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Bahamut Boss, Simple Kill.
When you fight the Bahamut Boss later on in the game. Instead of attacking normally, it has a countdown starting form 5 and obviously down to 0. When the countdown reaches 0 it uses an attack called MEGANUKE, which is a very powerful attack and will most probably kill all your party members as it takes of 5000 each.

Listen to this next part and you will learn how to defeat this boss simply:

Before Bahamut's countdown reaches 0 get a party member (ROSA or CECIL - Paladin) to cast WALL or REFLECT on each party member and Bahamut's MEGANUKE will reflect off each of your party members (zero damage) and then hit Bahamut, this will take off at least 8500+. Do this a couple of times, with your parties attacks and the battle shouldn't last very long.

Pretty good Eh? Ha ;]




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Fat Chocobos
Need something to store your items for you, when your inventory is full?

Find a chocobo forest (Example: One Below Mt. Ordeals in the large wood.)

Walk to the top of the wood and you shouldnt be able to walk into the large gap at the top. Press X and it should come up with " The Smell Of Chocobo Is In The Air ". Then the item menu should appear, use the item GASAYL (dunno how to spell it ) Use that and the fat chocobo will appear and then you can use it to store your items.. GREAT

Wiggy ;]
Not being able to defeat the Dark elf?
If you are one of the gamers stuck in the battle against the Dark Elf, and you are wondering how to defeat it, because he simply causes 9999 damage to each one of your party members killing you without problems, it means you forgot to trigger a cut-scene in Toroia Castle. So, go back there and search for a room where Gilbert in on a bed resting, a scene will trigger. Now go back to the Dark Elf's lair and fight against him, now he won't hit you physically and cause you 9999 of damage, instead he'll use magic against your party, nevertheless you will lose, there is no other possibility, but this time, you won't get a GAME OVER instead Gilbert will help to battle the Dark Elf with your "metallic" weapons. So be sure to re-equip everybody with their metallic equipment and fight the boss.


