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Hint: Another way to get Agumonsubmitted by Emily
An alternative way to get Agumon is to DNA digivolve Greymon and Ikkakumon.


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Okay, this may not be true but according to my research I realise that Vaccine type Digimon is strong against Virus type but weak against Data type. Data type is strong against Vaccine type but weak against Virus type and Virus type is strong against Data type but weak against Vaccine type
Counter Attack Glitch
If you have a digimon with an abillity called Chrono Breaker and another digimon you are fighting has a counter attack move and almost always uses it, then all you have to do is attack one of the enimies. Not the enimy with the counter attack but a diffrent one then it will say that you attacked the digimon with counter attack he will attack you and it will do no damage.
Different Attack Results
When certain attacks are used, such as SkullGreymon's Dark Shot or Wizardmon's Necro Magic, and someone interrupts it with Chrono Breaker, when they finally attack, they will do something different. Dark Shot has a different sound, and hits all opponents, Necro Magic would instead sucks MP from living people. There are others, but it's interesting to see for yourself.
don't go back to server to use digimon in battle
just go on to digi line by pressing o then pick the digi you just got along with the others you are using and he will fight with his full hp and mp without going back to the server it saves a lot of time
Don't waste your money
If you are at the part where you can buy A ranked gifts from your guard team, don't waste your money on toy planes (if you are about to catch a Digimon of the type of your guard team, like if you gained gold hawks you can catch vaccine Digimon). Instead buy an A ranked gift from your guard team. Those items are cheaper and work better than toy plains, trucks, etc.
Early Omnimon
If you want Omnimon BEFORE you go to the 3 domains to get the 3 rings, here's what you do:

1. Get the following digimon:
18 greymon
4 metalgreymon (Get 1 at BIOS domain & get 3 at DATA domain)
1 megadramon (trade at digimon centre)
2. After you get metalgreymon from BIOS and megadramon by trading, train them to the max. (EL27)
3. DNA them to get greymon (EL11)
4. Train him to EL21 to get metalgreymon and then to EL31 to get wargreymon. (after this he can go till EL32)
5. -OPTIONAL- DNA wargreymon EL32 with metalgreymon (trained to EL25)
6. -IF STEP 5 IS DONE- repeat step 4 (only now max EL is 37)

If done correctly you have a wargreymon (with step 5 and 6: EL37 and without step 5 and 6: EL32)

7. DNA 2 greymons to get EL1 Agumon DP1
8. train Agumon to EL11
9. Digivolve agumon to greymon then you can DNA him immediately with another greymon. (always the 1 with the most DP first)
10. repeat step 9 till you have a greymon with DP17, and train him till EL12
11. Now train your 2 metalgreymons to EL25
12. DNA (greymon DP17 first) with a metalgreymon EL25 for a EL1 agumon DP18
13. train him to get greymon at EL11 and skullgreymon at EL21
14. When that skullgreymon is EL27, DNA him with your last metalgreymon EL25 (again, the 1 with most DP first, in this case skullgreymon) to get greymon EL11 with DP19
15. train that greymon to EL21 skullgreymon and EL31 machinedramon and last to its max EL (EL32)

If done correctly you have an EL32 Machinedramon and either an EL32 (without step 5 and 6) or an EL37 (with step 5 and 6) wargreymon

16. DNA machinedramon with wargreymon (machinedramon first) to get EL21 metalgreymon with 20DP
17. Train him to EL31 to get Omnimon.

If you didn't do step 5 and 6, his max EL is 37 but if you did his max EL is 43.
Gaia help
I found out an easy way to beat Gaia. Have monzaemon or anyone that has heart breaker attack in your party.
it lowers the strenght and defence of data type foes (yes, Gaia is a data type) and have someone that can heal a lot just for safety (i didn't need to heal at all) Now when you enter the battle just keep doing the heart breaker attack with monzaemon every single turn and hit or heal with others. when i did this i hit gaia for like 200+ every hit and he hit me back for like 17 and i beat the hell out of him. hope this helped.
Good Party
When your mission is to finish disk, scsi and video(the second time)the best party is flamedramon, megadramon and metal greymon. To get a flamedramon dna digivolve greymon and airdramon.
To get megadramon trade at the digimon center.
To get metalgreymon give a toy plane to it in BIOS domain.
When megadramon and metal greymon are at lvl 27 (if you want) dna digivolve megadramon and metal greymon and train it to lvl 32. It will come to wargreymon .
Good Tips n Hint

this tip can help u along your journey until u meet Gaia

Vaccine type strong against Virus type
Virus type strong against Data type
Data type strong against Vaccine type

i know this tip from my 1st time play until i beat Gaia

i found this secret when im choose Black Sword Team but my Digimon is all Vaccine type...like I-dramon,MetalGreymon,Seraphimon
and then when i go to (all Data type) Domain (like Bios) i realize my digimon supposely strong.. 2 megas 1 ultimate... also slow kill 3 ultimate
digimon but when i battle with Virus type my digimon damage so high only 1 turn kill..

try use (Mega Fire) on Data type n see damage then try on Virus type see both damage so DIFFERENT right

its mean that PROOF all digimon have weakness
if u think u got good digimon i think probably not.

like i said Vaccine type strong against Virus type
Virus type strong against Data type
Data type strong against Vaccine type

when ur digimon have DP not fresh digimon u got from wild but ur try it if u wanna know better result

n last thing GOOD Technique to learn for ur digimon..

Hyper Flashing - weaken Vaccine type (Digitamamon)
Virus Attack - weaken Virus type (Monzaemon)
Heart Break Hit - weaken Data type (WaruMonzaemon)

good tech for better digimon

Note : if u use Hyper Flashing when 1 of 3 ur digimon is Vaccine type, ur got weaken too... So bring Data type in ur Digi-Battle.

Forgot something... dont forget learn tech Armor Coating(MudFrigimon) for better damage..but u need to DNA 1st

this is good strategy for fight BOSS..

