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9999 Health
Get to level 43 or higher and draw or refine an item into 100 Curaga. Do not level up. Instead Junction 100 Curaga to HP. If you are not at 9999 HP, put on HP +20%, HP +40%, or HP +80 %.
All GFs
Quezacotl - Log into Squall's computer in the classroom.
Shiva - Get with Quezacotl by logging into the computer.
Ifrit - Defeat him at Fire Cavern
Siren - Draw her from Evloret or Tri-Point
Brothers - Defeat them at Tomb of the Unknown King
Diablos - Use Magic Lamp, then defeat him
Carbuncle - Draw from Iguion or Crysta
Leviathen - Draw from NORG or Trauma
Pandemona - Draw from Fuijin or Red Giant
Cerberus - Defeat him at Galbadia Garden or Draw from Gargantula
Alexander - Draw from Edea (Second) or Catoblepas
Doomtrain - Use Solomon's ring with 6 Remedy+, Malboro Tentacles and Steel Pipes
Bahamut - Defeat him at Deep Sea Deposit
Cactuar - Defeat Jumbo Cactuar at Cactuar Island
Tonberry - Defeat King Tonberry at Centra Ruins
Eden - Draw from Ultima Weapon or Tiamat

Boko - Use Gyashl Greens
Phenoix - Use Phenoix Pinion
Moomba - Use Friendships

Odin - Defeat him at Centra Ruins
Gilgamesh - Have Odin before you fight Seifer (Fourth)
Griever - Unaquirable
Alternate Saved Game Pictures
The saved game pictures change depending on which slot you save to.

1: Squall
2: Zell
3: Irvine
4: Quistis
5: Rinoa
6: Selphie
7: Seifer
8: Edea
9: Laguna
10: Kiros
11: Ward
12: Raijin
13: Fujin
14: Cid
15: Ultimecia
Alternative Animations
These are only infos that there are alternative animations for somethings in the FF8, and it's there just to add the fun in the game.

1. Shiva coming from the left
This appear very rarely, but will always be if you're back attacked.

2. Elnoyle's Surrendering
This actually didn't look like its surrendering or something, but inside Esthar City (not world map Esthar City), fight the Elnoyles at the soldier who said "Heehahaheehee". (Location: from Esthar city entrance, go left two screens till you found Dr. Odine's lab entrance, don't go in the lab, instead go north a screen from there and you should found the soldier on the right street). Then, keep pounding it with Renzokuken ONLY (don't let other members attacked it too). You should _oftenly_ found that if the Elnoyle didn't get killed (do a dying scene and vanish), he will be just floating there, while the winning song plays and your charas do their winning pose! It's funny when you get the animation where Squall's back facing the background and instead of the city scenery, you found that big ugly thing flying there. ; You'll still get the usual experience and stuffs.

3. Alternate Renzokuken move
This is oftenly found if Renzokuken used to fight Iron Giant, but other monsters could too, as long as they are big enough or they have a good vit. Like Elnoyle's, you need to hit it with Renzokuken ONLY. As the result, Squall's last Renzokuken move should be slashing upward the monster, but instead, you'll find him do a spin, and do a backslash against the monster, with a two-hits damage. You need to get a perfect triggers for this.
Blizzaga... ON DISC ONE?!
If you want to get a real jump start on junctioning for later on in the game, pay a visit to the Timber Maniacs building during the Forest Owls sequence in Timber. The room to the left in that building contains a hidden draw point where you can find Blizzaga.
Bomb Cards
In the beginning of this game, if the card game is your "thing", you may want to consider getting a couple of Bomb Cards, for they are the best cards available in the beginning of the game. To make things easier on yourself, use Quetzacoatl's Card Command to catch them easily.
Deep Sea Research Location
Open your world map (the small square one or the complete big one, not the globe one) and go to the lowest left corner. Exactly on the corner, you'll find the Deep Sea Research Center, where you can get GF Bahamut and Eden (draw Eden from Ultima Weapon in the Deep Sea Deposit/below the Deep Sea Research Center).
Early Magic Stat
At the beginning of the game, set Shiva to learn I Mag-RF and Quezacotl to learn Mag-J. Then, fight a bunch of Fastitocalon-Fs at the beach near Balamb. These give you 3 AP each and normally come in groups. Fastitocalons sometimes drop fish scales, which refine to 20 waters each! Once you have learned the abilities above you can reine the fish scales and equip the waters to Mag. This should boost your Mag stat by 44 points which should give you a very good magic user before you even fight the first boss.
Easy Diablos Battle
Is better if you do this when you first receive the magic lamp, since Diablos is weaker then, save before trying, when u start the battle draw AND save demi, then cast it from your MAGIC command, doing so will make Diablos cast curaga on the caster for some reason. weird huh?. keep doing this till his HP its low enough then wait for his GRAVIJA attack and leave Squall in the yellow HP while you use demi with the other characters so they get healed, and finish him up with squall's renzokuken, easy huh?, the only problem with this is that DEMI it's a rare magic so you may get 1-3 or even fail the draw each time you do it, so for this battle i recomend Squall with Ifrit so his attack its higher and 100 WATERS juntioned to his ATK, and Zell and Quistis with the other gf's this will make Squall's renzokukken stronger and increase the others MAG attribute which allows for easier and mare draws from rarer magics, the GF's combinations its for this battle only then u can change it hahaha i dont like it though haha, good luck
Easy gil and stat boosts!
To do this you must have the call shop ability which you can obtain by the GF tonberry king.(optional) you can learn the sell high and haggle ability to help with it but that is up to you. You also need to have been to the esthar shop to be able to call it. The right one will have "!!" by it. Finally you must also have the recovery med RF which you can obtain by the GF carbuncle. You must also have the GFAbl med-RF, you get it from the GF leviathan. And finally the forbid med-RF... sorry I cant remember what GF has that ability <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

First you must buy 100 tents and 100 cottages (call shop). Next use the recovery med RF to refine 75 mega-potions. Then just sell all of the mega-potions... you will find yourself making a profit. Obviously you have to repeat the process in order to gain more and more gil (sorry to state the obvious but other poeple have complained <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />).

When you have a satisfactory amount of gil, go to the esthar pet store (call shop) and buy 100 Giant rings, use the ability GFAbl med-RF and refine them into 10 gaea's rings. Next use the forbid med-RF ability and refine the 10 gaea's rings into 10 hp ups.

You can do this with the other items such as hypno crown, power wrist ect.

GF's Tonberry king - Go to the centra ruins and locate the place where you fight odin, Once you have found it keep fighting tonberrys round the fountain. You have to kill 20 of them without saving or healing in between (you can heal in battle). I recommend using the limit breaks such as renzokuken. On the 20th tonberry the tonberry king will appear, kill him and you will aquire him as a GF.
Leviathan- I think you have to draw from the garden master NORG.
Carbuncle- Draw from iguion or from krysta in ultimecia's castle.

An easy way to gain sp to learn the abilitys is to fight the cactuars on cactuar island, but you must have the ragnorok on disc 3.

Tip- cactuars are really fast, have your strongest character equip initative and auto-haste if you have it.

Note- you also fight the jumbo cactuar GF there too, but im not going into how to defeat him, look on other FAQ's.

Hope this helps!!
Easy Level Ups Late in Game
Go to the Island Closest to Hell, the Ragnarok is required for this. Now, you need to junction 100 Death Spells to Squall's Status Attack. Now that you've done this, when you attack and use the Gunblades trigger when you strike you will most enemies on the Island in a single strike. Confirmed to work on T-Rexaurs, Grendels & Blue Dragons.
Easy Money
To earn some sweet cash fast and easy, make sure you have Carbuncle's "Recov Med-RF" ability then head to Trabia region and fight an enemy called Mesmerize. Stock up on plenty of Mesmerize Blades by either defeating them, or mugging them. Use the Recov Med-RF ability to refine Mesmerize Blades into Mega-Potions, and then head to a shop to sell the Mega-Potions. 1 Mega-Potion alone is worth 5000G, and if you have Tonberry's "Sell-High" ability then they are worth 7500G each.