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Avoid Tile damage in Monster/Sylvan Caves
When you are in the Cave Of Monsters or the Sylvan Cave in the Underworld, cast Float on everyone to avoid getting hurt by the glowing tiles. You will have to cast it again when you enter another room as it will have worn off.
Boss - Antlion
Ok This Is A Piece OF Cake Loser (LOL)
First Off Have Cecil And Edward Parry And Have Rydia Call Chocb,This Will Do 1/11 Of His Health Damage,Antlion Only Has 1100 HP!
If You Have Edward Or Cecil Attack,Antlion Will CounterAttack,It ONly Does 21 Damage,Antlion Himself Does About 1 Damage To Members
Piece Of Cake
Boss - Baigan/Left Arm/Right Arm
Ok This Battle Will Be A Toughy,DONT Attack The Arms First Because He Will Just Regrow Them,Have Tellah Heal Or Cast Bolt3 On His Body,Have Yang,Cecil Attack Normaly And Palom Attack,Porom Heal,Be Warned That When Hit By Magic Baigan Casts Wall,Which If You Use Magic Itll Hit 1 OF Your Party Members,Not Baigan,After His Body Dies Kill The Arms Off Easly
Boss - Cagnazzo
Hope You Healed Because Turtle Man Here Is 2/4 Of The Element Fiends,Have Tellah Cast Bolt3,If He Is Surrounded By Water Itll Do About 1000-2000 If Not Itll Do 3000-4000 And Turtle Boy Only Has 5312 HP,Have Cecil Attack Normaly,Palom Use Bio If He Knows It,Porom Use Heal And Tellah Use Heal As Needed Also,Still An Easy Battle
Boss - Dark Elf
Ok Dark Elf Will Kill You In 1 Turn So Dont Fight Him Ok,Edward Will Play His Harp And The TwinHarp Will Copy The Song Making His Metalic Barrier Go Down Meaning You Can Use Your Sword,Attack This Freak Until Hes A Dragon And Continue To Attack Till Hes Dead,Collect The Earth Crystal And Exit
Boss - Dark Knight
Ok Meet Your Father,Oops Wasnt Suppose To Say That But Then Again He Is Because Fusoya States This Far Into The Game,Dont Attack Just Parry,Heal,Oh And Cecil Know Can Use White Magic So Use Heal If Out Of Potions,Easy Battle,After The Battle Cecil Will Be An Official Paladin,And Tellah Remembers All His Spells,Even Learns Meteo Man Whats Happening To The World!
Boss - Dragoon
Ok Here Dragoon (Kain) Will Attack You!
Kain Is Under Golbez's Spell And Kain Is Almost Impossible To Defeat,But Then Again Just Let Him Kill You And Thats Pretty Much IT For This One
Boss - Golbez
Cant Control This Tellah Revenge Battle,Tellah Will Cast High Level Spells Then,He Will Cast Meteo And Knock Golbez And Kain Out
Talk To Kain After The Little Talk Youll Get Kain And Rosa In Your Party,But The Next Boss Appears
Boss - Milon Z.
Ok He Will Back Attack You And Oh Yeah The Z At The End Of Milon Z. Stands For Zombie So His Full Name Is Milon Zombie! Ok Here We Go First Of All When HE Hits You Will Be Poisened,Which Will Do About 30-40 Damage,Ok Have Cecil Attack,Tellah Use Fire1,Fire2 Same Goes For Palom,Porom Should Be Your Healer,Milon Z Is A Cinch,Just Watch Your HP,Oh Dont Bother Healing After The Battle,Ok
Boss - Milon/X4Revenant
Ok Meet Milon Of Earth,1/4 Of The Element Fiends
Oh Look He Brought A Few Friends Over To Play,
Ok Now Milon Will Cast Bolt On You Every Round Which Might SuckCause While Hes Doing That The Revenants Are Using Drain And Sucking Your HP Away Like Nothing,Have Tellah And Palom Use Fire,Fire2,Fire3 Whatever YOu Have Thats In The Fire Type,Use Them On All Enemys,After The Revenants Are Gone Milon Will Be Undefended,Kill Him,He'll Say "Whats Happening To Me!" Then Dies
Dont Go AnyWhere Execpt To The Save Point Behind You,Heal Save Then Cross The Bridge And An Old Boss Who You Just Slayed Is Back
Boss - Mist D.
Mist D. Is Easy
Firsh Have Kain Jump Attack,Which He Can Do 2 Times Before Mist D. Turns Into Mist,Also Have Cecil Normal Attack Until It Becomes Mist D.
When It Becomes Mist DO NOT I Repeat Do Not Attack It Because It Wlll Do 0 Damage And It Will Counter With An Attack Htting The Whole Party!
Until It IS In Dragon Form,While IN Mist Form,Parry,Heal,Eat Lunch,After Patciently Waiting About 10Seconds Itll Say Returing To Dragon Form
At That Moment Get Ready To Attack Again,The Moment 3/4 Of The Dragons Formed Attack
Boss - Mom Bomb
Yowza You First See A Monk (Yang) Kicking Bad Guy Bootie Then Suddenly A Huge Bomb Attacks So YOu Help,OK First Have Cecil,Yang,Edward Attack While Rydia Call Chocb And Rosa Aim Or Heal,This Boss Has 11000 HP So Becareful... After Awhile Mom Bomb Will Bloat Its Body Up Making It Bigger,This Time It Will Not Attack,After A Turn Or Two A Message Says "Its Gonna Explode!" After ATurn Itll Blow Up Releasing 3 Bombs And 3 Gray Bombs
Oh I Forgot To Mention That Have Full HP Before The Mom Bomb Explodes Because It Does 50-60 Damage,Ok Have Cecil,Edward Attack,Yang Kick,Rydia Call Chocb And Rosa Either Aim Or Heal
Becareful Because The Bombs And Gray Bombs Might Detonate Doing 50-70 Damage,This Boss Should Be A Good Fighter
Boss - Monk
Monk (Yang) Is Tough,He Only Uses Kick Though,Have Tellah Cast Bolt3,Cecil Attack,Palom,Porom Use Bolt1,Heal1
Easy Battle If Done Right
Boss - Octomamm
Ok This Boss Will Be Alittle Tougher Than Misty
First Off You Have To Kill 8 Tentacles
Meaning Like 200-300 Hp Per Tentacles!
Have Cecil Normal Attack,Have Telleh Use Bolt,And Rydia Use Choco
Wen This Boss Is Down To 1 Tentacle Youll Have To Get Rid Of About 300-500 HP
Once Octomamm Is Dead You Can Move On
Boss - Sandy/Mindy/Cindy
The Magus Sisters Are Here To Play,Have All Members Focus Attacks On The Fat 1,Then Kill Sandy Then Mindy,Go To The Save Point And Heal And Save Cause Your Fixin To Fight Golbez
Boss - Waterhag
Sorta A Boss But Hey
Only 37 HP,Edward Is Also Solo Here
Ok After You Attack A Ghost Of Anna Appears And Cheers You On
When Waterhag Dies Youll Get 1 Level To Edward,If You Havent Trained Him
Boss - X2 Guard
Easy And Hard
Easy Means These Guys Have 280 HP Each,Bad News Is They Are Tough And Can Cast Mini,Oh Yeah Try And Stay Healed Cause A Tougher Battle Is After ThisHave Tellah Cast Bolt3 On Them Doing About 1800 Damage!
Ok You Start Out With 3 Cal And 3 Brina
Kill The Cals First And The Brinas Second
Have Cecil Attack Cal
Kain Jump Cal
Yang Use Kick
Rosa Aim Brina
If Calbrina Appears
Thorw All You Got
Make Sure Cecil IS Healthy Because After This
Golbez Will Fight You
Defeat Golbez in Underworld
When fighting Golbez in the underworld after defeating Calbrena, make sure Kain is up in the air before Golbez summons his dragon. If you do not, he will kill all of your characters before Rydia appears. So, you will have Cecil, Rydia, and if your lucky and your timing is correct, Kain.

