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New Game+ feature
Complete the game, then load the saved game file. This will give you a "New Game+" feature. This game allows access to your old level, elements, and summons.


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All about the criosphinx
1/what's the criosphinx:
It's an optinal boss in the game it's basically to guide you for the final battle with the time devourer.
2/How to find it:
after defeating the earth dragon in home world go to the same place in the other world it will be in the same place as the earth dragon.
3/Battle the criosphinx:
you can fight it any time after you get the earth dragon beaten, ther're two ways to defeat him the first give nothing in reward (althrough it's simple) the second give you a hard time (but it is impossible without the yellow plate) but it'll reward you with the "sunglass".
a/the first way: have a full set of elements with differnt colours when the battle starts he'll mumble some words with latin defend then you'll have your elements charged and he'll ask you to solve a riddle answer by attacking with an element if you attack him physicly or with the wrong element he'll counter with the earthquake, the correct answers are: yellow - red - green - blue - black - white (like the order of the chrono cross)
after you answer all his riddles he'll flee leaving no Power ups or items.
b/the second way: this is though first you need to pillage the yellow plate from the earth dragon and equip it on serge/lynx in battle just attack him he will counter with earthquacke instead of damaging serge/lynx it will heal him (don't bother healing just attack him) keep attacking him it may take a long time because of its high HP but eventually he'll die leaving sunglass accessoiry.
4/the sunglass:
this equipement raise no stats but when you attack an enemy it will make you attack with the opposite colour wich cause a slight powerful damage.
5/tons of earthquake element:
this trick will allow you to obtain as much as you can carry of earthquake element. have a party of large level 5 element grid (such as guile) fill those grid with trap earthquake when he ask you a riddle cast trap earthquake and he'll counter with earthquake element instead of dammaging it'll be trapped repeat as much as possible don't worry about element level decrasing because he'll refill it for you.
Character Quicksheet
Here's a simple guide to getting all 40 characters;

Serge - Main character, N/A
Poshul - (Home World) Find the Heckran Bone
Kid - (Another World) First attempt to join at Cape Howl
Leena - (Another World) Joins if Serge refuses Kid
Mojo - (Another World) Take Leena and the Shark Tooth to the Fisherman's house
Skelly - (Another World) Find piece #1 in Fossil Valley
Kid - (Another World) Second attempt to join at Termina

Guile - (Another World) Talk to the Statue Polisher, then go to the bar
Pierre - (Another World) Find the Hero's Medal outside the shop
Nikki - (Another World) Talk to Miki, then go to Shadow Forest

*Note: You can only choose one out of those three characters per game

Skelly - Find piece #2 in Shadow Forest
Skelly - Find piece #3 from a trader in Guldove

Korcha - (Another World) Joins if you agree to help Kid
Razzly - (Another World) Rescue her in the Hydra Marshes

Glenn - (Another World) Take Macha to Termina, take Glenn to the boat
Macha - (Another World) Joins with Glenn

*Note: If you agree to save Kid, you get the Korcha & Razzly, if you refuse, you get Glenn & Macha.

Greco - (Another World) After fighting Lynx, go to the Termina Shrines
Luccia - (Another World) After fighting Lynx, go to Viper Manor Balcony
Pip - (Another World) Chase him down on the SS Invincible
Doc - (Another World) He will join after Kid heals from the Hydra poison
Kid - (Another World) Officially joins at Guldove

Lynx - Main character, N/A
Sprigg - (Chaos Dimension) Shake the tree, then enter Sprigg's house
Harle - (Chaos Dimension) Joins after the Dimensional Vortex

