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   (last update - Apr 16 1999)

Level select:
Enter Commander*Jeffer as a password.

Unlimited primary weapon power:
Enter Tranquillex as a password.

Unlimited secondary weapons:
Enter Memo*X33RTY as a password.

Unlimited shields:
Enter Hestas*Retort as a password.

Disable all cheats:
Enter All*cheats*off as a password.

All Missions and Endings:
Enter zX7z15EEvLax7Q0N as a password.


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All Missions and Endings = zX7z15EEvLax7Q0N
Level Select = Commander*Jeffer
Unlimited Primary Weapons = Tranquillex
Unlimited Secondary Weapons = Memo*X33RTY
Unlimited Shields = Hestas*Retort
Unlimited Shields and Weapons = Alexander

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Incidnia on October 27, 2004