Note: Tents and Cottages can also be refined into Mega-Potions but I don't recommend this because you'll end up spending a lot of money just from buying them. Mesmerize Blades are free and are easy to obtain.
Easy Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon Without Auro/Hero/Holy Wars/The End
1. This tip WILL NOT use any of the above mentioned item, yet you'll beat em less in 10 minutes. BUT the preparation will start aaaaall the way starting from the very first time you start play.
2. First of all, on Squall's first mission, kill him and Zell, let Seifer alive, junction Ifrit, Shiva and Quezacotl to Seifer, max his level up to 100 and draw the 'ga' spells (Firaga, Thundaga, etc) from the enemy and give each Squall, Seifer and Zell 100 stock of each.
3. Before you can reach Ultima, STOP leveling up your charas. You don't hafta runaway ALL THE TIME, since you CAN stop levelling up your charas by CARD-ing the enemies (Quezacotl's). You'll get APs, number of enemies defeated increased, items, but no EXPs. Sweet, huh?
4. When you get Rinoa, DO NOT let her teach Angelo ANYTHING but Invincible Moon.
5. When you meet Ultima, NO MATTER how low your charas level was (heck, original levels are fine!), let one party member summon Tonberry (if you have him already, or Bahamut if you don't), let Rinoa do healing, and Squall attacking (you don't have to have Lion Heart, he still gonna kick Ultima's). He'll go down less in 10 minutes. The secret is to junction the GA spells. As you know, Ultima's level will be average of your party's level, so if you're at low levels, He will be too. BUT since you got GA spells junctioned, you'll have a level 10 charas with the strength of level 50 charas, which will knock the level 15 Ultima out cold. One Weapon down, one more to go.
6. Now, for Omega, it's a different story. He'll ALWAYS be at level 100, no matter your chara's levels. So, max your charas to 100 too just to get even with him (it's easy to level up charas at FF8 so don't fret). This is where Rinoa's not learning come in handy. Since you got only Invincible Moon and Angelo Cannon for the Combine and Angelo Rush for the counterattack, the percentage of IM in Combine is... 50-50. Very nice, don't you think? Fight Omega with Rinoa, Squall, and whoever you like (I like Zell). Get everyone at max 9999 HP, everyone's Str at 255, Rinoa's Mag at 255 and everyone's Spd above 160 by junctioning magics to those stats. You can also equip Auto Haste and Auto Potion if you like, but one thing that's must is Initiative. Make sure ALL of your chara's Ability got Initiative in one of it. At the fight, make your attacker attacks and let Rinoa heal. Skip her turn if no one is damaged. NEVER let her attack. You never know when Omega gonna use a nasty attack and kill one of your chara. Make sure to make everyone stay healthy at 9999 till Omega used Megido Flame. When he did this, quickly make Rinoa use Combine. If she pull out IM, we're in business. Revive the fallin chara/s if there's any. Skip Rinoa's turn until you think it's needed to cast another IM if you wanna, or let her do another Combine coz 9999 damage from Angelo Cannon is not a bad addition if you manage to get it. Let Squall did Renzokuken all the time and the 3rd member did his/her limit. You might gonna find Gilgamesh appearing in this trick, so you'll get a few extra damage from him if you're lucky. Omega will go down in less than 10 minutes.
Easy Way to Get Pulse Ammo to make the Lionheart
Simply junction 100 Death Spells to Squall's Staus Attack and fight an Elnoyle in Esthar. You will kill it in one strike and you will get an Energy Crystal which will refine into more than enough Pulse Ammo to make the Lionheart Gunblade.
Extra Money
Buy 100 cottages then use recovery med in your abilities to refine them to get 50 mega-potions.

Do this twice to get 100 mega-potions and then sell the mega-potions. You can only buy cottages from 'Esther Shop!!!'
In the beginning of this game, whenever you have free time, go fight the Fastitocalon-F's by the coastline near the Fire Caverns. They're a great way to get AP for your GF's considering that they give 3AP per battle and usually show up in 2's.
Four good ways of getting dark matter
During my numerous save files, I've been looking for ways to get the Dark Matter item which is required for Quistis' best limit break "Shockwave Pulsar", which is known to deal damage in the 5-digit range. I know four different ways:

1) The quick & easy way (Disc 3)
Do the UFO sidequest and obtain the PuPu card. If you actually plan to refine it, it will give you a Hungry Cookpot. Refine the Hungry Cookpot into a Dark Matter using Tool-Ref.

2) The Deling City sewer way (Disc 1)
The earliest time possible when you get to Deling City is with Laguna. Don't worry, it'll still work after that. Head toward the massive building in the middle of the city. When you go under it, you'll see a little door in the wall. Go through it and then go down the ladder. Now keep running around this screen and you'll fight lots of Creeps. They usually drop 2-3 Curse Spikes each, but you'll only get curse spikes if you're Lv20 and above. If they're not dropping any, level up some more until they start giving you curse spikes. They are most common in the screen with the save point, so don't leave.

3) The "Forbidden" way (Disc 2, Disc 3)
The reason I call it the "Forbidden" way is because you'll need to fight plenty of forbiddens to get your curse spikes. To find Forbiddens in disc 2, you'll need to go to the Grandidi forest (northern part of esthar). To get there you'll need complete the chocobo forest which is around Trabia Garden, take a chocobo from there and ride it to the forest. Use the shallows around Heath Peninsula to get across the water. Dismount your chocobo only if you're nearby the chocobo forest in Grandidi forest. Watch out for malboros and blue dragons. If you have the ragnarok, go to an island in Trabia called "Winter Island". When you get there, stay close to the mountains and you'll fight many forbiddens. The most reliable way of killing a Forbidden and getting it do drop curse spikes is using the Revive command ability (alexander) on the forbidden. If you don't have it, try killing it in one hit without mugging it.

4) My favorite way (Disc 2, Disc 3)
To get lots of curse spikes and lots of experience, you'll most importantly need quistis to learn the ability "Degenerator". To learn it, refine a gesper card into a black hole, and use the black hole on quistis. Also, you'll need Pandemona to learn initiative, which is going to be junctioned to quistis. Finally, you'll need to hurt Quistis so she gets to critical health and then she can do Limit Breaks. In Disc 2, malboros are fought in grandidi forest (I described earlier on how to get there). In disc 3, the best place to fight them is the island closest to heaven. When the battle starts, it should be Quistis' turn. Keep pressing sircle until she can do a limit break, then cast degenerator on the malboro. The malboro will die in one hit, and you'll get either 8 malboro tentacles or 10 curse spikes. If you're below level 30, curse spikes will be a rare drop, but you won't stay at a low level for long because Malboros give about 1000 EXP a piece.

To be able to refine curse spikes into dark matter, siren needs to be Lv100. Dark matters have more uses than just for quistis' limit break. These are the items that you can potentially get from refining dark matter, so it's better to have more than one:
Shaman Stone, Rosetta stone, Luck-J scroll, Luck Up, LuvLuvG, 100 Ultimas.
Getting Perfect Triggers for Renzokuken
There's only one condition: You are trained enough (or at least familiar) with the R1 trigger when you used Squall's normal attack. Next, turn off the Renzokuken indicator (on the status screen) so you won't see that trigger bar on the bottom of the screen. Now, you should be able to see freely all of Squall's moves when he execute the Renzokuken (hold down Select for a clean screen). Hit the R1 just like you're going to hit the monster with Squall's normal attack, just faster and much more. You should get perfect triggers this way.
getting squall's card
after getting breafed by Laguna on how to kill ultimecia (disc 3)and you are on the ragnarok ask Laguna to a game of cards. He will use squall's card 50% of the time
Hidden Ultima Draw Point
In FH, go to the upper floor of Mayor Dobe's house. Check the bottom right-hand corner to find an Ultima draw point.
How to defeat Omega weapon very easily
This requires no special items or high stats, all you have to do is have selphie on low health ready for her limit break.