Figure out what type BOSS digimon then use is WEAKNESS...
how to attack first
to attack first you must have tuskmon´s move:"slaming tusk", then, you will attack first.
How to get a super Imperialdramon
Imperialdramon is one of the most difficult digimon to obtain, as well as one of the most powerful. First, you need twenty greymons and one airdramon(or other digimon to DNA digivolve into Veemon). DNA digivolve one greymon with airdramon to get veemon. This will give a veemon with a 1 more dp than the highest of the DNA digivolution. Level this veemon and 1 greymon to their maximum and it will digivolve into flamedramon or veedramon depending on the DP. Then DNA digivolve it with that greymon. Repeat this leveling process until you are out of greymons, and you should have a veemon with a DP of at least 20. You can also use DPupChips to assist the process. Your veemon will then digivolve into flamedramon at level 11, Raidramon at 21, and finally Imperialdramon at 31. You only need a DP of 8 for imperialdramon, but its high DP will allow you to have a more powerful attacks and a maximum level capability.
How to get a super Imperialdramon
Imperialdramon is one of the most difficult digimon to obtain, as well as one of the most powerful. First, you need twenty greymons and one airdramon(or other digimon to DNA digivolve into Veemon). DNA digivolve one greymon with airdramon to get veemon. This will give a veemon with a 1 more dp than the highest of the DNA digivolution. Level this veemon to 11 and it will digivolve into flamedramon or veedramon depending on the DP. Then DNA digivolve it with a greymon. Repeat this leveling process until you are out of greymons, and you should have a veemon with a DP of at least 20. You can also use DPUPChips to assist the process. Your veemon will then digivolve into flamedramon at level 11, Raidramon at 21, and finally Imperialdramon at 31. Its high DP will allow you to have a more powerful attacks and a maximum level capability. The same can be done with greymons without an airdramon to get omnimon.
How to get the Tankmon for Kim
Kinda hard to get the Tankmon for Kim using 10 digivices while avoiding it??
Trying to find a Toy Plane so it'll be easier??

Well, if you go compete in the Rank 5 tournament at the Collisuem and win you'll get a Toy Plane as a prize for winning. Trust me it's easier this way.
No damage fighting Shogungekomon
I tried this in Tera Domain, with the Wild Digimon Group of Tekkamon, Cherrymon and Shogungekomon. Shogungekomon\'s tech \"Musical Fist\" doesn\'t cause any damage in Vaccine type Digimon! When he attacks a Vaccine Digimon (of yours), in place of damage, it says \"HP Recover\". Note: Your Digimon doesn\'t recover any HP.
No Return Bugs
This is most useful when you have already finished the game, got the best digi-beetle parts and have at least 3 strong digimons. It will be almost impossible to finish Tera Domain without this.
First, catch rookie digimons in one of the first domains and fill your server. When it is filled no return bugs will be able to invade it and you can survive in Tera Domain more easily. Because you will never get your digimons returned. This helped me go to the 99th floor as well.
Short and Easy
Start with Patamon. Catch 2 Crabmon (you won't need these in the process, just to get you to MODEM Domain) Once at MODEM Domain, get 4 more Patamon. (You should be trading this whole process) DNA Digivolve All the Patamon into more Patamon and you should have 3 Ninjamon. DNA Digivolve 2 Ninjamon together Giving you a EL 15 Ninjamon. DNA 2 more together (Not the 1 you just DNA'ed) And get ANOTHER Ninjamon EL 15 dp1 Then, DNA Digivolve the 2 EL 15's together and get that one to EL 18 Ninjamon, then DNA Digivolve the EL 13 that you never used with the 18 and get that to a EL 20 Starmon dp3 By this time, you should have a EL 20 Starmon, EL 27 Megadramon, and any other digimon you've made... DNA the Megadramon (You get Megadramon by trading Numemon) with the Starmon and Get a Tsukaimon. He should become a Soulmon, then Phantomon, he should max at EL 32 as a Piedmon...


I did this in the first 8 missions, before you have to do Web, Drive, and BIOS the seconed time. WOW the game got so easy. Try to do this as fast as you can, I figured out another way starting with Agumon but I forgot, it was complex... Anyway

Super Akatorimon!
After Profrsser Pioytte tells you to get him an Ikkakumon, Skayomon, and Yanmamon he doesn't even need them, he's just testing your skill... SO you get to keep them! That mission to me was a pain in the @$$. At the time I had 2 things maxed... an EL 15 Veedramon dp1 and a EL 15 D-Tyrannomon 14. DNA Digivolved them together and got a Veemon dp2 who maxed at 17. If you looked back, I still had the EL 13 Ikkakumon and the EL 12 Yanmamon. I didn't bother to level them (That was STUPID... If you try this maxed them out) And got a Crabmon who maxed at EL 15. I DNA Digivolved the Veemon (which made Veedramon)and Crabmon (which made Coelamon) and got a Floramon who maxed at EL 20 as a Akatorimon that knew V-Nova Blast, Nova Blast (from the origional Veedramon that I made with a Greymon and a Airdramon), Fire Blast (From D-Tyrannomon), Spinning Needle (From the origional Veedramon - look above), Fossil Bite (from Coelamon), Harpoon Torpedo (from Ikkakumon), and Thunder Ray (from Yanmamon) which is pretty sweet. BUT why would anyone be satasfied with just a pwnage EL 20? I still have that Skayomon that I never used so I leveled that up to max at EL 14 and DNA digivolved it with the Akatorimon and get a Dokunemon dp4 who digivolves to Flymon who Digivolves to Okwagamon and maxes at EL 22 and has a really good attack called Duo Scissor Claw and is in the Diaboromon family. (Diaboromon is super rare mega digimon for the Virus type).
To make the game easier
To make the game easier, type in Tai as your character's name, this makes battles against stronger opponents easier.


