 30
Perky Step -------------- Complete other Additions

Pursuit ----------------- Starts with it
Inferno ----------------- Level 23
Bone Crush -------------- Complete other Additions
Be Smart From The Start
Oh yes, Rhyming title.

Ok, using this method, the majority of the game is a breeze. You need to get an idea of what your party is gonna be as early as possible (before your first trip to Hellena ideally). Basically you need to know which characters you're gonna use and which ones you aren't. What you then do is, in boss fights, allow the characters you don't want to get exp to die. That way, exp only goes to the character you want it to.

For example, if i want a party of Dart, Rose and Haschel then what i'd do is every boss battle until Rose joins, i'd make it so that in a boss fight Dart gets all the exp. Then when Rose joins, both her and Dart get exp but not the third person, until Haschel joins.

By using this method you can stay anywhere between 2-5 levels ahead of people who don't use this method.

After i play through with my current party, i'm gonna try to complete the game with Dart only.

If anyone wants to chat about this method or LOTD in general my Email address is <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Beat Melbu Frama easily
I think the easiest way I could win (the only way I could) was dart, lvl 41 min., rose, lvl 39 min., and miranda, lvl 35 min. Start off with either the Psyce bomb or the Psyce bomb X, whichever you have, use the turbo controller cheat if you can, and that should make the tentacles almost be dead. Go dragoon with the next person and do the dragon attack if it hits them all. If rose was next, use death dimention. Then use your strongest attacks on Melbu Frama until he transforms. Now go as hard as you can before he absorbs one of characters. He will transform to the third form. Now just attack hard and if he summons a bomb star, do a dragon or death dimention. now for is final form, again, go as hard as you can and he will use the dragon block staff if you go dragoon for more then a turn, so if you go dragoon, use gates of heaven, final burst, or dark dragon so you turn back the next turn. He has a move simular to the Archangle's, so if he uses that, use an angle prayer, because that person probly will be KO'd.
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beat the Grand Jewel
Can you not defeat this guy no matter what you do? Well, here is what you need to do; Make sure that Shana/Miranda has Gates of Heaven or you will fail. You need to have Rose, Dart and Miranda in this battle, use Volcano as Dart's Addition, Whip Smack as Rose's Addition, and be ABSOLUTELY SURE that Miranda has Gates of Heaven or you will fail with that party.
Beating Melbu Frama
Okay, I know this guy has 42,000 health but theres a trick to beating him. Immedietly go into dragoon special with Dart. Start with with his divine dragon ball. if this doesnt take out the tentacles, let someone else do an all attack. u might want to use your dragoons now and as soon as possible all the time because later he starts using the dragon block staff.(carry sun raphositys.) The other trick is to have Albert, Dart, Kongol, and plenty of healing breezes. Make dart and kongol,being their brutal selves, go all all out on melbu frama. if everyones fine, let albert attack but mostly keep him for healing and to be taken by melbu's little cannon later in the fight. you will eventually get it and a good fighting pattern. thats all you really need to know to beat him despite what other people say.

trust me, ive beat him plenty of times.
Beating the ghost captain
Okay, this is real simple if you do everything here:

First, use Kongol, Shana, and Dart.
Second, have 2-3 dancing rays.
Finally, have 2-3 trans lights.

Now, if you do all of these, it is easy. Have Kongol attack the ghost captain normally. Have Shana use the dancing rays, trans lights, star children, or just go all out with her and use white silver dragon. If you want, have dart follow Shana and use Red-eye Dragon, Final Burst, the items, and a normal dragoon attack. If you do not want him to do all that, just have him guard. Kongol is best outside of dragoon mode in this case. If you only have pursuit, however, then that is another story. If he transforms, just attack the ghost captain with the dragoon attack. That's all!
better faust strategy pulled off by me
The party should be Dart, ALBERT(must), and Miranda.
Dart:5,Albert:5, Miranda:3(must)
Dart:Strongest sword(not the Soul Eater), Armor of Yore, Legend Casque, Magical Greaves, Sage's Cloak

Albert:Strongest spear,Jade DG Armor, Dragon Helm, Magical Greaves, Sage's Cloak

Miranda:Arrow of Force,(don't worry about armor or head gear)Magical Greaves, Sage's Cloak
Hint:Miranda's MGD is normally high

Strategy:To win this easy you must have Albert's Blossom Storm to LV.5 and he must be the strongest member in all 7 characters. Use Albert's Blossom Storm to attack Faustit will do around 2,500 damage depending on his ATK. If you are sure that you can take on Faust's magic you may attack him with Dart's Blazing Dynamo. Use Miranda's Dragoon to use her "Gates Of Heaven".
And make sure you have about 6 or 7 Angel's Prayer, have lots of Healing Brezzes and 3 Healing Fogs.Aftewr you are done with him you should get a phantom shield,10,000 gold and 20,000 exp.

My mistake during the battle:I didn't equip Albert with a Jade DG Armor and every time i attacked with him Faust killed him by using wind magic and doing a massive amount of damage.I also ran out of Angel's Prayer so i had to use Miranda's "Gates O Heaven".

My 3 main characters now:

Dart equipment:
Fairy Sword, Armor of Legend, Legend Casque, Magical Greaves, and Sage's Cloak

Albert: Partisan, Armor of Legend, Legend Casque, Magical Greaves, and Sage's Cloak

Haschel:Thunder Fist, Armor of Legend, Legend Casque, Magical Greaves, and Sage's Cloak

(the Magical ATT and Phys. Att's only hit me 25% of the times and i evade them 75% of the times and when they hit, they do significant amount of damage).
All of them DG. LV.5
Correction To Defeating Lenus (first time)
Accually I would use Dart, Rose, and Shana because Shana can use Gates of Heaven, but make sure that she has thearapy ring. And make sure that you can recover your mp.
Correction to {Leveling dragoon Levels}
If you want to level up your Dragoons the fastest, hardly ever use them. I would suggest using them only for boss battles. The reason for this is, that you don't have to use the Dragoon command everytime you get full SP. You are still accumulating SP even when your gauge is full. So I suggest that you don't turn into Dragoons, seeing as you are wasting anywhere from 1 - 4 turns doing it.