Begin the fight with initative on selphie, this will allow her to make the first move. But you have to make sure she has 100 deaths junctioned to her status defence, or she will die from the death lv5 move that omega weapon uses first, selphie must also not have her health on a multiple of 5. Use her limit break on Omega weapon, you have to cycle through her moves in the limit break until you find one called The End. It will immediately defeat him.
How to get good cards.
Ok, you must be good at the card game and have some decent cards. You must also have the ragnorok... im not sure but i think you must be on disk 3 or 4.

Now, in the ragnorok are other people besides the party, you can play laguna after the briefing to get squalls card if you wish. There is a card player by the lift, he is called cc-joker. You can get leviathan and jumbo cactuar as well as other cards but more impotantly you can get the ultima weapon. I reccommend you save before and after each game. so that you if you lose a decent card you can always re-load. Saving after each win will assure that you will keep the cards you win.

after this it is up to you what you do with them... i suggest you use the card-mod ability to refine them for items.
Increase characters stats easily!
This may take patience for people who love to lv up early on into the game. DONT DO IT! RESIST THE TEMPTATION!

First thing you need to do is try to avoid as many battles as possible to keep every character as low a lvl as possible. This trick invovles using all the bonus's from the GF's.

Equip you GF's like ifrit to learn the str 20, 40 and bonus and say brothers, shiva, and carbuncles bounus's.

Rush through the game only learning stuff with GF's in boss battles as to keep ur people lower lvl's. Once on disk 3 with the ragnarock go get the cacutar GF. Cacutar has every bonus in the game. Kill off one of your characters and equip cactuar to one alive, and then Gfs with other bonuses to the other ramaining chara, most likley squall.

Get both people to 100, this will have increased there stats signifigently and make battles easier, switch a 100 chara out and bring in a low level, revive your dead chara. now u can but the bonuses on 2 new characters and everyone will eventually get a total stat increase. it may seem to be a long wait for what may only help a little u say, well it'll help when u see how much easier ultima and omega weapon are.
Incredible STR on disc 1!
1. Learn T-mag RF, Card, and Card Mod with Quezacotl
2. Learn Str=20% and Str+40% with Ifrit
3. Acquire 5 Abyss Worm Cards (i got them from the man in Balamb Garden, next to cure draw point)
4. Acquire Zell's Card from his mother in Balamb
5. Refine the 5 Abyss Worm Cards into 5 Windmills, then use T-mag RF to refine the 5 Windmills into 100 Tornado's.
6. Refine Zell's card into 3 Hyper Wrists, and use one of them to teach Ifrit Str+60%!

If you do all of this, you can equip Squall with Ifrit, and you can junction 100 Tornado's to his strength, and you can use the abilities STR+40% and STR+60%. His attack will be insanely powerful. You should do this before you fight X-AMT092 in Dollet, so you can kill him 8 times and earn the full 400AP. (against X-AMT092, junction thunder magic to squalls elem-atk also!)

There are a few setbacks though. First of all, you won't face any challenging enemies until disc 3. Secondly, if you want the STR+60%, you have to use Zell's Card (but it's totally worth it). AND the obvious setback is that you have to spend some time to get the 5 Abyss Worm Cards, and more time to gain AP to learn the required abilities (180AP).
Island closest to Hell/Heaven
There are two cool islands called Island closest to Hell and Island closest to Heaven where you can earn some nice EXP. The Island closest to Hell is located just west of Timber. You can clearly see it on the world map. The Island closest to Heaven is located right in front of the Holy Chocobo area in the far east.

There are also tons of hidden draw points scattered throughout these islands. They all contain great spells, such as Aura, Ultima, Meteor, etc. These draw points usually regenerate quickly, so stop by often to draw from them. When drawing, I recommend you put on Diablos' "Enc-None" ability to get no random enemy encounters.
Level 99- It could take some time and it's hard but you can do it
First have a Lionheart, a best Squall's weapon and get used to attack with Limit Breaks. Don't do this if you are under 60, be Level 60 or even higher Level 65.
Go to the Island close to Heaven and Hell and use this strategy.
1. Have a party of three. I used Squall, Zell and Irvine.
2. Have a Lionheart and be a Level 60-65.
3. Enter in a battle with everyone at full strength except Squall.
4. Have Squall in his critical. So whenever you enter in a battle when it's Squall's turn you almost every time have an option to use his Limit Break. If not then continue to push Defend until you get an option to use his Limit Break and hope that you will unleash Lionheart, Squall's strongest Limit Break.

Opponents here are the strongest and all you can do is attack them with Squall's Limit Break. Some opponents you will maybe need to attack with Lionheart two or three times, but you will win in the end.
This is how I done it. I leveled up my characters from Level 60 to Level 99. For each victory you will gain a one level, sometimes maybe two or more. It depends on the opponents that you have defeated.
Omega Weapons Pattern
1. LV5 Death - Kills anyone whose level is a multiple of 5
2. Meteor - Forbidden magic, fair damage
3. Megido Flame - Does 9998 damage to everyone no matter what
4. Gravija - 3/4 damage of current HP to everyone
5. Terra Break - multi-hits everyone for massive damage, 4000 a hit (2000 with Protect)
6. Ultima - Forbidden magic, big damage
7. Light Pillar - 9999 damage to one person
8. Repeat from 2.
Omega Weapons Pattern
1. LV5 Death - Kills anyone whose level is a multiple of 5
2. Meteor - Forbidden magic, fair damage
3. Megido Flame - Does 9998 damage to everyone no matter what
4. Gravija - 3/4 damage of current HP to everyone
5. Terra Break - multi-hits everyone for massive damage, 4000 a hit (2000 with Protect)
6. Ultima - Forbidden magic, big damage
7. Light Pillar - 9999 damage to one person
8. Repeat from 2.
Quick Levelling Up
If you have the Ragnarok fly over to The Island Closest To Heaven/Hell. Make sure Quistis's HP is very low, so there is a good chance she will use a limit break. (Auto-haste will help too, but you don't need it)

Encounter an enemy then quickly use Quistis's 'Degenerator' limit break. That will automatically kill the enemy and your party will gain a lot of EXP points
The organ in Ultimecia's castle
To get a free Rosetta Stone in Ultimecia Castle, examine the organ that is in the chapel. When you get to play your own music in the organ, press Square, Triangle, Circle, X, L1, L2, R1 and R2 all at the same time. Then, exit the chapel by going to the fountain area. Go to the North-East pathway and there should now be a passage where there used to be a barred-up prison cell. Go through there, and go through the waterway. Next, you should see Squall and the party from a bird's eye view with something in the top-right corner of the screen. Walk up to it and you'll get a rosetta stone. This must be done after you used the floodgate key to drain away all the water.
Train as much as you can before doing anything! Exspecially train before your 2 exams before the beginning so you have higher scores and get more money later on!
This is a guide for defeating a second strongest Boss in the game, Ultima Weapon.

I defeated Ultima Weapon in three turns, so yeah it was an ultimate defeat because he couldn't stand a chance against my characters.

Okay, so this is what you have to do.
Have Squall and Zell on Level 100 and Irvine above Level 80.
Equip to Squall his Ultimate Weapon Lionheart.

Junction on Squall-
HP- Flare 100
STR- Ultima or Meteor, it doesn't matter you just need to have STR 255.
VIT- Meltdown 100
MAG- Drain, it doeasn't matter
SPR- Reflect 100
SPD- Triple 100



Junction on Zell-
HP- Flare 100
VIT- Meltdown 100
MAG- Holy
SPR- Shell
SPD- Haste 100



Junction on Irvine-
HP- Firaga 100
STR- Death
SPR- Meltdown



When the battle start Zell will have Auto-Haste and use Haste on Squall. Attack with Squall Ultima Weapon, then with Zell use Aura on Squall and attack with Squall's Limit Break. With Irvine Draw Eden from Ultima Weapon. As you have Auto-Haste with Zell and Haste on Squall they will be almost always on their turns. After you Draw Eden attack again with Squall's Limit Break. Squall will be instantly on the turn and again use his Limit Break, but this time a chance is very high to use your strongest Limit Break. Attack with Squall's Limit Break Lion Heart and you will defeat Ultima Weapon.

