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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PSX) Cheats

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Castlevania: Symphony of the Night cheat codes.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
Worst EndingDon't wear the glasses Maria gave you, and defeat Richter in the throne room battle.
Bad EndingWear the glasses Maria gave you, and defeat Richter in the throne room battle.
Good EndingWear the glasses Maria gave you and during your battle with Richter in the throne room, destroy the green spectre that follows him instead. This unlocks a new castle for you to explore. Defeat the final boss in the central clock room with a game completion rate of 150 percent or lower.
Best EndingWear the glasses Maria gave you and during your battle with Richter in the throne room, destroy the green spectre that follows him instead. This unlocks a new castle for you to explore. Defeat the final boss in the central clock room with a game completion rate of 196 percent or higher.


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A sword as a shield rod
You can do the shield rod trick (use the shield rod and any shiled at the same time), with a SWORD.
The sword is the Mablung sword, and you can get it from the Spectral Sword in the Inverted Casttle.(is the rare item).
This is very usefull because with the shield rod yoursingles attacks are very slow and with a very short range, but with the sword are powerfull and speedy.

Alucard's Magical Attacks
The son of the Famous Count Dracula has inheirited some of his abilities from this father...

Dark Metamorphosis:
Away, Away-Up, Up, Up-Foward, Forward + Attack

Whenever Alucard attacks an enemy that bleeds and touches the blood, Alucard heals some HP. (10 MP)

2) Hellfire:
Up, Down, Down-Foward, Forward + Attack

Just like Dracula. After you teleport out, press left or right to determine where you teleport in. Then, you'll do Dracula's 3-Fireball attack. Or hold Up as you teleport in to do Dracula's large fireball attack. The 3 flames does damager but stops on the first targets they hit. The 2 Giant Fireballs go through the enemies and continue, but take a little longer to shoot. Hold down to cancel the fireball period and just have a teleport.(15 MP)

3) Summon Spirit:
Away, Foward, Up, Down + Attack

Summons spirit which homes in on one enemy. (5 MP)

4) Tetra Spirit:
Hold Up for 2 seconds, Up-forward, Forward, Down-Foward, Down + Attack

Like above, but summons four spirits at once. (20 MP)

5) Soul Steal:
Away, Forward, Down-Foward, Down, Away-Foward, Away, Foward + Attack

Steals life from enemies and Candles. (50 MP)


6) Wolf Charge:
Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Attack

Swift charge attack. (Must be in wolf form. Requires Skill of Wolf and Soul of Wolf Relics. 10 MP)

7) Wing Smash: Hold X then press Up, Up-Away, Away, Down-Away, Down, Down-Foward, Foward then Release X

Swift charging attack. (Must be in Bat form. Requires Soul of Bat Relic. 8 MP)

8) Sword Brothers:

Down,Down-Foward, Foward, Up-Foward, Hold Up for 2 Seconds, Down + Attack

Sword Familiar does an attack which damages all on screen enemies. (Requires Sword Card relic. Sword Familiar must be active as a Familiar. 30 MP)
Fairy's Gift
Any item the Fairy can use can be increased to 255 in your inventory. Use the "potion" item to understand the trick. You
can exchange it with any other item the fairy uses that alucard can also use.
Have only 1 potion (or the item you wish to increase to 255). You need to make the
fairy use the item on Alucard. So with the potion you need to drop your life
down near 0 and showed as yellow (be sure you have no high potions). The fairy will spin
around before she uses the item on you. When she is spining to use the item on you, go into your menu and equip the potion and back to the game. The fairy will use the potion on you. Go into your inventory and see that the number of potions has changed to 255!
This can be used with Uncurse, Antivenom and resist type potions too (by being afflicted with the negative status effect
multiple times in a row will cause the fairy to use a resist type potion on
you). {Founded by paulo1179}
Familiars and their Special Abilites
Fairie: This is one of the nicer ones, she heals you when needed for both health and status. For example you get poisoned, she'll use an Antidote on you if you have Antidotes in your inventory. Her special abilites is that she can use the Hammer (when you stoned) or a Life Apple (when you die) and she notices breakable walls.

Devil: He presses switches in the Caves and Abandoned Mines, otherwise he's useless unless you want him to help kill enemies, he uses magical elemental attacks, depending on his level.

Ghost: He damages enemes by chargign and biting, at level 50 he'll learn how to use Soul Steal.

Bat: It flies around, it also uses Wing Smash to to attack. If you transform into Bat Form, it'll summon more bats to help. They'll use Wing Smash and at higher levels they'll attack using fireballs when you do. At Level 50 you'll 3 of them helping you.

