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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Cheats

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back cheat codes.


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All Game Gems
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver Gem 1Break 62 Boxes on Turtle Woods
Blue GemBreak 0 Boxes on Turtle Woods
Silver Gem 2Break 74 Boxes on Snow Go
Red GemBeat Secret Path on Snow Go
Silver Gem 3Break 74 Boxes on Hang Eight
Silver Gem 4Beat the Timer to the end of Hang Eight
Silver Gem 5Break 53 Boxes on The Pits
Silver Gem 6Break 44 Boxes on Crash Dash
Silver Gem 7Break 124 Boxes on Snow Biz
Silver Gem 8Break 102 Boxes on Air Crash
Silver Gem 9Beat Death Route on Air Crash
Silver Gem 10Break 48 Boxes on Bear It
Silver Gem 11Break 57 Boxes on Crash Crush
Silver Gem 12Break 79 Boxes on The Eel Deal
Green GemBeat Secret Path on The Eel Deal
Silver Gem 13Break 53 Boxes on Plant Food
Yellow GemBeat the Timer to the end of Plant Food
Silver Gem 14Break 57 Boxes on Sewer or Later
Silver Gem 15Beat Yellow Gem Path on Sewer or Later
Silver Gem 37Break 44 Boxes on Totally Fly
Silver Gem 16Break 42 Boxes on Bear Down
Silver Gem 17Break 89 Boxes on Road to Ruin
Silver Gem 18Beat Death Route on Road to Ruin
Silver Gem 19Break 58 Boxes on Un-Bearable
Silver Gem 20Break 93 Boxes on Hangin' Out
Silver Gem 21Break 95 Boxes on Diggin' It
Silver Gem 22Beat Death Route on Diggin' It
Silver Gem 23Break 155 Boxes on Cold Hard Crash
Silver Gem 24Beat Death Route on Cold Hard Crash
Silver Gem 25Break 84 Boxes on Ruination
Silver Gem 26Beat Green Gem Path on Ruination
Silver Gem 27Break 92 Boxes on Bee-Having
Purple GemBeat Secret Path on Bee-Having
Silver Gem 28Break 69 Boxes on Piston it Away
Silver Gem 29Beat Death Route on Piston it Away
Silver Gem 30Break 39 Boxes on Rock It
Silver Gem 31Break 46 Boxes on Night Fight
Silver Gem 32Beat Death Route on Night Fight
Silver Gem 33Break 46 Boxes on Pack Attack
Silver Gem 34Break 60 Boxes on Spaced Out
Silver Gem 35Beat All Gem Route on Spaced Out
Silver Gem 36Break 40 Boxes on Totally Bear
Alternate Ending
View an alternate ending by completing the game 100%.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Alternate EndingComplete the game 100%.
Color Gems
Wanted to Know? There We Go!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Blue GemBeat Level 1 Without Break Any Boxes , Aku Aku Box , Checkpoint , Etc
Red GemGet Into The Platform That In Level 7 , Without The Jetpack , There Boxes , Jump Into To The Platform Dat Will Tele U To Secret Warp Room And Snow Go Level
Green GemGo Right The Dead End Way With Nitros , That Door Are Fake! , Just Entry And You ll Get Them
Yellow GemBeat Level 11 Before The Time Run Out!
Purple GemJump Into The Fake Nitros To Tele Into A Secret Area For Purple Gem
Level 21 (Piston It Away) Box Gem
Aku-Aku mask is recommended, maybe 20+ lives to ensure you don't run out.
This box gem is among the hardest to get in the game, as it involves quite a bit of back tracking which is made difficult by the shrink rays. I recommend having at least one Aku-Aku mask since one of the rays is difficult to dodge on the return trip.So first off, go through the level like normal and make sure you do not die. This involves a Death Route and so dying before reaching the platform forces you to back out and try again. Once you make it to the Death Route platform, you do not need to worry about dying anymore as it won't disappear. DO NOT jump on the platform yet, and continue to proceed through the level. You should see a shrink ray that you need to jump over to continue, with a baddie behind and below it. DO NOT KILL THIS BADDIE, as you need to jump on him to make the jump back up.Complete the bonus round and before long you should reach a bunch of Nitro crates with a life between them. The "?" Crate here is the last one you need to break before you should make your way back. Obtain the life if you wish but since it isn't in a crate it is completely optional.On your way back, there is a shrink ray with 4 trigger plates in front of it. This is really hard to dodge and I do recommend having a mask to help with this, however it is possible to do it without getting hit. A well timed slide-jump is all that is needed to jump over it.Once you make your way back to the platform, which still should be there even if you died after passing it, simply complete the Death Route to obtain both its gem and the box gem. There is a Checkpoint located within the route to eliminate the need to continuously back track after dying. Hope this helped and thanks for reading.
UnlockableHow to unlock


