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All available techniques
Here is the full list of techniques you can have in Digimon World. Remember you can get them by Fighting or Training Brains.
Fire Technique
1 - Fire Tower 155 81 Long stun
2 - Prominence Beam 444 183 Long flat
3 - Spit Fire 66 30 Long
4 - Red Inferno 210 171 Wide
5 - Magma Bomb 279 132 Long confuse
6 - Heat Laser 84 105 Wide flat
7 - Infinity Burn 488 264 Wide stun
8 - Meltdown 400 318 Wide stun

Battle Technique
1 - Tremar 178 168 Wide
2 - Muscle Charge 0 66 Ally
3 - War Cry 0 42 Ally
4 - Sonic Jab 52 18 Short
5 - Dynamite Kick 193 99 Short stun
6 - Counter 285 165 Short confuse
7 - Megaton Punch 320 186 Short stun
8 - Buster Dive 500 258 Long confuse

Air Technique
1 - Thunder Justice 586 330 Long stun
2 - Spinning Shot 389 150 Long
3 - Electric Cloud 120 69 Long stun
4 - Megalo Spark 382 174 Long stun
5 - Static Elect 85 45 Short stun
6 - Wind Cutter 178 93 Long
7 - Confused Storm 225 216 Wide confuse
8 - Hurricane 366 255 Wide confuse

Earth Technique
1 - Poison Powder 117 171 Wide poison
2 - Bug 500 354 Long flat
3 - Mass Morph 0 30 Ally
4 - Insect Plague 58 96 Long poison
5 - Charm Perfume 180 210 Wide confuse
6 - Poison Claw 62 51 Short poison
7 - Danger Sting 157 102 Short flat
8 - Green Trap 310 147 Long stun

Ice Technique
1 - Giga Freeze 264 120 Long stun
2 - Ice Statue 424 186 Long stun
3 - Winter Blast 120 165 Wide stun
4 - Ice Needle 126 78 Long stun
5 - Water Blit 211 102 Long
6 - Aqua Magic 0 36 Ally
7 - Aurora Freeze 430 258 Wide flat
8 - Tear Drop 60 42 Long flat

Mech Technique
1 - Power Crane 226 126 Long
2 - All Range Beam 573 330 Wide
3 - Metal Sprinter 150 165 Wide
4 - Pulse Laser 389 168 Long
5 - Delete Program 430 219 Long flat
6 - DG Dimension 722 420 Wide
7 - Full Potential 0 99 Ally
8 - Reverse Program 256 297 Long flat

Filth Technique
1 - Odor Spray 88 75 Long stun
2 - Poop Speed Toss 122 96 Long poison
3 - Big Poop Toss 211 192 Long confuse
4 - Big Round Toss 211 282 Wide confuse
5 - Poop Round Toss 75 120 Wide poison
6 - Round Speed Toss 122 216 Wide poison
7 - Horizontal Kick 53 24 Short
8 - Ultra Poop Hell 333 333 Wide flat
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All 3 Rare Digivolution Items

Insectoid Digimon
Version 0 Digimon
Any Fishing Rod
Lots of meat
Bit of luck


To get all 3 rare Digimon's (HerculesKabuterimon, Megaseadramon, Phoenixmon) digivolution items, you can get them these ways;

Beetle Pearl (HerculesKabuterimon): Win the Beetle Cup on the 22nd. Note that only Kunemon, Kuwagamon, Kabuterimon, and HerculesKabuterimon are the only obtainable Digimon that may enter. Unless you have HerculesKabuterimon, try to get your stats as high as you can because a HerculesKabuterimon will appear there and has very high stats.

Red Ruby (Phoenixmon): Win the Version 0 (zero) cup. The only Digimon that can enter this tournament are Penguinmon, Ninjamon, Phoenixmon, Megaseadramon, and HerculesKabuterimon.

Coral Charm (Megaseadramon): Go fishing in Dragon Eye Lake and let a fish take your bait. Sometimes, you'll hook in an item when you reel the line back in, and there's a 1% chance you'll hook in a Coral Charm.
All Digivolution Items
Here are all the Digivolution Items. Yes, including the secret ones.

Grey Claws - Digivolve to Greymon
Fireball - Digivolve to Meramon
Flamingwings - Digivolve to Birdramon
Iron Hoof - Digivolve to Centarumon
Monochrome Stone - Digivolve to Monochromon
Steel Drill - Digivolve to Drimogemon
White Fang - Digivolve to Tyrannomon
Black Wings - Digivolve to Devimon
Spike Club - Digivolve to Ogremon
Flamingmane - Digivolve to Leomon
White Wings - Digivolve to Angemon
Torn Tatter - Digivolve to Bakemon
Rainbowhorn - Digivolve to Airdramon
Rooster - Digivolve to Kokatorimon
Unihorn - Digivolve to Unimon
Horn Helmet - Digivolve to Kabuterimon
Scissor Jaw - Digivolve to Kuwagamon
Fertilizer - Digivolve to Vegiemon
Koga Laws - Digivolve to Ninjamon
Waterbottle - Digivolve to Seadramon
North Star - Digivolve to Whamon
Red Shell - Digivolve to Shellmon
Hard Scale - Digivolve to Coelamon
Bluecrystal - Digivolve to Garurumon
Ice Crystal - Digivolve to Frigimon
Hair Grower - Digivolve to Mojyamon
Sunglasses - Digivolve to Nanimon
Metal Parts - Digivolve to MetalGreymon
Cyber Parts - Digivolve to Andromon
Fatal Bone - Digivolve to SkullGreymon
Mega Hand - Digivolve to Megadramon
Chainsaw - Digivolve to Giromon
Red Ruby - Digivolve to Phoenixmon
Beetlepearl - Digivolve to Hercules-Kabuterimon
Small Spear - Digivolve to Piximon
Metal Armor - Digivolve to MetalMamemon
Silver Ball - Digivolve to Mamemon
Coral Charm - Digivolve to MegaSeadramon
X Bandage - Digivolve to Monzaemon
Ray Gun - Digivolve to Vademon
Mysty Egg - Digivolve to Digitamamon
Golden Banana - Digivolve to Etemon

Secret items:

Electro Ring - Digivolve to Kaminarimon (aka Thundermon)
Moon Mirror - Digivolve to WereGarurumon
Giga Hand - Digivolve to Gigadramon
Metal Banana - Digivolve to MetalEtemon

That's it.
An easy way of getting Herculeskabuterimon, Phoenixmon, and Mgaseadramon
You know how these three aren't believed to have specific stats, right? So it only makes it that much harder to get them, right?

Well, the easiest way to get them is to drop getting specific stats altogether.

Yoy should still aim to have everything above 3000/300, but you have more chance of getting them if you have these things:

+ Tamer Level 10

+ 0-7 care mistakes (any higher and you wont get the desired digimon)

+ Happiness of 95%+

Those seem to be the most deciding factors of all when it comes to getting one or not.
Arena Tournament Table
So, as it turns out, the Arena has specific dates as to when each tournament will be held. I have taken the time and effort to write this information down. First off, let's specify the general rule:

The tournament cannot be held if there aren't enough contestants. The contestants are Digimon you have seen/met/fought/recruited, depending on the Digimon in question, of course. If you haven't seen a specific Digimon in your current save file, it can't appear in a tournament either. Keep that in mind.

