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King's Field cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

King's Field Tips

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Tips for beating the game
These tips will help you sevive in the game...and i have done all of these and beat it with ease!

-NEVER buy armor...for you will find all the armor you need in the game as you progress
-Always have the best armor you find equiped
-Use ur gold to buy healing items...and verdites if you want
-Level up as much as you can by defeating every monster you see
-dont sell everything you find for you might need it later on...but the minor things that have no real use go ahead
-Don't forget to search areas for secret doors and compartments...(watch out for traps)
-Use ur magic WISELY!!!attack most things with ur weapon
-Save ur bow and arrows for annoying guys that you cant get to but remember to take good aim
Submitted by: kingdraconus on March 29, 2007