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99 Lives Grind
An easy way to grind lives is by going to level 16 Unbearable. After the bear falls down the pit and you hit the checkpoint box, jump in the pit after the bear. This area is where the hidden boxes are to get the silver gem for this level.

Play your way through this bonus area until you get to the checkpoint. Activate the ! Box and go up and get the mask box. On the platform next to this, two free life boxes hang just out of sight, jump to get them. Now these to boxes regenerate every time, so I recommend collecting the fruit in the immediate area and the lives, them jump off the ledge.

Each time you die you will still be one life ahead. Also there are about 20 wumpa in this little area, so every 5 times you die and collect you get another life from the fruit.
All Secret warp room levels!!!!!!
So, as u know there is a secret warproom in crash 2 CSB and many different ways 2 get 2 it and each way opens a different level.Because im nice il tell u all the ways 2 get 2 it and open up all the levels!!Here we go ----------

Level 7 - Air Crash- Go on level 13 (Bear Down), and play to the end where the bear throws you across. You will see a load of floating bits of ice and a bit of land in the middle. If you carefully jump on the bits of floating ice to the land, you will be scooped off to the secret warproom and a secret bit of the level air crash will be there!

Level 2- Snow go - So youve all seen the pesky red gem floating around in snow go that you cant get 2! Heres how 2 get it!Go to the normal level air crash and when you get to the 1st wave rider thingi before you get on you can see a platform to your right, now, if you look at the boxes near it there is 2 normal boxes and one jumpy box(this cud take a few goes so have patience and lots of lives!)you jump accross these three boxes and land onto the platform which will scoop you off to the secret warproom and ,volia!there is the secret snow go and at the end of the level is the sexy red gem! woo woo!

Level 14 - Road to Ruin- Now on the level road to ruin if you've ever attempted to get the perfect gem you'll know that you is always missing a few boxes. Now this is possoble to do with out the secret level but tricky!If you look at the begining of the level you'll notice the clear box shapes that you can make solid with the ! box. and you can see the ! box on a platform to the left before i discovered the secret warp room i kept trying to skid jump accross to the ! box and it did work and i got the extra boxes. however it is v.hard so here is how you get the secret level. go on to the level diggin it. near the end you'll come accross 2 spitter plants next to each other, however 1 is on a platform type thing in the middle of a pit. if you jump on the platform ones head and belly flop on him, again you will be escorted to the secret warp room and see that road to ruin has appeared!!!!!!!!!!

Level 26- Totally Bear - an extra level this time!go to level 15 Unbearable! and at the end the little cute bear throws you accross the pit then dissapears as the big bear falls down the pit. if you skid jump back accross the pit and walk on a bit you will see little bear sat there on his own. walk up to him and you will be transportesd to the secret warproom yet again!and have unlocked totally bear.

Level 27 - Totally Fly- Quite hard to explain but here goes!
in level 16 Hangin out there is a hole bout half way through the level. if you fall through it like normal and go to the end of that path you'll fall through another hole into a pool of water. if you walk back from there you'll come across yet another hole. your first impression will be "oh its the hole ive just been down" but NO! its another hole in disguise as that one!!!!!!! drop down it and you'll come across another clearing which once again will take you up to the secret warproom to totally fly!

have fun!
Beating N. Gin
N. Gin can either be easy or hard, for me he was both. Here is the strategy on beating him.

1 + 2. He will fly around, opening his hands. Throw wumpa at his hands when they open. Eventually, he will fly and fire a laser, so avoid it. Once each hand has been hit 10 times, it will explode.

3 + 4. Now, he will fly around, opening his shoulders. He will start by going to the right, cause he will fire missiles. Now, just go to the left, because he will fire them on the other side. After one shoulder is hit five times, it will explode and his pattern will change. He will fire one missile, so do a timed jump over it. Just hit the shoulder until it explodes.

