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Bust-a-Groove 2 cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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get enough points
This cheat works best on 2 or 1 player mode but I prefer 2 player mode.on two player mode select any character and let someone else play with you go get the points you need for it.then go and select the certain level Kitty-N's level.once you get to the 1st solo part attack before the solo and make sure the other player let's gets hit. Then once the 2nd solo comes do the same thing. then get as many points as you can and a bunch of explosions will happen and by that point you must have at least 26`000 points and the backgroud will be blue and it will show a picture of a guy and at the top it says please stand by... and at the bottom it will say KNN-TV
Play as Hustle Kong:
To play as Hustle Kong, defeat the game, get all fever times in each stage, defeat Pander, then defeat the game with Hiro and follow the earlier steps I gave.