Also, if you want to level up your Dragoons before your additions, I suggest using the addition which gives you the most SP.
Dart's A Ghost!
When you find the real Emille at the Twin Towers of
Fletz, walk around the guard who is at the main entrance to the
castle (without talking to him). Leave and reenter the castle.
Emille will walk through the guard, and he in turn will fall through
Defeating Faust

First you must acquire all the stardust (50 in all) and give them to Martel in Rouge. She will give you the vanishing stone. The tower of Flanvel is located in the glacier where you fight Lloyd and Widingo. Make your way through the orb teleporters until you come to the tower itself where there is a save point. Instead of going into the tower travel right to the other teleporter. There Faust's apparition disappears in amazement. Make your way through the teleporter orb maze. Until you come to a circular platform with three possible walkways on. The first two will crumble regardless of location. When you get to the third, Dart and Rose will fall down. There you fight Faust.


First you must make sure you are equipped properly. For this battle I used Dart, Albert and Kongol. Dart and Albert are musts!! The third member doesn't matter. I do recommend using Kongol though because of his massive physical presence.
Dart should be equipped with the dragon helm, the combat shoes, the red dragon armor, the mind crush (not soul eater!!) and the angel scarf. Using the soul eater will also make you have to use the therapy ring so don't use it cause the angel scarf is a must against Faust's magic. Albert should have the partisan, combat shoes, jade dragon armor, dragon helm and an angel scarf. For Kongol I used an iron kneepiece, giganto armor, magical hat, any accessory and the great axe. The angel scarves are a must a can be purchased at 5,000g each at Lohan. The jade and red armor can be purchased in Zenebatos for 800g each, which is why I suggest you wait to fight Faust until you meet Coolon in Zenebatos. The two Dragon helms can be found on mortal dragon mountain and the tower of Flanvel. Also remember to have at least 12 healing breezes and 6 healing fogs.


Do not use a dragoon special in this battle. Without the possibility of item use or guard, Faust will dominate you. Faust will attack with standard magic throughout the battle except at three distinct points. His first move will be a massive fire attack that kills Kongol outright and takes 2,000-3,000 from Albert (w/ an angel scarf). Don't bother to revive Kongol. Do it when you have more HP. First heal Albert, this attack will do nothing to dart if you have the red dragon armor. The next massive magical attack comes when you get Faust to half his HP or "in the yellow". He will do a huge water-based attack the puts Dart and Albert inches from death. The key to surviving this attack is SAVING Albert's dragoon sp. right before you put Faust in the yellow, use Albert's rose storm to reduce Faust's damage. This is the only way I could survive it. IF you're lucky enough to make it past that attack, Faust will have one more powerful attack. When you get Faust "in the red" or 1/4 of his Hp he will do a huge wind based attack. The will do 0 to Albert if he has the jade dragon armor. Dart should survive this attack but be safe and use a healing fog immediately after. Just keep whacking away at him after that. One good strategy is to guard up your hp. At the end of my battle, I was out of angel prayers and both Kongol and Albert were dead. I guarded with dart until he had 3,000 hp then I attacked. I did this repeatedly until Faust was no more. When you are alone and you guard, Faust will only attack once. But when you attack he always attacks at least 3 times in a row. That is why I kept my hp high. This battle took me ten tries so don't get frustrated. It is near impossible but beatable because I beat him myself. This battle is worth fighting though because you get 10,000g, 20,000 exp. and the phantom shield. The shield reduces all damage to 1/2 for the whole party as an accessory. Because Dart was the only survivor for me he gained three levels (34-37). Remember, to win this battle persistence is key. Keep on trying.
Defeating Faust
- 27,000 HP
- Located in Glacier (Flanvel Tower)
-Vanishing Stone required (50 Stardust)

As you know he is a very hard boss. I actually was able to beat him
on my first try without going dragoon at all. This may require some
gold, but the best equipment you can use for this battle that I used
on Dart are:

- Legend Casque (Greatly Reduced Attack and +50% evade from Magic)
- Red DS Armor (Decent Reduced Magic Attack and Nullifies Fire Magic)
- Magical Greaves (Physical & Magical Evade +5%)
- Spirit Cloak (Magical Evade +20%)

Your overall magical evasion rate is 75%!!!
Trust me, it helps A LOT!!!
Since he only uses magic, his attacks will only hit you like 8 out of
10 times, and when they do they do, his best attacks are greatly
reduced; fire magic is nullified!
Just make sure you have like 3 Healing Fogs and you can beat him with
just one player without transforming to Dragoon.
Having that equipment and this is a very easy battle.
When you beat him you get 20,000 experience, 10,000 gold, and a Phantom Shield (All Attacks Reduced in half)

Other characters that you can use in this fight that are good are, Miranda and Meru.
They have good Magic Defense.

Other items you can use that may help are:

- Stardust Boots (Defense: 5, Magical Evade: +5%) (females only)
- Angel Scarf (Reduces Magic Damage by 50%)
- Sage's Cloak (Physical and Magical Evade: +20%)
- Spiritual Ring (Raises Magic Defense by 30 points)
- Blue Sea DS Armor (Nullifies Water Magic, Defense +54 points) (Meru only)
- Silver DS Armor ( Nullifies Light Magic, Defense +80 points) (Miranda only)

Attack him in anyway, the more damage you do the faster you beat him.
I suggest:
Blazing Dynamo Level 5 Addition for Dart
Blossom Storm Level 5 Addition for Albert
these do the most damage to him (around 1,500 - 2,000 HP)

