Digimon Digital Card Battle Cheats

Digimon Digital Card Battle cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Digimon Digital Card Battle cheat codes.


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A deck stronger than 7s
Although the 7s cards are the ultimate option cards, there are still 2 more powerful strategies to defeat this kind of deck. One is through the common crusher deck (discards), and if it's lucky it could discard the Reverse 7s cards from the play. And the ultimate strategy of all DCB time... the "forced-counter" strategy. Just get in 4 Garurumon cards and 1 of your partners with opponent uses circle support, then put in a lot more digimon with Circle Counter. This way, you can easily defeat a deck who uses a strong offense and frequently uses Grand Sevens and Wild Sevens. See the forum and the thread "Killer Decks Wanted" for details on my counter deck, which made me defeat A for my first try, and it has defeated the decks of most of my friends, and more than half of my wins are already from defeating the 7s users.
A great tip (reckless but useful)
Use a deck containing all your partners, reverse sevens, speed sevens, mystic sevens, Rosemon's lure, any other option cards, de-armor digimon, Forgot the name, but the thingy that allow you to digivolve to C and U while in A, and any other good idea you could have and you cannot lose a battle (great, the reverse sevens could help you recover strong discarded cards, speed sevens if you have low HP, mystic sevens in case of a dangerous option, Rosemon's lure to prevent strong cards, de-armor digivolves in case of trouble, substitute with Warp-up digivolve) Also, NEVER put Fake sevens on a deck, in an all-or-nothing gamble it could be fatal, take care of the pick up deck, some people say it's easy to win, yeah, it has a poor balance of digimon, but a strong arsenal of options, so challenge at your own risk.
Keep on discarding your hand till you get a Digimon with O counter then keep on using X to counter this attack he always uses O to it hits you so DON'T SLIP!!
Black gear and other cards
To get a black gear fuse a recovery flopy with a dark digimon.

To get a dokunemon fuse a native digimon with a fire type digimon.

To get a shukomon fuse an angemon with a digmon.

To get a silphmon fuse a gatomon with arquillaramon.

To get a devi-devimon fuse an Ice-devimon with demi-devimon.

To get a flamedramon choose veemon for your partner and beat veemon in flame city.

Defeating Garurumon
When you fight Garurumon for the second time (to get the Passcode to Junk City) he is very tough. He will force you to use your O-Attack and Counter it. I found that the best way to defeat him is with a strong Darkness Deck.
Digi Egg of Miracles
To get the Digi Egg of Miracles
first get 300+ wins then go to Beginner City and defeat BlackWarGreymon. Then, talk
to him then he will give you the Digi Egg of Miracles
Digidivolve Card
Get an option pack with a black gear and a recovery flopy and fuse them. You can use the card you get to digivolve down.
Duplicate Cards
Unlock the Trade option. Now, copy your save file to another Memory Card. Go into Trade, and trade strong Cards from the second file, but weak ones from the first file. This way, you can get several of very rare and owerful cards, such as Vikemon, Apokarimon and Imperialdramon.
Easy ex-veemon and stingmon
Stingmon: Any dark insect with any nature card
X-Veemon: Any attack option card with any fire dinosaur type card

EX:monochromon with shart lance
EX:tentomon with kunemon
Easy super bonus
This trick only works when you fight with Betamon, and he uses the pick up
deck. First, obtain a partner card in your first hand. Use your partner, but do
not Armor Digivolve. Never discard a card -- you have to use them all as support or
DP (this is important, never lose your partner card, you need obtain a no loss
win). Kill two of your enemies by only using the same attack (only Circle,
Triangle or X as you prefer). When you fight with the last opponent, keep using
the same attack, but when you are sure of your victory in that turn, use a
gamble or nothing card. If you followed those steps, you can easily obtain: 30
points of your enemies, No Digivolve Win, No Loss Win, Last Gamble Win,
Ultimate Level Win (because Betamon only use level U cards, he does not have R
or C cards, so he is easy), No Discard, Partner Win, all ? Attack win, and your
super bonus of 10 points. This is more than 50 points.
Good HP cards
A good card that restores HP is Psychemon who during the battle phase if you use him as a support card he levels your HP with your opponent! My brother used a Sand Yanmamon and was versing a Vermillomon and only just beat him thanks to Psychemon!