Maybe two or three times Ultima Weapon will attack you, but he won't has enough time to kill all of your characters. It's only important that Squall survives and you will win.

This is how it goes:

1st Turn
Zell- Haste on Squall
Squall- Attack

2nd Turn
Zell- Aura on Squall
Squall- Limit Break

3rd Turn
Irvine- Draw Eden
Squll- Limit Break

4th Turn
Squall- Limit Break

So, you just need to attack with Limit Break three times and you will win.

Unlimited holy wars
You must have do 4 things before ya can do it -

1. Gilgamesh card,
2. Quezacotl card mod ability,
3. Must have played the cc group,
4. Must be on disk 4

Once you have these requirements met refine the gilgamesh card into 10 holy wars, then challenge the cc group if they pull their cards out in bout 4 secs they have the gilgamesh card but they wont pull it out first time all the time so keep battling them till ya have it back. keep doing it till ya have 100 holy wars
Unlimited Potions
Remember the bridge in Timber where the Galbadian soldiers were talking? If you go there with either Rinoa or Quistis in your party, a man may appear who will give you a Potion if you talk to him a couple of times. Leave this area and come back, then talk to the man again to get another Potion. You can do this as many times as you'd like.


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" how to get diablos to heal you "
when you open the item cid gives you it turns into a fight with a demon gf diablos its kinda hard but with this its a peice of cake. all you have to do is blind him once the is done the battle is extremely easy and if you need healing cast demi on him and if that dosent work click draw and select demi from him and cast it on him from his own magic but first try your demi and when you cast it on him he will use curaga on you
600 Ultimas
Ultima is the best spell you can get for junctioning, and, if you put the effort in, it's not too difficult to get enough for all your characters to have one hundred each.

There's an Ultima draw point at the entrance of the Shumi village. Go there as soon as possible, and start drawing them. You need to pay 5000 gil to the Shumi's guarding it for this, but it's a small price to pay. If you go there regularly and draw as often as you can (you need to wait a while for it to fill up again) you can easily get over a hundred through the course of the game.

When you go to fight Ultima Weapon (at the bottom of the deep sea research centre), remove all your Ultima's from the three characters in your party and give them to someone else. Then, in battle, draw one hundred each. It will take a while, but it's worth it. Before starting the battle use Forbid-Mag RF to change all your Ultima stones to spells, and give them to whoever has your others, or another character if you already have over one hundred (it's possible). The reason for this is that Ultima Weapon drops one hundred Ultima stones as well.

For your final one hundred Ultima's you can use the draw points on the Island's closest to Heaven and Hell, or you can use Forbid-Mag RF to refine pulse ammo, dark matter or energy crystals to get a few more. If you feel up to it, then you can get a few from Omega weapon. Before the battle give the three characters you're not using one hundred Ultima's each, and then split the two hundred or so you have left between your other three characters. I advise junctioning the sixty or so each one has to strength. Then, in battle, just draw the forty or so each one needs before killing Omega. This may seem challenging at first, but it's perfectly possible.
All Secret GF's!
Ok, here is how to get all of the secret GF's, from Alexander onward.

Doomtrain-Get The Solomon Ring, from Tears Point. Make sure you have 6 Marlboro Tentacles, 6 Remedy+'s, and 6 Steel Pipes, then use Doomtrain, he will be yours.

TonBerry-Defeat 20 or so Tonberry's at Centra Ruins[must obtain Odin first], then Master Tonberry will appear. Defeat it, to obtain Tonberry.

Cactuar-Defeat Cactuar King On Cactuar Island, to south of map.

Bahamut-Research Center, in Corner of map. Defeat Ruby Dragon, pick hidden option I believe, to initiate fight with Bahamut. Defeat him to obtain.

Eden-Go through the Research Center, make way to the bottom, fight Ultima Weapon, draw from Ultima Weapon.
Easy EXP
You have to have the Ragnarok and Odin for this. This strategy is simple. Fly to the island closest to Heaven or Hell, and find monsters. as soon as you are attacked, run away. repeat this until odin comes. If you are low enough, you can gain multiple levels from one encounter!
Easy Juntion HP
What you Need- The GF Siren (Drawn from Elovet on the Dollet Communications Tower) and her LMag Refine. And some money. (Atleast 20,000 G)

Whenever you get teh chance to get to Balamb (the little town, not garden) go to the Item Shop. Which is near the Train Station. And buy Tents from him. Tents are 1,000 G each. And each one refines in 10 Curaga. Juntion that Curaga to one of your characters that have the HP juntion and you'll have a massive amount of HP.
Easy way to beat Omega Weapon
First you will need to card mod the Bahamut card for 100 megaelixers and the GF card that you get after Odin dies for 10 holy wars. You will also need at least 30 aura magics and 30 meltdown magics. It really doesn't matter who your characters are as long as Squall has the Lionheart sword. Give one character the 30 meltdown and the other the 30 aura. You will only want to attack with squall so have one person use a holy war immediatly and the other cast aura on squall. Do not attack with squall yet because you will want another character to cast meltdown on the Omega weapon first. After you've cast meltdown start using squalls limit break as many times as you can before the aura wears off. Hopefully he does Lionheart a couple of times as this will take away the most damage. Keep a close eye on your characters though to see when the holy war wears off. When you see it fade stop everything and cast it again as fast as you can to avoid the weapons attacks.It will takle awhile but if you stay with the strategy and cast aura, meltdown, and holywars when you need to the weapon will be a piece of cake. I used Squall, Zell, and Quistis for the battle and it took about 25 minutes to kill him but at the the end all three had full health.
FFVIII Timber Additional Treasures
There are two additional stuffs that I found failed to be mentioned on the Walkthrus of FFVIII I've ever read. I didn't know whether coz they think it's not important or coz they didn't know. But I'll mention it anyway. Both of these are obtainable at Timber.

As you might know, there are lotsa other things to collect at Timber during Forest Owl's sequence, like Angelo Card, Tonberry Card, etc. And there are also that Owl's Tears stuff and Train Accident after the Forest Owl's sequence. But did you know that you could get infinite potions and an extra Pet Nametag?

The infinite Potions are accessible anytime you have Rinoa in your party. Even during Forest Owl's sequence. Remember that bridge you'll find if you go South from Timber's Train Station that headed to Balamb? If you come from the town's gate, you'll find this bridge if you go left from the Hotel screen. At this very bridge, you'll found a guy in dark green asking for Rinoa. If Rinoa's not in your party, he'll ask, "Rinoa's not with you?", but if Rinoa's in your party, the first time you talk to this guy, he'll say, "Umm..., hi Rinoa. Nice weather isn't it?" Talk to him once more and he'll give you (well, he gave it to Rinoa actually) a Potion. You can get Potions from this guy anytime you want to. Just exit and re-enter, talk to him, get the potion, and on, and on. As long as Rinoa's with you, he just can't say no.

You can get Pet Nametag from Zone if you gave him Girl Next Door for free, but incase you need another one, you can get it again here in Timber. At Disc 2, return to Timber and you'll find a guy in green sitting next to Timber Maniacs building. This guy is actually the guy who'll say "Timber Maniacs? This is the building." if you talk to him during Forest Owl's sequence. But this time he'll say that he wanna quit writing. Choose "You shouldn't" when he ask your comment. We'll leave the guy alone now. At Disc 3, return back to Timber, to Timber Maniacs building, and you'll find the guy walking back and forth now. Talk to him again and he'll say that he's a journalist now and thanked you for your support. You'll receive a Pet Nametag as his token of thanks.

