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Crash Team Racing cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Crash Team Racing cheat codes.

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Crash Team Racing Cheats

Various Cheats
From the Main Menu, hold L1 + R1 and press any of the following. You should hear a sound if you entered the code properly.

Race as N. TropyDown, Left, Right, Up, Down, Right(2)
Race as Penta Penguin*Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up
Race as Ripper RooRight, O(2), Down, Up, Down, Right
Race as Papu PapuLeft, Triangle, Right, Down, Right, O, Left(2), Down
Race as Komodo JoeDown, O, Left(2), Triangle, Right, Down.
Race as PinstripeLeft, Right, Triangle, Down, Right, Down
InvisibilityUp(2), Down, Right(2), Up
Always get Invisible Pick-UpDown, Left, Right, Up, Down, Right
Super Turbo PadsTriangle, Right(2), O, Left
Display Turbo CounterTriangle, Down(2), O, Up
Spyro 2 DemoDown, O, Triangle, Right

* Can only be selectable in versus, arcade, time trial, & battle modes.

Bonus Characters
Complete the given task to obtain the corresponding character:

N. TrophySuccessfully beat all times in Time Trail Mode
Nitros Oxide*Beat his ghost on every track in Time Trial Mode
Ripper Roo Win the Red Gem Cup
Papu Papu Win the Green Gem Cup
Komodo JoeWin the Blue Gem Cup
PinstripeWin the Yellow Gem Cup
Fake CrashWin the Purple Gem Cup

* To race against the ghost, you must first beat N. Trophy’s best time

Bonus Cups
In Adventure Mode, complete the given task to obtain the corresponding cup:

Red Gem Cup Collect all Four Red Coins
Green Gem Cup Collect all Four Green Coins
Blue Gem Cup Collect all Four Blue Coins
Yellow Gem Cup Collect all Four Yellow Coin
Purple Gem Cup Collect all Four Purple Coins in the Crystal Level

Extra Battle Arenas
To unlock a new playing field in Battle mode, win all four Cup Races in Arcade mode at the corresponding level of difficulty:

CourseDifficulty level
Parking LotEasy
The North BowlMedium
Basement LevelHard


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Bounce on opponents heads
sometimes when you land from a jump, you might land on an opponents head and bounce upward

i've done this lots of times so good luck
Cortex Castle Shortcut
After you go down the big stairs with all the fruit boxes, you turn right, you will see a small ramp leading up to more turn that go up. If you jump on the ramp while using turbos with the L and R buttons, and try to head left as you jump, you may be able to get to another path.
Crash Cove shortcut
jump off the wooden ramp in to the water. The hangtime turbo should be enough to get you up to the ledge which is right in front of you although i prefer to land in a powerslide and get a quick boost in before jumping.
Gain Access To More Battle Fields
In order to get access to another battle field in battle mode, win all four of the cup races in adventure mode.
Hint:Firing Missiles backwards
Note:this trick is very difficut to do and has around a 75% chance of hitting somebody if done correctly.First,get some missiles(3 pack or 1 missile),then press R2+Down to look back & fire at the same time.You must make sure somebody behind you is visible in order to hit them.In Arcade mode,if the difficulty is set to hard,the CPU racers use will this technique on you.

If there are any problems,send an email to
Hit an opponent with a TNT or a potion SURELY
When you are at the place of 2nd or 3rd follow the opponent which comes first than you go behind him and press circle to leave you TNT, Nitro or Potions. (do you know that some of them drive the same way?) Thats way this work because of that. Then the opponent behind you will bump to the TNT or potion because the opponent in front of you have the same path to pass with the one behind you. This always work for me.( Follow only one character so that the one which has the path to pass the same with the opponent will always be the one to be hit, he will always be in the last place.
Hit your friend with a TNT easily!
This is a cheat that many people know, and I found a good way to use it. You can jump of a ramp and place a TNT/Nitro in midair, right? Well, during multiplayer, select 5 laps, and during you first 4 laps, put TNT/Nitros across a ramp that you have to go on, like in Mystery Caves. Then, your friend will hopefully hit it!