Disc #1 Free Rest:
After you beat Hellena for the first time and then you have to go to the Prarie. Well while in the Prarie go back to the Shack after you heard Dart's story then walk in and hit the X button to your left and then you will rest for FREE!
Disc 2 free rest
When the goast ship hits, go back to the ship and if you go to the bottom of the ship, you can talk to a guy. he will tell you about the inn for resting and the weaopon shops. just head downward and it will give you the choice to rest or not.
Disc 4 easy Leveling up & Tip
At the beginning of the "Moon and Fate" Chapter, you'll find yourself on a desert, when you go inside, you'll see that you can see the monsters, fight with anything, excepting the Canabrian Dayfly (forgive Spelling) for an easy leveling up, also, While in Zenebatos, tell the Ray you want wings, then go to Comercial Town Lohan, there you can have the Gold Dragoon Spirit, selled by the guy in the rug, he'll try to sell it for 100g, but when it resonates he'll change the price for 1000g, buy it, note that you will be asked to insert Disk 2 to enter, but you have to insert disc 4 to go to Zenebatos again.
Dragon Block Staff/Buster tip
- When you come up against the Dragon Block Staff or Dragon Buster (the Grand Jewel and Lloyd use these weapons) you find that Dragoons are very weak against these weapons. But if your characters have 199 SP or less when they transform, the Dragoon form will not last long enough for the weapons to be used against them.

- When fighting against the Grand Jewel you must wait until it says that 'the Dragon blocking effect has run out' before you can attack well. However Shana/Miranda and Meru's healing spells will still work even when the staff is blocking you, but Rose's Astral drain spell will not.
Dragon Staff in Forbidden Land
Okay, so this thing is frickin' hard and gay, right? Well, there's a pretty easy way of defeating it. First, you have to level Meru up until she has Rainbow Dust or whatever as a dragoon. This will save you on Healing Potions. You need some Sun Rhapsody's, too, so you can keep her MP power up to use this. I'd suggest you have Dart and Albert as the other two people. Because Albert kicks ass, Dart you can't replace, and you need Meru to keep you guys alive. Oh, and if you get it, I'd suggest Albert be equipped with the Holy Ankh (that'll save you on Angel Prayers.)
Easy Dragoon And Character Leveling
Ok so I found a really cool glitch in the game that will help you level without the worry of dying. Once you have beaten helena prison for the second time you go to emperor doel's castle when you talk to the guys that give you the purple fuel go out the left door and up to fight the two guards once you have beat them DON'T go up go back to the guy who said the white light could heal you and talk to him you will be healed then go back out the left door and go up again the two guards are back kill them and repeat the whole process I found that they just keep respawning like that giving you an infinite amount of enemies.
Easy leveling up dragoon level
Give the character in your party the spirit ring no mather who. Every time the character can atack or use an item they get 20sp whitout doing anything.
Easy Lloyd
Okay, I used Kongol's low speed to my advantage for this 1. Equip him with the Talisman and turn him into a dragoon. If you can, Equip Dart with the Bandit's ring and Rose with both the Dancer's ring and the Dancer's shoes. This will make them be very strong, dart with 70 speed, rose with 95 speed, and Kongol with 30 speed, a very low number, exactly how you want it. Using his low speed, he can be Dragoon for 5 turns and Lloyd will only go at him except for his dome move. He will attempt to use instant death on Kongol the whole time and will fail every time. Of course, that means you can go all out with Rose and Dart. Use this Equipment if you can.

Weapon: Mind Crush
Armor: Armor of Legends
Head: Legend Casque
Shoes: doesn't matter
other: Bandit's ring (required)

Weapon: I don't remember the strongest at this point
Armor: Armor of Legends
Head: Legend Casque
Shoes: Dancers shoes (required)
other: Dancers ring (required)

Weapon: Tomahawk
Armor: Giganto Armor (required)
Head: Legend Casque (required)
Shoes: doesn't matter (not Bandit's shoes if you got them)
other: Talisman

Remember: go dragoon with Kongol on the first turn you can and use only D'Attacks when given a choice.

This tip is copyrighted © by Awsome642.
Easy money
well to earn up to 10k an hour (10,000gold) you much have already reached bale (place after limestone cavern) and just outside of there is a tiny path run around on the path and you should fight a yellow bird creature,(If you have reached lohan or gotten haschel,use dart,shana and haschel) these enemys are quick,but just used normal attacks and it shud go down,also you practice additions easily too,after killing the bird you get 0exp and 300 gold.(if you have reached lohan an ulitimate wargod is a great thing to buy for 10,000 gold.
Easy Money
Sick of killing enemies that barely drop any gold?

Well just read on to avoid that:

Just outside Bale there is a 72% chance that a Yellow Bird will spawn.

4 hits kill it, and it drops 300 gold. To kill it easily, use Shana (High Hit rate and speed) and Meru. (Best speed and decent hit rate.)

Equip the Dancer's equipment and then just attack and hope you hit. It has a 65% evade rate, so be careful. It has 4HP, but each hit will hit one, and it also runs away easily.

Do this early or late and you'll be loaded!
Easy Tournament
It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, you'll move on to the next fight either way.

If you happen to lose one of these fights (honestly, losing is harder than winning for most of 'em), this is why you still win:
*Gorgaga is disqualified for trying to kill you after he already won.
*Serfius defaults because of some illness he has.
*Danton falls over and can't get up because of his armor (he even says he'll let Dart win if he helps him get back up).
*Atlow gets disqualified for using an illegal poison.