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1st Crimson fight (to anyone interested: E- Mail me with a request for any hints or tips & I'll be
In Laser Domain (on the continent,12 floors) there are many strong Digimon to battle. I recom-
end you have at least 1 mega & 2 ultimates. Don't
waste HP & MP on the Digimon you encounter on the
upper floors, save it for the Blood Knights.There
are TONS of traps in this domain, so missiles,bug
zaps,& part and mech fixes are a must. Before you
head out, get your Digi-Beetle to full capacity.
In addition stock up on all kinds of recovery items. On the 11th floor you meet Cmndr. Damien.
1st tackle MegaKabuterimon(gotta knock out his Intterupt),next Puppetmon(the 1st Mega you'll meet
on this game),then RedVegiemon.On the 12th floor
you find Crimson(absolute leader of the Blood Knights). First take out SkullMammothmon (he hits all your Digimon & takes off ALOT of damage),
next kill Deltamon (attacks all Digimon at once,
isn't strong,though), & finally ExTyrannomon. If
you can handle S-Mammothmons attacks, kill ExTyrannomon 1st; his tech prevents you from using
your hard hitting attacks. After you beat Crimson
you must fight a generic Blood Knight. This fight is pretty easy. Attack in the following order:

You have my
permission to
save or print
2nd Crismon fight and Chaos Lord
Before you face Chaos Lord,you must fight Crismon first.Hope you have prepared.

1)Take on V-Myotismon first,he takes off a lot of damage.
2)Take On Myotismon the second,heal if you want to,take on Pumpkinmon the last.
3)You will have to walk though many swamps,so either buy Aero Tires or buy a lot Mech Fix-EX.
4)Now you will fight Chaos Lord!Be careful!He's Chaos Cannon is like Giga Cannon.
a el 21 metalgreymon hp is more than a el 27!!!!!!
First catch a Metalgreymon at BIOS domain.(With toy plane)Then catch a numemon or digivolve a hagurmon.trade it for a megadramon.Then max their el until it says 99999999.(el 27)dna digivolve both of them.Raise the greymon to el 21.digivolve it.It now has more hp than a el27
all you need to know
Here is some basic princples iv picked up from others and my own personal expiernce I have beaten the game so I have learned a lot along the way first of all is pure digivolving : for example lets say you have a greymon and it comes time for you to dna digivove him , but you really want a greymon dna digivolve him with another greymon and the resulting digimon will be augamon greymons rookie form. secondly when you want to get a specific digimon when looking to capture one but he is in a group defeat him last and if he likes you enough He will join your team
the only person that i can give credit to that I can think of off the top of my head for helping me along the way is Rena Chin so check out his digivolving fact cause thats how I one the game using all his knowledge I got an omnimon
another way to get veemon & Agumon
another way to get veemon besides dna digivolving
greymon & airdramon is to dna cyclonemon & airdramon to get veemon.( you get cyclonemon by digivolving a gizamon.)To get agumon just dna cyclonemon with the metalgreymon that you were suppose to catch in BIOS domain.
Boss Low damage
When fighting a boss be sure to have someone who knows HornBuster. Then just interrupt the strongest digimon.
Chaos Tower
This is the hardest challenge before tera domain.u have 2 vs. overlord GAIA twice, the 1st time is easy but it would be good if u had 3 strong megas, attack the body 1st.
Here are some things that are REAL important to bring:
Max Drivers EX drivers hp & MP Driver 3's Z bombs BugZap3s good arm electro spore 5's tyres.
digimon that know healing Techs can be a real help
A way to get dark digimon from dna-digivolveation,
is to digivolve a dark champian digimon.

Example: DarkTryannomon(evolved from Betamon, and
IceDevimon(evolved from devimon).
did you know...
ok after Myotismon is gone from the Digimon Center
you now can get a great deal by trading a Agewomon for Magnadramon.
When you DNA digivolve Cherrymon and the first Metalgreymon you got at BIOS DOMAIN you might get Vademon-an ultimate alien digimon.I found this cheat by an accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DNA Digivolving Faq
Your first Digimon is Digimon A
Your second is digimon B
the created one is Digimon C

Digimon A's Lvl (Higher) + Digimon B's Lvl Divided by 5 = Digimon C's max lvl
don't pay gus getum for info on prof. piyote's digimon
Simply save your game before you talk to him. talk to him and write the stuff down and restart you game(before you talked yo him but you stillk have the info.
Easy wargreymon
1]Dna-digivole the metalgreymon you caught in bio and the megadramon by trade
2]train it and you will get a wargreymon EL32 Maxed

NOTE:Both digimon must EL must be 27
Easy way to beat Crimson First Time
I tried this and wooped Crimson and his buddy.
Try fighting Crimcon With aCherrymon Megadramon And a Phantomon who knows grizleywing,Evil charm, and Evil Hand. Be sure to have a few MP & HP drivers.
fast exp.
In places like Tera,BUG,ROM,RAM(maybe more)domain you find a Cherrymon,Tekkamon and ShogunGekomon,beat it and you'll get 3000 bits and 327 exp! so keep on beeting it and get lots of money and exp.(note:you should have real strong Digimon with you when you fight them or you'll lose easily.)
Find Prof. Piyotte
If your having trouble progressing with the story after the blood knights 1st attack, the thing is you havn't found the prof. yet... its pretty simple... go to device dome and enter the 2nd room, from there go to the right and enter the room where you can find techna donna. Go to the right near the car and you'll find the prof. there.
If he's not there you have to win more ternaments...
To get a Flamedramon get a veemon with 4dp or more
and grow to level 11 and digivolve. After that grow him as high as he can and if he dose'nt get to level 21 DNA digivolve with an ultamite so you have veemon then grow to 11(digivolve to Flamedramon)then grow to 21(digivolve)then you will have your very own RAIDRAMON
Get Imperialdramon
There r 2 ways of getting Imperialdramon:
1.Start with Gold Hawks.
2.Catch Biyomon in SCSIDomain
3.Train Agumon+Biyomon 2 EL11
4.DNA Digivolve them 2 Veemondp1
5.Digivolve Veemon at EL11 2 Veedramon
6.When the blood knights arrive,trade Numemon 4 Megadramon
7.Train megadramon 2 EL27
8.DNA Digivovle Megadramon+Veedramon=Veemondp2
9.Fight tornament 3 and get DNA up chip,give to Veemon,so it becomes dp3
10.Train Veemon 2 Aeroveedramon EL30
11.Catch a Greymon EL11,Then train 2 EL21
12.DNA digivolve A-Veedramon+greymon=Veemondp4
13.Train 2 PHEONIXMON EL34
14.DNA Digivolve with a digimon that will become veemondp8
15.Train Veemon 2 Imperialdramon EL48