5. Now, he will go out of sight. Stand on the middle platform and when he pops up, hit him with two wumpa. Now jump to the right platform, because he will use his waste cannon to attack that platform. Now, when he pops up in front of the right platform, and hit him with two more wumpa. Now, hop to the left one, and when he pops up, hit him with one last wumpa and he will be defeated.

Body Slam
To do a Body Slam, press X then O.
Coloured gem cheats
Getting blue gem:

On the first level, complete the level without getting any boxes (aku aku's, check points, ? boxes, lives, tnts and bouncy boxes. At the end of the level there will be a blue gem.

Getting red gem:

To get the red gem in level 2 (snow go), you must go to the 2nd warp room and go to level 7 (air crash), as soon as you get to the jet ski part, DO NOT GO ON IT. Instead, jump on the boxes in the water beside the jet ski (right) bounce on the 2 boxes, then jump onto the platform. Now you go back inside the level (snow go level tunnel) and complete the track to fall and earn your gem by coming back to level 2 (snow go).

Getting green gem:

Go to level 10 (eel deal). Run along all the way to the split (2 way tunnel) and turn right. You should see a room full of nitros! Some how, get to the end of the room and go through that circular wall thing. Then go to the end of the path and you will find a green gem.

Getting yellow/gold gem:

Go to level 11 (plant food) and as soon as you get to the jet ski part, there will be a timer! You must complete the level in alloted time. At the end quickly get your gem or it will spin away! (you might need 2 Aku Aku masks to do this)! Hint: every time you die the time gets extended for you!

Getting purple gem:

Go to level 20 (bee-having) and walk all the way until you get to the nitro stack of stairs! Think in your head: What would a stack of nitros be doing there????? Climb the steps and you will get to a special level. Collect the gem at the start and beat the path. Hint: if you can't complete the path, then just get the gem and lose a life and then you will be at your check point with the gem!
Coloured Gems
BLUE: Go to Level 1, Turtle Woods. Instead of breaking all the boxes, don't break ANY boxes. At the end, get your blue gem.
RED: Go to Level 7, Air Crash. At the first jet ski, jump across the boxes to the platform. You will be transprted to a secret part of Level 2, Snow Go. Make it to the end of this path and snag your red gem.
GREEN: Go to Level 10, The Eel Deal. At the first fork, go right. You will see an area littered with Nitro. At the end, jump through the wall (yes, you can do it) near the Nitro in an L shape. Make it to the end and grab your green gem.
YELLOW: Go to Level 11, Plant Food. If you break the first checkpoint at the right time, a timer will start. Make it to the end without dying or breaking open any more checkpoints under the designated time and recieve your yellow gem.
PURPLE: Go to Level 20, Bee-having. About 1/2 through the level is some Nitro in the shape of stairs. Go ahead and jump on them, they won't explode, as they are fakes. Climb to the top. You will be transported to a secret part of the level where the purple gem waits for you.
Coloured Gems!!!
*(blue gem)go into turtle woods and dont break any boxes.

*(red gem)go into air crash and when you get to the first seado
dont go on it jump on the two boxes and land on the platform.
then jump into snow go and there will be a short level and when you
get to the end do a body slam then you will get the red gem.

*(green gem)go into the eel deal and when you get to the two way pipe go right and make your way around the nitros and walk throgh the circle door
and get to the end there will be a green gem.

*(yellow gem)go into plant food when you get the timer get to the bones
and die in the bones.then take your time to the end of the level.

*(purple gem)go to bee-having and when you get up to the stairs of
nitros and dont be afraid to go up them because there fake nitros.
get to the top and it will sloop you up and it will bring you to a
secret area and the purple gem will be there.then die and
complete the level.
Crystal Stealing!
After retrieving a crystal on any level kill you self deliberately and then go on to turtle woods.(Make sure you have the crystal for this level!)Then complete the level without dying!! Do not go on the bonus levels at all. There is no need to collect boxes either. Once you have completed the level you should have won the crystal for the previous level you were trying to complete. This cheat may not work every time!!
Extra Level
When you start a new game, don\'t skip the opening cutscene. Watch to the end and you can play a short-mini level.
Extra N. Gin Damage
If you're careful enough, you can shoot wumpa fruit at the hand thats firing the lasers.
Gems And Other Secrets
To get the following gems do this:

Blue Gem- Enter Turtle Woods and do the level without hitting ANY boxes. Then go to the end and claim your Blue Gem. You have to have the crystal and silver gem for this to work.