With that out of the way, we will now assume you have 100 prosperity points and have met every single Digimon, enabling the Arena to hold all tournaments. So let's begin with a short summary:

-Version Cups are held twice a year
-Special Cups (Dino, Wing, Animal, Humanoid, Beetle) are held only once a year
-Type Cups (Fire, Grapple, Thunder, Nature, Cool, Metal, Filth) are held twice a year

And here are the exact dates for each cup:

1. Dino
2. Fire
3. Version 1
4. Grappling
5. Version 2
6. Thunder
7. Version 3
8. Nature
9. Version 4
10. Wing
11. Cool
12. Version 0
13. Metal
14. Filth
15. ---
16. Fire
17. Version 1
18. Grappling
19. Version 2
20. Animal
21. Thunder
22. Version 3
23. Nature
24. Version 4
25. Humanoid
26. Cool
27. Version 0
28. Metal
29. Filth
30. ---

Things of note:
- The Beetle Cup is held at Beetle Land's coliseum instead. It is held on the 22nd each year.
- The 15th day has no special tournaments, but a few grade tournaments are held.
- The 30th day has no tournament at all.
- If you have the NTSC-US version, be mindful that the timetable you see when talking to Greymon will be completely messed up; this is possibly because that version of the game doesn't know how to handle all 30 days. Press the Start button to see which tournament the slot holds; the letters are incorrect more often than not, and even a seemingly empty slot may have a tournament hidden in it.
- As a related note, this table has been created based on the PAL-UK version of the game. Other versions *might* have different tables, although this is very unlikely.
Bakemon Easy
To get a bakemon is easy.
All you have to do is go to the Overdell Graveyard wherre you will find Bakemon. When you talk to him say, YES, YES, NO, and then he will join the city.
Best Attack For A Numemon And Sukamon
After Finishing the scene in the factorial town and recruiting andromon and giromon, go back to the sewer to recruit numemon. Go there with a NUMEMON or a SUKAMON...... Your enemy numemon rarely use the attack that a numemon or sukamon can have the strongest....... After defeating numemon you will simply learn it and if not just reset the game and repeat the process...
Bonus tries
When you do a bonus try in the training, remember to save first, In case it goes horribly wrong.

And each time you get it right, save as well, this way you can keep getting it right but it might take some time still.
Boxes at the back dimension
sometimes you will notice that the boxes at the Back dimension is already opened.. (well... I don't know why... =) In order to get the chips inside the boxes... Find the location of the back dimension(Ogre fortress, Grey Lord's Mansion or to the Ice Sanctuary) as soon as jijimon talked about the back dimension...
Clean Up
If you're horrible and you've let you're digimon smear his escrement all over the Digital World, you can get a Numemon or Sukamon to EAT the poo.
Defeat Machinedramon easily in Grey Lord's Mansion!
First, you GOTTA defeat Machinedramon in MT. Infinity. Okay then. Get a Megadramon and train:
HP 7000
MP 7000
Off 900
Def 800
Spd 700
Brn 600

Attacks: DG Dimension, All Range Beam and Ice Statue.

So, this is what i did when i defeated Machinedramon in Grey Lord's Mansion.
You know why in Grey Lord's Mansion?
Because there Machinedramon's Defense is really high. Damage is 1 everytime you attack.
That's why Offense must be really high.
Determining whether you get Gabumon or Agumon
Whether you get Gabumon or Agumon as your first digimon depends completely on the answers you give to Jijimon's questions. Here is what questions he'll ask, and who you get for what answer. Bear in mind, the first question doesn't help determine who you get, only changes the question.

Jijimon's question:
Do you have a Digivice?

If you said yes, he'll ask you this:
"Next, which time of day do you prefer, day or night?"

Day = Agumon
Night = Gabumon

If you said no, he'll ask you this:
Do you have any friends?

Yes = Agumon
No = Gabumon

So in either case, saying the top option to the second question will result in Agumon, and the bottom one results in Gabumon.
Easy Megaseadramon
Note:Save before you do this!)
First get a Coelamon.Then turn him to Sukamon by letting him poop to somewhere else than a
bathroom. Get him to Trash Mountain and talk to King Sukamon.Get him to change your Sukamon back to Coelamon(you can do this by just talking to him)Watch your Sukamon transform back to a Coelamon and right after that he may digivolve to a MEGASEADRAMON!
Easy bits (requires a decent ultimate)
To do this, go to the first floor of Mt. Infinity and battle the 3 Monochromon and 2 Rockmon.

The 3 Monochromon give you a total of 5700 BITS, 1900 each.

The 2 Rockmon give you a total of 3200 BITS, 1600 each.

In total you can make 8900 BITS easy per round. After each time your digimon gets weak simply give it a couple hours of rest. You can easily accomplish 60,000 in a day this way.

NOTE: The recommended stats for your Ultimate before using this method are roughly:

HP 6000
MP 6000
OFF 600
DEF 600
Easy Chips
Step 1:Go to the Factorial town and Kill as PlatinumSukamon as possible.
Step 2:When you gate the money go to devimon and buy his chip they give a lot and are very expensive(be careful don’t gave you digimon to mach chips because his Level meter will go dawn).

Step 1: Go to the Factorial town and Kill as PlatinumSukamon as possible.
Step 2: Go to the Item shop and buy as many card as passable from the card machine.
Step 3: go to shogungekomon and sell him your cards and then you con buy the chip fir 800 merit points.

Easy Finish
1.you must have ,,change,, command
2.go into the battle and when you have low MP [like 24] you must hit your enemy with finish
3.then rapidly press X on ,,change,, command
If you done it correctly your digimon may give Finish.
easy money
to get easy money you need an amazing rod, some food and a shop in the city, now go to dragon eye lake and fish the biggest fish you can with the food you have, then use the fish you caught to get a digiseabass, repeat all the time you want, if you have an ultimate, save one to feed it so it lives longer but watch out for illness, or just sell them all at 4000 BITS each.
Easy Money
For easy money collect Digishrms in the Native forest and around the Digital World then go to Freezeland and find the Moyjamon traders and trade them for Omnipotents, you can then sell these for 2000 each! So if you get 99 digishrooms thats 198,000 bits!
easy money
buy meramon card on the card shop.. go talk with petimeramon in lava cave.. it will buy your card with 1500 bits
Easy money
Go to Toy Town with powerful Ultimate after you've beaten WaruMonzaemon. Fight against three ClearAgumons. If you win, you'll get amazing 13500 bits if those all three are in battle.

Easy money
Go to Factorial town and kill three PlatinumSukamon when you kill them you gate 9999 so if you kill so if you kill 12 PlatinumSukamon you gate 39996 in about 10 minute if you have a Ultimate.
Easy money
Go to Factorial town and kill three PlatinumSukamon when you kill them you gate 9999 so if you kill so if you kill 12 PlatinumSukamon you gate 39996 in about 10 minute if you have a Ultimate.
Easy money
Go to Factorial town and kill three PlatinumSukamon when you kill them you gate 9999 so if you kill so if you kill 12 PlatinumSukamon you gate 39996 in about 10 minute if you have a Ultimate.
Easy money 2
(You need a strong digimon for this)

To get really fast money you can go to Factorial town and kill PlatinumSukamon (The silver Sukamon) when you kill them, you get 5000 bits, using this method you can maek about 50,000 bits in about 10 mins.
Easy MONEY w/o battling
Just to add to getting alot of $$$$$. I just figured it out by using math. LOL.

Basically if you have Vegiemon & the tool shop, you can make money extremely fast. All you have to do is buy as much SUPER CARROTS as you can from Vegiemon. Then go to Freezeland to the Mojyamon (The furballs that trade u 3 items). The third one on the very bottom right can trade in digimushrooms = Medium recovery & MAINLY SUPER CARROTS for omniponents. Now once trade in all your stuff~go to one other one on the far bottom left~ he will trade u omniponents = S. Off disk ($2000 each). Get as much as u can. Then head back to File City & sell it. u can do the same thing for med. recovery as well when u find a decent amount of digimushrooms.