That is how I get an Imperialdramon!!!!!!!!!!!
get ultimate form of digimon
first you need to have an ultimate digimon who has at least on ultimate level and a champion digimon that has an ultimate form then u dna and train the digimon to el.21 and it will digivole to ultimate and learn to ultimate moves
Get a powerful Cherrymon
If you capture two woodmon then max them out and DNA digivolve them. You will get a mushroom whose ultimate is a cherrymon with an attack power of 99
Get Birdramon
1. Catch a Biyomon
2. Raise until it has 8 DP by DNA Digivolving
3. Digivolve Biyomon at EL 11 to Birdramon

Birdramon is pretty handy, it has an attack that hits all foes: Meteor Wing, and if you Maxed out your EL while DNA Digivolving it should be a very strong attack.
Get ChaosLord and Neocrimsom
To get chaosLord (Looks like Machinedramon), you have to activate the gameshark All levels cheat, but only that cheat, or you'll spoil the game ( I don't remember cheat, I'll put It on my next cheat). Save Game (Please!!!!!!!). Then go to Soft Domain, But DON'T go past GIGA DOMAIN YET. Go face ChaosLord as usual, but it'll not move, so you have to get close to him, but before, throw to him Toy Planes or another item to make a heart appear (the BIG one) and battle, if you made friands, it's OK, but if not, you can always try again (as long you don't get past Giga domain, he'll always be there, even if you make friends.). Please, don't use it in battle, DNA with Machinedramon or other strong digimon (Sometimes, it'll say "Digivolve to fne74nfo23jer6ffg4th65g41b5r8h54scfmon" (randomly) DON'T DNA WITH THAT DIGIMON, IT'LL CRASH THE GAME!, why? because that could make ChaosLord De-evolution, but, he's a rookie treated as a Mega, so he doesn't have any de-evolution). To get Neocrimsom ( Looks like Wargreymon with ChaosLord's armor), repeat the procedure showed before with ChaosLord. You can get all bosses that way EXEPT The Gold Hawks (Black Sword or Blue Falcon if you chosed them) Guardian and Corrupted GAIA (Real Name) because if you try to go to Kernel Zone without defeated Neocrimsom normally, you could get trapped in the Shuttle and you'll have to restart the game, although you can get in the Archive Port and Skip a good piece of the game. Also, receive the famous perfect parts by talking to people in this order, Zudokorn, Kim, Techna Donna, Angemon, Esteena Violet, Chief engineer Maestro, Patamon (buy DM transport (or at leat sounds like it)).
Get Imperialdramon
Just keep on DNAing Digimon until it has 6 DP(but it always have to be Veemon)then you should get a flamedramon then raidramon then Imperialdramon(DNAing is the only way to get his forms because u cant catch them)
Get Lilymon
1. Catch a Palmon
2. Get its DP to 8 by DNA digivolving
3. Digivolve Palmon with 8 DP to Togemon at EL 11
4. Digivolve Togemon to Lilymon at EL 21

Its handy to combine it with a digimon that knows a recovery HP move, Lilymon has good HP so if she gets hit its no big deal.
Get Machinedramon
Raise a SkullGreymon till EL31
Trade a SkullGreymon for a Machinedramon
Get More moves For your Digimon
Just keep on DNA Digivolving different digimon till you dont have any more things.(dont forget to raise them to the max for better conditions!it doesnt matter what digimon you end up with aslong as it's GOOD!!!!!!)

NOTEont over do this and make sure you'll still have 3 digimon by your side.
get Phantommon
first get a Tsuikamon,raise it till level 11(it'll turn to Bakemon or Soulmon)then raise it till level 21 then Bakemon or Soulmon DIGIVOLVE TO................................................Phantommon
Get powerful MKabuterimon
After you get MetalGreymon on BIOS domain dna digivolve him with a Kabuterimon it will be Tentomon train him to level 21 and you get an MKabuterimon.

PS:If you don't train MetalGreymon MKabuterimon will have 104 of Max ATK.
Get Rosemon Before Become Chief Tamer
Dna Digivolve AeroVeedramon and Pumpkinmon,and it will become Togemon.Train Togemon to EL 21,it will become Pumpkinmon.And,Train Pumpkinmon to EL 31,and it will become Rosemon.
Get Toyplane
After you have defeated Hagurumon at SCSI domain and your leader orders you to destroy the bosses at Disc and Video domain, go to the Digimon center. There will be a guy by the name Chris Conner. Leave one space in your item box and talk to him. He will give you a Toyplane
Go first in battles
When you are attacked by a wild digimon; when it says FIGHT hold left and the d-pad and almost all the time you will be able to go first. (note: I have tried this when I had only one digimon)
Good EXP. For Beginners
For good exp in yhe beggining of the game the boot domain is the BEST
Good Virus digimon
When u choose ur gaurd team and if u choose Black Sword then go to the very first domain u went to (with Zudocorn) and remember Gizamon and Gazimon? They r level 5 capture them adn u will have level 5 digimon at the begining!
Healing Techs
Healing techniques are important because the game will get harder. Here are some Digmon that know some:
ClearAgumon-Small HP cure-cure 50 HP to 1 Digimon
Piddomon-Mega heal-cure 150 HP of 1 Digimon 12 MP
MagnaAngemon-HP Recovery-cure 150 HP to all Digimon 24 MP
Panjyamon-Full Recovery-Full HP recovery to 1 Digimon 18 MP
Seraphimon-Full HP cure-Full HP recovery to all Digimon 80 MP
MasterTyrannomon-Zen recovery-Full Parametre recovery 40 MP
Jijimon-Hung on Death-Revives 1 dead Digimon with half HP 20 MP
Phoenixmon-Crimson flame-revives 1 dead digimon with full HP(also Full HP recovery to 1 Digimon!)50MP

note:a nice idea is to catch these Digimon and DNA digivolve them, see how much you can get!
Hint : How to get Vademon
Go to Code or Laser Domain . Vademon is on the tenth to twelth floor . You will need at least 3 to 20 skis . Your Digimon has to be at level 28 .
how to catch digimon
this is for that jason kid

to catch digimon what you have to do is:

(1) buy items (eg. cd player or mobile phone for golden hawk team) at the right side of your gaurd team's hall.