Don't all the guys in green here at Timber are all nice guys?
First Ten Seed Test Answers
Get Cactuar GF
First before you try to get Cactuar you should be around level 60 and have the Levithian GF. You have to go to Cactuar Island which is in the southeast corner of the Esthar continent. You can distinguish it because of the big green Catuar that keeps appearing and disappearing on the island, this is the Jumbo Cactuar that you have to battle. You should equip the Revive and Recover Abilities on two different people because the Jumbo Cactuar uses the 10,000 needles ability which can wipe out a character in a single shot. The third person should be able to cast Life or Full Life spells. Also the Jumbo Cactuar is weak against water so use Levithian. The Battle is all about patience because you have to keep reviving your characters and attacking at the same time plus the Jumbo Cactuar has 60,000 HP. Have one character act as a medic while the other two attack. After attacking the Jumbo Cactuar for a while a little sign will appear saying that the Jumbo Cactuar is hesitating. Stop all your attacks at this point because he may runaway. Just use Levithian and your strongest attacks to finish him off before you! Stop. After you beat him you got the Cactuar GF. This is one of the best GFs in the game. When it's at level 100 he can do 10,000 points of damage and you will never have to boost, ever!
killing anything
to kill anything on the game have selphie on low HP then keep tapping circle until it let's you use her limit break then open your playstation lid so you can take your time choosing what you are gonna do then when it get's to the end close your playstation lid then whatever you battled will die this even kills ultimecia and omega weapon
Missile Base Humour
Inside the Galbadian Missile Base there is a console where you can view the Galbadian equipment, if you hold Triangle and Square at the same time and press either up or down, it doesn't matter which, you will see something strange, funny and interesting...

Potion [n/a]

Potion+ [Med LV Up: Potion (3) = 1]

Hi-Potion [Recov Med-RF: Healing Water = 2/Healing Mail = 6]/[Med LV Up: Potion+ (3) = 1]

Hi-Potion+ [Med LV Up: Hi-Potion (3) = 1]

X-Potion [Med LV Up: Hi-Potion+ (3) = 1]/[Card Mod: Fujin, Raijin = 1/Wedge, Biggs = 1]

Mega-Potion [Recov Med-RF: Tent (4) = 1/Cottage (2) = 1/Mesmerize Blade = 2/Healing Ring = 20]/[Med LV Up: X-Potion (3) = 1]

Phoenix Down [Recov Med-RF: Life Ring = 2/Regen Ring = 8/Phoenix Spirit = 100]

Mega Phoenix [Med LV Up: Phoenix Down (50) = 1]

Elixir [Forbid Med-RF: Mega-Potion (20) = 1/Elem Atk = 4/Elem Guard = 4/Status Atk = 4/Status Guard = 4]/[Med LV Up: Remedy+ (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Angelo = 100]

Megalixir [Forbid Med-RF: Doc's Code = 1/Med Kit = 2]/[Med LV Up: Elixir (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Bahamut = 100]

Antidote [ST Med-RF: Poison Powder = 3/Venom Fang = 10]

Soft [ST Med-RF: Cockatrice Pinion = 3]

Eye Drops [ST Med-RF: Ochu Tentacle = 3]

Echo Screen [ST Med-RF: Silence Powder = 3]

Holy Water [ST Med-RF: Zombie Powder = 3]

Remedy [ST Med-RF: Betrayal Sword (5) = 1/Sleep Powder (5) = 1/Curse Spike = 1/Dragon Fang = 1/Malboro Tentacle = 1/Med Kit = 20]

Remedy+ [Med LV Up: Remedy (10) = 1]


Hero-trial [Forbid Med-RF: Shaman Stone (10)* = 1]

Hero [Med LV Up: Hero-trial (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Laguna Card = 100]

Holy War-trial [Med LV Up: Hero (10) = 1]

Holy War [Med LV Up: Holy War-trial (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Gilgamesh Card = 10]

* Doomtrain must be Level 100


Shell Stone [Tool-RF: Rune Armlet = 10/Force Armlet = 30]/[Card Mod: Mobile Type 8 = 10]

Protect Stone [Tool-RF: Turtle Shell = 10/Orihalcon = 30]/[Card Mod: BGH251F2 = 10]

Aura Stone [Tool-RF: Steel Pipe = 1/Circlet = 2/Fury Fragment = 2/Strength Love = 2/Hypno Crown = 10/Power Wrist = 10]

Death Stone [Tool-RF: Dead Spirit = 2]/[Card Mod: Elvoret = 10]

Holy Stone [Tool-RF: Moon Stone = 2]/[Card Mod: Krysta = 10]

Flare Stone [Tool-RF: Inferno Fang = 2]/[Card Mod: Tiamat = 10]

Meteor Stone [Tool-RF: Star Fragment = 2]/[Card Mod: Red Giant = 5]

Ultima Stone [Tool-RF: Energy Crystal = 2]/[Card Mod: Ultima Weapon = 1]

Gysahl Greens [Card Mod: Chicobo = 100]

Phoenix Pinion [Tool-RF: Mega Phoenix (3) = 1]


Tent [Tool-RF: Healing Water = 2/Regen Ring = 5]

Pet House [GFRecov Med-RF: Healing Mail = 1/Silver Mail = 2/Gold Armor = 4/Diamond Armor = 16]/[Card Mod: MiniMog Card = 100]

Cottage [Tool-RF: Whisper = 1/Healing Ring = 30/Diamond Armor = 50]


G-Potion [n/a]

G-Hi-Potion [GFRecov Med-RF: Healing Water = 2/Mesmerize Blade = 2/Whisper = 4]

G-Mega-Potion [GFRecov Med-RF: Healing Ring = 20]/[Card Mod: Propagator = 1/Sphinxara = 1]

G-Returner [GFRecov Med-RF: Life Ring = 2/Pet House = 2/Regen Ring = 8/Phoenix Spirit = 40]/[Card Mod: Granaldo = 1]

Rename Card [Card Mod: Catoblepas = 1]

Amnesia Greens [n/a]

HP-J Scroll [GFAbl Med-RF: HP Up (2) = 1]

Str-J Scroll [GFAbl Med-RF: Str Up (2) = 1]

Vit-J Scroll [GFAbl Med-RF: Vit Up (2) = 1]

Mag-J Scroll [GFAbl Med-RF: Mag Up (2) = 1]

Spr-J Scroll [GFAbl Med-RF: Spr Up (2) = 1]

Spd-J Scroll [GFAbl Med-RF: Spd Up (2) = 1]

Luck-J Scroll [GFAbl Med-RF: Luck Up (2) = 1/Dark Matter = 1]

Aegis Amulet [GFAbl Med-RF: Barrier (50) = 1]

Elem Atk [GFAbl Med-RF: Samantha Soul (20) = 1]/[Card Mod: Ifrit = 3]

Elem Guard [GFAbl Med-RF: Diamond Armor (5) = 1]/[Card Mod: Selphie = 3]

Status Atk [GFAbl Med-RF: Royal Crown (20) = 1]/[Card Mod: Siren = 3]

Status Guard [GFAbl Med-RF: Ribbon = 1]/[Card Mod: Doomtrain = 3]

Rosetta Stone [GFAbl Med-RF: Shaman Stone = 1]

Magic Scroll [n/a]

GF Scroll [n/a]

Draw Scroll [n/a]

Item Scroll [n/a]

Gambler Spirit [Card Mod: Shumi Tribe (5) = 1]

Healing Ring [GFAbl Med-RF: Whisper (100) = 1]

Phoenix Spirit [GFAbl Med-RF: Phoenix Pinion (20) = 1]/[Card Mod: Phoenix = 3]

Med Kit [GFAbl Med-RF: Dragon Fang (100) = 1]

Bomb Spirit [GFAbl Med-RF: Bomb Fragment (100) = 1]

Hungry Cookpot [Card Mod: PuPu = 1]