No way to come in first place, though. Lloyd kicking your ass is part of the plot.
Easy way to kill virage in the c0rrupted valley
Ok, what you need to do is buy weapons in Fletz. Next, before you fight the virage, put Haschel and Albert in your party. To weaken it just a little, kill the legs. Then have all three characters attack the left arm.(Left arm first, so he can't use that beam ray thing)Then do the right arm. This will leave the virage completely defenseless. The arms should spawn one by one that way you can still have the strength to attack the head with every character. When his health arrow turns yellow, use dragoons on him. Albert's regular attack will weaken him like crazy.(But you have to make sure it's a perfect)Have Haschel use atomic mind then just slaughter the thing. You know you have killed it when the arms spawn one after another.
Easy: Addition, Gold,Exp and D-levels "Must have Turbo Conroller*
*Note:Must be on the 4th disc for this to work*. Buy 2 or 3 ultimate wargods depending on if you need to level up darts additions. This works best with stronger characters because then there isn't a chance that they will get arm-blocked. First get your additions ready and everything you need. Go to a city and sell all of your items (not armed just items) this is so you don't get stuck on the change item screen *Note: Only sell the items you can buy back from another store*. Go to the Death Frontier and run in a bit so the sandworms can jump on you. You should be able to use your turbo controller to just press "X" and then it will automatically attack. When your done the fight another sandworm will jump on you and so on and so on making you rich and level you up fast. In 4 hours i made about 1 level on each char, 15k, leveled my additions to level 5 and got my D-levels up to 5.

*Note: Sometimes you will get stuck on the item change screen if you get to many attack balls and spirit potions or you might get hit by the throw sand move from the sandworm and get arm-blocked so check your progress often.*

This can go awesome or horribly wrong it depends on if you get blocked or not.
Faust Sucks
There is a very easy way for you to kill Faust. It only took me 9 minutes and was one of the easiest boss battles in the whole game. First of all you have to have money. About 45k go to Lohan and buy 3 angel scarfs and 3 legend casques and equip them to your characters of choice. Master the highest possible additions that you can do without using a wargod calling or ultimate wargod. Use your characters with your highest hp(My choices are haschel and Albert). Use your best attacker this should be dart. Use his blazing dynamo addition its not that hard to master. Make sure you have your Dragoon Armour for at least 2 of your characters. You can buy these in Zenebatos i believe. The best way to do this is only attack with dart since he should be your strongest and does the most damage to Faust. Before you start attacking make sure you have guarded once with your two other characters. Then attack with dart and guard with your other characters. This shouldn't take long to kill him now with dart i could hit 3200 on Faust in one hit at level 44. When Faust attacks he will almost always attack with the same element that just attacked him so for example if you attacked him with dart he would use a fire magic. And if you have the dragoon armour it stops any fire damage getting to dart that is why you can just attack and don't need to block. **Note: DO NOT USE DRAGOON FORM IT DOES NOT DAMAGE FAUST VERY WELL NORMAL ADDITIONS WORK WAY BETTER** Have fun destroying Faust and just to confirm he gives you 10k gold and 20k exp. and a phantom shield. Here are my character equipment.

Dart level 44 with level 5 Blazing Dynamo
Fairy Sword
Legend Casque
Red DG Armour
Iron Kneepiece
Angel Scarf

Haschel level 42 with level 5 Omni-Sweep
Legend Casque
Satori Vest
Iron Kneepiece
Angel Scarf

Albert level 40 with level 5 Flower Storm
Legend Casque
Jade DG Armour
Magical Greaves
Angel Scarf

If you need any help with the game or Faust just email me at please do not ask any questions about anything on the moon because i am just finishing up side quests and things so i am not even there yet.
Fighting Lenus the first time
When you fight lenus the first time, make sure you dont turn into a dragoon for more than one turn. This will just let lenus attack you more, thus she'll kill you faster. A good party would be Dart,Rose(or albert) and Kongol. Although you WILL need alot of healing items due to kongols low magic defence. Hope this helps.
how 2 defeat the virage of corrupted valley [of the easiest way]
equipt rose, dart, and shana. Make sure that dart has the talisman equipted and that you have a bunch of healing potions. just let rose and shana die,thier not worth saving. always attack the head. keep this up and you will defeat the virage in no time at all.
How to Completely Whip Lloyd in only 5 turns
Everyone tells you not to go Dragoon on Lloyd, because he'll kill you instantly, which is true... unless you have a Talisman.

Assuming that by this point Dart has the ability to go Dragoon for 5 turns, equip him with the Talisman, which makes the wearer immune to instant death. I tried this wondering whether it would actually work on Lloyd, and it DID.

Not only can Lloyd NOT SUCCEED in his instant kills, but as long as there is a Dragoon alive in the battle, he is almost COMPLETELY OBSESSED with killing him!

With the exception of a couple of response attacks, the Talisman serves to completely distract Lloyd while you rip him apart with your other two fighters. Make these two fighters your two best physical attackers, give them attack accessories, choose the best addition, and have fun whipping Lloyd's butt!
How to kill just about every boss easy
Sure this method may take you an extra twenty hours or so, but hell, it's worth it... Buy 3 Legend Casques and 3 Armor of Legends, and hell, if you're bad at additions like me, you can buy 3 Ultimate Wargods. Yes, this way costs a cool 90,000 Gil, but it made the whole game much easier, especially the last boss (That bastard almost killed me on my first game and I vowed revenge)

My way of getting the money aside from all the side-quests and bosses is to kill Yellow Birds. Here is the team and armor list I used to get enough money. (Note: this is the best team I used not the only one.)

Weapon: Long Bow
Helmet: Whatever helmet you like, it doesn't really matter
Armor: Whatever armor you like, it doesn't really matter
Footwear: Dancer's Shoes
Extra: Wargod's Amulet

Weapon: Whatever weapon you like, it doesn't really matter
Helmet: Sallet
Armor: Whatever armor you like, it doesn't really matter
Footwear: Bandit's Shoes (either this or Bandit's Ring, but not both)/Magical Grieves
Extra: Bandit's Ring(If you have Rose instead of Haschel, you need to give Dart your second Wargod's Amulet)

Weapon: Whatever weapon you like, it doesn't really matter
Helmet: Sallet/Whatever helmet you like, it doesn't really matter
Armor: Whatever armor you like, it doesn't really matter
Footwear: Bandit's Shoes(either this or Bandit's Ring, but not both)/Magical Grieves
Extra: Wargod's Amulet/Dancer's Ring

Like I said, you can use variations of these team and still beat Yellow Birds at a good rate, but if you use the first option in each of these categories; unless they run away on the first turn, they're TOAST.