How to fire missiles backwards!
First get some missiles, then hold onto R2 and down and press circle to shoot it. Make sure some one behind you is there! For practice, get unlimited missiles (bombs) by doing the cheat: at menu hold L1+R1 and press triangle, right, down, right, up, triangle and left. Then in race run into a red beaker (potion) and keep getting boxes untill you get a pack of three missiles. Note: if you get a pack of bombs again, then just run into another one! And it will be unlimited. Then you can practise by going backwards in a lap to have more time to practise! Any problems? Email me,if you have the unlimited potions cheat, pleeeeeeze send it to me.Bye
How to get a perfect lap on Crash Cove
As you start, you will see a divide in the track up ahead. You will have time (assuming you are a competent power-slider) to get two or three boosts in. As you come to the divide, take the left side ans it is on the inner side of the track. As you go round the corner, you will have time to get a set of three boosts before coming to the ramp. Jump off the end of this ramp and land in the water after it. You could probably make the ledge wit the boost you get from this jump, but I tend to land in a power-slide and get a quick boost in before jumping to the ledge. Once you are on the ledge, power-slide as many times as you can, staying as left as you can. You will want to jump down on the LEFT hand side of the red arrow. On the bridge, you can pull a set of three power-slides and in the process, manouvre the kart round to face the left in time to jump down to the left through the second small wooden triangle. This will give you a small boost when you land, giving you momentum to go round the final corner. You will be able to do at least two sets of three going round. Take the pads whilst sliding and boosting to the finish line.

Assuming you are a competent power-slider, you should be aiming to get a lap time of about 29:00 to 30:00. My best time for what it's worth is 28:35. Good luck! (and drive fast!)
Long boosts
To make sure you get all out of your boosts, press R1/L1 when the bar is full!
More Boost
When doing a drift turn, you can actually do 3 boosts.
Oxide Station Secret Shortcut
As soon as you reach the tunnel, wait until you get to the ramp with the turbo pad in front of it. DON'T go on the ramp, take a left over the barrier onto the area where you go when you re-enter the ship with the 4-8 ft. jumping turbo ramp. Hope you figure this out. If you can't, e-mail me @ Good Luck!
quick boost
To do this when u jump over a ramp and land doing a turbo boost it\'ll be faster and pura is the best charecter to use
HINT: use it for going very fast for beating ghosts
be sure to do very fast to keep your speed and ZOOM!
Roo's tubes shortcut
As you near the end of the track, there is a final jump, leading to the track with bones either side. Instead of returning to the track, jump left onto the mud. For this shortcut to be effective, you must be able to boost in a powerslide. Mind the mushrooms!
Sacred Fire and Ultamite
Sacred Fire - Do consistent boosts by powersliding, warp pads, hitting the ground hard, etc. Do enough boosting and quick enough, and you'll have a super boost which will last for a long while.

Ultamite Sacred Fire: Same technique, only with Super Warp Pads. You'll go ultra-fast.
Sewer speedway shortcut
Im sure everyone knows about this, but i will write my way of getting up to that hole. I come out of the red tunnel, do 2 boosts, and jump over the hip on the left hand side of the track. This gives me enough speed to jump straight at the hole and clear it with some distance to spare. Instead of going all the way round, jump off the bridge, it will save you time.
Shortcut on Blizzarf bluff
On the snow level, when you get near the end of the track, you should see a brown gate between 2 big rocks. You can jump over the gate only by using a Aku Aku/Uka Uka or a turbo boost. This can save you about 3-4 seconds on the course. This Shortcut would be good on a relic challenge with unlimited Aku Aku/Uka Uka masks. I will come back with more shortcuts later. Bye!
shortcut papu papus pryamid
This will whip everyone on this track even nirtous ghost.After you have completed the sharp turns and gone past the car eating plants continue down the three steps as you head up the hill you go over a bump put your brakes on and do a 180 degree turn you are now facing the wrong way head towards the wall on your left as you go off the bump jump onto the wall dive along the wall you will see the start finish line jump left make sure you donot go past the line while on the wall or the lap will not count
Skyway Shortcut
Along the track you will see a red fence at some point with a piece of track on the other side and a downward slope infront of you. At the bottom of the slope, turn around and zoom back up the ramp. Jump at the top and try to clear the fence (you may need a turbo). If you do this, you should save yourself a LOT of time.
Spyro 2 Demo
Hold L1 + R1 and press Down, Circle, Triangle, Right at the main menu and you get access to a nifty Spyro 2 demo.
Squish! Squish!
When you have a power boost get close [From Behind!] to an opponent then press circle. Then you will run on top of them and they'll will be squished. Then you'll get a boost when you land.