Sword: Allows you to use the Sword Brother's special attack, but also helps in fights by attack, it (as well as all other Familars) do more damage as you and them level up. When it reaches level 50 it'll also become a sword for Alucard to use. HOWEVER should you choose to use it as a sword, it will not gain Experience. As it's level increases, so does the Equipped versions attack.
How to get the Axeknight armor
The way to get the fabled axelord armor is quite simple, and you dont even need to make a new game file. You will need the following things: Gravity boots
Fast hands

To start off, get to the little room underneath where the librarian is, where there is a slim passageway up through the ceiling. Use the gravity boots (Up, Down, Jump) to fly upwards and rocket the librarian skyward. Repeat this many times, and you will see that you get items. I know that you get the Axeknight armor, but you will also get:
An additional ring of Arcana
Walk armor(I think)
God's Garb
Dracula's Tunic
And some other crap.

Keep your inventory(Alucard Sword,Alucard Shield,etc.)
To keep your default inventory at the beginning of the game ( the stuff that Death takes), you must first beat the game once and use the advanced luck cheat. Proceed right until you reach the room just before you meet Death for the first time. Kill the first two Wargs( giant wolves) or jump over them, and then jump over the third, but don't kill it. Now, get into your inventory and unequip all of your items,EXCEPT the Lapis Lazuli. Exit the inventory and continue. Jump into the last Warg. If you've done this correctly, you'll be sent flying across the next screen, past Death and into the next room, with all of your equipment! DON'T FALL IN THE GAP IN THE FLOOR ABOVE YOU!!!
If you do, the glitch will not work. I do not take any cridit for this or any i submit!
Librarian's Items
By doing this trick, you can get the Librarian to drop a few items, one of which cannot be obtained anywhere else. You can do this anytime in the game, but since it requires a lot of MP and having a high LCK stat seems to help, I'd recommend waiting until later before trying this. (A Mystic Pendant will help too.)

Go to the Long Library, and go to the room just under the Librarian (where you found the Bronze Cuirass). Now, Super Jump up the narrow gap. Keep in mind that the Super Jump can be repeated in mid-air as long as you have the MP to perform the Super Jump. What you want to do is Super Jump high enough that you lift the Librarian off the ground, but not so high that he hits the ceiling. Having done so, fall down just enough so
that the Librarian returns to the ground, but not so far that you fall all the way back down the gap and hit the ground yourself. Then Super Jump again, fall again, etc. You'll get a Life Max Up right off the bat, but it will take many, many more consecutive jumps without Alucard touching the ground to get the other items the Librarian drops.

Eventually he'll drop a Ring of Arcana, a Dracula
Tunic, and an AxeLord Armor.
Max Money With Librarian and Sword Familiar
"Required Items/skills

-Sword Familiar
-Gem of any type (Diamond is best choice)
-Enough mana to cast sword brothers spell (50 MP)

Sword Brothers spell:

Enable The Sword Card Familiar
Press the Directional Pad D, DF, F, UF, U(hold UP 2 seconds) D + Attack

Make your way to the Librarians room. Stand near him, but not so you enter
his menu's. Cast the sword brothers spell. As the sword starts to spin,
Walk towards the librarian and enter his menu's. Sell off all but 1 of any
single gem. Press start to enter into alucards menu while still in the
librarian menu's. (Casting of the sword brothers spell allowed you to enter
your menu's while in the librarian's menu's) Have Alucard equip the last gem
of the chosen type. Return to the librarian's menu's and sell the last gem
to the librarian. Since the gem was removed and you sold something you didnt
have for sale, The game drops the count of that gem to 255. Sell off extra
gems to max out your money. I suggest using the diamond to get your money
the fastest."
Secret room
At the entrance where you meet mermen there is a block in which u will find a pork chop.That is not all if you have the soul of wolf and the soul of bat go trough the stone once as wolf and once as bat.Asecret door should open leadingto a room with a jewel sword and a life apple.hope i helped.
Sword Card
While in Olrox's quarters put Alucard on the bottom path under Olrox's Room then do a soul steal. a room should appear in the top right part of the ceiling.
True Fountain Form
Go to the broken bridge in Olrox's Quarters.(The one with two Valhalla Knights under it)Fall down to the ground and go to the fountain.Wait for about a minute.When the moon is almost behind it,the water will turn into blood.So move around if you want to but don't leave the fountain.After the moon goes behind it,the statue of the angel right at the top of the fountain will turn into a demon.
Two best weapons in the game
These are the two best weapons in the game.
The Crissagrim hits 4 times and the Rune Sword flies in front of you and against large enemies it can hit over 5 times.

You get the Rune Sword by killing the dodo enemy where the bouncing white dragons are.

You get the Crissagrim from the ghost things in the inverted castle`s Library.


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Advanced Intelligence
Beat the game once (180% or more)and start a new game with the name X-X!V''(There are two apostrophes in the name).
Better Luck
Beat the game once and then enter the following as your name:


You should then begin the game with 99 luck!
Extra Options
At the name select screen, enter your name as AXELORD then go to the Settings screen. ^__^
Play as Richter Belmont
After you beat the game once, start a new game and name your file:


You will now play as Richter Belmont!
Unlock "Axe Lord" Armor
Beat the game once and then enter the following as your name:


You should then begin the game with the Axe Lord armor.