Steel Pipe [Card Mod: Elastoid = 1]

Star Fragment [Card Mod: Iron Giant (3) = 1]

Energy Crystal [Card Mod: Elnoyle (10) = 1]

Samantha Soul [GFAbl Med-RF: Energy Crystal (50) = 1]/[Card Mod: Quistis = 3]

Healing Mail [Card Mod: Turtapod (5) = 1

Silver Mail [n/a]

Gold Armor [GFAbl Med-RF: Silver Mail (10) = 1]

Diamond Armor [GFAbl Med-RF: Gold Armor (5) = 1]/[Card Mod: Seifer = 3]

Regen Ring [Card Mod: Chimera (10) = 1]

Giant's Ring [GFAbl Med-RF: HP-J Scroll (10) = 1]

Gaea's Ring [GFAbl Med-RF: Giant's Ring (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Ward = 3]

Strength Love [Card Mod: Gargantua (10) = 1]

Power Wrist [GFAbl Med-RF: Str-J Scroll (10) = 1]

Hyper Wrist [GFAbl Med-RF: Power Wrist (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Zell = 3]

Turtle Shell [Card Mod: Adamantoise (3) = 1/X-ATM092 (2) = 1]

Orihalcon [GFAbl Med-RF: Vit-J Scroll (10) = 1]

Adamantine [GFAbl Med-RF: Orihalcon (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Minotaur = 10]

Rune Armlet [Card Mod: Blobra (4) = 1]

Force Armlet [GFAbl Med-RF: Mag-J Scroll (10) = 1]

Magic Armlet [GFAbl Med-RF: Force Armlet (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Rinoa = 3]

Circlet [Card Mod: Gerogero (10) = 1]

Hypno Crown [GFAbl Med-RF: Spr-J Scroll (10) = 1]

Royal Crown [GFAbl Med-RF: Hypno Crown (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Edea = 3]

Jet Engine [GFAbl Med-RF: Spd-J Scroll (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Tri-Point (40) = 1]

Rocket Engine [GFAbl Med-RF: Jet Engine (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Irvine = 3]

Moon Curtain [GFAbl Med-RF: Malboro Tentacle (100) = 1/Magic Armlet (20) = 1]/[Card Mod: Alexander = 3]

Steel Curtain [GFAbl Med-RF: Adamantine (20) = 1]

Glow Curtain [GFAbl Med-RF: Dragon Skin (100) = 1]/[Card Mod: Carbuncle = 3]

Accelerator [GFAbl Med-RF: Lightweight (100) = 1]/[Card Mod: Kiros = 3]

Monk's Code [GFAbl Med-RF: Glow Curtain (2) = 1]/[Card Mod: Eden = 3]

Knight's Code [GFAbl Med-RF: Holy War (5) = 1]

Doc's Code [GFAbl Med-RF: Elixir (10) = 1]/[Card Mod: Leviathan = 3]

Hundred Needles [GFAbl Med-RF: Cactus Thorn (100) = 1]

Three Stars [Card Mod: Squall = 3]


Normal Ammo [Ammo-RF: Screw = 8]

Shotgun Ammo [n/a]

Dark Ammo [Ammo-RF: Poison Powder = 10/Venom Fang = 20]/[Card Mod: Abadon = 30]

Fire Ammo [Ammo-RF: Fuel = 10/Bomb Fragment = 20/Red Fang = 40]/[Card Mod: Oilboyle = 30]

Demolition Ammo [Ammo-RF: Missile = 20/Cactus Thorn = 40/Running Fire = 40]/[Card Mod: Trauma = 30]

Fast Ammo [Ammo-RF: Normal Ammo = 1/Shotgun Ammo = 2]/[Card Mod: GIM47N = 10]

AP Ammo [Ammo-RF: Sharp Spike = 10/Chef's Knife = 20]

Pulse Ammo [Ammo-RF: Laser Cannon = 5/Energy Crystal = 10/Power Generator = 20]


M-Stone Piece [Card Mod: Bite Bug = 1/Funguar = 1]

Magic Stone [Card Mod: Buel = 1/Grat = 1/Jelleye = 1]

Wizard Stone [Tool-RF: Draw Scroll = 10/Gambler Spirit = 10/GF Scroll = 10/Item Scroll = 10/Magic Scroll = 10]/[Card Mod: Imp = 1/Vysage = 1]

Ochu Tentacle [Card Mod: Ochu = 1]

Healing Water [n/a]

Cockatrice Pinion [Card Mod: Cockatrice = 1/Iguion = 1]

Zombie Powder [Card Mod: Blood Soul = 1]

Lightweight [Card Mod: Cerberus = 100]

Sharp Spike [Card Mod: Death Claw = 1/Grand Mantis = 1]

Screw [Card Mod: Geezard = 5]

Saw Blade [Card Mod: Belhelmel = 1]

Mesmerize Blade [Card Mod: Mesmerize = 1]

Vampire Fang [Card Mod: Red Bat = 1]

Fury Fragment [Card Mod: Blue Dragon (4) = 1]

Betrayal Sword [Card Mod: Forbidden = 1]

Sleep Powder [n/a]

Life Ring [Card Mod: Torama (5) = 1]

Dragon Fang [n/a]


Spider Web [Card Mod: Caterchipillar = 1]

Coral Fragment [Card Mod: Creeps = 1]

Curse Spike [Card Mod: Tri-Face = 1]

Black Hole [Card Mod: Gesper = 1/Diablos = 100]

Water Crystal [Card Mod: Fastitocalon-F (5) = 1/Fastitocalon = 1]

Missile [n/a]

Mystery Fluid [Card Mod: Gayla = 1]

Running Fire [Card Mod: SAM08G = 1]

Inferno Fang [Card Mod: Ruby Dragon (10) = 1]

Malboro Tentacle [Card Mod: Malboro (4) = 1]

Whisper [n/a]

Laser Cannon [n/a]

Barrier [Card Mod: Behemoth (10) = 1]

Power Generator [n/a]

Dark Matter [Tool-RF: Curse Spike (100)* = 1]

* Siren must be Level 100


Bomb Fragment [Card Mod: Bomb = 1]

Red Fang [Card Mod: Hexadragon (3) = 1]

Arctic Wind [Card Mod: Glacial Eye = 1]

North Wind [Card Mod: Snow Lion = 1/Shiva = 100]

Dynamo Stone [Card Mod: Blitz = 1/Quezacotl = 100]

Shear Feather [Card Mod: Thrustaevis = 1]

Venom Fang [Card Mod: Anacondaur = 1]

Steel Orb [Card Mod: Wendigo = 1]

Moon Stone [n/a]

Dino Bone [Card Mod: T-Rexaur (2) = 1/Armadodo = 1/Sacred = 100]

Windmill [Card Mod: Abyss Worm = 1/Pandemona = 100]

Dragon Skin [n/a]

Fish Fin [n/a]

Dragon Fin [Card Mod: Grendel = 1]

Silence Powder [n/a]

Poison Powder [n/a]

Dead Spirit [Card Mod: Odin = 100]

Chef's Knife [Card Mod: Tonberry = 1/Tonberry King = 1]

Cactus Thorn [Card Mod: Cactuar = 1/Jumbo Cactuar = 1]

Shaman Stone [Tool-RF: Dark Matter = 1/Hungry Cookpot = 1/Rosetta Stone = 1]


HP Up [Forbid Med-RF: Gaea's Ring = 1]

Str Up [Forbid Med-RF: Hyper Wrist (10) = 1/Monk's Code = 1]

Vit Up [Forbid Med-RF: Adamantine (5) = 1/Knight's Code = 1]

Mag Up [Forbid Med-RF: Royal Crown (10) = 1]

Spr Up [Forbid Med-RF: Magic Armlet (10) = 1]

Spd Up [Forbid Med-RF: Jet Engine (50) = 1/Rocket Engine (5) = 1/Aegis Amulet (2) = 1/Hundred Needles = 1]

