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Legend of Legaia Cheats

Hint: Easy Way To Beat Berserkersubmitted by Bloodsin - Israfel3@juno.com
When fighting Berserker in the Sky Garden, you are seriously in trouble. You'll want to save your point card points for later so.....Just use the Nighto Summonspell Hell's Music. Even if it is not leveled up, it will immobilize him. Use Nighto again while the boss is frozen and he will be annihated! Two speels and a strong obsacle is removed from your path.


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Best 8-Slot combo for Noa
Some people say the best 8 slot combo for Noa is U D U U U L D R, but it is not. L L R R L U U U will deal up to 200 more damage. Good luck and have fun.
Easy Gold & Cheap Soru Bread without Gameshark
Once you get to SOL, go to the Muscle Dome, Go up to the lady with the bunny hat and ask to enter the tournament. Get around 50 Coins (if you have to leave before the end, do so to earn little by little).

Once you have around 50 Coins, go to the Slot machines on either side of the room and play the slot machines.

If you watch the wheel spinning closely, you will notice that Punch and Kick with spikes (Blue and Yellow) are going around in circles, try to catch three in a row and you will get to the bonus game. If you get the bonus game, try to catch all 10's. each column is multiplied together, so 10x10x10 is 1000 coins.

Play even longer and you will start hearing "Kick" or "Punch", once you hear this, you can easily press the buttons to get the bonus games again.

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  • Cheap Soru Bread ******</li>
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Once you have enough coins, or dont want to play anymore, go to the lady in the booth and ask to exchange the coins for items, and you will see that Soru Bread is $100 or $200 (forgot which), but is hell of alot cheaper than paying $6000 for it in the bakery.

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  • Easy Money/Gold ******</li>
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Now that you have a pile of soru bread for cheap, bring it to any merchant (or the overpriced bakery) and resell them for $3000 each!

Courtesy of KiKing

Extra Tip - Hidden Items
In the town of buma (and maybe others) walk up to the fireplace after the mist is cleared and press X, there are items in there!
Fast Boss Defeats
After you get the point card at the Rim Elm weaponshop, get as many points bosses hp then attack the boss with the point card.
Faster leveling for healing magic
A good way to level up healing magic is through the game menu. To make this even easier, have some equipment that raises a character's maximum HP count. Go to any safe location where you can rest your characters for free, then have any character(s) equip the gear that boosts max HP. Heal up those characters using healing magic through the menu.

Unequip the gear to lower the character's max HP, then re-equip it to raise it again and heal them to recover the difference in HP. Simply repeat this over and over again; when character's run out of MP, rest up and repeat ad nauseum.
Get All Spirits
Mule(Water):First,gain 20,000 points at the fishing spot near Buma.After that,buy the Water Egg with it.Give it to Zalan,and you will get Water Talisman.

Palma(Earth):Gain 100,000 coins at the Sol Muscle Dome,then go to the prize attendant.She will say "Do you want an egg?"Say yes,and she will give you the Earth Egg.Give it to Zalan,and you will get Earth Talisman.

Jedo(Dark):After defeating Songi at Noaru Valley,go to dead Genesis Tree at West Voz Forest.Open the chest there,and you will get the Dark Stone.Give it to Zalan,and you will get Dark Talisman.

Horn(Light):After you play the music for Grantes in Sol,you will get the Light Egg from Cara.Give it to Zalan,and you will get Light Talisman.

Ozma(Thunder):First,get Gala's all 15 arts.After that,go to East Voz Forest and speak with the Genesis Tree.You will find Hari there,and you will get Ozma Spell from him.

Terra(Wind):First,get Noa's all 15 arts.After that,go to Mt. Rikuroa and speak with the Genesis Tree.You will find Hari there,and you will get Terra Spell from him.

Meta(Fire):First,get Vahn's all 15 arts.After that,go to Sol and speak to the Genesis Tree.You will find Hari there,andyou will get Meta Spell from him.

Juggernaut(Evil): Get all of your characters to level 99After that,speak with Saryu in Ratayu to get the Evil Seru Key,than go to the place where you fought Saryu.After that,get the item in the chest to get the Evil Talisman.

Note:You must equip talismans for using spells.
Get Miracle Water
After giving Spring Salts to Mayor, go to place where Hari's house was. You will see three statues made "in memory of Hari". Go to the statues and press X at in front of each one.

After doing that, do it again. At the second time, you will found Miracle Water at one of the statues.
How to get the evil medallion
In the karisto kingdom there is a hidden boss named, Lapis. He is found on Mt. Dhini summit. On the summit run to the wing statue. Move around until you encounter Lapis. Be sure your level is 54 above to defeat him. Bring along lots of Phoenix & Elixir. On his first attack your Mp will become Zero and you would not be able to regain it again. Its Hp is 40,000+. After defeating Lapis you will get the evil medallion. Equip it to any character and that character can go to BERSERK STATUS.
Legendary Rod: the true facts
Many cheats sources have maintained information about the legendary rod not being able to be grabbed until the game is almost beat ( when songi blows up Rim elm ), but the truth is that right after Getting Cara and Grantes back together, go to doctor Usha's and the rod will be on the first floor. Don't waste your time going to Rim elms doom to do some real fishing, get it early and bait the the big'uns!! I:D
Running Easily From Enemies
For running easily from enemies, use Spikefish Flute. It will summon a Spikefish, and it will help you for running. For get a Spikefish Flute, go to fishing spot at near Vidna and fish there, and you can trade your points for a Spikefish Flute there.

Note: This won't work for bosses.


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Extra MP
When you are asked by Pepe to deliver the Yuma`s Ring to Zalan in Jeremi, equip the Ring in one of the characters,it will raise your MP in 10%, and talk to Zalan with the Ring equiped, he will remove it, but the increase of magic that the ring gave you becomes permanent.
After you destroy Caruban return to Drake castle. Go to the king's room (where you found the king when the mist is still around) check the window at the upper left side of the room. This will let you buy secret items at shops.
mei's pendant
after getting the hunting clothes from Mei leave Rim Elm and go into rim elm.Now go to the good shops second floor and check in the draw to get a point card
mei's pendant
when the mist is in rim elm(before you get meta)go to Mei's house and when she asks you if she should lock all doors and close the windows or go to your house pick go to your house.When she gives you the hunting clothes you will also get mei's pendant
point card
after getting the hunting clothes from Mei leave rim elm.Now go back to rim elm and go to the second floor of the goods shop.Open the draw to get the point card