CHRONO TRIGGER cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more CHRONO TRIGGER cheat codes.


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9999 damage hit
with this trick you can invoke a 9999 damage hit in two ways:
1/ leveling ayla up to lv 99 so her fist will transform into bronze fist than in a battle when she attacks and had the chance of performing a critical hit she will cause 9999 damage(this one's quite random)
2/this one won't only cause 9999 damage hit but it'll cause instant death even to lavos core, all you have to do is leveling frog techniques til you learn him frog squash, now if you notice its discription it says "lower HP=greater damage" first if you want to test it try it on spekkio's last form (wich looks like a pink Nu)with frog in your party than wait til he cast an aura like spell wich reduce party members Hp to 1 quickly use frog's frog squash and it will cause 9999 damage to him and instatly defeat him(to make a better results use it with lucca flare to cause frog flare duel technique) now go to lavos with lucca & frog with you defeat his innate form to start a battle with his core just let lucca and frog receive as much damage as their Hp is dangerously drop down cast frog flare and it'll destroy the three bits in one time so they won't be able to regenerate and voila you've beaten the mighty lavos.
defeating golem twins
This tips will help you to defeat Dalton's golem twin and this is different than using robo/Ayla's boogie technique [wich cause confusion]
-Lucca with high leveled magic(at least til she can cast fire 2 or even flare)
-visit her father and he'll give you taban equipment(wich absorbs fire element)
-go on sealed chests sidequest and make sure you at least have 2 red mails.
-you may need a good leveled characters.
Getting ready:
-equip lucca with Taban equipment.
-equip crono & the other character with a red mail.
-the other character should have strong physical techniques (Ayla is preferred).
-enter the battle.
1/use a strong physical tech(crono's spincut or confuse or double tech falcon hit with ayla )
-now they'll copy physical attk and start smashing you with iron ball(wich cause your HP to be cut to half )
2/now use lucca's fire 2 or flare and they'll copy it and cast fire 2 on you wich'll heal you instead of damaging you.
-Keep 1 & 2 steps, recover MP when needed and they won't be that hard.
Freeze Battle
When your thinking about the move your going to make it battle, go into \"Items\" to stop your opponent from making his move.
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2+ Select + Start during game play.
New Game+
To get New Game+, sucessfully complete the game by destroying Black Omen in any age. Once you have defeated Lavos, go to your main menu and you will see New Game+ next to New Game.


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Magus Equipment
In Ozzies castle, in the room where the imp disables the axe thing ozzie tries to hurt you with, if you hug the well to the right when it turn 90 degrees you will find a helm, sickle, and armor for Magus.
Upgraded Items
You must have inspected the Mammon Machine and be able to use the Pendant for this.

Any time that you find a sealed chest in the year 600 A.D, chances are that it can be upgraded. Inspect the chest, and it should ask if you want to open it. Say no then go to 1000 A.D. Go back to the same chest and it should be upgraded to a better version.