It would also be a good idea to have a Speed Up (Valley of Corrupted Gravity), as well as a Magic Stone of Signet (Note: this is REQUIRED; found in Marshes.)

Use Signet on a Yellow Bird on your first turn, then use whoever goes next to cast Speed Up on Miranda/Shana(If you don't have Speed Up just start attacking him, as a matter of fact you might want to try to hit him before you use Signet on him if you don't have Speed Up yet) and pump his ass full of arrows. Use your other characters to try to hit as well, even though if you don't have 150% accuracy there's no guarantee you'll hit him. Repeat about 299 times. Yes, it may take forever, but trust me, with this method, it only took me about 3 turns with everybody on my normal team (Dart, Rose, Albert) to beat any boss but the last one. It is also worth the time spent to master everybody in your team's last addition.

But however wonderful this method is, I seriously recommend that you complete the game in your own way first, because this will make the game much easier and it might spoil you…

Another thing with this method is that you don't have to get all of the money earned at once, you can do it at your own pace. You don't even have to buy any of this stuff, but the Legend Casques in my opinion, are the best parts of this armor, against bosses anyway.
how to kill the knight gost on the phantom ship in 3 turns with outh loosing hp!
team:Dart Albert and Hatschel.
first get all sp for everyone and then use special(ying yang sign).
Next use final burst with dart.
next use hatschel and do thunder god attack
now its albertt's turn. Use wing blaster.
That should have killed rhem.

If your lucky enough and you do this right, then 0 hp would have been taken away from you!
Kill rare creatures easily
There are rare creatures such as birds urns and those robot/squid looking things. you can deal
0-1 damage at a time depending on the creature. a satchet deals 10 damage reguardless of defense. save these for the rare creatures and youll get the prizes: gold,an accessory, a bunch of items, exp, or nothing at all it really depends on the area
Killing Faust as easy as Kamuy
You should use Dart Albert and kongol. You can arm them with whatever you want, but Dart and Albert must have a legend casque!!! You can buy them in lohan for 10000 gold. With being armed with them, the most faust will do in damage is about 1500. Kongol will die in the first attack, but don't heal him. Faust attacks like 5 times in a row. Kongol will have to miss out on exp. Whem you attack faust you will do about 2700 damage! Don't forget about his major attacks, which are fire in blue, ice in yellow, and wind in red. When you kill faust, you get 10 000 gold, 20 000 exp, and the phantom sheild. Hope this helps!
Kongol: weak to strong
Ok, Kongol has 3 weaknesses, his magic attack, his magic defence, and his speed. It is fairly easy to fix. For his magic attack and defence, just give him a Legend Casket. For his speed, however, you need either a bandit's shoes or a bandit's ring, but it is okay if you use both. If you use one, his speed will go to 50, which is even with dart. If you use both, his speed will go to 70, at par with Meru! Now he can both destroy an enemy AND still have speed left! he might even go twice in a row!
Level Up Easily
On the Phantom Ship; find the room with the Captain's cabin and run into every Wisp. When you leave they appear again. You can do this for as long as you like.
leveling up
In the forbidden land, go to the room where you have to put your sword in the 5 red things in the ground to remove the rings to move on stand there and keep fighting the flying robot things. Once you kill one, he will keep coming back until you actually change the red thing to blue. It might take awhile and they dont give much gil or hp but if you have time its a good way yo level up.
Leveling up
When you are traveling don't go in such a hurry. On the area map run back and forth until you get attaked. Do this often and your levels will go up.
Make Dart Stronger in Disc 2
Go to the weapon shop in Kazas and buy a heat blade. This weapon has a power of 18 (if it's wrong i'm sorry). Even though you can buy a better weapon in Fletz, you'll want to keep the heat blade because most of your enemies are water types (Lenus, Regole, Dragoon Lenus, Illisa Bay minor enemies) and your heat blade will double in effectiveness.
Making easy money
Keep all your weapons until the fourth disc. Then sell all the things you DO NOT need and you should get about 10 000 gold to buy a legend casque or if you bad at additions, go for the ultimate wargod which makes additions completely successful.
Melbu Frama
After a recent playthrough, I found Kongol, Dart, and Rose works wonders for this battle. Just have all of them at level five for the last additions, and it will hit more than any of the others, and they will gain SP faster. Here is what I had:

Weapon: Soul Eater
Helm: Legend Casquet
Armor: Armor of Legends
Shoes: Iron Kneepeice
Extra: Therapy Ring

Weapon: Indora's axe
Helm: see dart
Armor: see dart
Shoes: Bandit's shoes
Extra: Bandit's ring

Weapon: Dragon Buster
Helm: see dart
Armor: see dart
Shoes: dancer's shoes
Extra: Dancer's ring

The other things you will need is as follows:
Level 5 D'lvls on all
Level 5 additions(all of them) on all
a lot of healing items
Level 38 average
Moon Serenades
Psyche Bomb X

Okay, now here is the strategy:
Start by using the Psyche Bomb X with a turbo controller if you have it and take out the tentacles that way, if it isn't destroyed, depending on who's next, use Golden Dragon, Divine DG Ball, or Death Dimention. If they aren't out yet, it sucks to be you. Now just attack normally, or for the dragoon on the field, use magic, because it will deal more damage to him unless it is Kongol, in which case you should use a normal attack. Very soon he will transform.
For his second form, use dragoons ONLY WHEN NEEDED!!!!!! If you don't need them, don't use them. He is easy enough so you don't need extra power.
For the third form, use the dragoon special with Dart when you can. This will cause all element's power to go up by 50% I found. When he transforms again, which won't take long, just hope...
...and win! He may have the Dragon Block Staff on his side, so if he uses it turn back asap then attack normally until it wears off, then you can go back to dragoon to use Divine DG Cannon, Divine DG Ball(when he summons a monster), Dark Dragon, Death Dimention, Golden Dragon(after that Kongol is reduced to a normal attack:( ) If done how it is suppose to be done, you will win with everyone in dragoon form! You now beat him.
This isnt really a cheat, just a hint. When looking for stardusts, check on small crowded places, to see if you find anything. Or anywhere you see thats accesible.
This is only for people who are masters of their additions, and are real good with using Dart. Make sure that Kongol and Miranda are your companions. Don't bother saving them, they just die quickly. Let Dart go solo. Destroy its Divine cannon first, it does a *bleep* of a lot of damge. Guard when it is abou to fire. Then take out the Divine Ball, then take out the main body. Never go Dragoon, the Block Staff will limit your powers. Watch for its claw attack, it occasionally stuns you.