Funguy - (Home World) Feed the man under the waterfall a Blue Mushroom
Van - (Home World) Go to Termina and tell Van about the Frozen Flame
Zappa - (Home World) Take Radius to the Smithy in Termina
Norris - (Home World) Take Radius to the Viper Manor Basement
Janice - (SS Zelbess) Defeat the Grand Slam for three rounds
Irenes - (Home World) Go to Nikki's room after defeating the Demi Sage
Sneff - (Home World) Go to Sneff's room after defeating the Demi Sage
Starkey - (Home World) Take the Star Fragment to Sky Dragon Isle
Draggy - (Another World) Take the Big Egg to the Fort Dragonia Hatchery
Skelly - Find piece #4 in the Hydra Marshes
Zoah - (Another World) After the Dead Sea, go to the bar in Termina
Karsh - (Another World) After the Dead Sea, go to the bar in Termina
NioFio - (Another World) Take the Life Sparkle to the Viper Manor Balcony
Orcha - (Another World) Joins after Riddel's rescue
Grobyc - (Another World) Joins after Riddel's rescue
Skelly - (Another World) Find piece #5 in Water Dragon Isle
Skelly - (Another World) Find piece #6 in the Isle of the Damned
Riddel - (Another World) Joins after her rescue at the Hermit's Hideout
Viper - (Another World) Joins after Riddel's rescue on the SS Invincible
Fargo - (Another World) Joins after Viper
Marcy - (Another World) Joins after Fargo
Miki - (SS Zelbess) Joins after clearing the monsters out of Marbule
Leah - (Home World) Find her at Gaia's Navel
Skelly - (Another World) Take all six pieces back to his grandmother in Termina
Steena - (Home World) Go to Guldove after defeating the six dragon gods
Orlha - (Another World) Take the Sapphire Brooch to the bar in Guldove
Turnip - (Home World) Take Poshul to the Hermit's Hideout
Mel - (Another World) Take Kid to Guldove towards the very end of the game
Double Einlanzer for Glenn
After inheriting the first einlanzer, you go on further in the game. Before you finish the game, go to the einlanzer from both of the grave in termina(cause I'm not sure where the einlanzer can be pulled out, but you will definitely get if you try}.
Dwarves' Happy Ending
When facing the dwarves, you will be against a hydra as the last boss. You can however, stop the feud between humans and dwarves by saving the baby the hydra's carrying. To do this, you must first get Razzly at the same hydra marshes. Put her in your team when facing the hydra. When you win, Razzly will comment that the hydra's having a baby at the end of the battle. The dwarves will like you and no longer being your enemy. When later in the game you return back to the hydra marshes, you will find the happy dwarves. However, if you did save the baby, you won't get Razzly's level 3 tech from Rosetta.
Get an item from the pot and barrel.
In the bar, another or home world, there is a pot or barrel. Kepp on speaking to them until it says, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?! I SAID I'M JUST A "POT\BARREL"! Tch. Here, take this." Then it gives you an element.
How to get the straw doll in the fishermans' basement (Mojo)
Okay. First, when your exploring the village for the first time, visit the fisherman in his basement. (In the house with the little girl and the komono dragon) Talk to him. He will tell you a really long story about if he had chosen the other path to life. Then he will give you the shark tooth. (IMPORTANT:You can only aquire the shark tooth when you're looking around the village for the first time after the dream. If you go back to the Home World using the Amulet, he will just tell you another story.) Then after you go into another world, he chose the other path. Which is meditation. You have to talk to him, then you will go up to the doll. If you press the square button, you choose the shark tooth. Then he will come to life. This only worked once for me, so I won't gurantee it will work.
Mojo isn't that powerful. But it's fun to watch him. He has a dark element like Luccia.
I hope this is useful to you.
Multi-Tech Skills
Delta Attack - Serge (Level 5) Leena (Level 7) Razzly (Level 7)

Sword Storm - Guile (Level 5) Sneff (Level 7)

X Strike - Serge (Level 3) Glenn (Level 3)

Double Take - Kid (Level 3) Mel (Level 3)

Pitch Black - Norris (Level 7) Grobyc (Level 7)

Vital Force - Radius (Level 7) Viper (Level 5)

Dragon Spike - Karsh (Level 3) Zoah (Level 7)

Flamenco - Nikkie (Level 7) Miki (Level 7)

Tossed Salad - NioFio (Level 7) Turnip (Level 7)

Z Slash - Serge (Level 7) Kid (Level 5) Sprigg as Slash (Level 4)

Draggy Rider - Draggy (Level 7) Leah (Level 7)
Orlha's LV7 technique
When Serge is reborn and you got Orlha, ask the Doc before you finish the game. You will get SISTERHOOD combination of Orlha and her sister.
Pip's Evolution
Use white, yellow and blue elements on Pip = Angel Pip