(2)equip them into your digibeetle and go to the domain that the digimon that you want to catch is in.

(3)go into the room that the digimon is in and make sure that it is at least 4 blocks away.

(4) press square and it will target the digimonthen press x button and choose what gift you want to give.

(5)keep giving gifts until there is a big PINK heart over it's head then battle it.

(6) kill the digimon you want last (eg. snow agumon,toy agumon and clear agumon if you want snow agumon kill the other two first) then kill the one you want last.

(7)most of the time the digimon will ask to join your party answer yes and then you get that digimon.

items work for different types of digimon
digivice- data digimon
cd player-vaccine digimon
skis- virus digimon
toy car- any digimon
How to get Areoveemon?
You must have Veemon at 4dp and up.
It will digivol Flamedramonat level 11 and
Areoveemon at level 21.
How to get Imperialdramon?
Get a veemon with 8+ dp. All when you get to level 31 you will get him. Here's the dp chart.

Less than 4 dp after level 11 you will get veedramon

More Flamedramon

21 Less than 6 dp you will get aeroveedramon

More Raidramon

31 Less than 8 dp you will he phonixmon(i'm not sure of the name)

More then 8dp you will get Imperialdramon

How to get Kimeramon and imperidramon????
To get a Kimeramon:go to tera domain and go to the last floor and you were get see him every 666 chance you go.Bring lot of toy plane he is hard to catch.

To get a imperidramon :Get a veemon Dp 8 and train it to level 31.
how to get megadramon
When the blood nights invade scsi domain video domain and disk domain go to scsi domain bring lots of skateboards. On the third floor catch hagurumon hes only a rookie so bring three champion digimon beacause hagurumon is with a level 3 demidevimon hagurumon is also level 3 cach hagurumon train him to level 11 to digivolve to numemon now go to the digimon center put numemon in your digibeetle talk to the lady and say yes when she says do you want to trade. trade and you will get megadramon.
How to get Omnimon ,Baihumon and Diaboromon
to get diaboromon get a okuwamon to dp 20 and level 31

to get omnimon get a metalgreymon to level 31 and dp 20

to get baihumon get a meteormon to level 31 and dp 20
How to get Wargreymon,Machinedramon and V-Myotismon!!!!
To get a Wargreymon,dna-digivolve your megadramon and metalgreymon and you were get a greymon and train it to level 31.

To get a Machinedramon,dna-digivolve greymon 10 times and if you can train it to level 31 and you were get Machinedramon

To get a V-Myotismon,dna-digivolve Magangemon and Myotismon and train it to level 31 and you were get V-Myotismon.
How to survive
You can do this to survive in the domains easly.
Attack first with all your digimon to the more powerfull and then,the other two.
How to win to NeoCrimson easy
NeoCrimson haves a random attack, so it can hit your digimon or himself.
Tri to attack him with your best he's powerful.
DNA SaberLeomon + Megadramon=IceDevimon
Get DemiDevimon(lower than 3DP or something)then raise it till EL 11
Get Vee-mon with 4DP and up. It will digivolve into Flamedramon (champion) at level 11, Raindramon (ultimate) at level 21, Imperialdramon (mega) at level 31.

Get a Pheonixmon and get its DP to 8 or higher. Next, go to Laser Domain with at least three Toy Planes or level B virus items and capture a Devidramon. Train it until its experience is maxed out. if it is maxed out at level 21 or higher, do not digivolve it. Head over to a place where they DNA Digivolve and merge the Pheonix first with Devidramon. You should get a Veemon. Train the Veemon and eventually it will pass through its Flamedramon stage, Raidramon stage, and Finally imperialdramon stage.
in tera domain
in tera domain if you have a small digimon and want to raise his level on the 5th floor battle cherrymon etemon and shogungekomon you will get 3000 bits and 759 EXP
Keep on DNAing
Get lots of champion,ultimates and Megas then dna one then get it to its champion form then dna it with a mega so its with hight stats then dna it with a piddomon if you can so you can have maga heal attack then keep on DNAing with loads of other digimon to geta lots of techniques and srong stats to make the ultimate digimon.
The game's data is set up so that Kimeramon appears randomly in Tera Domain. With your first step on the 99th floor, there is a 1 in 666 chance of going into a battle with him. This is the only way to get him without using a GameShark code.
magna agumon and magna wargreymon!
how to get magna agumon? get magna angemon then train it to level 31 if it is at 31 dna digivolve then train it to 21 and digivolve u wil get magna agumon. train magna angemon to 31 and do the same
Catch a Gatomon (Champion) and digivolve it into Angewomon (Ultimate) at EL21. After you defeat Chaos Lord in the Soft Domain, you can trade your Angewomon for a MagnaDramon (Mega) at the Digimon Center.
mega form digimon
as we all know, when you gain dp you can digivolve to different digimon then when you had less dp.

however... there are 3 digimon that require 20dp to do this! there is one in each type of digimon

data- bahimon

its difficult to raise each of these but its worth it! bahimon has a technique similar to meterormons invincibility while diaboromon can uhnleash inferno missles on all enemys while omnimon can use transend sword.

you get omnimon from agumons line.
diaboromon from kunemons line.
and bahimon from gotusmons line.