How to acquire Imperialdramon
To obtain this card perform the following fusions:

-WaruSeadramon w/ MegaSeadramon twice (MetalSeadramon x2)
-MetalSeadramon w/ Metallic Banana twice (MetalGarurumon x2)
-Paildramon w/ Devil's Chip once (WarGreymon x1)
-WarGreymon w/ MetalGarurumon once (Omnimon I x1)
-Omnimon I w/ MetalGarurumon once (Imperialdramon x1)

Be patient with this, if you're not obsessed with the game it will take months to get this card.
How to get Dark Sevens and Reverse Sevens
Beat Piedmon several times in a row without leaving cafe. He has tri-colour deck so he should be easy to beat.

Beat BK MetalGarurumon in the battle Cafe once and you should get it. BK MetalGarurumon has an Ice deck so he should be tough to beat.
How to get Grand Sevens and Download Digivolve
Defeat Nanimon several times. He will pop up randomly in a city after you have defeated A. I've already defeated him 7 times and still haven't got it. Nanimon has a rare deck so he should be easy to beat.

Defeat Rosemon several times in a row without going out of the cafe. Rosemon has a tri-colour deck so she should be easy to beat.
My 3 very powerful decks and fusion tips-
1rst deck- put in fire digimon and plant digimon so you can digivolve your fire digimon fast. for the ultimates use the strongest ones you have.
Heres mine...
Omnimon I
airdramon 2x
J-Mojyomon 2x
flarerizamon 2x
3 partners
palmon 2x
salamon 3x
agumon 2x
biyomon 2x
rosemonslure/ speed digivolve/ whatever you want
warp digivole 2x/ download digivolve for one
super recover floppy 3x

2nd deck- Crash deck- with this deck i beat A on my first try,-and got 42 xp because i had a no digivolve win, all x attack win, just enough attack win, no discard win, last chance gamble, and maybe something else or less.
heres mine(i changed it since i battled A so i forgot what i had at the time but i had silver balls and stuff like hacking)

4x bombernanimon(2 can be replaced by holy sevens and data copy card-also if you don't have holy sevens but you do have return sevens you can put in a mega recover floppy)
4x solarmon- use to crash enemy-only digivolve if low hp.
4x hagurumon- used for crashing
4x psychemon- copy enemies hp(if the have higher hp use it)
2x modokibetamon- copy enemy hp(only use if you have no psychemon or if the attack first and have very high hp-don't crash in that case)
3 partners-use for support unless you think there good enough to battle your opponent and guaruntee win
shoguns order- if the opponent attacks first crash and use this support card. or if you have a lot of hp you might wanna save for later use triangle or O so everyones attack goes to 0 and you can crash on your next turn.
dark bone/misty sevens- if you crash with these eat up hp cards instead of your hp going to 10 you get healed by 10(if the opponent has more hp other wise it'll depend on how low his/hers is)
3x super recover floppy- use if hp is lower, you attack first, and don't forget to crash
digidevolve- use if your a bomber nani mon with low hp
digimon analyzer/ return sevens- use to get back cards
2x data copy card- use to copy hp- also if they attack first use there strongest attack and use this card(only if they have more hp)

Fire & Ice deck
This deck is very useful. You can either have fire monsters with very high attack and hp or water digimon with very high attack and hp.
if you become a fire one use alot of hp boosters. if your a ice digimon use alot of attack boosters.