Use black, green and red elements on Pip = Devil Pip

Use white, yellow and blue elements on Angel Pip = Archangel Pip

Use black, green and red elements on Devil Pip = Archdevil Pip

Use any element on either Archangel or Archdevil Pip = Butterfly Pip
to get Poshul, go to the inn where the girl with the poem is. make sure its your home world, you can do this at the start of the game, after waking up. Once in the inn, go upstairs and press X by the bed. you will find a Heckran Bone. go outside where Cheif Radius is and a giant pink dog is prancing about. Go up to the large pink dog (Poshul) and press square. choose Heckran Bone and Poshul will accept and join your party. Huzzah, you got Poshul.
Tech Skill Locations
Poshul - (Home World) After Serge's rebirth, talk to Leena
Leena - (Home World) After Serge's rebirth, talk to her mother
Mojo - (Another World) Talk to the cat in the Fisherman's basement
Skelly - (Home World) After Serge's rebirth, talk to the Termina barmaid
Nikki - (SS Zelbess) Talk to alternate Nikki
Pierre - (Another World) Take the Prop Sword to the Termina Smithy
Korcha - (Another World) Free the mermaid in Termina
Greco - (Home World) Confront the ghost at the Termina Shrines
Doc - (Another World) Take the Medical Book to the Guldove hospital
Funguy - (Home World) Check the mushroom in Shadow Forest
Norris - (Another World) After Serge's rebirth, talk to alternate Norris
Janice - (Bend of Time) Talk to the blob
Irenes - (Home World) Talk to the Chief, then talk to the Sage
Draggy - (Another World) Go to the Dragon Skull in Fossil Valley
Zoah - (Viper Manor) Open the chest in Zoah's room
Orcha - (Home World) Talk to Belcha in Arni Village
Grobyc - (Dead Sea) Open the coffin on the second floor of Chronopolis
Riddel - (Forbidden Island) Defeat Dario
Viper - (Home World) Talk to the bar maid in Termina
Fargo - (Another World) Talk to alternate Fargo
Steena - (Home World) Go to Garai's Grave on the Isle of the Damned
Turnip - (Another World) Take Turnip and NioFio to the Viper Manor Balcony
Time Devourer
To defeat the time Devourer and get the good ending, wait until the TD casts a yellow element, then cast in this order:yellow, red, green, blue, black, white(ignore the yellow, thats already cast) then cast Chrono Cross. Also, thats the order for the Crisosphinx's answers.
Time Devourer Boss Battle
Toward the end of the Terra Tower sequence, you will be assaulted by the combined dragons. The Time Devourer. This boss is big, ugly, and mean.

Party- Have a decent mix of innate elements. Make sure that their elements won't interfere with the others.
Character 1- Serge (white innate)
Character 2- Glenn, Karsh, Zoah, Viper (yellow or green innate)
Character 3- Miki, Fargo, Nikki, Irenes (blue or red innate)
Those are just suggestions! However, I reccommend sticking to the color scheme so their elements won't mess with each other's field effects.

Equipment- DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE PLATES YOU STOLE FROM THE DRAGONS! Just go with the best armor you have. TD changes innate elements like underwear. Anything that raises your stats (particularly AT, DF, and MDF)
It's preferable to have Serge equipped with the Mastermune at this point, but a prism or stone swallow will suffice.

Elements- This is one of the rare occasions during which I recommend the use of the auto allocate system, mainly because it gives you a good mix of element colors.

The Battle:
When you start the fight, the TD should be innate White. Slam it with your character's most powerful attacks (save your techs for later, you probably don't have anyone with black techs in your party at this point and the techs will do a lot more damage further down the road) until it changes the field and slams you into the place you fought one of the original six dragons.
Continue to beat the crap out of it, slamming it with techs when they will do the most damage.
KEEP YOUR HP HIGH! RecoverAll, HealAll, and CurePlus are your friends!
When you reach the Black Dragon's cave slam the TD with Serge's Flying Arrow, DashandSlash, and Luminaire in that order. After this, you should go back to the innate white.
Keep up the strategy and eventually it will fall, bringing the tower down with it.
Train In The Beginning
do ever train in the middle of the game it will take too long it took 4 hours just to get up a lv. train in the beginning when you only have serge. do it in cape howl or in the place where you get the Comodo scales.
Use all the characters you got after you go to new game plus!
After finishing and saving the game, play again until Serge is reborned again. But try another storyline to get different characters. Go to the dimensional distortion using the portal in Hydra Marshes, after you get the Chrono Cross, use it in Sprigg's Home.