Hope it helps!
Those damn Virages
Do you hate virage combat? Well, there's a strategy for yah. When you face the virage, the easy and simple way is to kill its head which instantly kills it. But put your strongest warrior to fight its head, (that'd be Dart) and put Rose to attack one arm and Albert to attack the other. This is easier and causes it to lower its defences. It also gives you 3 times the EXP.
Two Chests In The Snowfield
There are two really hard-to-reach chests in the Snowfield before reaching Vellweb; you can see them if you slip off the path and fall down to where Rose and Dart initiate the battle with the spectre and Dart recieves his best weapon. To get the items, you must fall from two different spots; before the wooden sign, and past it. You then have to press X at the right time.

For the point closest to the screen, you MUST NOT press X the first time, DO press it second, NOT for the third, and DO for the forth; you will recieve a 'Dancer's Ring'.

For the point furtherest from the screen, you MUST press X the first time, NOT for the second, DO for the third, and DO for the forth; you will receive the repeat item 'Magic Sheild'.
Virage in Forbidden Land
To beat the Virage in the forbidden land, all you have to do is guard for 10 of it's turns, then it will self-destruct, and since you're guarding, it shouldn't kill anyone.
Virage In Valley Of corrupted Valley
Basically all I did was aim for his head. He needs his head to make the rest of him move so make sure you have lots of angels prayer and healing breezes/potion, etc. Use Dart Rose and Albert.
Yeah, so?
Everyone says, OMG I beat that boss with only this that and this while on level 20 or something. The real tip to beating any boss isn't to copy someone elses method but to use the strategy behind the battle. For example, when battling lloyd in the tower of flavnel, all you need to do to win is not go dragoon. However, if you master your additions no boss is even a challenge. Also, If you are playing the game for the first time use Albert/lavitz in your party. Not only do his final attacks kick major butt, but you have lavitz even before shana, and all of his abilities and levels transfer to albert afterwards, so there is no akward relearning of abilities. Avoid faster characters as well because they tend to be much harder in mastering additions. Even though alberts additions may seem a little fast they are worth it.


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Early Game Experience
When starting a new game, before you meet any team members, try spending an extra amount of time leveling Dart up. Seeing as how he's alone, he'll get all the EXP for himself and since Legend Of Dragoon is famous for slow level advancement, any opportunity you can take to fight with only one person in your party is a must. The more characters in your team, the longer it will take because the EXP gets shared between everybody. Also, this is the best way to work up Dart's addition skills more rapidly.
Easy way to beet every one after phantom ship
On the second disk when the phantom ship colides with you this is a perfect chance to gain D'lv's and make you addition lvl's higher what you do is work on everyone by fighting so by the time you you are off the ship you are unbeatable.....(this is very time consuming and takes alot of time but it's well worth it) cha
Golden Dragoon Spirit
There are two ways to get the Golden Dragoon Spirit.

One way to get it, which is the way most people probably used is that you get it on the Moon when Kongol fights Indora, but that's not the only place to get it.

When you get Kongol in the Home of Gigantos, go back to Lohan and talk to the man who gave you the Water Bottle. He will now have the Golden Dragoon Spirit, and will kindly give it to you for 1,000 gil.
How to defeat grand jewel the boss in the forbidden land
ok first of all your gonna need albert he might be kind of slow but he kicks ass change his addtion 2 gust of wind dance which is obtained and level 11 which you probably already have. then get it 2 atleast level 3 to 5 it will take out about 902 damage per turn plus the sp u get from it is okay i guess cause by ten i masterde his so.....yes! the other character has 2 be dart..(danm i hate him) just try getting all of his additions completed 2 learn blazing dynamo this attck is useful and have atleast meru,miranda or HASCHEL (my favorite) with meru u can keep her at only level 1 dragoon in battle so if your meru is over level 2 dragoon good! get 1 full sp bar 2 make it be able 2 turn into dragoon 4 1 turn so she can use rainbow breath 2 heal or miranda 2 use gates of heaven or white and silver dragon is more useful and if u use HASCHEL u got attack and speed and pretty good defense i suggest not 2 turn into dragoon with him. he's good alone without the dragoon 4 this battle.then keep thrashing away at the fat bitchy grand jewel which i lost 2 2 times so i hate him!!!! he only uses like burn out,down burst and other 1's BUT beware of the spectual flash its his strongest thats why u dont have rose on your team b-cuz she'll get whopped so hard zeig will feel hit.remember be propely equipped.o ya if u take the other direction its easier youll end up in a room with species of gignatos,dragons,winglies etc. if u put them in correctlly which is easy,you will get 2 fight the old ass virage he has ten lives which isnt that hard....just thrash at his head crushing his peanut sized brain then at the end hell unleash a strong attack takes out probably 1200-1600 damage b-cuz he aint goin down with out you!!!!!!! the after u kill him u get a wargods amulet and good experince and good money.then save heal at the pink thingy...then go bac k2 the virage palce and the teleporter behind him will transport u almost right 2 grand jewel...then after u whopp the jewel's ass so hard.u get the dragon blocking staff!!!!!!!ja!! then u take that get out of forbidden land then the dude the wingly that transported u there will tell u divine dragon is attacking denningard!!o no ull see a clip of divine dragon other winglies will transport u right into denninggard then u find out shana is safe and so is the queen.good! well hope that helped i like this game but not as much as Final FantasyVII,VIII,IX,X and chocobo racing!!! lol well l7erz hope its useful!!!