When the Blood Knights invade, you will start seeing a lot of champion Digimon. At the Digimon center, a MegaDramon will be available for trade. Note: This only works if you are part of the Black Sword Club. Buy four or five Skis and go to any of the invaded domains. After a couple of floors, you will see a Numemon. Give them four Skis and defeat the Numemon last. Then, trade it for the MegaDramon -- you just traded a champion for an ultimate.
Metal Garurumon knowing Terra-Force (Wargreymon's move)
Get a Gabumon and digivolve it to Garurumon. Get an Augumon and digivolve it to a Greymon (at level 11). At level 21, digivolve Garurumon into WereGarurumon and Greymon into MetalGreymon. At level 31, digivolve WereGarurumon into MetalGarurumon and MetalGreymon into Wargreymon. Then DNA digivolve MetalGarurumon and Wargreymon into Meteormon (Note: Try not to have very much DP with them). Battle with Meteormon. Gain a level and Meteormon will learn WereGarurumon's move and MetalGreymon's moves. Get Meteormon to level 31 and digivolve him into MetalGarurumon. Battle with MetalGarurumon. Gain a level, and MetalGarurumon will learn its original moves and it will learn Terra-Force (Wargreymon's move). MetalGarurumon will be a lot more powerful than Wargreymon or MetalGarurumon the first time you got them. He will be more powerful than any other original mega that has not been DNA digivolved as a mega with another mega.
When it seems that there are no more missions your leader will tell you to go to the Tamers' Club. Go there and you will automatically talk to a man. He will tell you about the BOIS Domain and will give you a Toy Plane. Go the domain and you will see him on the second floor. He will run away on purpose, but you can find him on the Boss level if you turn left instead of going right. Use the Toy Plane and battle him. Be careful, because most of your Digimon need to be champions to defeat him. He can take between 20 and 40 HP.

After defeating Kokatorimon and Numemon, go to your headquarters to report your mission to your leader. Your leader will tell you to go to Tamer's Club. Once there, you will talk with Mark Shultz. He will tell you about BIOS Domain and give you a Toy Plane. On the second floor of the BIOS Domain, you will see MetalGreymon, but he will run away. On the last floor, go to the left. When you find him, give him the Toy Plane. Battle MetalGreymon and win. MetalGreymon will then ask if he can join you.

To get a good MetalGreymon, go to the Bug Domain.

If you missed the chance to catch MetalGrEymon early, you can get it later in the game by just having a Graymon with 3 DB and above. DNA digivolve with any Digimon that turns into Agumon. After DNA digivolving, it would turn into a MetalGreymon if the experience levels are El 18 and El 15 it will turn into MetalGraymon later.

In the BIOS domain, go to the area where you see Metalgreymon just before he runs away. Then, after it runs off, continue playing until you reach the final floor of the domain (with green and black walls). Go in the normal direction until you reach a fork in the road. Take a left, then follow that path. After the left, you should be able to go upwards into a new room where you will find MetalGreymon. Note: Save a Toy Plane to give to MetalGreymon. Also, make sure that the Digimon you have with you are going to be strong enough to make it to him and can survive and defeat him.

In the BIOS domain, when you reach the last floor do not go left. Go right and capture a MetalGreymon. Do not defeat the Boss yet. Exit and get a Toy Plane from a man at the Trading Center. Get another Toy Plane from him and get another MetalGreymon because If you do not defeat the Boss the MetalGreymon reappears, even though it was previously captured.
Catch a Betamon and train it to El 11 and it will digivolve to DarkTyrannomon if it has 0, 1, or 2 DP. Raise it to EL 21 and it will digivolve to MetalTyrannomon, but make sure it has 6 or more DP or it will digivolve to ExTyrannomon. Note: MetalTyrannomon does not digivolve.
More HP & MP and techniques
When you reach a level to digivolve DON'T level up again before digivolving or when you reach the maximum level will not gain techniques and have less HP & MP.
Get a Gazimon to level 11 and digivolve it to Nanimon.
Train Patamon to level 11 and digivolve it.
Capture a Kunemon and raise it to EL 11. It will digivolve to Kuwagamon. Train it to EL 21 and it will digivolve to Okuwamon. Note: Okuwamon digivolves to GranKuwagamon with 0 to 19 DP, or you can digivolve it to Diaboromon with 20+ DP.
Digivolve a MetalGreymon with 20+ DP to get Omnimon. Be careful, if you fuse it to a Greymon it will digivolve to a SkullGreymon and that will digivolve to a Machindramon (one of the Darkmasters).
to get piddomon train clearagumon with 3DP to lv. 11 and he will dv. to piddomon. train piddomon with 6DP and he will dv. to giromon
Get a Tsukaimon(black Patamon) then it will digivolve to Bakemon(with 3 or more DP you get a Soulmon)(a Bakemon with a witch hat), either way ylou get a Phantomon. at EL31 it will Digivolve to a Piedmon.
Piedmon fans, this is for you!
My personal favorite Digimon is Piedmon. To anyone
else who likes him: Bakemon+Cyclonemon=Tsukaimon.
This guy Digivolves into Bakemon-Phantomon-Piedmon
Keep an eye on EL(11 is Champion,21 Ultimate,31
is a Mega). When you DNA-Digivolve you can determine the new mon's EL by using this formula:
Heres an example: Cyclonemon at (15/5=3)+Bakemon
at 20= Phantomon at 23. If anyone needs tips on getting ANY Digimon (except Kimeramon), E-Mail me
& I'll help you out! Oh, about Kimeramon he's so top secret even I cant get him. If you find him
PLEASE E-Mail me!
powerful digimon
first you have to dna digivolve wizardmon (to get his necro magic's: for sucking MP)with piddomon (mega heal : recovery magic), then at the ultimate form you have to dna digivolve it okuwamon (ultimate form of flymon/kunemon), to get duo scissors claw:enemy defense down), try & see it.
Get 2 maxed out metalmamemon or mamemon and DNA them, you'll get a Ninjamon or a starmon. then just train it till EL.32 then u got it
quick exp
In the tera domain there is a cherrymon tekkamon and shogungeckomon fight them constantly because one battle is worth 723 exp or so, and if you fought them for an hour you could level your digimon up.
ok. so starting the game is hard as hell. so what most people do is after finishing scsi domain and talking to your team leader(in the guard team that u joined. they will give u another misiion including 2 domains. first get your ep to 300 and hp to 1000. keep revisiting scsi domain and killing all the digimon untill you are satisfied with your level. (i recomend ultimate for those of u with patience). you will now find it alot easier to do the rest of of the game.
To Get Saberleomon :