You can also use a turbo pad then do the same.
Stronger slide boosts!
When you are sliding, wait until the boost meter is 95% full then press L1/R1. This is a better boost than halfway ones!
Tiger Temple
Many people know this one I'm sure, but about half of the way through Tiger Temple, there will be a secret door that looks like a face. Throw poison bottles, missils, bombs, bubbles or use aku akus or uga ugas. This puts you far ahead.
Unlock Fake Crash
In order to unlock Fake Crash, beat the Purple Gem Cup in adventure mode. In order to do the purple gem cup, you must collect five purple tokens.

Easter eggs

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In the options menu there is an option for the music. Go on this and you will listen aku aku's music. To listen uka uka's music you must to get a mask and go again to options. Go to music option and you will listen uka uka's music!

WARNING: You must have a good character for do this tip.


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4 unlimited cheats
At main menu, hold L1+R1 for the following cheats:

Unlimited bombs/missles: triangle, right, down, right, up, triangle and left. For unlimited missles, do the same cheat, then in a race, run into one of your opponents red beaker (potion).

Unlimited Aku Aku masks: left, triangle, right, left, circle, right, down and down.

Unlimited wumpa fruit: down, down, right, right, down and down.

Stronger turbo pads: triangle, right, right, circle and left

i don't understand the unlimited potions cheat.
To unlock the characters, on the main menu hold L1 + R1 and press...

Penta Penguin - Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up.
Ripper Roo - Right, Circle, Circle, Down, Up, Down, Right.
N.Tropy - Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Right, Right.
Papu Papu - Left, Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Down.
Komodo Joe - Down, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Right, Down.
Pinstripe - Left, Right, Triangle, Down, Right, Down.
Cheats for CTR
Tiger Temple Shortcut: After you drive through FIRST room when statues blow fire at you, you will come to a hilltop. Look left. There's sort of face on a wall is there. There are four lines engraved in a blue wall under it. You must have a rocket, cannon ball,a potion (must be thrown forward), a mask or either one of the bubbles and hit the teeth with them. You'll go through a passage with fruit boxes and if you're in adventure mode and doing the CTR challenge you can get the "R"!!

Blizzard Bluff Shortcut: When you get to the FIRST area where you slide on ice, look to your left.
There will be a sort of ice slope. You MUST have a ten fruited mask to go over it or you'll be too slow. You'll cut in front of the hut that is near the home strait!

Dragon Mines Shortcut: When you get to the area where the carts drive across for the first time,turn right on the rail. You must have a ten fruited mask so you'll be faster and if you get run over you won't be affected.Then you come out on the home strait!

Papu's Pyramid SUPER Shortcuts: After you get up those annoying steps, you'll get to the place where those purple plants are. Pass them and look left. There will be a platform on it's own.
Either get a good run up, or have a mask (RECOMMENDED. But still need a run up) and jump onto it. Another is when you turn the bend after the kart eaters and go on the boost pad and go left and jump on the platform that goes over the other set of plant eaters! Do both of these and you'll breeze your way in front!

Sewer Speedway shortcut: When you actually get into the sewer area where the blue stuff is under you, look right. You'll see an opening in the wall. Go on the opposite edge and use a mask and go down and up again onto the other side. If you have a big enough jump, you'll enter!
(Note:When you enter the sewer area where the blue stuff is under your cart, and see the first boxes,and are right behind a racer take the box on the right because the computer always takes the left one!)