°∞o0o∞° ®ôČК øח °∞o0o∞°

in the cave
in the cave where try to catch the frog that jumps around from stone to stone and you will get an item. I think poision guard.
Kamuy the Savage Wolf
The Wolf known as Kamuy is spotted in the EverGreen Forest. Your best bet is to use Dart Albert and Kongol. When you come into combat, take out the dumb mutt by going Dragoon on it, in the speacial combo system. Use Final Burst with Dart, Dragoon-Attack Addition with Kongol, and Wing Blaster with Albert. By the time this is over the beast should be almost dead. With Kamuy weak, it'll be candy from a baby.
Leveling Additions!
When you encounter an eenemy that uses "Physical Attack Barrier",you can level up your additoins without killing the enemy.When the barrier dissapers,wait for it to use the barrier again.Then,you can again level up your additions
Numbers and Statues in Shrine of Shirley:
The 3 digit number to make the latter go down in Shrine of Shirley is 3 5 2.

The way the statues should be facing in the Shrine of Shirley are:

Gold Statue- Front
White Statue- Left
Special Items List
War Bulletin
- Special Edition shows tension among Sandora and Serdio.

Prison Key
- Key to the second prison tower where Shana is held.

- An axe left in a shack in a field. It's well-worn.

Lavitz's Picture
- Lavitz's portrait drawn in Bale. It looks so real.

Good Spirits
- Good Spirit that pleases the man in Bale.

Red Dragon DS
- Dragoon Spirit Dart's father left him. Fire-based.

Dark Dragon DS
- Dragoon Spirit of mysterious Rose. Darkness-based.

Jade Dragon DS
- Dragoon Spirit from Greham. Wind-based.

Water Bottle
- A bottle acquired in Lohan to hold "Life Water"

Life Water
- Life Water from a monster plant. Refresh power.

Silver Dragon DS
- Dragoon Spirit from Shirley. Light-based.

Magic Oil
- Fuel to light an elevator switch in Black Castle

Red Stone
- Key to access a room in Black Castle

Blue Stone
- Key to access a room in Black Castle

Yellow Stone
- Key to access a room in Black Castle

Violet Dragon DS
- Dragoon Spirit from Doel. Thunder-based.

Letter from Lynn
- A letter from Lynn before he went to pursue bandits.

Pass for Valley
- A pass for Valley of Corrupted Gravity

Golden Dragon DS
- Dragoon Spirit found in Lohan. Earth-based.

Kate's Bouquet
- Good luck bouquet thrown by Kate at the wedding.

Key to Ship
- Key from the Captain of Phantom Ship

Blue Sea Dragon DS
- Dragoon Spirit from Lenus. Water-based.

Boat License
- License to use a boat in Furni. It's a must.

Dragon Block Staff
- A staff to confine Divine Dragon. Restrains Dragons.

Moon Gem
- Family treasure of Serdio. Has enormous power.

Moon Dagger
- Family treasure of Tiberoa.

Moon Mirror
- Family treasure of Mille Seseau.

Vanishing Stone
- A mysterious stone from Martel for getting Stardusts.

Law Maker
- A certificate of law production in Zenebatos.

Law Output
- A certificate of law enactment in Zenebatos.

Divine Dragon DS
- Dragoon Spirit of Divine Dragon from Lloyd. Non-based
startdust for disk 1
1 Celes
2 Bale
3 Hoax
4 7th Knighthood
5 Lohan
6 Kazas

Go Outside of the house of the old woman that tells you about Stardust,
check the well in the middle of the street.

In the weapon shop, in town, check the row of spears at the bottom
In the castle on the lowest level, check the blacksmith's fireplace
in the upper part of this area.

4) From the previous Stardust, head up the stairs to the second floor.
From there, make your way to the third floor. Check the area at upper

5) You should have bought a bottle of Good Spirits at the tavern
previously. If not, do so. Before you go for this Stardust you should
also have turned a wheel in the basement of the castle. If not, do so.
To find this wheel, enter the castle at its lower level. Go to the
blacksmith's fireplace. There is a ladder in this area. Climb down the
ladder. Continue climbing down the ladders until you reach the
basement. There should be a wheel beside the ladder. Turn it. Exit this
area and the castle altogether. Go to the fountain in the first part of
town you visited. Go down the stairs to meet Dran, the town drunk. Give
him the Good Spirits and he will let you pass. Follow the corridor
until you reach an area with a boat. If you turned the wheel like you
were supposed to, you will have access to the boat. Board the boat and
enjoy your slight tour around town. After seeing a few parts of town,
you will be prompted to either get off the boat or continue your tour.
Choose to continue and enter the door. Check the north wall of this
room. Get back on the boat and you will arrive back at the castle
shortly. Exit the castle.

After you exit the castle, head to Lavitz's house. It's in the area
of Bale where you found your first Stardust. After you tour his house
and sit down for a meal, head back to where Shana and his mother were
cooking before. Search the small area


After the conversation with Kaiser, climb the stairs and enter the
house on the left. Check near the fireplace.

After some exploring, if you chose to do some, head back to the main
area of town. Go back to where you met Kaiser. Don't talk to him just
yet. Instead, search the lower left corner of his headquarters.

7th Knighthood: (In Marshlands)

1) After you have had your six fights to enter the Stronghold, enter or go back on disk 4
it. Check the fireplace beside the bed.


1) When you are able to explore, do so. You will notice the town is
shaped like a 'n'. Do some exploring here if you want. When you end up
in a house with a huge bird outside, exit and enter the house on the
lower left. Once inside, climb up the ladder. You will notice a
bookcase. If you position yourself in front of it correctly, you will
be prompted to press X. Do so. Enter this newly opened area and climb
down the ladder to the right. Go to the left and search the green area.
Exit the area and return to the main path and exit through the lower

Go to the far right. There should be a shop with a blue door. That's
Dabas's shop. Enter it. You will automatically talk to him and dash out
of the room when you're done talking. Reenter and climb the ladders
that lead up to the suit of armor. Check it. Exit his shop and return
to the first part of town, the entrance to Lohan.