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Mysterious critical hits
In Terra Tower when you fight the stupid, ugly little cupids and the weird organ things for some reason Norris always lands a critical hit. The funny thing is that there are no items that increase critical hits. I really think this is a glitch because so far the only character I know who can do this is Norris, on these enemies only! Another thing is that I cannot tell if the weird critical hits affect his elements or techniques. I even switched around what he had and he still got critical hits!


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Always win at the Roulette
When the pointer started to spin, and the red tip are in the west and south of the wheel, stop the game. Press O (Circle) rapidly and continue the game. It will always fall on the north and it'll doubles the money you bet.
Beating Miguel
Okay, if you're reading this, you probably have gotten through the game up to the boss fight with Miguel.
If you have been playing through the portion of the game where you are Lynx with one or two other characters ALWAYS in your team, then those characters should stay, because they now have more power than unused characters, however, if you have been switching around with the characters you use, now I would suggest putting Radius and Zappa into your party.
Miguel is innate White, so Lynx is at a terrible disadvantage. To help him, you should give him several good defensive accesories, and a Dameon Charm, to protect him against Miguel's Anti white.
If you find that you have many black elements allocated to another character, put your second Dameon Charm on him/her.
As far as elements go, spread your black elements (you may not have many) between the three characters in your party. If you have a Freefall, give that to a character other than Lynx.
Give a Diminish to two of your characters, you may decide that after the first wears off, a second is neccessary to survive.
give the two other characters in your party elements of their innate color as well. Give all the characters lots of HealAlls, Curepluses, and other healing elements. If you still find you have extra room, give Lynx elements of the other character's innate, you may be able to make the entire field effect one color, then an element of that color will do much more damage.
Now you're ready for action. Save at the Record of Fate at the entrance of the courtyard, and then move on to attack Miguel.
I wish I could tell you exactly what attacks he will do in order, but this battle isn't that linear. What I can say is that if he uses Weakminded on a character, in your next turn, make sure that character has at least 75% health, and if not, heal that character, because he/she is about to be attacked. He will use strongminded next, and then attack.
Also, if you uses a turn black, he will then use a photonbeam, so don't neglect to keep all three character's health up, just because they arn't originally black, doesn't mean white attacks won't hurt them as much in battle!
Use one Diminish near the begining, he may start out with physical attacks, but from my experience, midway in battle he will start using a lot more elemental attacks.
If you had a Trap for the Holylight, allocate it to someone and once Miguel is sagging, set teh trap, if the battle continues for much longer with Miguel looking weak, he will resort to the Holylight, and you have a chance at catching this powerful attack early in the game.
Other than that my only tip would be to make sure your party is strong, and that you use all your black elements while the Diminish is not effecting the field, and that every black element be used before you resort to other elements, unless you simply cannot reach your black elements.
After this boss fight the game becomes wonderfully less difficult, so good luck, and enjoy.
Carrying over G from the Dream
At the start of the game, during Serge's dream, when he is in Fort Dragonia, for ever 100g that you make killing monsters, you will have another 100g when serge wakes, up. Altho that may not sound like much, at the start of the game, every bit of money helps to get you all the proper equiptment and elements you'll need.
Extra money
At the beginning of the game look under Serge`s
bed and you can find his savings, 200G-s
find glean bro
to find him it by fargo ship (home world) u will see smoke. it will not it name unless u push x then keep runing or walking u will a house go in see him. he dont know who he is. and we all thought he was died!
Finding the Rarest Summon elements...
There are six Summons, (one for each color) that you will never get from beating a boss, and you will never buy in a store, or find laying around anywhere.

They are challenging to get, but once oyu have them you'll have another set of powerful summons to compliment the ones you recieve from your battles with the six Dragon Gods.

They can only be found from fighting specific monsters in specific places. You'll need to keep these monsters alive, while setting the trap for the Summon Element, AND you'll need to let the monsters fight well enough that they can cast the element.

Here are the elements, the monsters and the places you can find these monsters:

Unicorn (white) - cast by the Dodo bird in Fossil Valley (Home World)

MotherShip (black) - cast by the Shadow Cats in Fossil Valley (Anther World)

FrogPrince (blue) - Speak to the Blue Dragon in Water Dragon Isle (Home World)

RedWolf (red) - cast by Hotdiggity in Mount Pyre (Home World)

Sonja (green) - cast by PreyMantis in Gaea's Navel (Home World)

Golem (yello) - cast by Centuarpedes in Hydra Marshes (Another World)

RedWolf and Unicorn are particularly hard to get because the monsters are so weak, and they so rarely cast the Summons element.