1]Dna-Digivole Metalgreymon lvl 27 And Magnanglemon lvl 27 then you will get a leomon.
2]train it to lvl 31 you will get saberleomon [it will learn the mega attack]

Start the game with DemiDevimon. Get Betamon and DNA Digivolve the Digimon after they Digivolve and stop growing. You should end up the Tsukaimon. Digivolve him to Bakemon and wait until he stops growing. Then, catch Candlemon and Digivolve him to Tankmon. DNA Digivolve the two Digimon and you should get SnowGoburimon. When the Blood Knights arrive, go to the SCSI Domain, battle every Digimon you find, and win. Every time SnowGoburimon wins a Blood Digimon fight he will gain a level and learn a new attack (such as Flame Bomber). Note: In order to win in battle with a Blood Digimon, have more powerful Digimon, such as MetalGreymon. Additionally, SnowGoburimon will stop learning at level 6.
super 2 Digimon ( WarGreymon,Imperialdramon )
To get 2 digimon thatare be usfull, follow these steps:

1) WarGreymon: when you are about to go to bios domain
collect the toy cars in it .then catch the metlegreymon
BUT DON'T BATTLE THE BOSS ( centarumon ) just autopilot.
and then buy 2 from each gift of the vac. type digimon.
go back to the BIOS domain and collect the toy cars again.
go to the place that you battled metlegreymon there should
be another metlegreymon give it all your gifts nd catch it again. now train them until they are maxed out then
DNA digi volve thm into each other you will get greymon
train it until 31 and WARGREYMON is yours.

2) Imperial dramon: ( there is a cheat telling how to get him)

Digital Warp
Technique tips.
Okay, I don't know whether this works. But I've ran some studies and found out that attacks from Machine specialty digimon has high damage on Dark type.

Fire type attacks have higher damage on Nature

And Normal typed attacks are higher on Machine.

Techniques With Low MP Glitch
To perform this glitch, you will need a Digimon whose MP is too low to use an attack and which is also confused. Order the Digimon with low MP to guard and order your other Digimon to do whatever you want them to. When it comes to the confused Digimon's turn, there is a chance that instead of guarding, the confusion will cause it to use an attack instead, even without the necessary MP. Be aware that there is no way of controlling the target or the attack which is used.
Terra Domain
The only way to make it through all of the over 100 floors of Terra Domain is to talk to Jijimon several times to get a engine(I think).Then you go talk to Techna Donna several times to get a whalebat(I think).Well i think thats the way I got them.Anyway its the only way to get through Terra Domain which is only acsessiable after you beat the game.
the 3 digimon
Omnimon Vaccine-MetalGreymon
Transcend Sword
Baihumon Data-Meteormon
Diaborimon Virus-Okuwamon
Inferno Missle
the battle arena for 2 players and DID YOU KNOW THAT....
the battle mode is cheaper than digimon world's one because you cant control the attacks and you have to do cheaper stuff, i mean why cant we just battle like in the battle arena in the game!!!how can you do this Bandai???????!!!!!!

If you dont get it try it and you'll see

AND Also

Did you know that if you see either the combination of Omnimon Baihumon and Diaborimon you'll see the rookies in the bunch and dont catch them because it is hard to and also the move to steps to you!!!

This is for those who don't know
Make friends with wild Digimon

Buy items that you can give to wild Digimon (ex. CD player which is only used for Vaccine types) Make sure that the item you buy is appropiate for the Digimon you want to catch. Buy at least 5 items.

Equip the items you bought to your Digi-beetle. If you don't know how, press circle and the menu screen will appear. Choose "Transfer" and press x. Then, choose "Items" and press x. And choose "Server" and press x. Now, you choose which items you'll equip to your Digi-beetle. Make sure that you have enough space in your Digi-beetle for them.

Now that you have the items, go to a domain.

Inside the domain, go to a room where there's Digimon. You need to 4 steps away or more from the Digimon. Then, press square and you will see the Digimon's stats and press x. You will choose the gift you'll give to the Digimon. Press x on the item, then your shootergun will fire it to the Digimon. A heart will appear on the Digimon's head. Keep giving it items until the heart becomes as big as the Digimon's head. Note that the color of the heart changes as you give items. Stop giving items when the heart's already bright pink. When you've finished, the Digimon will battle you.

Deafeat the Digimon and after they show experience points and money you recieved, the wild Digimon will awaken and say it wants to join you. Say "yes" (obviously, this is what this tip's for) and then you will name the wild Digimon.

When you battle without returning back to the city, you will notice that the Digimon you've caught will not battle with the others.

To make him accessible, autopilot back to the city and save. Then, go back to a domain and fight. Now you have two or more Digimon with you!

I hope this tip has been very useful.
Tip 4 DNA DigiVolving
If u want 2 Dna digivolve better,get both of the digimon to it's limit(999999999etc.)and by doing this,you'll get better resutls

note:Agumon,Demidevimon,patamon (depending on your guard team)will tell you this sometime in the game.
to start with greymon knowing nova blast
It is very simple to do trade for megadramon and catch metalgreymon if you joined goldhawk which is what I did when you enter your gaurd team hq where the item vendor is go up and go in the place where you digivolve dna digivolve metalgreymon and megadramon to get greymon knowing nova blast.
after you beat hagurumon than go to video domain find a portal go in it when your at the 2nd floor try to find a huge area and will see a toyagumon give him 4 cd players kill him raise him up to level 11 (10 DP or less) than digivolve him and there you go you have tortomon
Tournament Contender Stats
Tournament 1-
Fee:500 BITs
Winning Rank:Rank 2 Amateur Tamer
Prize:HP Driver-2

Bertran~ToyAgumon, Patamon nd Gizamon.
These early digimon are extremely easy, you should be able to eliminate them quickly.

