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Dino Crisis (PSX) Cheats

Dino Crisis cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Dino Crisis cheat codes.

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Dino Crisis Cheats

Alternate Costumes
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Army and Battle costumes. Successfully complete the game a second time to unlock the Ancient costume.

Grenade Gun
Successfully complete the game three times to view all endings. Then the grenade gun with infinite ammunition will be available at the start of the next game.

Operation: WipeOut Mode
Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting in under five hours.

New Outfits
Beat the game. Then start a new game using the last saved game file to access Army and Battle costumes. Then, successfully complete the game for a second time to obtain the Ancient outfit.

Secret Ending
If you've played through to the end and chosen both Rick's and Gail's choices, then here's the final ending you're looking for. Have a feeling you've been through the game without visiting a few doors? You have. Three, to be exact. If you want to find it, you can simply access one of the Level A doors after you've chosen Rick or Gail's decision. All of the unexplored level A doors lead to the same tunnel system. Simply follow it the secret heliport, then check your map and visit the red room. The red room will vary for each choice, so make sure to check.

Chief's Vault Combo
Type in 705037 at the vault. It will open and reveal the card to Dr. Kirk's secret lab in the control room

Registration Numbers
Here are the the two registration numbers you need for the ID Card:

Dr. Kirk31415
Mark Doyle57036


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DDK codes
In the game you find DDK puzzles. There are seven altogether.

Here are the codes for them.

1. Head
2. newcomer
3. laboratory
4. Energy
5. waterway
6. Stabilizer
7. Doctor kirk
Save Ammo
There are some areas that you will only pass through
once or twice in the entire game. Killing the dinos in these areas
are pointless. More importantly, it is a waste of ammo. Use the
weakest tranquilizer dart on them, and move on. This way, the
bullets/shells/slugs/grenades are available when you need them.
Once you get unlimited grenades (by completing the game three
times under the normal difficulty setting), you can kill those
dinos, without wasting ammo.


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Code for the Lounge Vault
To unlock the weapons vault in the lounge the pin is 8159
Infinite bullets for the Grenade Gun.
In order to get infinite bullets for the Grenade Gun, you must complete Dino Crisis a third time, but this time you must get a different ending from the one you got the first and second times you completed the game
Unlock Army and Battle costumes.
To unlock the Army and Battle costumes, you simply need to complete the game for the first time.
Unlock Operation Wipeout
To unlock Operation Wipeout, you must complete the game under 5 hours.
Unlock the Ancient costume.
In order to unlock the third and final costume, you must complete Dino Crisis a second time, but this time you must get a different ending from the one you got the first time you completed the game