heres mine-
2x centarumon
2x hyogamon
2x agumon
2x biyomon
2x gomamon/ snowagumon
2x betamon
3 partners
warp digivolve
dark bone
2x super recover floppy
rosemons lure/ a card of your choice

also for easy warp digivolves fuse 2 icedevimons.
for easy digidevolves fuse an attack chip and recovery floppy
also try fusing nisedrimogemons w/ eachother and shima-unimons
only use fusion when you unlock it at wisemon tower- it's much much much better.
Reverse Seven Card
After beat BK Metalgarurumon in his battle arena at Igloo City,go to battle cafe and beat him again only 1 time.When you win you will receive S-Option pack and reverse seven card.
The fuse shop-and how to get it.
The fuse shop is a place where you can fuse 2 cards together to make a new one or fuse a card with your partner so it can get more stronger.
To get this is very simple but not so easy. All you need to do is beat Mearamon, Phoenixmon and Veemon then talk to Davis.
To get Diaboromon
To get Diaboromon fuse a Digitamamamon with Infermon.


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A real way to double cards...
You need 2 memory cards.
make 2 separate guys and advance them both till the have trade. on the first one trade all the ones you want more of to the other guy. i don't think your other guy will actually have to give some back but if so use small weak cards. then take out the memory card for the 1rst guy and save. then put it back in and go back to 2 players. trade the 1rst guys stuff over again. repeat till it's maxed then do it with any other cards. now your 1rst guy should have the origional cards and your 2nd guy should have copies of them to 6. now trade all the ones you wanted to the 1rst guy and take out the 2nd guys memory card and save. now they both should have 6 of each of whatever you traded. repeat with the 2nd guy if there are any you missed and jsut do this till you have 6 of every card possible with what you have. i suggest doing this fater getting the extra cards from wizardmon but who cares. I'm not completely sure if this works because i'm still getting my second guy past pyrammid city.
Get a card with Crash ability and a Data Copy card. Use the Crash ability for the Attack and Data Copy for a Support card. Your attack should match the enemies HP.
apoclymon how to beat him
to beat him pick a digimon with a effect O counter ok so as soon as he warps into apoclymon just keep pushing x and he will do his O attack all the time he will not stop till he hits you with it so keep countering and then he will fall then take out his other 2 digimon and you will win
to beat him have the egg of coursge push X counter apokirlemon wont use a differnet attack until hes hits you
Digimon Card BAttle
beat piedmon 15 times to get dark sevens card
easy city
a easy way to beat jungle city is to have a lot of tryanamon as there x attack will triple becuase of the opponents grass type
Easy HP Fever
At the start, pick Armadillomon as a companion. When you get the Digi-Egg of Knowledge and have the HP Boost+100 Digi-Part, heal Digmon for 200 HP. You will then get HP Fever (1110).
Easy Ultimates{ Ultimates are the level above Champion}
Get to Dark City and defeat all four stages of Wormon. You will get a pack and an Ultimate.
Gameshark Codes for Digimon Digital Card Battle
Digital Card Battle (Digimon)

Full Set Of Cards 50009a020000
Hit L1 For Low Opponent HP d01dde92fbff
L2+R2 For Max Circle Atk P1 d01dde92fcff
L2+R2 For Max Circle Atk P2 In Friend Battle d01ddeb6fffc
L2+R2 For Max Triangle Atk P1 d01dde92fcff
L2+R2 For Max Triangle Atk P2 In Friend Battle d01ddeb6fffc
L2+R2 For Max X Atk P1 d01dde92fcff
L2+R2 For Max X Atk P2 In Friend Battle d01ddeb6fffc
Press Square For Max HP d01dde927fff
Square For Max HP P1 In Friend Battle d01dde927fff
Square For Max HP P2 In Friend Battle d01ddeb6ff7f

Note using some gameshark codes will mess up your game, we are not held responsible it was your choice not ares.
Glitch: play infinity tower music at different city
When u defeat apokourimon in infinity towers battle cafe try find him again at a different city. when u do talk to him and the infinity tower music will play.

Note: this glitch is harmless to the game
How to get a Fire Card
Go to the fuse shop and fuse any 2 nature cards and you will get a fire card.
Kicking A's butt
A is the last challenger in the first half of the game. By this time, Infinity Tower will be discolored, and there's no way out. All you can do is to talk to Rosemon to open the battle arena and also updating your Deck.