Luck Up [Forbid Med-RF: Luck-J Scroll = 1]

LuvLuv G [Tool-RF: Shaman Stone = 1]/[Card Mod: Chubby Chocobo Card = 100]



Thunder [M-Stone Piece = 5]
Thundara [Magic Stone = 5/Coral Fragment = 20]
Thundaga [Wizard Stone = 5/Dynamo Stone = 20]
Aero [Shear Feather = 20]
Tornado [Windmill = 20]
Mid Mag-RF [Thunder (5) = Thundara]
High Mag-RF [Thundara (5) = Thundaga]/[Aero (10) = Tornado]


Blizzard [M-Stone Piece = 5]
Blizzara [Magic Stone = 5/Arctic Wind = 20]
Blizzaga [Wizard Stone = 5/North Wind = 20]
Water [Fish Fin = 20/Water Crystal = 50]
Mid Mag-RF [Blizzard (5) = Blizzara]
High Mag-RF [Blizzara (5) = Blizzaga]


[F Mag-RF]
Fire [M-Stone Piece = 5]
Fira [Magic Stone = 5/Bomb Fragment = 20]
Firaga [Wizard Stone = 5/Red Fang = 20/Bomb Spirit = 100/Phoenix Pinion = 100/Phoenix Spirit = 100]
Flare [Flare Stone = 1/Inferno Fang = 20]
Mid Mag-RF [Fire (5) = Fira]
High Mag-RF [Fira (5) = Firaga]


Holy [Holy Stone = 1/Moon Stone = 20]
Cure [M-Stone Piece = 5]
Cura [Magic Stone = 5/Healing Water = 20]
Curaga [Wizard Stone = 5/Tent = 10/Cottage = 20/Healing Mail = 20/Whisper = 50/Healing Ring = 100]
Life [Life Ring = 20]
Full-life [Regen Ring = 20/Phoenix Spirit = 100]
Regen [Mesmerize Blade = 20]
Zombie [Holy Water = 2/Zombie Powder = 20]
Death [Death Stone = 1/Saw Blade = 10/Dead Spirit = 20/Chef's Knife = 30]
Mid Mag-RF [Cure (5) = Cura]
High Mag-RF [Cura (5) = Curaga]


Demi [Steel Orb = 15/Black Hole = 30]
Quake [Dino Bone = 20]
Double [Dragon Fin = 20]
Triple [Rocket Engine = 50/Samantha Soul = 60/Three Stars = 100]
Haste [Magic Stone = 5/Lightweight = 20/Accelerator = 100/Aegis Amulet = 100]
Slow [M-Stone Piece = 5/Spider Web = 20]
Stop [Wizard Stone = 5]
High Mag-RF [Double (10) = Triple]


Bio [Antidote = 1/Wizard Stone = 5/Venom Fang = 20/Malboro Tentacle = 40]
Sleep [Sleep Powder = 20]
Blind [Eye Drops = 1/Ochu Tentacle = 30]
Silence [Echo Screen = 2/M-Stone Piece = 5/Silence Powder = 20]
Confuse [Betrayal Sword = 20]
Berserk [Magic Stone = 5/Steel Pipe = 20]
Break [Soft = 3/Cockatrice Pinion = 20]
Meltdown [Mystery Fluid = 10]
Pain [Curse Spike = 10]


Esuna [M-Stone Piece = 5/Remedy = 5/Dragon Fang = 20/Med Kit = 100]
Dispel [Magic Stone = 5/Saw Blade = 20/Wizard Stone = 20]
Protect [Protect Stone = 1/Turtle Shell = 30/Giant's Ring = 60/Steel Curtain = 100]
Shell [Shell Stone = 1/Barrier = 40/Rune Armlet = 40/Moon Curtain = 100]
Reflect [Dragon Skin = 20/Glow Curtain = 100]
Drain [Vampire Fang = 20]
Aura [Aura Stone = 1/Fury Fragment = 5]


Meteor [Meteor Stone = 1/Star Fragment = 5]
Ultima [Ultima Stone = 1/Pulse Ammo (5) = 1/Energy Crystal = 3/Dark Matter = 100]

Seed Test Answers 11-30

Shiva's card
When on the ship you Ellone on go and speak to Zone and then he will go into the cabin, then go and look for "The girl next door" book and give it to Zone and he will give you Shiva's card.
Super Strength:Squall
Once your GF's learn STR+10%, 20%, etc. set it on squall. Then junction to his strength tornadoes if you have 100 of them. With the lion heart and a flash-using trigger you could probably do 9999 damage every hit, which would work well with his limit break, Renzokuken
Triple Triad Cards
Monster Cards are the most common and can be obtained in several ways. Each depicted monster carries its own card. You can acquire these cards in battle by defeating the corresponding monster or by transforming it into a card using the Card command. Additionally, Monster Cards can be won from virtually every card player in the game. Listed below you'll find the name of each card followed by the item you can refine from it using the Card Mod ability.


Geezard/1 = Screw (5)
Funguar/1 = M-Stone Piece
Bite Bug/1 = M-Stone Piece
Red Bat/1 = Vampire Fang
Blobra/4 = Rune Amulet
Gayla/1 = Mystery Fluid
Gesper/1 = Black Hole
Fastitocalon-F/5 = Water Crystal
Blood Soul/1 = Zombie Powder
Caterchipillar/1 = Spider Web
Cockatrice/1 = Cockatrice Pinion


Grat/1 = Magic Stone
Buel/1 = Magic Stone
Mesmerize/1 = Mesmerize Blade
Glacial Eye/1 = Arctic Wind
Belhelmel/1 = Saw Blade
Thrustaevis/1 = Shear Feather
Anacondaur/1 = Venom Fang
Creeps/1 = Coral Fragment
Grendel/1 = Dragon Fin
Jelleye/1 = Magic Stone
Grand Mantis/1 = Sharp Spike


Forbidden/1 = Betrayal Sword
Armadodo/1 = Dino Bone
Tri-Face/1 = Curse Spike
Fastitocalon/1 = Water Crystal
Snow Lion/1 = North Wind
Ochu/1 = Ochu Tentacle
SAM08G/1 = Running Fire
Death Claw/1 = Sharp Spike
Cactuar/1 = Cactus Thorn
Tonberry/1 = Chef's Knife
Abyss Worm/1 = Windmill


Turtapod/5 = Healing Mail
Vysage/1 = Wizard Stone
T-Rexaur/2 = Dino Bone
Bomb/1 = Bomb Fragment
Blitz/1 = Dynamo Stone
Wendigo/1 = Steel Orb
Torama/5 = Life Ring
Imp/1 = Wizard Stone
Blue Dragon/4 = Fury Fragment
Adamantoise/3 = Turtle Shell
Hexadragon/3 = Red Fang


Iron Giant/3 = Star Fragment
Behemoth/10 = Barrier
Chimera/10 = Regen Ring
PuPu*/1 = Hungry Cookpot
Elastoid/1 = Steel Pipe
GIM47N/1 = Fast Ammo (10)
Malboro/4 = Malboro Tentacle
Ruby Dragon/10 = Inferno Fang
Elnoyle/10 = Energy Crystal
Tonberry King/1 = Chef's Knife
Wedge, Biggs/1 = X-Potion

* PuPu's card is a one-of-a-kind card that can only be obtained by completing the UFO? Optional Quest


Boss Cards are more difficult to come by than Monster Cards. On rare occasion you can acquire these cards in battle by transforming certain monsters using the Card command. Additionally, Boss Cards can be won from the more skilled card players in the game. Listed below you'll find the name of each card followed by the item you can refine from it and the monsters that sometimes transform into it.