You may decide you really don't need a second set of summon elements, and that's perfectly fine, these elements are totally unnecessary to the completion of the game, but you may also decide that the extra power of these elements could help you.

Good luck.
Get Guile

In Termina, talk to the statue polishing man, then go to Korcha ( boat man ). Talk to him and he will tell you to get a person to help you to get to Viper Manor. Go to the bar and Guile will be the man next to the locked door. Ask him, or you can get Pierre or Nikki.
Get Harle permanently
Beat the game three times getting each set of characters (Guile, Nikki and Pierre). Don't forget to alternate in saving and not saving Kid. Remember to beat the game with Harle in your party. This means you have to beat the game before you lose her. The forth time you beat the game, use the Chrono Cross and you'll get Harle back permanently.
Get Lenna
Say "No" after Cape Howl when Kid asks to join you. Go back and ask.
Get Mojo

In the Home World, get the shark tooth from the fisherman. Then in Present World, show the shark tooth to the scarecrow ( that's Mojo ) and he will join your party.
Getting Skelly
Skelly is one of the most difficult characters to recruit in this game because in order to get him, you need to find all the parts to his body. So the following is a list of the locations of his body parts, and what to do with them once you've got them all:

1. Skull: Foosil Valley (another world)
2. Angry scapula: Shadow Forest (another world)
3. Pelvic bone: Guldove (another world)
4. Good backbone: Hydra Marshes (another world)
5. Sturdy Ribs: Water Dragon Isle (another world)
6. Mixed bones: Isle of the Damned (another world)

After you have all the pieces, take them to Skelly's grandma, in the house in termina just to the right of the Statue of General Viper, after he reassembles, leave, reenter, ask, and he will join.
Give Bellflower to Glenn
Go to the moutntain after Cape Howl and walk around where there is a brown monster. Avoid it and walk to the purple flowers. Get them, and when you get to Termina, go to where Glenn's brother and father are buried. He will be there with General Viper's daughter. He will walk up and ask you to give them for free.
How To Get Turnip.
First go to hermit's hideaway(in the other world)and use Ice Breath on the hot spot of ground.Then go to the same place in your own world with Poshul in your party and check the ground.
Infinite money, Dragoon's Glory's, Viper's LvL 7 Tech Skill
After Serge is reborn, visit Termina (Home World) with Viper in your party. Talk to the barmaid, go into the back room, and examine the flag on the back wall. Viper will talk briefly about the flag and then take his LvL 7 Tech Skill, "FlagBearer" and a Dragoon's Glory. Exit the room and re-enter. Examine the back wall with Viper still in your party. Even though there is no flag, Viper will say the same thing that he said before and will take another "FlagBearer" and Dragoon's Glory. Repeat this as many times as needed. Each Dragoon's Glory can be sold for 4,000 gold. The stats for Dragoons's Glory is Atk. +3, Hit% +3%, Mgc. +2. You can also disassemble them for 1 Denadorite, 2 Scale, 2 Fur, and 2 Fang.

New Game + explaination
Okay, new to the game? Just beat it for the first time and don't know what this New Game + thing is all about? I'm here to help!

In a New Game+, as you may already know, you begin back at the start of the game, BUT as you may also know, you have almost everything you had at the end of the game, you're stats, your weapons (except the masamune) and lots and lots of elements! So, you're probably wondering, "okay, now I can beat the game alot faster, but what's the point?" The point my fellow gamer, is that now you can reach several seperate endings to the game that you couldn't see the first time thru no matter what! And along your quest to these new endings you will have with you new powers that you new had the first time throught such as:

The fast forward, and Slow motion triggers, the relief charm, allowing you to replace serge (or lynx) with another party member, so you can have any three characters you want, and more! However, to find out where when and how to get to the new endings, you must refer to another cheat/tip/guide! Good luck!
odd barrells...
In the inn where the girl with the poem is in your home town, theres also a barrel or a pot (depending on which world) in either world, if you go up to it and press X, it will say "No answer. It seems to be "just a barrel"" press X three more times and it'll finally say "Whatdoya want already? i said i was just a barrel! tch, fine man, take it!" and you'll get an icelance element or.... something else... not too big, but something for the start of the game.
At the Viper Castle unlock his cage and do whatever you have to do there. Then get out of the place and get a boat and go into the fog. You will be spotted by the "Ghost Ship" and have to battle a few enenmies. When you finish battling them they put you in a room and some monsters start to attack the ship. Find the key and go through the locked door. Go through all the passage ways and you will eventually find Pip. When you get closer to him he'll move. Just keep chasing him and he'll trap himself in a corner and you talk to him there and he joins your team. I hope this helped. Good luck.
Pip's evolutions:
You may have heard something abou that little guy Pip being able to evolve, and are curious, well I'll explain how the system works for you, so you don't make the mistake of evolving pip into something you won't like:

Starting out with regular old Pip, from here, if you concentrate on having pip use white elements, and recieve white elements, he should evolve into a little angel. If you start out with old pip, and use mostly black elements and recieve mostly black elements, then he will evolve into a littler devil.

From the little angel form, you can continue using and recieving white elements, and Pip will evolve yet again as another angel, and that's where he'll stay. If, as a little angel you use and recieve mostly black elements, Pip will turn into a holy beast, the balance of black and white elemnts.

from a little devil, going further into blackness will lead to pip evolving into another devil, and staying that way, but again, if pip is a little devil, and starts using and recieving white elements, he will evolve into the holy beast.

Each of the evolutions gives pip different lvl 5, and lvl 7 tech skills, and most likely, a change in stats, but that's about it.

Good luck, and I hope Pip evolves into what you want for you.
To use summon, the field effect at the upper right must be completely in one colour.

Example, to use Blue Summon such as Frog, the field effect must be blue in colour.
The colored plates that will save you !
One of the most vital parts of the game is that you successfully steal the plates from each of the six dragon gods when you fight them.

How do you do it?
The minute Fargo Joins your party, put him in, and get the man a stone sword, and stone mail.

Give him the three best accessories that will bring his accuracy up to the max, and make him one of your three party members.

before fighting each Dragon save, and then if you fail to steal the black plate, start the battle over.

With all six plates, you will now have a character capable of lasting through any boss fight.

What do the plates do that's so special?
When you equip the black plate, to any character, and when an enemy casts a black element against him/her, the element will heal your character instead of doing damage. From the moment you have the plates, you will have an extra advantage whenever you run into a boss you can't beat, just equipt the weakest, or most valuable character with the plate of the boss's color, and that character will definitly be the last standing.

Fargo will definitly need all the accuracy he can get for all the plates, however, so make sure he's got all the accuracy possible, and make sure not to proceed in the game without all the plates, or you're in trouble.

If you've already gotten through several of the dragons, don't worry, the only trully important one is the Black Dragon's Black plate, which will save you in several upcoming difficult boss fights.

Good luck.
The Three Revive elements.
There are only three revive elements in the entire game, and you're going to want both of them when you're facing those tough bosses, so plz allow me to explain to you where they are, and when you can first get each of them...

Neither of these elements is terribly difficult to get, you just need to know where to look.

Revive element #1:
When you first enter Viper Manor, and you've fallen through the trap door and escaped the small dungeon, head left in the lower level, and after seen Glenn in the cafeteria, follow him to the dormotories, and now you're in the right room!

The room is actually divided by two walls into seperate halves with an open gap inbetween.

Go into the left half of the room, and in the bottom right corner, there is a dark brown chest, and there you have your first Revive element!

Revive element #2:

So, you're in the Dimensional Vortex.

Once you've discovered how to get around in here, and possibly, once you've recruited Sprigg, go all the way up to the top of the weird little hill you're on, you may notice a boulder up there, hanging near a cliff... Push it off, and it'll go crashing into another boulder that was blocking you from a little blue chest.

Run back down and work your way over to that chest.

Inside it, is the Second REvive elemnt!

Revive element #3:

After you recuit Norris in Home wolrd go back up top to the ruins of Viper Mansion and look for a way up top. You will be asked if you want to go down the sink hole. Say yes. You will be in the sewers of Viper Mansion. Float all the way down and go right and you will be under the prison. Go push over the two barrels and go across and up the stairs. Tighten the valve. Go back to the sinkhole, go down and take the first passage right. Keep going right you will find a chest and in it is the Third Rivive element.