When updating your Deck, you must have these: circle counter-attacking Digimons, HP-adding support cards, counter-attack support cards and boost-up AP support cards. Why these? I will explain it to you.

In your battle, A will send your Partner cards to the bottom of the Deck. So you might have no chance to use them and Armor Digivolve. If you have Partner Finder in your Deck, you can use it but sometimes to no avail.

First he picks DemiDevimon and then Download Digivolves to Ultimate Apokarimon. Apokarimon has high HP and also high AP. Then you have to pick any Digimon that: either reduces circle AP to zero or counter-attacks circle. You also have to increase your Digimon's HP or your Digimon will go to waste if Apokarimon attacks first without a circle.

However, A usually uses circle attacks for Apokarimon. So, using a circle counter-attacking Digimon will cause the attack to hit him back. You can also use Hacking cards to exchange HP with him (if you're using Rookie or Champion Digimons). However, do not use Hacking when his HP is lower than yours.

Oh yes, when updating your deck or creating one, make sure that your deck is NOT A NATURE-BASED DECK because DARKNESS-BASED DECK DESTROYS NATURE-BASED DECK. A Fire-based Deck or Ice-based Deck is recommended.

Use this strategy to defeat Apokarimon, and finish the other two Digimons of A by boosting your AP. Try it, it works!
legendary #099 digi part
You folks out there! If you're looking and trying to rank up those cute little partners of yours just to get the #099 digipart then you'll never get. If you look at your list of digiparts the numbers will skip in counting from #098 to #100. All you have to do is fight Grankuwagamon in Steep Road 5-6 times in a row without going out or saving... eNjOy!
Make Extra Cards!
If you defeat A (last stage), go to the Sky City, and talk to Wizardmon. He will ask you if you want to use the magic wand. Say yes and put some of the words below:
and more...........
Making A crashing deck!!!
NoteOn't use this card against metaletemon and piximon(x-countering decks)
solarmon 4x
hagurumon 4x
pyhsecmon 3x
modokibetamon 3x
data copy 3x
sup.recovery floppy 3x
holy sevens(or mega rec. floppy) 1x
3 partners
bombernaimon 2x
1 download digivolve(or special digivolve 1x)
a reverse sevens(or digimon analyser )
a misty sevens(or dark bone)

Its a very powerful but risky deck.

Obtain Apokarimon card
After you defeat Diaboramon Apokarimon will be at the infinity tower cafe. Talk to him. He will then challenge you at the battle arena. After you defeat him at the battle arena and go to the cafe. You must callenge him again. After he is defeated he will give you an Apokarimon card.
Speical fusion
Paildramon = ExVeemon + Stingmon
Shakkoumon = Angemon + Ankylomon
Sylphymon = Aquilamon + R-Gatomon
AeroVeedramon = Veedramon + Phoenixmon
Diaboromon = Infermon + Digitamamon
GranKuwagamon = HerculesKabuterimon + Megadramon
Imperialdramon = Paildramon + Omnimon I/Omnimon II
Magnadramon = MagnaAngemon + Angewomon
MetalSeadramon = MegaSeadramon + WaruSeadramon
MetalEtemon = Etemon + Andromon
Omnimon I = WarGreymon + MetalGarurumon
Omnimon II = RealMetalGreymon + WereGarurumon
Puppetmon = WaruMonzaemon + Monzaemon
Rosemon = Lillymon + Myotismon
Seraphimon = MagnaAngemon + Jijimon
SuperStarmon = MarineAngemon + Vademon
Valkyrimon = Garudamon + Sylphymon
VenomMyotismon = Myotismon + LadyDevimon
Vikemon = Zudomon + Shakkoumon
unlimated agumon for fusion
In flame city win 6 flizarimons and 6 dark ones. Go to the fusion shop the you should find that you have unlimated augumons