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Dance Dance Revolution Konamix Cheats

Dance Dance Revolution Konamix cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.

Dance Dance Revolution Konamix Tips

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Easier to get extra songs
Even though you need to play 5 songs, you can always play really easy songs that way you can get them.

Also, go to options and then go to 'game options' and set it to have you play 5 songs in 'game mode' that way, you can keep track of when you will get an extra song.

And don't worry about failing one song, because you won't have to start over.
Submitted by: black_thorn on June 17, 2004

Dance Dance Revolution Konamix Cheats

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All Modes
To select Little, Flat, Left, Right, Shuffle, Mirror, Hidden, Sudden, or Stealth choose your song, and at the Difficulty select screen, press ''Start'' and then use left, right, up, and down to select the different modes.
Submitted by: MikePavy on April 29, 2002
Link mode
Select game or solo mode, then press Left(2) or Right(2).

Emi without a hat
Highlight game mode, solo mode or workout mode at the selection screen. Then, hold Right and press X. During game play Emi will appear without a hat.

Under Yuni's skirt
Select "Yuni" from hidden collection. During the game, you can see up her skirt.

Hidden songs
Select game or solo mode. Play three songs to unlock a hidden song. Next, play different songs in a different order, then play the secret song as the third song. Try again if this does not work the first time. The secret songs will be highlighted in green and will be marked "NEW!" Note: All of your songs must have a Grade B or higher. When you get all the songs you will have twenty hidden songs. The following are all the secret songs you should have:

1. Absolute
2. AM-3P 303 Bass Mix tkz remixed by U1
3. Can't Stop Fallin' in Love
4. Dive
5. Drop Out
6. DXY!
7. Do It Right
8. Genom Screams
9. Healing Vision
10. Holic
11. Leading Cyber
12. La Senorita Virtual
13. Let the Beat Hit Em' (Classic R&B Style)
14. Matsuri JAPAN
15. Orion . 78 (AMeuro-MIX)
16. Paranoia Rebirth
17. R3
18. Superstar
19. Trip Machine (Luv Mix)
20.Era (Nostal Mix)
Submitted by: sic on July 07, 2002
See True Credits
Simply change the game's setting to All Music Mode ON and play the game mode. Once you have beaten the game mode the song "After the Game" will play and true credits will show up instead of the song list.
Submitted by: DCRage on December 02, 2004
Slow Down Songs in Practice Mode
When in Practice Mode, hold down the Select button. The song will slowly go backwards through the five speed settings. When the song is at speed setting #1 (the slowest setting) and you are still holding the Select button, the song will reset back to speed setting #5 (the normal setting).
Submitted by: DCRage on December 02, 2004
Unlock Hidden Songs
When you first power on DDR Konamix, you will be able to select 32 songs. 20 additional songs are hidden and must be unlocked by playing Game Mode or Solo Mode. For every 5 songs you clear (failures don't count) in either mode, a song will be unlocked. This will continue until you're up to the maximum of 52.
Submitted by: MikePavy on April 29, 2002