Note: Kain will really help in this battle. Make him jump into the air. Have Cecil use his sword, and Rydia cast Virus on Golbez. With enough damage done to him, he will be defeated..
Defeating Asura
Cast Wall on Asura, and she will not be able to use her cure spells on herself instead, they will be casted upon your characters. Make sure your party is at least level 35 or higher when you fight Asura. Attack her with Rydia's best spells and use your best sword with Cecil. Use the Fire Saber because it damages her the most. Note: The Fire Saber is obtained from the Tower of Babil immediately after getting the Earth Crystal.

The spell you want to use with Rydia is Virus. It does at least 700 if your characters are up to level. Also, if you have Kain in your party at the time, have him jump because he usaully has the most HP so he does not have to be cured from the reflected cure spells from Asura.

Note: The less people in your group when they get cured, the more HP that they will get back. In other words, Kain needs to be in the air at all times.
ok Here Is A Tuff One
Keep Attacking But Nothing Happens
The He Will Cat GHold gas Then Summon Shadow An Kill You One By One
Then Rydia Coms And Summons Mist And Avse Your Tail Killing shadow
Have Rydia Use Infrit To Do About 7000+ Damage And Cecil Attack
He Will Fall To His Death
Meet The 3/4 Element Fiend
Also The Second Toughest!
First Off Have Kain Always Jump Because Its The Only Way To Stop Here Spin
Have Cecil Attack
Rosa Aim
Yang Either Attack Or Use Build For Awhile
Have Cid attack Also
Note: Valvalis Uses Glare Which Will Slowly Turn You tO Stone,Second AShe Uses Wind That Reduces Your Health To The Single Digits
This Wont be To Hard