*Super carrots is a tad bit easier becuz its easier access cuz of vegiemon instead of searching all over the place for digimushrooms.*

Sell prices at the tool shop:

medium recovery = 500 bits
Super Carrot = 500 bits
Omniponents = 1000 bits
S. Off disk = 2000 bits
S. Def disk = 2000 bits

I started out w/ 22 super carrots = spending 11,000 bits to Vegiemon that turned into 44,000 bits when I came out of the toolshop. <img src="http://staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> hope this helps cuz it did for me.
Easy Stats
If you want your Digimon's stats to increase to 999 and 9999, you must follow these steps:
-Have Digitamamon Recruited
-Have atleast 300,000 bits
-Have a hungry Digimon

Now, talk to Digitamamon when he appears in the resturaunt and order the cheapest food item there once your digimon is hungry. Even if he isn't hungry, repeat the process untill you run out of bits. Now, your Digimon's stats will have greatly increased. Do this as many times as you want, even with a fresh or in-training Digimon! It makes getting ultimates alot easier. Stats such as brains, hp, etc. increase about +3 each time you feed them Digitamamon's food. Although it make take a half hour to get all stats to 999 and 9999, it is much easier than training and using stat chips.
Easy Way to Beat Machinedramon
Start a new game and get all the chips you can. Then get a Monzemon with this stats.
attacks/magilo spark. With 50 to the city
use the chips and get alot of revives+mp restores then it should be easy for you to beat Machinedramon.
Free items when fishing!
Sometimes, when you fish using no bait, and you reel in all the way, you can catch an item! I got a Chip once, which I was able to sell for 5000 bits!
get a ultamate quick!!!!!!
get a baby in-training or rookie make a load of care mistakes (poop) then it will digivolve to a sukamon then train it to these stats
hp: 2000, mp: 1000, offence: 400, defence: 200
speed: 400 and brains, 300 weight15 and it will digivolve to a etemon
Get Bakemon easy
To get Bakemon as a partner Digimon get a rookie Digimon. Train him in brains a lot and then die in a battle once. There is a 55% chance you will Digivolve into Bakemon.
Get extra stat chips the easy way
You need to have beaten Machinedramon at Mt. Infinity to be able to use this cheat.

Every month when you talk to Jijimon, he'll speak of Analogman's presence which opens Back Dimension in one of 3 locations right? Well, each month when you have it re-opened, the boxes have their items in them again, so every month beat Machinedramon there, come back and raid the boxes for more items. Here is the stat chips you can get:

1 Off Chip
1 Def Chip
1 Brain Chip
1 Quick Chip
1 MP Chip*
1 HP Chip*

<span class="wikilists">
  • - It is likely you will have to battle a digimon while collecting this chip.</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->
Get Infinity Burn
Get a Digitamamon and repeatedly train its Brains. Eventually it should learn the move. If it doesn't work by the time you reach 999 Brains, re-load the game and try again.
Get Into Dungeons
To enter the Ice Sanctuary in western Freezeland, you must have a Vaccine Digimon with you (eg: Giromon, Angemon, Agumon). To enter the Grey Lord's Mansion, you must have a Virus Digimon with you (eg: Megadramon, Bakemon, Betamon).
Get Monzaemon
First,get a Numemon.(it doesn't work if you have defeated WaruMonzaemon)Now go to toy town.Go inside Costume house.Go inside monzaemon costume.

Now your new digimon is monzaemon.
Get Powerful Techniques-Part 2
Megalo Spark:Get a partner who can performs Megalo Spark(like Kunemon,Bakemon or Monzaemon.).After that,go to Gear Savanna and fight with ShimaUnimon.After a couple of battles,you will learn Megalo Spark.

Muscle Charge:Get a partner who can learn and perform Muscle Charge(Monzaemon,Leomon,Monochromon or Agumon.).After gaining,go to Toy Town and fight with three ToyAgumons.You should learn Muscle Charge at no time.

Counter:Train MetalMamemon's brains a lot,and he will learn Counter.

Buster Dive:Get a MetalMamemon,Patamon or Leomon.After that,go to Great Canyon and fight with Gotsumon.After a couple of battles,your partner will learn Buster Dive.

Tremar:Get a partner that can perform and learn Tremar(again).After that,go to Mt.Infinity and fight with Vermilimon.If you fight with both of three,you will learn Tremar at no time.

Also,here is easier ways to learning techniques at battle:

1.Your opponent must perform technique that you will learn.(Example:If you will learn Buster Dive,your opponent must perform Buster Dive at battle.)

2.If you got a Ultimate partner,learning technique will be easier.
Get to Mt Panorama and Gear Savanna WITHOUT beating Meramon
It is really simple and I have done it many times as i have wanted a move off of Meramon. All you need is a Strong Champion or Ulimate Digimon or GREAT at doaging Digimon. Go to Great Canyon run through until Freezeland. Next go to the toilet screen in Freezeland (3rd screen i think) then go east to the next screen (3 icedevimon or ice orgemons?) go up past the Boss Garurumon and then through Misty Trees and all the way down to the 'Rockslide' which will no longer be there and you haven't had to fight and yone if you doaged!:] (It helps to do this as you can get Digitamamon in the restraunt on his own or with 1 other person and still have a great item shop.
Gettin' Tyranomon.
To get tyranomon, get Cenarumon and go to the Ameda jungle, keep going up into the Ancient Dino Reigon, when you enter Tyranomon will come, kill him. Now, go into the Speeyd Reigon and kill him again and you 'll have him in you're city! He works in the resturant.
Getting Centarumon, Bakemon, Unimon and Vegimon easy.
To get Cantarumon, Bakemon, Unimon and Vegimon easy (This is classed as 8 poeple in you're city.) in less then 2 mins, listen up!

-Items Needed: 4 Med Recoveries, 1 Small Recovery, 1 Rainplant, 1 Auto Pilot.-

-Conditions Needed: Digimon with atleast 2000HP, Prosperty rating of 15+ (Have Greymon)-

Ok, In File City, on day 14, talk to Tanemon, she says she has planted a plant next to her, that makes in rain. It only sprouts on 15th day on each year. Ok, so sleep, Train whatever, wait untill its day 15, take the rain plant. We'll use it later.

Now, go across the digimon bridge to Tropical Jungle, then go right to the next screen (Screen were you find piximon) now, walk to the left a bit and go up. Now on the next screen keep going up past the Yanmamon to toilet, and go up to the next screen. You'll be in overdell, skip the Flarazimon and go up to the mansion thats being guarded by more Flarzimon. Now, at the Grey Lord Mansion entrence, go up and you'll see a Bakemon, talk to him and Select "Yes, Yes, No" Congrats, you have him in you're city!

Now, to get Vegimon get out of the overdell back to the Tropical dungeon, go imediatly right skipping the Yanmamon. On the next screen go down, you should see a little sprout, go up to it and use the rain plant, Its Vegimon! Talk to him and say you like Veggies (Even if you dont) and he'll jion!

After this go back down adn you'll be on the screen you were on before, exit this screen to the Piximon screen and go right. You'll be in the Mangrove reigon, skip the Yanmamon and go up to the Amida Jungle. Ok, you'll see three passeges. Make sure you have about 3 med recoveries, and a digimon with atleast 2000 HP. Now, go up either road, when you walk up a road for a while, Centarumon will shoot at you, when he does this, feed you're digimon a med recovery (DON'T FEED HIM THE SM RECOVERY), if he refuses shout at him and try again. Do this a few times until you go up the right passage to the green "O" congrats, you have Cantarumon!