Red Gem- Go to Level 7 (Air Crash) and when you get to the first Surfboard and DO NOT GET ONTO IT. Then you will see 5 boxes. Jump onto the first 2, then bounce onto a platform you see. This will take you to a Secret Warp Room. You shall then see a Portal leading to the secret area of Snow Go (level 2). Finish this and gain your red gem. Then complete Snow Go.

Green Gem- Go into The Eel Deal (level 10) and when you get to the first set of tunnels and go down each of them once. Find the tunnel which contains lots of Nitros. Go right to the end of the Nitro room and you will see a door. It is not a real door. Just walk straight through it. Then complete the secret level, gain the Green Gem, then go back to the Nitro room! This is hard, but you should be able to do it. Then complete the rest of the normal level.

Yellow/Gold Gem- Go into Plant Food (level 16 or 17 haha) and when you get to the first Surfboard there is a timer. Finish the level before the timer runs out and gain the Yellow Gem. (Hint: This is the same on Hang Eight (level 3) apart from you get a silver gem).

Purple Gem- Go into Bee-Having (level 20) and when you get about half-way through you should see a bunch of Nitros on steel boxes. They are decoy fake Nitros, and you can jump onto them. When you reach the top you shall be teleported to the Secret Area where you have to complete a very complicated level to claim your Purple Gem. Then die, and when you respawn you should be in the normal area. Finish the level and you will have all 5 coloured gems.

43 out of 42 Gems- Complete the game 100% and you will have 42 out of 42 Gems. Then go into Snow Go (level 2) get all the boxes until you reach the last Steel one, which has an arrow on it. In front of you, there is a seal. Bounce on the box for 5 minutes, and then kill the seal. You will then be holding a Gem. Complete the rest of the level, getting all the boxes, and you will have 101% and 43 out of 42 Gems.

Have fun.
Getting Blue Gem
Blue Gem is located in Turtle Woods(Level 1). In order to get it, don't destroy any boxes including Check Points and Aku Akus.At the end of the level, you will find the Blue Gem.
Green Gem
On The Eel Deal at the first fork go right there should be lots of nitro crates dodge these and get to the end of this room. Jump at the door and you will go through it then follow the path to find the green gem.
high jump
to do a higher jump than normal hold R1 and press x that should give you a higher jump
How to beat Komodo Bros.
I will call Komodo Joe KJ and Komodo Moe KM. First, KJ will spin around the room. Don\'t get close to KM, or he will slice you. When KJ is done, hit him. Then, KM will throw swords around the room. Avoid them. Then avoid the spin. Then, they combine their moves. Very easy boss.

How to beat Ripper Roo
First, Ripper will jump around the arena, with his pogo stick. He will make TNT\'s. Avoid the TNT\'s. Then, he destroys his pogo stick and will make Nitros. Avoid the nitros. Spin or jump on him to take out 1/3 of his health bar. Repeat 3 times to have a victory.

komodo crystals
To get easy crystals, fisrt go to the level that you are stuck on, and then you must get the crystal. Then lose all your lives, and defeat the komodo brothers

(note, this chet also works for colored gems, just get the gem and defeat the komodo bros again.)

(note2, youy must have beaten the komodo bros and have gotten to warproom 3. for crystals it works for warprooms 3-5, and it works for all warprooms for colored gems.)

see ya later
Replay Bosses
To play the same boss again, stand in the middle of the warp room, hold down Triangle and press UP.
Secret Area In Un-bearable!!!
when the bear falls in the hole jump in it(after the bear goes in the hole)
it will lead you in the secret area!
Secret Platform For Purple Gem
At "Bee-Having" level, you will see a stack of Nitro Boxes (in the middle of the level). Go to the top of this stack (don't worry, they won't explode because they aren't real Nitros). You will be teleported into another section of the level. In the section you can find a Purple Gem
Skip the first level
Skipping the first cutscene will also cause you to skip the introduction level and go straight to the first warp room.
Stupid Mindless Cortex cannot set a trap.
In Turtle Woods or The Pit's When there are rat pits
you can do a spin slide jump over the pit
you can jump in and jump out with a spin slide jump
you can jump in and jump from 1 rat over the pit
or you can slide jump to the side and land on a small rock then slide jump off!
The gems
Here are the gems:

-Yellow--Plant Food-When you get to the jetski, you must complete the level in the alloted time.
-Green--The Eel Deal-When you come to the fork, go right into the room with the ton of nitros. There is a huge locked door in the back, and you can actually pass through that door which leads you to the green gem.-Purple--Bee-Having-Very hidden. When you see a big pile of nitros, they are fake. You can climb up the nitros to go into a warp to a secret area.-Blue--Turtle Woods-You must get through this level without breaking one box. Simple.-Red--Snow Go-You need the secret warp from Air crash. in Air Crash, you need to jump on the boxes near the first jetski. You have to land on the platform to be warped to the secret warp room,
and go through the secret path in Snow go and go to the gem.

the hole in the game...
there is a area in one of the two bee areas that in which you go under ground and there is a hole... you cant get out of it... you go around tring to get out... but even the spin attack... it is funny though. to get out... either die or exit through the start button... go to warp room... however this hole is in the middle of it, so if you go to warp room, you will have to start over.... HAVE FUN!!!
Warp rooms
When you have completed the first WR, stand on the middle platform and Crash will point up. So press uo and when you're in the 2nd WR, he will point down. So press it to do down.


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Easier Way to Re-visit Bosses
(This only works when you go UP from warp room to warp room)
If you want to re-face Ripper-Roo, The Komodo Bros, Tiny Tiger, N-Gin, or Cortex, all you have to do is go to the warp room where they were first introduced fighting you(Ripper-Roo= Warp room 1, The Komodo Bros= Warp room 2, Tiny Tiger= Warp room 3, N-Gin=Warp room 4, Cortex= Warp room 5)press up and hold triangle until the screen goes white, then you will be facing them.
More Then 100% Or 101%!!!
In Level 2 Snow Go After The End You'll See Jumper Block Metal Let's Crash Jumper All This For 4-5 Min Then Jump At The Enemy , See Your Crystal U Have A NEW Crystal.
Return To The Boss
(Not Work If You Not Beat That Boss)
This Will Work WHEN You Beat One Of Bosses , Choose One , And Hold Triangle And Go Up
this bonus is a level?
go to cold hard crash and when you are at the bonus don't go inside instead start jumping up and down then you will land in the bonus and immedietly jump out and you can play in the level while it's says bonus bonus bonus on the screen

Easter eggs

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Easter Egg : More Gem In One Level
1 - Get In Level That Only Had One Gem
2 - Break All Boxes In The Level
3 - Get The Gem
4 - Kill Your Self
5 - Same As Step 2
And You ll See Extra Gem That Dose NOTHING
Easter Eggs In Level 15!!!
But First You Must Find The Secret Skull Round , After The Big Bear Downs In Wood Go In The Hole, Dont Worry This Hole Wont Kill You But It Teleport To Secret Skull Round Here The Easter Start:
After The Checkpoint Up There 2 Crash Hit There And Kill Your Self, Again When You Die The Box Crash Wont Go Life Forever 2 crash Stall There Up , Have Fun With 99 Life Or 100 life <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Extra Boxes In Cold Hard Crash!
1 - Break Boxes And Stop Break Boxes When You Break Checkpoint
2 - Start To Break , Waring : Do not Go Into Bonus Round Yet , And Stop Break When You Reach The Death Route , Another Waring , Do Not Hit The Checkpoint In The Death route
3 - Go Into Bonus Round
4 - Break ALL Boxes In Bonus Round
5 - When You End Of The Bonus And Return To The LEVEL , Kill Your Self , Now You Had 70 Boxes As Well
6 - Start To Break And Do Not Go Or Break Any Boxes From Death Route
7 (Tricky PART!) - Get 155 Boxes And Stop Break Boxes If You Had 155 Boxes (Tricky Part Start Here : If You Had 156 or More Boxes , They Say 156\155 , Not Appearing The Gem As Well , Do Not Do That For Your Gem)
Extra Item (101% or more!)
Go to Snow Go (Level 2) and Jump on the second to last bouncy pad for 4-5 minutes. It will be boring, but then after... Jump on the seal and press triangle to see what you get.

I've gotten The purple gem/Gems/Crystals by doing it.