Fujin, Raijin/1 = X-Potion/[Iron Giant, Jelleye]
Elvoret/1 = Death Stone (10)/[Ochu, Bite Bug]
X-ATM092/2 = Turtle Shell/[SAM08G, Red Bat]
Granaldo/1 = G-Returner/[Death Claw, Blobra]
Gerogero/10 = Circlet/[Cactuar, Gayla]
Iguion/1 = Cockatrice Pinion/[Tonberry, Gesper]
Abadon/1 = Dark Ammo (30)/[Abyss Worm, Blood Soul]
Trauma/1 = Demolition Ammo (30)/[Turtapod, Caterchipillar]
Oilboyle/1 = Fire Ammo (30)/[GIM47N, Cockatrice]
Shumi Tribe/5 = Gambler Spirit/[T-Rexaur, Grat]
Krysta/1 = Holy Stone (10)/[Bomb, Buel]


Propagator/1 = G-Mega-Potion/[Blitz, Mesmerize]
Jumbo Cactuar/1 = Cactus Thorn/[Wendigo, Glacial Eye]
Tri-Point/40 = Jet Engine/[Torama, Belhelmel]
Gargantua/10 = Strength Love/[Imp, Thrustaevis]
Mobile Type 8/1 = Shell Stone (10)/[Blue Dragon, Anacondaur]
Sphinxara/1 = G-Mega-Potion/[Adamantoise, Creeps]
Tiamat/1 = Flare Stone (10)/[Hexadragon, Grendel]
BGH251F2/1 = Protect Stone (10)/[Behemoth, Grand Mantis]
Red Giant/1 = Meteor Stone (5)/[Chimera, Forbidden]
Catoblepas/1 = Rename Card/[Elnoyle, Armadodo]
Ultima Weapon/1 = Ultima Stone/[Elastoid, Tri-Face]


GF Cards and Player Cards are one-of-a-kind cards that can only be obtained by winning specific battles or by challenging the right person to a game of cards at the right time. Listed below you'll find the name of each card followed by the item you can refine from it, where you can find it and which section of the walk-through explains how to get it.



Chubby Chocobo/1 = LuvLuvG (100)/[Student (Queen of Cards)]
Angelo/1 = Elixir (100)/[Watts (First Mission)]
Gilgamesh/1 = Holy War (10)/[King (CC Group)]
MiniMog/1 = Pet House (100)/[Junior Classman (Fire Cavern)]
Chicobo/1 = Gysahl Greens (100)/[Chicobo (Chocobo Forests)]
Quezacotl/1 = Dynamo Stone (100)/[Mayor Dobe (Fishermans Horizon)]
Shiva/1 = North Wind (100)/[Zone (White SeeD Ship)]
Ifrit/1 = Elem Atk (3)/[Ifrit (Fire Cavern)]
Siren/1 = Status Atk (3)/[Dollet Pub Owner (Dollet)]
Sacred/1 = Dino Bone (100)/[Minotaur (Tomb of the Unknown King)]
Minotaur/1 = Adamantine (10)/[Unknown King (Tomb of the Unknown King)]


Carbuncle/1 = Glow Curtain (3)/[Heart (CC Group)]
Diablos/1 = Black Hole (100)/[Diablos (First Mission)]
Leviathan/1 = Doc's Code (3)/[Joker (CC Group)]
Odin/1 = Dead Spirit (100)/[Odin (Centra Ruins)]
Pandemona/1 = Windmill (100)/[Balamb Hotel Owner (Occupied Balamb)]
Cerberus/1 = Lightweight (100)/[Cerberus (Clash of the Gardens)]
Alexander/1 = Moon Curtain (3)/[Piet (Rinoa)]
Phoenix/1 = Phoenix Spirit (3)/[Presidential Aide (Queen of Cards)]
Bahamut/1 = Megalixir (100)/[Bahamut (Deep Sea Research Center)]
Doomtrain/1 = Status Guard (3)/[Bartender (Queen of Cards)]
Eden/1 = Monk's Code (3)/[Ultima Weapon (Deep Sea Research Center)]



Ward/1 = Gaea's Ring (3)/[Doc Odine (Esthar)]
Kiros/1 = Accelerator (3)/[Man (Queen of Cards)]
Laguna/1 = Hero (100)/[Ellone (Rinoa)]
Selphie/1 = Elem Guard (3)/[Selphie's Friend (Trabia Garden)]
Quistis/1 = Samantha Soul (3)/[Trepe Groupie #1 (Fire Cavern)]
Irvine/1 = Rocket Engine (3)/[Flo (Queen of Cards)]
Zell/1 = Hyper Wrist (3)/[Ma Dincht (SeeD Inauguration)]
Rinoa/1 = Magic Armlet (3)/[General Caraway (Deling City)]
Edea/1 = Royal Crown (3)/[Edea (White SeeD Ship)]
Seifer/1 = Diamond Armor (3)/[Cid (SeeD Inauguration)]
Squall/1 = Three Stars (3)/[Laguna (Time Compression)]

Ultimate Omega Weapon Guide

To meet Omega you first need to get your main party to the switching point near the fountain. Have your other party, from the entrance go up the stairs, to the right and in the door, go down stairs, then pull the rope for the bell…you should have 60 seconds to switch party members and all, but 10 seconds is used up by Zell looking up at the bell. Switch party member and go in the room straight ahead. Omega is hard to miss, so just talk to him.

Suggested party:
Squall: Because of Lionheart Limit break only possible with the Lionheart gunblade
Zell: Because of Duel limit break
Rinoa: Because of combine limit breaks and support and magic character.

Must have GF’s:
Cerberus- For the triple magic summon. Doomtrain for the status effects attack.

Abilities: have all players with magic , GF and an ability. The three necessary abilities are Defend, Revive and Recover. Try to have Recover on Rinoa , Defend on Squall and Revive on Zell. Make sure each person in your party has some full-life spells.

Auto-Abilities: Auto- haste and Auto Protect are handy for this battle.

Tip: Try and have Squall and Zell’s Strength stats at 255. All other stats should also be high - Vit and Spr should be in the 120’s and have 9,999hp. If you have the luck junction ability, equip 100 aura or triple to it. This will ensure that Omegas physical attacks miss you. Make sure you equip 100 Deaths to all you party’s status defence.


Omega will use these attacks in these orders:
1.LV.5 Death
2. Meteor
3. Medigo Flame (9998 damage to all)
4. Gravija (3/4 of hp damage to all)
5. Terra Break (Omega’s limit break)
6. Ultima
7. Meteor
8. Light Pillar (9999 damage to one )
9. repeats all the above the steps

As soon as the battle begins summon Doomtrain and Cerberus, Doomtrain will casts slow and vitality 0 on Omega. Now that your party has triple cast aura on everyone and begin using limit breaks. Omega will cast LV.5 Death on your party but it will miss.
Keep attacking. Now he will use meteor . Keep Squall and Zell using their limit breaks and get Rinoa to completely heal your party by using the triple effect to cast Curaga on everyone. Make sure you’re at full health and have 9,999hp, because Omega’s next attack - Medigo Flame does 9998 damage to all. Keep hitting him with limit breaks.
Don’t worry about Gravija because it will do 0 damage because you are on 1 hp. After Gravija quickly heal the whole party. Get Squall to use Defend or who ever has it and hopefully someone will have auto protect and if possible cast regen on you party. Next Omega uses Terra Break because Squall used Defend he will take no damage but the other players will probably be killed. Not to worry, Just get squall go to magic and cast 2 full-life spells, 1 for Zell and 1 for Rinoa.
If aura has run out cast it again. Know that Rinoa and Zell have been revived they no longer have the ability to use triple magic so you could summon Cerberus again or get Squall to cast triple on both of them, since he can still do double and triple magic. Keep using your limit breaks to belt Omega. Next he uses Ultima but you’ll survive and should be still close to full-health. Keep pummeling him with Limit breaks but beware know he uses Meteor. Heal and keep belting him. After this he will cast Light Pillar, revive who ever is killed quickly.
After Light Pillar he will repeat all his attacks over. After the second Terra break in battle, you should have been able to defeat him. And remember, always use your limit breaks between Omega’s attacks.