Now, to get Unimon, get out of the tropical dungeon back to file city, Kill you're digimon, use an auto pilot, or just make you're way back. Now, go to mount Panorama by going though the Native forest. (I dont think I need to explain that to you.) Go to Mount Panorama by going through the place were the big boulder after Meramon blows it up. Anyway, when you there, skip the goburimon, and try and get past the Palmon digimon if you can. Now. you're on the next screen, you should see Unimon! Talk to him and give him the Small recovery and Viola! Hes in you're city!
Getting Digivolution Items of hard digimon.
To get Digivolution items of hard Digimon, use the Drimogemon treasure hunt game (MAKE SURE YOU GET GABUMON!) and use the long hunt. You can find good items like "Koga's laws" and "Rainbow Horn" 2 hard champin digimon to get.
Getting MetalMamemon!
To get Metal Mamemon you must have Numemon, Andromon and Giromon in you're city. To get him Andromon has to be standing by the Birdramon place (He moves from time to time) when you've confirmed hes at the birdramon place, go to Whamon, to Factory city, go 2 screens away, and Metalmamemon should be in the corner. His name will say Metalgreymon but its Metalmamemon, don't worry ^^. Beat him in a fight and he'll go to you're city. He'll work with Penguinmon in the curling place.
Getting Rare Cards
H-Kabuterimon:There's a %50 chance for getting it by card machine,and %15 chance exists for getting it at card shop.

Phoenixmon:A % 40 chance exists for getting it at card machine.

MegaSeadramon:Also,a %15 (or %5) chance exists for getting it at card shop.

Myotismon:There's a %45 chance for getting it by card machine.

ShogunGekomon:A %10 chance exists for getting it by card machine.

Hagurumon:There's a %5 chance for getting it by card machine.

Ninjamon:A %25 chance exists for getting it by card machine.

King Of Sukamon: A %35 chance for getting it at card shop.

Please note that the chances of obtaining these Cards differ from Version to Version of the game, and all can be obtained at the Card Shop in the Gear Savannah.
Gold Acorn
If you're lucky, you'll find Gold Acorn in Beetle Land's first screen. It's very rare but it does nothing to your digimon, it can only be sold for high price.



2000 HP
2000 MP
200 OFF
200 DEF




5000 HP
5000 MP
200-300 OFF
200-300 DEF
400-500 SPEED






2000 HP
2000 MP
200 OFF
200 DEF






5000 HP
5000 MP
200-300 OFF AND DEF
400-500 SPEED


How to get Meramon
First go to drill tunnel.
Go to second floor.
Go to underground lake.
GO to the drillmon(sometimes she will say:this is not a place for Ameteurs.)
If she says that you can help her start taking the dirt pile out.When all of the pile has gone wait for a few days then there is a tunnel with a boulder blocking it.If your Digimon is a champion your digimon can push it.
When your digimon has moved the boulder keep following the tunnel.
You will find a meramon.
He will battle you,if you win he will join your City.
Right first you need to get one of these: Monochromon, kabuterimon, Ninjamon or a Frigimon as your partner and obtain these parameters:
HP 3000
MP 5000
AP 500
DP 400
SP 300
BP 200
Or just get a digivolution item called Metal Armour and give it to your digimon.
How to Get Vadamon To The City
first go to mount panaramma where the strange circles in the ground are at first there should only be 1 but later on in the game there should be about 3 if you click X next to it vadamon shall appear you must fight him if you win he goes to the city to open a news stand near greymons arena
After you have defeated Kunemon, if any In-Training Digimon sleeps in Kunemon's Bed, there is a 50% chance that it will Digivolve into Kunemon.
Learn techs easy
To learn techs easy have you're digimon use the "Defensive" tactic in battle, and have the enemy use the move you want to learn over and over on you, when you kill the Enemy, you should learn the move!

(You need 300 brains to learn "Defensive")
Make appear the lake's guardian
To make the Lake Guardian appear, first, wait until 4:00 (the yellow dot may be beneath the orange thingy. Go to the southern Dragon Eye's lake (the Close-up view) and fish near the upside down bucket,at north, but not too much. When you see a big Fish (bigger than the others), going through the same place over and over again, try to catch him with a meat.It's difficult (very), but when you catch it, a seadramon will outstandly jump off to the shore. Seadramon will say "So you are tha one that has been fishing too much. Well, what do you want?". There will be 3 options:"Let's be friends", "Give me an item" &"Teach me a Technique". If you choose to give an ittem, he'll give you a Water Bottle, his DV item. If you choose to teach a tech, he'll teach you a water tech you don't have. If you choose to be friends, he'll give you a blue flute, as a symbol of their frienship. After that, he'll ask you if you want to go to the other side, select yes and Seadramon will bring you to Beetle land (In the jukebox, it is named Beatland). Go to the Arena, and Tentomon will say one of to, they are between tournaments or you are too late for registering. Go to the left and there will be a Kuwagamon training arena, talk to the left kuwagamon ad he'll say that he wants to beat Kabuterimon once, answer him that the fire is a sure thing and he'll join to the city. Now, go right to see a Kabuterimon Gym. Talk to the first one you see and he'll explain to you that you can only enter to the tournaments held ther by beeing Kunemon, Kabuterimon or Kuwagamon, and if you win, you take the H-Kabuterimon's DV Item and lots of items, but the Tournaments are held only in the days with 2 2's, the 22 of each year. Talk to other, Answer you train on a gym and he'll join to city. Both of them will be on the Green gym cause the city is too modern for them.
Make sure your finisher hits
Don't you just hate it when you get your finisher ready the same time they launch a move, completely cancelling it? Well, provided your digimon has learned the defensive command this can be prevented.

Right before using your finisher, put it on defensive to block their next move, then use your finisher, they won't have the time to launch a move.
Mamemon to Matalmamemon
how to get METALMAMEMON out of MAMEMON:

First get a MAMEMON after that go to Factorial Town after that go to where the gardromon was (Platiniumon/Geremon) and enter the building for the end of the bulding are therer a Gardromon there will retype your digimon for 2000 bit press Yes and he will digivolv your MAMEMON into METALMAMEMON....but if it miss just try again....

You can also do it thit METALGREYMON into SKULLGREYMON
Mamemon to MetalMamemon
To get MetalMamemon from Mamemon, go to Factorial Town. Get to the last room where are three Guardromons and some chips. Talk to alone Guardromon. He turns your Mamemon into MetalMamemon. He should live 4-6 days more than your Mamemon, so if you're going to change him at age 18, your MetalMamemon will live 22-24 days, it depends about you.

Note: Changing your Mamemon costs you 2000 bits and sometimes it doesn't work. Don't worry, it happens sometimes. Second or third time it will be successfull and you have MetalMamemon now.
Max Everything
at the beginning of the game it will ask u 2 choose pal version or the other one. it has a list of paramaters (e.g max health, max brain etc) next to them it says no. turn them all into yes!! you will then have max everything!!!
Trade all items Mojyamon is asking and also the other 2 and you can get Mojyamon to the city depending on who you traded last.
Money & Food
If at the beginning of the game you are finding it hard to feed your Digimon make sure u...
Recruit Palmon,Coelamon and Betamon as soon as possible!
Then each day get your meat like normal BUT sell the giant meat to Betamon or Coelamon and then buy meat on a normal day (i.e when you get 3 giant meats) you can buy 15 meat so that is Double the amount of food you would usually have to feed your digimon
NOTE- This can still be done when you get the big item shop into the city and/or Vegimon into the city.
Nanimon Locations
Nanimon is a recruitable Digimon which becomes a member of the city after you talk to him five times. Upon discovering him the first and fifth time, he will give you a keychain, a valuable item which increases the size of your inventory.

He can be found in the following locations.

Sewers: Nanimon can be found here after the defeat of Numemon.

Ogre Fortress: Nanimon can be found here upon Ogremon's defeat.

Speedy Time Zone: Nanimon can be found in the place of Meteormon after its defeat.

Toy Town: Nanimon can be found in the same room that Warumonzaemon was defeated in.