Not sure if it works on NTSC.

Works on PAL.
the red gem in snow go does not need a secret warp
when you encounter the red gem go on the spring crate and pin on it you should end up standing on it at the edge try high jumping and spining at the same time then when you are at the red gem body slam and retrieve the red gem this might take a few attempts
warp room glitch
this is probarbly the hardest glitch to do but pretty easy to find!.ok so when you are finished with collecting crystals enter the 3rd warp room super slide jump at unbearables portal and end up on top of it then do it again on top and fall in a hole when you revive warp room 1 will be weird warp room 2 will be normal warp room 3 will be realy cool and green warp room 4 is dark and all you can see is the portals warp room 5 will be alwsome


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10 Extra Lives
If you body slam the bear in front of the level Bear It, 5 times in a row, then you'll get 10 Extra Lives.
100+ Lives- But beware
To get 100+ lives, first get 99. Then, go to a Level and get a life. When its moving toward your life total, exit the level. The game lags a little and you\'ll be back in the warp room, with 100 Lives. You can repeat this to get more lives.

BUT BEWARE: If you get a life with 100+ lives and it manages to get to your life total, it will reset back to 99! Beware!
a way to get over 100%
believe it! there is a way to get over 100%! here is how!
1. go to snow go
2. jump on the last up box you see at the end of the level
3. do that for 5, 10, whatever min!
4. go back and wile you are jumping, hit the enemy in front of the box you are jumping on, you have to hit, OR THIS CHEAT WONT WORK!
5. go to the end and get in the warp room, it may be a colored gem, a crystal, or a clear gem.


Air Crash Cheat!!!
At one of the places where you jump on the Wave Rider thingy in the water. You will see many boxes heading in a diagonal top-right direction if you jump on two of the normal boxes-on a jumpy box-and on 1 normal box and onto that square of concrete it will take you to a secret warp room!!
you will here more from me The Masked Ham-Ham! Bye!
Alternate Ending
Finish the game with all gems and crystals and beat Cortex.
Boss Revival
If you already beat a boss then while you are moving on the platform to the next room, hold the triangle and you'll be able to fight the boss again!
Easy lives
Go to the second warp room. Jump on the polar bear to gain 10 extra lives. Another way is to go to Level 2, Snow Go. This level is pretty easy and will give you 4-5 lives every time you finish it!
Faster Crash
Note: A dual shock controller is required. Press L3 and R3 rapidly and Crash will become a little bit shorter and faster.
Fly on Ripper Roo
On Ripper Roo's battle, when he is knocked out, jump on him, and he will still be damaged, but you will remain on his head. When he bounces again, he will launch you in the air and you will be fine. Try it! It's fun!

Get more than 99 lives
To make this glitch work, get 99 lives and enter a level. Get 100 apples, and when the Crash symbol goes to the upper part of the screen, and starts to move towards your remaining lives, press Start and return to the Warp Room. You\'ll have 100 lives. Repeat this to get more lives
Gold Gem
You can get the yellow gem by beating Plantfood in a certain time. The time starts after the checkpoint before the first jet ski, but it's very hard to finish the level in time. So, wait until the time runs out and then go into the bonus. Run off the edge in the bonus. When you are warped back you will have a minute and 24 seconds to finish the level and get the gem! Good luck!
More time in race levels
In the levels where you must race against a clock for a gem (Hang Eight and Plant Food), it is possible to get more time. With the clock running, enter the bonus area. As soon as you are there, purposely fail by jumping off the side of a platform. When you respawn in the level, the clock will have restarted with even more time than in the beginning of the race.
Over 100 lives
Firstly, get 99 lives. Enter level and collect a life (1 life up, 100 apples). As soon as the picture of crash goes to the top, moving towards the 99 lives, PRESS start and exit the level. Then press triangle to view your lives and it should say 100 lives.
Return to Bosses
Stand on the platform which takes you up to the next warp room but before you go up, press L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle and Up.
See Crash run
In any level where there is a running pad, (like Diggin' it, body slam the pad to see Crash fly up and run like crazy!

Super High Jump
Press circle and make a slide but then press X and Square at the same time to jump real high.

User report: the jump may not be any higher than the regular slide-jump.
Totally Unbearable!!!
Vs bosses again!
Hold L1+R1 and triangle and press up so it takes you to the boss going up