Joy Joy~Crabmon, Tapirmon and Kunemon.
Defeat Crabmon first, since his attack inflicts the most damage, then Kunemon and them Tapirmon.

Esmerelda~Tentomon, Biyomon and Tapirmon.
It does not matter which order to eliminate these weaklings.

Tournament 2-
Fee:1,000 BITs
Winning Rank: Rank 3 Rookie Tamer

Doug Duem~Elecmon, Gotsumon and Floramon.
Defeat Elecmon first being that he inflicts the most damage.

Sheena~Otamamon, Demidevimon, Gazimon.
Defeat Otamamon first since he confuses your digimon. Second; Gazimon with his paralizing E-stun blast. Then finish off with Demidevimon.

Bertran~Raremon, Gabumon and Penguinmon.
Finish off Raremon first then split your attacks between Gabumon and Penguinmon.

Tournament 3-
Fee:1,500 BITs
Winning Rank: Rank 4 Normal Trainer
Prize: DNA-Up Chip

Esmerelda~Piddomon, Unimon and Birdramon.
Defeat Piddomon then Birdramon then Unimon.

Mark Shultz~Saberdramon, Gururumon and Shimaunimon.
Defeat Saberdramon then Gururumon then Shimaunimon.

Joy Joy~ Angemon, Kiwimon and Mushroomon.
Defeat them all as quickly as possible.

Tournament 4-
Fee:2,000 BITs
Winning Rank: Rank 5 Pro Tamer

Debbie~MoriShellmon, J-Mojyamon and Togemon.
Defeat Togemon then MoriShellmon then J-Mojyamon.

Chris Conner~ Bakemon, Woodmon and Soulmon.
Defeat Bakemon then Woodmon then Soulmon.

Doug Duem~ Tyrannomon, Centarumon and Monochromon.
Defeat Monochromon then Centarumon then Tyrannamon.

Tournament 5-
Winning Rank: Rank 6 Expert Tamer
Prize: EX Driver

Bertran~Gatomon, Flarerizamon and Devidramon.
Defeat Flarerizamon then Devidramon then Gatomon.

Sheena~ Gesomon, Devimon and Guardomon.
Defeat Guardomon then Devimon then Gesomon.

Mark Schultz~ Saberdramon, Gururumon and shimaunimon.
Defeat Saberdramon then Shimaunimon then Gururumon.

Tournament 6-
Fee: 3,000 BITs
Winning Rank: Rank 7 Elite Tamer
Prize:Max Driver

Debbie~ Three Mamemon.
Defeat Mamemon then Mamemon then Mamemon.

Joy Joy~ Angewoman, Lillymon and Etemon.
Defeat Etemon then Angewoman then Lillymon.

Chris Conner~ Phantomon, Myotismon and Megadramon.
Defeat Myotismon then Phantomon then Megadramon.

Tournament 7-
Fee: 3,500
Winning Rank: Rank 8 Commander Tamer

Brian Wiseman~ Garudamon, Aeroveedramon and Mammothmon
Defeat Garudamon then Aeroveedramon then Mammothmon.

Karen Bates~Megadramon,Warumonzaemon and Tekkamon.
Defeat Warumonzaemon then Megedramon then Tekkamon.

Zudokorn~ Blossomon, Deramon and Pumpkinmon.
Defeat Deramon then Blossom then Pumpkinmon.

Tournament 8(final)-
Fee:4,000 BITs
Winning Rank: Rank 9 Chief Tamer
Prize: EXP Chip

Skull: Hagurumon, Puppetmon and DemiDevimon.
Defeat DemiDevimon then Puppetmon then Hagurumon.

Cecilia: Jijimon, Magnadramon and Marinedramon.
Defeat MarineAngemonmon then Magnadramon them Jijimon.

Vandar: MetalMamemon, Mamemon and PrimeMamemon.
Defeat: MetalMamemon then PrimeMamemon then Mamemon.
Two Ways to Get SnowAgumon
At Digimon Center Trade ToyAgumon for SnowAgumon...And DNA DV Greymon And Frigimon
Ultimate Techniques
Giga Cannon: Attack all enemies until MP is used up.
Energy Blast: Attack all enemies with strong blast of energy.
Ocean Love: Blast all enemies with Hydro power. Status effect.
Tidal Wave: Use Tidal Waves against all enemies.
Sad Water Blast: Blast all enemies with Sad water.
Transcend Sword: Attack enemies with a sword.
Titan Laser: Fires a ultimate laser at all enemies.
Right Hand, Left Hand: Strong physical attack.
Unlimited toy car
at BIOS domain(where u meet METAL GREYMON), get to
2nd floor, when u got teleport from 1st floor,
simply go right to the next chamber, then go straight up till there is a treasure box, open the tresure box(but when u place ur first step in the chamber which has the treasure box u will stepped on a land mine, but don't worry, it wont damage ur digibeetle much)inside the treasure box
contain a toy car, then auto-pilot out.
This is great since toy car is capable to every digimon at is level E, OR u can just get a lots of it and sell it out for BITS.
Skills:V-Nova Blast

Skills:Flaming Rocket

AeroveedramonFrom Veedramon)Dp1-5
(From Flamedramon)Dp3-5
Mode:V-Wing Blade

RaidramonOnly From Flamedramon)Dp6+
Mode:Blue Thunder

PhoenixmonFrom Aero Veedramon & Raidramon)Dp1-7
Mode:Crimson Flare

Mode:Mega Fire

Among those Digimons,Imperialdramon is the strongest!!!
worning!!!! final boss tips
wene you get to the caos tower (random amount of flors) you are in for a fight gaia will fight you
onec than "loos" and seprate his arms dont have any thing under a mega litraly hit his body only
his arms will just keep coming back so ignore them and good luck