Leomon Ancestral Cave: After returning Leomon's Ancestral Tablet to him, Nanimon will appear here.
Not so bad Numemon
If whenever you digivolve no matter how much you reset you get a Numemon then dont get in a stress with the game because Numemon is quite useful.If you go to Toy Town with your Numemon and go to the Costume Hall you will see a Monzemon costume.Give it to your Numemon and it will put it on and become the considerbly stronger Monzemon
Porta Potty
While travelling around with your Digimon, there will be times when he needs to use the toilet, but none will be around, so always carry a Porta Potty with you just in case. Letting your Digimon poop on the ground can stop it from evolving in to what you want.
Save food.
When you get Coleamon in you're city buy 99 Small meats for 50 each off him, there really cheap and can save you're food worries throughout the whole game.
Some Tips
I add some tips how to get some digimons. I've verified these by myself, so you just need read and try.

From: Any rookie
Class: Champion
How to raise: Happiness & Discipline empty, then scold your digimon. He should digivolve.



From: Penguinmon
Class: Champion
How to raise: Weight at 30, MP 1000+, Brains 100+.



From: Palmon
Class: Champion
How to raise: Weight at 5, Speed 100+, HP 1000+.



From: Palmon, Kunemon
Class: Champion
How to raise: Brains 100+, MP 1000+



From: Kokatorimon, Vegiemon, Ninjamon, Kuwagamon
Class: Ultimate
How to raise: Off 300, Def 300, Speed 400, Brains 400



From: Bakemon, Devimon, Greymon, Mojyamon, Garurumon
Class: Ultimate
How to raise: HP 4000, MP 6000(!), Off 400, Def 400, Speed 200, Brains 500



From: Numemon
Class: Ultimate
How to raise: Climb to costume at Toy Town.
Other way: HP 3000, MP 3000, Off 300, Def 300, Speed 300, Brains 300



From: Nanimon
Class: Ultimate
How to raise: HP 3000, MP 3000, Off 400, Def 400, Speed 400, Brains 300



From: Sukamon
Class: Ultimate
How to raise: HP 3000, MP 3000, Off 300, Def 300, Speed 300, Brains 300, weight at 15



From: Devimon, Tyrannomon, Airdramon, Seadramon
Class: Ultimate
How to raise: HP 3000, MP 5000, Off 500, Def 300, Speed 400, Brains 400


Now I put some tips to three rare Mega Digimons, who you can get without any cheat machines.



From: Shellmon, Kabuterimon, Kuwagamon
Class: Mega but it's in ultimate chart
How to raise: HP 4000, MP 4000, Off 400-500, Def 400-500, Speed 300-400, Brains 300-400, weight must be 50 or higher.



From: Birdramon, Airdramon, Kokatorimon, Unimon, Angemon
Class: Mega, but it's in ultimate chart
How to raise: HP 3000, MP 3000+, everything 300 or 400, weight 30.



From: Shellmon, Whamon, Coelamon, Seadramon, Garurumon
Class: Mega, but it's in ultimate chart
How to raise: HP 3000, MP 3000+, everything 300 or 400. Weight at 30.

Ice Sanctuary: Must have Vaccine Digimon to enter. ( has a gym somewhere! )

Grey Lord's Mansion: Must have Virus Digimon to enter. ( has lots of computers! ) *spelt Grey Load's Mansion in the Giromon Jukebox! *

Mt. Infinity: Prosperity 50+, SAVE, GET LOTS OF RECOVERY ITEMS, DEPOSIT ALL NON-BATTLE ITEMS!, talk to Jijimon, go outside. An Airdramon should be hanging near the toliet. He/she attacks you with a super fast dive knocking about 3% of your Digimon's HP then battles you. I had a Tyrannamon with very low stats and still bet him! HP 2500, MP 1800, OFF 300, DEF 200, SPD 350, BRAINS 200>.<! I only had Dynamite Kick set as my technique! DK isn't "Strong" but is fairly fast and moderate dmg... =D Since Airdramon only has attacks that need time to prepare... Easy Win!

Misty Trees: Go to Shogungekomon =D !Spelling! and he should cast a spell on you so you can see the road. It makes absolutely no difference but one very important one... You can actually go to Cherrymon! Without the spell, when you are one screen away from Cherrymon, it will just repeat itself... When you meet Cherrymon, he lower the mist for you so it is easier to see =O

btw, can ANYONE tell me how to do the 3 golden poops bonus try trick? and how do you get Shellmon down and is he really needed?

Training Intelligently
Train a fresh digimon from the egg until it evolves. Train the in-training form until it gets sleep. Race over to Kunemon's bed and sleep him there, if successful, he will evolve immediately upon waking up. For me, I got Kunemon, a rookie, at age 0. Now train Kunemon, he'll become Kabuterimon (I got him at age 3) most likely and you can rack up care mistakes, stats, and battles. My Kabuterimon is now 9 with 4000 hp mp, and nearly 400 for each stat. If you don't end up with an ultimate, then your next digimon's stats will be pretty high initially. This is a quick way to make big progress in the game since your digimon will be so young that you can really get a lot of work done.
Unexpected bakemon as a partner without training
When your digimon fades away, choose the pink spotted egg or a blue lined egg and make it digivolve to a Betamon(virus)(This is the only way to get a bakemon with Betamon), Elecmon(Data) or Kunemon(virus). Then buy a lot of food, port pottys and one autopilot. Then take your partner to Overdell(Outside the mansion; where is the bakemon you recruit). And there wait till it digivolves. (You can enter the mansion with Kunemon or Betamon, but make sure it digivolves outside)
Note:There is a 35% chance that it happens, but WATCH OUT, the other percent is a numemon.
Another Note: I'm not completely sure that this happens with Kunemon or Elecmon, but it happened to me with Betamon and to my friend to, so, you may want to verify it with Betamon. Oh, and my friend SAYS he had Bakemon with Elecmon and Kunemon using this, but I didn't saw it.
Vademon cheat
It will work sometimes.Have vademon.
It MUST have two commands in order for this cheat to work.
Metal sprintler(Use when pressed)
When fighting enemy, press metal sprintler.When enemy attack,press defence than as quick as you can,(After enemy attack)Press metal sprintler and mind you, don't press the wrong command!Thwen as normal,metal sprintler will fly around you...but wait!What's this?The enemy will be done normal damage,but there is a 45% chance that enemy defence is disabled,meaning even machinedramon CANNOT defend.And bless me if the digitamamon can't defend too!
View Ememy Digimon's HP
To view an Ememy Digimon's HP, press the select button while in battle.
Where Leomon's Ancestors are
For you noobs... if its offensive to u NOOBS, dont blame me, blame my spirit. If you want to look for what Leomon is looking for, have 45+ prosperity and go to Drill Tunnel. Keep going down until you meet that Drimogemon who just keeps digging non-stop, he should have made a hole. Go through it annd you will see him inside the hole. That place is Leomon's Ancestor's Cave. It has a computer in it which , if memory serves me right, contains a Brians Chip? Anyway, go north-western ( Up then Left ) and you will see Leomon's Tablet. Sometimes you can find Nanimon, a filth-?humanoid? Digimon, who will always be your bestest friend. He drops Xenotype Digivices which allow you to carry 20, then 30 items, depending on how many encounters you have had with Nanimon. Now go to Gear Savanna and go to where Leomon is( the Training spot like the Green Gym {Speed-Hp, Offense-Hp}). Now talk to him and he will join the city. Well, you'd think after all that he would be useful.... but Nooo, the game just has to be mean(no offense Bandai) to you, Leomon, honestly, SUCKS! All he ever does is stand next to Birdramon... But Hey! Always look on the bright side of life! He counts as 2 prosperity points i believe. Oh yeah, if you ever need guidance, ask: Galacticdramon, the_kitty_sniper, DevilorAngel50 and sometimes Ckoud Strife7. They'll prod you in the right direction, even if you don't even talk to them!I hope they don't mind me using their names...
Where to learn Counter technique asside from traing from brains...
You can get a counter technique in ShamaUnimon in Gear Savanna or to the Vermilliomon in the Ancient Glacial (in where you fought Tyrannomon). Please take note that they use Counter not quite often so be patient. You can use Sonic Jab / Megaton Punch or any other Battle technique that has physical contact so that they can have a chance to throw a Counter on your digimon...
Winning the Grade-S Cup
To win the Grade-S Cup at Greymon's Arena, first unlock it by winning the Grade-A Cup. You must also let seven other Digimon win the Cup. Get a Megadramon with over 900 Speed and over 5500 HP and MP. Also, make sure his Brains are at 500, have his Defence at 700+, and have his Offence at over 700. He should have Ice Statue set for one of his Techs.