What? Want more? There aren't any! Until you go to New Game + that is! Then you may rediscover these items all over again!
The Yellow orb of Fort Dragonia helpful explaination
The Yellow orb, along with the items, can be acquired by rearanging the order of your party. By Pressing the SELECT button, you will put the second person in your party in front, the front in last, and the last in second. On the far left of the main chamber in the yellow area, there is a blue sqwuigly pad, step onto it, and your party will be arranged in another fashion (here's an explaination)

Lets say Serge =1 Glenn=2, and Kid=3,
By pressing SELECT you can rearrange your party into these orders;

123, 231, 312.

By steping onto the blue pad, you can now make other combinations such as;
213, 321, 132.

In any of these orders, go into the smaller room on the far left, and stand on the little foot prints. Something will tell you something, there will be a shaking sound, and when you leave the room, the movable portion of rock that connects the unreachable portions of the room will have shifted, connecting you to where an item is located, or to where the control panel is located.

If you find that by taking the short stairs on the far right of the room (near the entrance) will lead you to the H shapped little panel (which starts out being out of reach) Go to that panel, press X, and the yellow orb will decend to your reach.

Be sure to try and reach the chests in that room as well, they hold some relativly good elements for where you are in the game.
I hope this was helpful.
To save or not to save...
Saving Kid, while obviously the nice thing to do, is an extremely bad choice the first time through the game. If you choose not to save her, you will later on be given a character that will help you a great deal with the next portion of the game. Glenn, is a powerful character, who can do a double tech skill with Serge that kills any regular enemy and will do massive damage to the upcoming bosses. Also, the Hydra is a difficult boss to beat and should be left for when you play New Game+, and have more strength. After beating the game the first time through, on the second time, you won't need Glenn's help as badly, and can then go through the process of saving Kid, and it will be much easier.
Trap Element Facts
A Trap Element is an element you cast to ensure that if and when your opponent casts the specific element that the trap was for, the element will not do damage to you, but rather you will recieve it and the element will be yours.

Trap Elements are extremely useful in the later stages of the game, once you are able to get them you should have them with you, ready to allocate, and use if you come across a boss that you think may use the element your trap is for.

Where do you get Traps?
On the south-eastern island of Marbule in Another World.

What Traps can you get?
Trap Holylight
Trap UltraNova*
Trap Unicorn**

Trap Freefall
Trap Blackhole*
Trap MotherShip**

Trap Inferno
Trap Volcano*
Trap Redwolf**

Trap Deluge
Trap Iceberg*
Trap FrogPrince**

Trap Carnivore
Trap Tornado*
Trap Sonja**

Trap Earthuake
Trap ThundaStorm*
Trap Golem**

One important thing you also need to know is, you cannot have more than one Trap element in play at a time.

If you cast a Trap Carnivore element, then, at any time afterwards, but before the trap works, if you cast Trap Tornado, then the Trap Carnivore is no longer in effect, and your enemy can use Carnivore Freely now.

You should also know that the Traps that I have marked with a * symbol are elements that cannot be bought in a store, and are extremely rare. One * symbol mean that you can find one or two of this element in an area somewhere, Two ** symbols means there is no other way to get this element other than to trap it.

Good luck, and have fun.
Using the Chrono Cross element
For the final boss fight (the REAL final boss fight) you can use the Chrono Cross element to kill him! But to do that, you'll need to put other elements in a certian order!

First, build up your character's element level to 8, then defend until the boss casts a yellow element! reply with a Red element, then unless he casts a green element, you must cast a green element, followed by blue, then black, then white.

Make sure ALL these elements are cast from the level one and 2 of your element grid! Build Serge back up to level 8, and cast the Chrono Cross quickly after and you should get to see a very good ending to the game! Good luck!
Winning the Compass game
Fargo has just won your boat, and you're not going anywhere. Feel like trying the compass game on your own? Well i can help you win everytime.
start the game and as the needle spins, click on the start button over and over until while paused, you see that the red tip of the needle is just a little past S (to the left of S). Unpause and click X very quickly, and it'll spin a few more times and land on North. Do this over and over and you will quickly have the top prize. Don't settle for the lower prizes, they are easily found in the game, but the top prizes are a Rainbow Shell, followed by as many Denadorites as you want. Later in the game both of these will be valuable to you. Enjoy!