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Dino Crisis 2 Cheats

Dino Crisis 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Dino Crisis 2 cheat codes.

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   (last update - Nov 19 2000)

Infinite ammo
Collect all eleven dino files and complete the entire game. The EPS platinum card will appear on the save screen. When you next play, you will have infinite ammo.

Character buying
The following characters and dinosaurs can be purchased for use in the Dino Coliseum or Dino Duel with extinct points:

Rick -- 100,000 Gail -- 100,000 Tank -- 120,000 Oviraptor -- 150,000 Velociraptor -- 150,000 Inostrancevia -- 160,000 Allosaurus -- 180,000 Tyrannosaurus rex -- 150,000 Triceratops -- 200,000 Compsognathus -- 250,000 Unlock the Dino Coliseum Complete the game to unlock the dino coliseum.

Extra dinosaurs for the Dino Duel
Purchase Rick, Gail, and Tank for the extra crisis games to unlock another set of dinosaurs to buy.

Triceratops and compsagnathus
Purchase all the other characters, dinosaurs for the Dino Coliseum, and Dino Duel to unlock the triceratops and the compsagnathus in hard mode.

Dino Crisis 2 Tips

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EPS platinum card(unlimited ammo)
You get the platinum card by finding all the dino data in the game. Some data is easy to find but some are hidden so you might need to check everything you see. Good luck finding the platinum card.
Submitted by: ruingliff4 on November 07, 2004

Dino Crisis 2 Cheats

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After exiting the caves,you'll find Regina.Then you'll have to go through the Flare gun mini-game which has an unlimited amount of Allosaurus'.You can use this as a credit farm!

The Allosaurus are worth 1000 points each,so the money builds up really fast.It's easier to use big weapons like the Antitank Rifle,Missle Pod,and Rocket Launcher to kill them faster.The EPS Platinum card may be needed.But as long as you keep moving and blasting the dinos, you'll be fine!
Submitted by: antoni on December 05, 2001
easy way to kill allosauress
If you find a blue allo quickly equip the solid canon and blast away. after 1-3 hits the poits are yours!!! ( about 10000!!!)
Submitted by: ali on March 04, 2003
The Dino Coliseum
Successfully complete the game once. The Dino Coliseum
allows you can fight against all of the dinosaurs from in the
game in a coliseum arena.
Submitted by: SunnyDelight on December 10, 2005