Polar Pass Shortcut: After you go over the thin bridge after those pesky platforms you enter the area with two seals (which usually squash you if you have no protection). Look straight ahead and you'll see a short wall. Get a good run up and leap over to: 1: get goodies such as weapon boxes; 2: land on a booster pad straight after the huge jump to zoom ahead!!

Cortex Castle Shortcut: When you enter the room with the huge boost to take you into last room,
look left straight away. There will be a slope. Wait until next lap so you know it's there. Then take a leap onto it. There we go!!

Slide Coliseum Free Boost and mini shortcut: After a few bends there will be a thin strip of grass on the road. Drive Straight over it and you'll save a bend and earn a boost! (If not sure of which part, choose Polar and finish the race. He'll go into auto drive. leave your pad and watch until you see Polar do a sharp bend. That's the one!!)
Dragon Mines
When you get up to the 1st train press the circle
Button when you have an uka uka or a aku aku go in there

Youre not afraid are you?
Hold L1 + R1 and press right(2),Left,Triangle,Right,Down(2).The Turbo Track,The North Bowl,Lab Basement and Parking Lot are all unlocked.Note:You Can Only use It For Battle Mode.
GUSF (God's Ultamate Saffi Fire
O.K. When You have USF (Ultamate Saffi Fire)
Take As Many Shortcuts As You Can And Also Go On
As Many Warp Pads And ultra Warp pads Also
Make Sure Hit The Ground VERY Hard
After Doing That You Should Have GUSF The Colour
Of Your Exhaust Is A VERY Dark Red
Infinite Bombs
Hold L1 + R1 and press Triangle, Right, Down, Right, Up, Triangle, Left.
Infinite Masks
Hold L1 + R1 and press Left, triangle, Right, Left, circle, Right, Down, Down.
Infinite Wumpa Fruit
Hlod L1 + R1 and press Down, Right, Right, Down, Down.
Mask Mix-up
Go into a level as Penta Penguin and get a mask. The item slot will show Uka Uka, but use the mask and get Aku Aku.

Note: May only work for the NTSC version of the game.
sewer speed way short cut
After the red tubes as you approach the first part of the sewer go straight and you will see a wall above the jump you can use a mask or turbo to get in their but sometimes you don't. Any problems email
Shortcut: Papu's Pyramid
After getting past the eating flowers and around the corner, you will see the 3 bumps. Dont take the 3 bumps instead jump onto the ledge at the side by using a speed boost.
Shortcuts on blizzard bluff
The first shortcut comes straight after the start line, between the two rocks, cutting out the first corner. There is a small incline on the near side of the opening which you can use to gain a hangtime turbo to keep your momentum. The second shortcut comes on the left of the first ice patch. Ideally, you want to perfom 2 powerslide boosts before the jump, the second one being just before you jump. you should find yourself just past the tunnel. as you progress down the following straight, you will want to build up some serious momentum then turn sharply left up the snow bank. you should see a gap between the two rock, protected by a barrier. If you time your jump correctly, you will be able to clear the barrier.
Super Turbo Pad
In the main menu, press and hold the L1 and R1 buttons, then press:

Triangle, Right, Right, Circle, Left.

Note: May only work for NTSC version.
Uninvincible mask
When I used the infinite mask cheat on one of the snowy levels i dont know which 1. When I had a mask I jumped of the huge ice jump near the end of the lap, when i landed the mask didnt have the multi coulered trails of lines coming out of it and when I hit a seal it made me spin.
Enable the "Unlimited bomb"code in an arcade race.Hit one of the enemy's red poisons, This will take away the bombs.Later,if you get a triple missile pick-up, it will be unlimited. Note:This will not work in some levels because you cannot get the triple missile power-up.
Unlimited Invisibility Power-Ups
Hold L1 + R1 and press Up, Up, Down, Right, Right, Up at the main menu. You now have unlimited invisibility (you can only see your wheels).
Unlock Scrapbook
Hold L1 + R1 and press Up, Up, Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, triangle, Right.
Unlock Turbo Track in Time Trial Mode
On the main menu, hold L1 and R1. Then press right, right, left, triangle, right, down, down. You will hear a sound if entered correctly.