In the battle, use Ice Statue repeatedly until your opponent loses all his HP. Do this in the other two rounds to win.

You can win one of three prizes:

Mega-Hand: Turns a Champion into Megadramon.
Metal Parts: Turns a Champion into MetalGreymon.
Fatal Bone: Turns a Champion into SkullGreymon.


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How To Get 9999/999 Parametres

-Recruited Digitamamon. After you beat Machinedramon in Mt. Infinity, go back to the last room and he will be there. Beat him in a battle to recruit him.

-Reasonable amount of bits. 400-500k will do fine.

-Porto Potties. 2-3 will do fine.


-Turbo Playstation Controller. This is a special Playstation controller that has a button called "Turbo" between the Start and Select buttons. What it does is when you press the turbo button, and the button you want, say the X button, it will keep on pressing the X button without you having to push it.

When your Digimon gets hungry, go to the restaurant and keep leaving and entering until Digitamamon appears. Buy the cheapest food off him. After you eat the food, you can keep asking him for more and more food. This is a great way to get 9999/999 parametres, and its better to do this glitch when Digitamamon gives 20 HP, 20 MP, 2 OFF, 2 DEF, 2 SPEED and 2 BRAINS, since it is much cheaper and will achieve faster results.

NOTE: This glitch may not work on different versions of the game. I tested this glitch on a PAL version and it seems to work fine. Also, you must stay in the restaurant the whole time the glitch is running. You can leave after you've achieved the parametres you desire.
First get the grade medal by winning grade C,D,B,A and S in any order. Then go to the medal chart under the player icon.
Click on the Chart and go to any empty medal space, and click off.
Now go to another screen (e.g Card List).
Go back to the medal chart and click you will see a description of another medal different to the grade medal


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gear savanna shop
when you get to gear savanna there is this elecmon
go south once on the left side there should either be a pinkish gabumon or a drimongemon
w a mustache (called nise drimongemon).
"how to get a quick chip and a offense chip"
you have to be at lava cave, go to the bottom area where you can walk on the hardened lava.
then go up a screen. after that cling to the right side of the wall as you go up you should go in the wall and there is two computers where inside them is a quick chip and a offense chip
Angemon to Devimon
To get Devimon from Angemon, lose in battle.

Note: You must have 50% discipline. Also emptying your stuff to Item Bank is good, cause if you lose in battle, you may loose items.
Back Dimension
You can go to Back Dimension after beating Machinedramon. When Jijimon sense danger, go to Ogremon's fortress, Grey Lord's Mansion or Ice sanctuary. On one of these places could be the dimension. Enter and you´ll be teleported to Back dimension. The only Way out is By beating AGAIN Machinedramon.
Buy Chips(not devimon's)
You can buy chips from shogungekomon using 800 merit points. first you need lots of money to buy cards. Look for the easy money cheat to see about that. After you get the money, go to card machine and buy as many as possible.(turbo controller works well) You can buy the cards in gear savanna, but I think the card machine is better. then go to geko swamp and give shogungekomon all your cards. I can usually get about 3000-5000 merit points every time.

Note: This takes a long time and will probably be boring.
Card Machine
You must have three of the following to get the Card Machine in the item shop:
Biyomon,Patamon,Unimon and Monochomon.
card trick
this isn't a cheat but a glich that will mess up your game

when your looking at your cards do not press triangle while pressing x or any other button for that matter becasue you will get card stuck on the screen but one good thing about this it allows you to look at all the digimon in the digimon table do this by going on to one of the digimon you know about then press left right up or down to view them
Easy bits from battling
To be able to do this properly, you need to have an ultimate with decent stats, around 6000/600 or higher.

Go to Mt.Infinty and fight the 3 monochromon in the first room, beating all 3 gets you an easy 5700 bits, and if you have your digimon on defend they pretty much kill each other.

The two Rockmon also give you 3600 together, so each time you enter this room and come back out, you could get 9300 bits easy.
Easy Money
Buy as many med.recovery as you can, at least one auto pilot, and try to save 2000 bits. Take birdramon to freezeland(or walk if you can't) and go to the mojymon to the far left(if thats the one you got to go to the city then this won't work). Trade in all of your med. recovery's for sup.def.disks, then warp back. Sell all of the disks to get 2000 bits each. You'll actully be getting 1500 each because med. recovery's cost 500. Keep repeating this if you want more money. This is also an easy way to get the max bits medal.
Enter Myotismon's Mansion
Your Digimon partner must be one of the following types to enter: Betamon, Devimon, Numemon, MetalGreymon, Kabuterimon, Vegiemon, SkullGreymon, Vademon, Kunemon, Ogremon, Bakemon, Sukamon, Etemon, Kuwagamon, Nanimon, or MegaDramon. Any other Digimon will not be allowed to enter.
Frigimon - The Easy Way
To Recruit Frigimon more quickly and more easily than the standard method, follow these instructions:

Step #1: Acquire a piece of Mouldy Meat. This can sometimes be acquired from the Amida Forest during the Metal Gear Solid rip-off, and it can also be acquired sometimes from the Vending Machine in the Ancient Glacial Region. The "Unlimited Steaks" trick during the Myotismon mission in the Grey Lord's Mansion can also sometimes provide pieces of Mouldy Meat.

Step #2: Raise a Digimon who is vulnerable to the cold. Agumon, Meramon and Tyrannomon are examples of such a Digimon, as is any Fresh/Baby or In-Training Digimon.

Step #3: Place ALL of your Items in Agumon's Item Bank, apart from one or two pieces of Moudly Meat (three at the maximum), and perhaps a few HP/MP Floppies, just in case you get into any battles.

Step #4: Go to the Great Canyon with this Digimon. If Birdramon is taking you there, you can skip the rest of this Step and move straight on to Step #5. Assuming that you're coming in from the invisible bridge between the Tropical Jungle and the Great Canyon, follow these directions. Walk to the right past the Toilet and Monochromon's Shop, and take the right path at the "Y"-junction just beyond it (the area in which Ogremon first appears).

Step #5: On the next screen, move forward towards the lift, and turn left to head toward one of the Great Canyon/Freeze-Land intersections here.

Step #6: Stop on the area before the bridge leading into Freeze-Land. Feed the Mouldy Meat to your Digimon.