Go to the right, but do not go up the stairs. Continue along the row
of merchants. In the next area, there will be a big tent. Don't enter
it though. There will be a basket, next to a caged pig. Check it.
Return to the entrance to town.
Before you exit, you will notice some jars by the entrance. Check


Enter the first house on the left and check the barrels. Exit this

Enter the first house on the right and climb up the ladder. Check
the area beside the chest. Exit this area.

Enter the third room on the right and search the area to the left of
the counter. Exit this area. Move into the next part of town. Head
north in this area.

Go all the way down and enter the first room you see. Check the
bookcase. Exit this room.

Go to the right and climb down the ladder. Enter the first door on
the right. Check the barrels the to left of the entrance.

From the previous Stardust, check the barrels in the upper left part
of the room, near the stairs.

don't worry i start doing one for disk 2

Super dragoon level up
got to the circus place in lohan and talk to the ticket girl. ask for tickets and get enough so you can get al least 15 spirit potions. after you are done leave lohan and battle. give all of the spirit potions to the person who u want to level up there dragoon level. defeat the enemy and you will probably level that person up
The Last Boss- The Real Tip from me
All you need is healing fog, healing rain, healing brezze, and angels prayer and at least 1 A powerful Attack. If you dont have a A powerful Attack you can still beat him. He has four forms for play it smart!
Form one- I used Dat, Rose, and Hashel. Take turns goin dragoon.

Form 2-Same thing as the first form. Take turns goin Dragoon.

Form 3-Same but he is easierthen the first 2 forms.

Last Form 4-He is so *bleep*in hard. But it is posible to beat him. Make sure you still have some healing stuff left and same for angels payer. He will fall.
the real way
ok everyone, i've read countless cheats telling you "oh you need this, or that" yada yada, i beat melbu frama, at lvl 48, without blazing dynamo, with VOLCANO, maxed ofcourse though. my team, dart, albert, and miranda. people say meru is the strongest charecter....IF you can get her final addition, wich let me tell you, is a total *bleep*. i used gust of wind dance, and volcano (miranda has no addition) here is my equipment

Helm:Knight helm
Armor:Red DG Armor
Boots:Combat Shoes
Ring:Physical Ring

Armor:Jade DG Armor
Boots: Magical Greaves
Ring:Giganto Ring

Weapon:Detonate Arrow
Helm: Tiara
Armor: Silver DG Armor
Boots: Magical Graves
Ring: Giganto Ring

and people, i did not find this battle hard, i found it troublesome, a pain, but not in the hard way, in the "god this is so not worth my time, he has to much hp and im owning this noob" kinda way. and another, let me tell you what you NEED, not what i think you should have, just NEED, the bare essentials!

all your charecters level 5 dragoon, obviously
1: maxed out addition with adequite (sorry for spelling) SP, nothin fancy
Quit a bit of hp
healing items, get however many you feel safe with, go for 32 rains if you want, your choice
a couple angel prayers, you never know!
another note, i have seen people GAURD, to get hp, thinking he wont hit hard enough to counter it, he will, dont bother, just use healing fog...

also, cash is a must, i mean, its the last boss, you should have quit a bit, buy healing stuff, weapons, items...etc.

one last thing i cannot stress enough, you cannot be over-prepared for the first time you do this, play it safe if your unsure, i mean look at my charecters, honestly, they sucked, but i won lol!
Those @#%$ Ghost Knights
Okay, for your team you shouls have Dart Rose and Kongol. If you didn't buy Kongol's Ds stone, Just make him guard constantly when he is in risk of death. Rose must be at least Lvl 18 to be successful in this battle and she has to know "Death Dimension". Use death dimension three times on the Ghosts. All but the Lead Ghost should have red icons over them when you highlight them, to show they are near death. But the Leder, focus all your characters attacks on The leader, till he is red. Attack him about once more from each warrior, then have Dart turn into Red Eyed Dragoon. Use explosion, and watch all of them drop at once. You need to kill 'em all at once, or they'll come back to life. You should bring lotsa Angel's Prayers, and healing items, as Rose will have the crap whooped outta her before long. After the damn Ghosts are dead, you (Shana) is mistaken for Princess Louvia, and the curse is broken; the Ghosts go to heaven, and Rose and Dart get dunked into the sea, but swim to a nearby cave.....
Some new players may have difficulty fighting the Urobulus in Limestone Cave. He is really easy, just bring some (at least 10) Body Purifiers, and a good number of healing pheraphelia if possible. Now before the battle, run around in the area just before the damn centipede attacks, and you should run into some tougher monsters. You should train until Dart Shana and Lavitz have leveled up; then charge into the Monster's cave area. If any troops died before the Urobulus battle, thay'll have (1) HP. Rather than wasting items, just guard to recover; it really helps a wounded warrior to guard constantly. Anyway, try to keep Shana alive; her bow can hurt the Urobulus when it hides in the upper area. Try guarding when the Urobulus spits poison; it spits every fifth turn, I think.
virage: vally of curupted gravity
best team: dart rose haschel
have plenty of healing breezes 10
HAVE ROSE USE DEATH DIMENTION. haschel use atomic mind on virages left arm (your right) and dart use down burst. then let rose use death dimention agian. haschel attack the head. rose attack head and dart use healing breeze when needed otherwise let him attack . repeat and use it on the left arm when it regenerats. at the end dart will atomaticlly attack.
Before you go to revise article 703 (Non-winglies can't go to the signet) get caught. When Kongol makes a door, talk to the guide lapto outside. He'll tell you the article that says that all trespassers will be teleported to jail. Revise it first and all of the other revisions will be easy.