Step #7: Cross the bridge, and enter into the Freeze-Land. Walk past the right side of the heater with your ill Digimon, and it should faint - and Frigimon should come to its rescue.
Gameshark Cheats
Please note that these Codes DO NOT WORK on certain Versions of the Game or Game Shark/Action Replay.

have all card 50002001 0000
301BDFAC 00FF dosen't work on version 5.
Digimon Modifier D0134EE4 0020
801557A8 00??00 - ????
01 - Botamon
02 - Koromon
03 - Agumon
04 - Betamon
05 - Greymon
06 - Devimon
07 - Airdramon
08 - Tyrannomon
09 - Meramon
0A - Seadramon
0B - Numemon
0C - Metalgreymon
0D - Mamemon
0E - Monzaemon
0F - Punimon
10 - Tsunomon
11 - Gabumon
12 - Elecmon
13 - Kabuterimon
14 - Angemon
15 - Birdramon
16 - Garurumon
17 - Frigimon
18 - Whamon
19 - Vegiemon
1A - Skullgreymon
1B - Metalmamemon
1C - Vademon
1D - Poyomon
1E - Tokomon
1F - Patamon
20 - Kunemon
21 - Unimon
22 - Ogremon
23 - Shellmon
24 - Centarumon
25 - Bakemon
26 - Drimogemon
27 - Sukamon
28 - Andromon
29 - Giromon
2A - Etemon
2B - Yuramon
2C - Tanemon
2D - Biyomon
2E - Palmon
2F - Monochromon
30 - Leomon
31 - Coelamon
32 - Kokatorimon
33 - Kuwagamon
34 - Mojyamon
35 - Nanimon
36 - Megadramon
37 - Piximon
38 - Digitamamon
39 - Penguinmon
3A - Ninjamon
3B - Phoenixmon
3C - H-Kabuterimon
3D - Megaseadramon
3E - Weregarurumon
3F - Panjyamon
40 - Gigadramon
41 - Metaletemon
42 - Myostismon
43 - Yanmamon
44 - Gotsumon
45 - Flarerizamon
46 - Warumonzaemon
47 - Snowagumon
48 - Hyogamon
49 - Platinumsukamon
4A - Dokunemon
4B - Shimaunimon
4C - Tankmon
4D - Redvegiemon
4E - J-Mojyamon
4F - Nisedrimogemon
50 - Goburimon
51 - Mudfrigimon
52 - Psychemon
53 - Modokibetamon
54 - Toyagumon
55 - Piddomon
56 - Aruraumon
57 - Geremon
58 - Vermilimon
59 - Fugamon
5A - Tekkamon
5B - Morishellmon
5C - Guardromon
5D - Muchomon
5E - Icemon
5F - Akatorimon
60 - Tsukaimon
61 - Sharmamon
62 - Clearagumon
63 - Weedmon
64 - Icedevimon
65 - Darkrizamon
66 - Sandyanmamon
67 - Snowgoburimon
68 - Bluemeramon
69 - Gururumon
6A - Saberdramon
6B - Soulmon
6C - Rockmon
6D - Otamamon
6E - Gekomon
6F - Tentomon
70 - Waruseadramon
71 - Meteormon
72 - ?????
73 - Machinedramon
74 - Analogman
75 - Jijimon
76 - Market Manager
77 - Shogungekomon
78 - King of Sukamon
79 - Cherrymon
7A - Hagurumon
7B - Tinmon
7C - Master Tyrannomon
7D - Goburimon
7E - Brachiomon
7F - Demimeramon
after the game star press the Circle and save the game. and rest.
Get all Ice moves easy
For this to work, you must NOT have already got the blue flute for Seadramon, but have it so he is swimming around in the lake.

Each time you catch him, he can give you his blue flute,teach you a Ice tech, or give you his digivolution item.

Catch him, and ask him to teach you an ice tech, then come back the next day and catch him and get him to give you another ice tech, do the same the next day, and the next day, and so on.

Your digimon doesn't have to be and ice type for this to work, so it can save you time because you don't need to worry about getting an ice digimon.
Get All Techs (PAL version)
Use this Xploder Code to get all Techs:

Get Champions and ultimates in the beginning.
This cheat is only for the japanese version. After Jijimon asks you to put your data, hold START and triangle. When the game starts (still holding the buttons) the options box will open. Get into item box. There will be many items. Some items can digivolve yourdigimons into Champs and ULTIMATES at the start of the game. Pick the correct one and you will get powerful digimons. Some items are the HP discs which doesn't affect the game. But once you close the option box, all items are lost but you will have that digimon you digivolved into.
Get into factorial town
You must have defeated Orgemon in his Fortness.Go to Freezeland and go to the ice flows,you should see a Whamon there.Talk to Whamon then he will take you to his cave.Defeat the Orgemon,Waruseadramon and Gabumon there.then go back to file City,Whamon will take you to his Cave and Factorial Town,choose Factorial Town,you will be in Factorial Town in no time.
get kunemon
to get kunemon you must sleep in kunemon's bed(after the original kunemon has been defeated) with a in-training digimon. after your digimon has woken up he should digivolve straight away.
Get Machinedramon

I. Deƒeàt Ànàlôgmän änd àcce§§ bättle môde; ÿôû'll häve Mächinedràmôn to ƒight with ÿôûr ƒriend!

II. Ù§e thi§ gàme§härk côde to get Mächinedràmôn ä§ ÿôûr pärtner Digimôn!:

D0134EE4 0020
801557A8 00??

Ãter yôû û§ed thi§ côde, pre§§ CÎRCLÊ immediàtely änd §äve the gäme; relôäd the gäme änd ÿôû'll have Mächinedràmôn! Hi§ tÿpe i§ ûnknôwn hi§ ättàck is ÀLL RÀNGÊ BÊÀM. ¶
Get more stats without the stat chips
all you need is just just a training manual, super carrots and hawk radishes and digiseabass(for ultimates). just train and feed the supper carrots and hawk radishes to your digimon and keep the training manual with you and use the digiseabass for ultimates to make them live longer(this will get your digimon sick) also try the bonus try and get the 3 golden poops, you will get 10x more of the usual amount of normal try
Get Pheonixmon, EASY!
Get a Birdramon, keep it at about 20 - 25kg and give it 0 Care mistaakes, wait untill it's about 8 - 10 years old with these conditions still intact and viola, Pheonixmon!
Get Powerful Techniques
Charm Perfume:Train Vegiemon's brains a lot,he will learn Charm Perfume.

Insect Plague: Digivolve your partner into H-Kabuterimon.Insect Plague will appear by itself.

Megaton Punch:Get a MetalMamemon as your partner,and battle with him a lot.At last,he will learn Megaton Punch.

Metal Sprinter: Digivolve your partner into Vademon.Metal Sprinter will appear by itself.

Water Blit:Train Seadramon's brains a lot,she will learn Water Blit.
Get Powerful Techniques-Part 3
Tear Dropigivolve your partner into MegaSeadramon.Tear Drop will appear by itself.

Full Potential:First,get a Machine Type Digimon.After that,Go to Mt.Infinity and fight with Tekkamon.If it doesn't work,fight with Machinedramon.If it doesn't work again,go to Back Dimension,and fight with with Machinedramon again.This time it should work.

All Water Techniques:You can learn all water techniques from Seadramon when you catch him at Dragon Eye Lake(before get Blue Flute).
Getting Greymon
To get greymon, talk to Jijimon, when he says you have a prosperty rating of 15, Greymon will come as soon as you leave Jijimons house. Make sure you have a good digimon and lots of recoveries. Greymon has 5000 HP, and can easily top 250 damage per hit.
GS Code: All Digimon On Chart
301BE00D 00FF
801BE010 FFFF
801BE012 FFFF
301BE014 00FF
GS Code: All Medals
Type in:

GS Code: Always Have Finish
Type in 8013D65A0AF1 on your gameshark.
GS Code: Have All Attacks
GS Code: Have Only The Best Items W/You!
GS Code: Infinite Brains
GS Code: Infinite Defense
GS Code: Infinite Lives
Type in the following:

GS Code: Infinite Lives
801557f0270f and
GS Code: Infinite MP
GS Code: Infinite Offense
GS Code: Infinite Speed
GS Code: Lots of Bits
GS Code: Max Items in All Slots
Type in these:

GS Code: No Virus
Type in:

GS Code: Perfect Balance of Happy and Discipline

GS Code: Press O To Beat The Game
** After Typing These Codes, Press O To Beat The Game!!

how to get a birdramon
when your digimon fades away pick the third egg.train it's speed and offense(hp as well). it should turn into a bioyomon.then do the same thing except makes it's weight 20 - 30. and kazzam birdramon.
how to get angemon
active hours: 4:00-19:00
conditions of digivolution
care mistakes:0
body weight:20g
digivolution item:white wings
possible digimon
How to get in a move that takes a while to launch
To get moves, such as Infinity Burn or DG Dimension, that take a while to launch without the attack being disrupted, you must have the defensive command.

When they attack, quickly set your didigmon's command to Defensive, if it blocks the attack, then quickly use your desired attack and they wont try to attack you during the time you are launching it.

Alternatively, Using a move that paralyzes the opponent and then using the tech will work as well.
How to get some digimon in the city
Well to get kunemon you gotta feed him,and then you gotta fight him,he's tough so I suggest you digivolve before facing him,to get andromon you gotta go to factorial town and see whats wrong with the place.
How To Recruit Unimon
When you go up Mount Panorama, in the place with
spores, you might see a hurt Unimon. Talk to him.
He will say he hurt his wing, so help him by giving him any recovery item. He will help you and
go to the city. He helps in the item shop. So that's how you recruit Unimon.

NOTE: You must recruit Centarumon before you can
recruit Unimon.
Learn Powerful Air Techs
Thunder Bolt: First get a Bakemon, Monzaemon or
Giromon, and train brains alot. You should learn it You can also learn it by defeating WaruMonzaemon in Toy Town, or by defeating lots of Soulmon in Overdell Cemetary or Dark Lord's Mansion.
Learn Powerful Air Techs Part II
Megalo Spark: Soulmon in Overdell Cemetary / Dark Lord Mansion use this lots (in fact I think they are the only enemy digimon outside of a tournament to use this at all).

Confusion Storm: Piximon and Airdramon use this, as do the Piddomon in Mt. Infinity.

Spinning Shot: Defeat lots of Piddomon (Mt. Infinity) or SandYanmamon (Great Canyon) and you will eventually learn it... <good luck="luck">.
Powerful but difficult to learn and fairly slow.</good>
Learning Powerful Fire Techs
Meltdown: Get a strong Greymon or MetalGreymon with good brains and get 50+ prosperity. Go into the first floor of Mt. Infinity and repeatedly fight the group of three Vermillimon (red and black Monochromon). You should learn it quickly. You can also learn this from Meteormon in Ancient Speedy Zone.

Prominence Beam: Get a powerful digimon who can learn this such as Birdramon, Phoenixmon or Meramon, and get good brains. Defeat Birdramon in Grand Canyon, or later on in the game fight lots of Guardromon in Factorial Town. You should learn it no problem.

Magma Bomb: Get a powerful Agumon, Greymon, Meramon, or Birdramon and defeat lots of Goburimon in Drill Tunnel, or later defeat Greymon in File City.
Lower weight easy.
If you get Meramon in your city and sometimes if you but his food it can lower your weight and raise stauts! (You need to be pretty rich to do this!)
MAMEMON can be found at mt.panorama at night
some times he can be found where the mudfrigimon
are found running.

NOTE: he is not as rare as PIXIMON
Max Steaks!
After you've read the memo in the fridge in Grey Lord's Mansion, get outside and there'll be a steak lying down. Grab it and go inside the mansion and then get outside again, there'll be another steak! Repeat this until you have 99 steaks!
Medals and how you get them
1. Grade Cup: Cup C, D, B, A, S - Win in all.
2. Version Cup: Win in all - VER 1, 2, 3, 4, 0.
3. Type Cup: Fire, Grapple, Thunder, Wind, Nature, Cool, Metallic, Filth - Win in all.
4. Special Cup: Dino, Wing, Animal, Human Cup - Win in all.
5. 100 Times Win: Championship 100 times.
6. Technique Master: Mastered 56 switch techniques.
7. Digimon Master: Raised all 61 Digimon.
8. Max Abilities: Maxed all of the Digimon's parameters.
9. Perfect Curling: Got a perfect score in curling.
10. 100 Fish: 100 fish caught.
11. Ending: Finished the game.
12. Town Flourishing: Jijimon said the town is flourishing (recruited all Digimon).
13. Card Complete: Collected all Digimon cards.
14. Bits Maxed: Collected 999,999 Bits.
15. 10 Years: Survived for 300 days.
The best digimon in the game I think is Megaseadramon.Why,because he can learn and use the best skill(ICE STATUE!!!).Get a Whamon and take very good care of him with weight around 40 pound and the higher the parameter,your chance to get Megaseadramon is higher.But there are some problem with his finisher technique and you just have to figure it out by yourself.
More stat chips
Do the easy money trick many times,and sell them,then buy cards form the card machine and go to geko swamp and trade all the cards to ShogunGekomon,Then buy the stats chips,repeat the process to get easy ultimates using the stats chips.
Ogremon to the city
You get ogremon by beating him and his company,the first place where ogremon apears is the great canyon when you past trought they jump screaminng at you and say that give up but you not and then fight them,they're 3 so be carful(Ogremon and 2 agumons)The second place is the ogre fortress you will fight against the 3 again,you can go there by going into the asensor and hiting down then ogremon goes to an underground cave you can go there just with Whamon but this time Ogremon and his master will fight togeter the mster is Waruseadramon and have powerful technics be carful again,and the last place before the city is the cave where the Drillmons are him is in the entrance with his company one more time,beat him and he give up and decide to go to the city.
Open the gate of factorial town.
Defeat Giromon and talk to Andromon,he will open the gates for you.
piximon is the rarest character in the game

go to the shores of tropical rainforest
and each hour check for a pink guy flying around a tree w a dor on it when you see it battle him
if you want to grow stronger come back the exact day and hour he first appeared
Somtimes get 5 meat
To have an increased chance of getting 5 meats instead of 3, "Walk" up to Tanemon, Palmon or Vegimon. You can do this by holding "O"
To get every Rookie NTSC
There is an easy way to get every rookie. First get a in-training then either train or just rest it and take care of it. If you train it it will turn into one possibility and if you don't it'll become the other possibility. Here's an example:
Koromon+Trained stats=Agumon
Koromon+no training(mostly resting)=Gabumon
In order to get Vegimon you must first get a Rainforest Plant[found in the flower bed next to the meat farm in File City,{only if you got palmon}and is found there on the 15th of each month.]and go talk to the digimon right outside Jijimon's house. Then go to the Tropical jungle
and look around in a [more right] screen. there should be a 'strange plant' there. go to it and give it the rainplant. THE END!!!!!!
Where the digimon start off and where they can go to.
Egg: Rookies
Green egg: Gabumon or Agumon
Pink egg: Palmon or Betamon
Blue egg: Penguinmon or Elecmon
Orange egg: Patomon or Biyomon
Any egg: Kunemon
Rookies: Champions
Agumon: Greymon, Monochromon, Meramon, Birdramon, Centarumon, or Tyrannomon
Gabumon: Tyrannomon, Monochromon, Ogremon, Drimogemon, Centarumon, or Garurumon
Penguinmon: Mojyamon, Shellmon, Garurumon, Whamon, or Frigimon
Betamon: Whamon, Seadramon, Coelamon, or Shellmon
Patomon: Orgemon, Leomon, Angemon, Drimogemon, Tyrannomon, or Unimon
Elecmon: Leomon, Angemon, Bakemon, or Kokatorimon
Palmon: Whamon, Kuwagamon, Ninjamon, Coelamon, or Vegiemon
Biyomon: Airdramon, Kokatorimon, Birdramon, Unimon, or Kabuterimon
Kunemon: Bakemon, Kuwagamon, Vegiemon, Kabuterimon
All Rookies: Numemon, Sukamon, Devimon, or Nanimon
H: Kabuterimon, Giromon, SkullGreymon, MetalGreymon, Metal Mamemon, MegaSeadramon, Vademon, Etemon, Andromon, Megadramon, Phoenixmon, Piximon, Mamemon, Monzaemon, and Digitamon